You may have seen various characters who do not exist in the real world in various big Hollywood movies all of them are computer-generated and the technology used to create these kinds of characters or objects is called VFX or visual effects it’s a very creative timeconsuming and laborious task a VFX

Artist has to spend a lot of time and effort to create a virtual character or object but after the rise of artificial intelligence like other sectors AI has brought a huge Revolution to the VFX industry as well now you can create this kind of video with this video and guess what you don’t

Need to be a VFX Pro to dive into this world anymore excited to see how without further Ado let’s dive in this is deid and you are watching AI lockup to create our VFX video today I will use an AI tool called vigle AI to find vigle AI open your browser and

Search for vigle AI on Google or any other search engine after getting the search result enter the first result this is the bigle AI homepage you will notice the demonstration video here all right to start creating the video click on Join Beta from here you need a

Discord account to run this tool click on accept invite now you have to customize the experience here you have to answer some questions about yourself after all is set you will be on this vigle AI page here you will find the rules and guide to creating content with

Vigle AI on the getting started Channel you will find the user guide my suggestion is to read it carefully okay we have to join one of the anime channels on the channel tab you will find 10 anime channels join any of them after joining the channel come to the

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Text box and then type forward slash now you will find the apps of vigle AI let’s talk about the functionality of the apps first of all with the/ animate app you can animate any image with a motion prompt next with the/ character app you can create a character for a text prompt

After that with the/ id8 app you can generate character videos with an image prompt and motion prompts then with the/ mix app you can mix a character image into a motion video today we will use this app after that you will find two other apps like setting and stylize

Biggle AI is a hub of tools for animators and bfx artists if you want to know all of the features of vigle AI hit the like button and let me know in the comment section I will make a separate video all right let’s select the/ mix

App now we have to upload the targeted character image in video here for example I want to use this image just drag and drop the image after that upload the targeted video clip I will use this video okay after uploading the targeted image and video we have to

Select the background there are two options Of any part of the video after taking the screenshot come to the vigle AI Discord server type forward slash in the text box and select the/ stylize app now upload the screenshot image here after uploading the image enter the prompt about your desired character and then hit the enter button

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After some time vigle AI will generate four images for you now if you don’t like the images click on the regenerate icon from here to upscale any image click on the P button with the associated image number download the image to your device all right our

Character is ready now come to the vigle AI server and select the/ mix app again after that upload the newly created character image and targeted video after that set the background in finetune value after all is set hit the enter button after waiting sometime you will get the newly generated video

Clip click on the download icon from here to download the video okay our character video is ready now we need to assemble the character motion video with a video editor you can do it with any video editor I will use cap cut for this import the character video and targeted

Video into cap cut after that insert the video on the timeline and then insert the character video on timeline 2 now we need to remove the green screen from the character video click on the video clip and then come to the settings panel from the right side select the background

Removal option select the color of the background with the Color Picker tool adjust the intensity and Shadow to remove the green screen okay now let’s play the video it looks great but you may notice the previous character behind our new character we can solve this issue with another AI tool called Runway

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Ml after logging into your Runway ml account select the edit videos tool from there once you select the tool you will find several features select the Imp painting tool from there now we have to upload the targeted video after uploading the video select the character area with the brush

Tool after that hit the export button to export the video to your device after exporting the video insert the video into cap cut and replace it with the targeted video let’s have a preview now it’s looking better okay hit the export button to render the final

Video and here it is our final video is ready let’s have a Look in this way you can generate this kind of video with vigle AI all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear about your experience creating videos with vigle AI share your thoughts and results in the comments section below don’t

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