Guess what teens out there are raking in thousands of dollars every single month and they’re doing it through something super cool called Tik Tok automation might sound unbelievable but it’s true the Tik Tok creativity program beta is actually paying folks for the views they rack up think about it $1 for every

Thousand views and let me tell you from my own experience in automating social media snagging a few million views on short form platforms like YouTube and Tik Tok isn’t as tough as it sounds so what’s the game plan I’m here to guide you through the a toz of launching your

Very own Tik Tok page in a super hot viral Niche we’re not just talking about making videos we’re talking about crafting videos that stand out and get noticed so without further Ado let’s dive in this is Deon and you are watching AI lockup first of all let’s select a niche

Always select a niche with high demand but low competition don’t select a crepy niche like motivation although motivation has a huge demand but there is a lot of competition many big and renowned creators are already working on motivation Niche so let’s try something new let’s watch this video chat GPT show

Me Chinese New Year vibrant more Asians fighting over the bill to pay unlimited relatives looking interesting actually people love to watch this type of content and the most fun fact you can create this kind of video with the help of AI they are simply asking chat GPT to

Generate some kind of content in different values we will also create this kind of video let’s start the process I will create images with chat GPT in Del it’s only for paid subscribers if you don’t have chat GPT plus you can use any free image generator okay for example I will create

Pancakes with different prices after coming to chat GPT I am simply typing chat GPT show me a $1 pancake it will generate two images for us after getting the first result I will ask for a $100 pancake it generates two images for us now to create controversy I am asking to

Remove the leaf from the pancake image this way creates conversation and generates images as many as Possible you may notice I have generated 11 images with chat GPT and do our first step is completed in the second step I will create a voice over with the conversation between me and chat GPT to do this I will use an AI tool called dubdub I will put the link in the

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Description after coming to the dubdub homepage simply click on the sign up button and then create an account after creating an account your interface will be like this one dubdub is not just an ordinary text to speech tool it’s a complete tools hub for creators here you can generate voiceovers clone your voice

Generate talking avatars generate blog posts and even edit your video we already made a video on how you can create a complete video with dubdub you can watch it from the I button all right this time I will generate a voiceover so select the AI voiceover tool this is the

Voiceover generator page now go back to chat GPT copy the First Command you have given to chat GPT and then paste it into the dubdub script box after entering the script we have to select the voice actor to do this click here now you will find

A vast library of voice actors you can set a filter to find the desired one I will set the quality to ultra to find the best voices now listen to some of them and then select your desired voice actor after selecting the voice actor hit the play button from here to hear a

Preview chat GPT show me a $1 pancake if you are not satisfied you can customize the setting to make it perfect I discussed the process in detail in this video If you haven’t watched it yet go and watch from the I button okay once you are satisfied with the output hit

The export button the audio will be saved on your device now come back to chat GPT again copy the first answer text of chat GPT and replace the script text from dubdub with it now change the voice actor again for the chat GPT answer I will use a female voice after

Selecting the voice actor listen to a preview and then export the audio clip after exporting the second video clip go back to chat GPT and copy the second command generate a voice over with the first voice actor and download it on your device in this way generate

Voiceovers with all of the commands and answer in ascending Order our second step is completed now it’s time to move forward to the third step in this step I will generate Avatar videos with the voiceover we have generated to do this select the AI avatar from the dup duub homepage this is the dup duub talking Avatar generator

Page here you can upload your own avatar image and animate it or generate a new Avatar image from here you can use a template Avatar also I will generate a new Avatar image enter a detailed prompt here after that hit the generate button dubdub will generate four images for you

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Select the best one after selecting the Avatar image we have to to upload or generate voice over here as we already generate voice I will select the upload option now click here and then upload the first voice over after uploading the voiceover click on the save button from

Here and then hit the generate talking Avatar button from here now it will take some time to generate the video at this time I will generate another avatar for the chat GPT answer click on the create your avatar button from here as we generate chat GPT answers voice over in

A femil voice this time I will select a female template Avatar after selecting the Avatar click on next from here after that come to the upload Tab and upload the second voice over after uploading the voiceover clip click on the save button and then hit the generate talking

Avatar button here you can see that our first Avatar video is ready chat GPT show me a $1 pancake click on the download button from here to save the video on your device all right both our Command and Avatar image have been created now we will create videos with

These avatars our third voiceover is for the command to generate a video with the third voice clip select the man Avatar and click on the apply button on the next page click on the next button now come to the upload tab upload the third audio clip and generate a talking Avatar

In this way generate talking Avatar videos with all of the voice clips and then download the videos on your device all right our talking Avatar videos are ready now it’s time to go to the final step in this step we combine all of the Avatar videos and chat GPT images with a video

Editor called cap cut you can use both the web version and the desktop version I will use the desktop version after opening the cap cut video editor import all the video clips into the media bin now insert them into the timeline in ascending order after inserting all of the video

Clips set the aspect ratio to 9916 as we are making a video for Tik Tok after that adjust the Avatar video size according to the canvas fill the canvas with the video only for the command part in the answer part we will import the chat GPT result images insert the images

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According to the Answer after doing that we will add animation to all of the images to make it more attractive next add transitions between the video clips after all of this add the background music to the video you will find music on cap cut or can use an external bgm also reduce the bgm volume

And then adjust the length after all is set hit the export button it will take some time to export the video let’s first forward this part and our video is ready let’s have a look chat GPT show me a $1 pancake here is the $1 pancake please take a look show

Me a $100 pancake here’s the $100 pancake please take a look I don’t like Leaf please remove the leaf here is the updated image of the $100 pancake without the leaf garnish I can see the leaf still now I’ve updated the images to ensure There Are No Leaf garnishes on

The pancake show me a leaf here are the images of a leaf that’s right please remove any kind of leaf from My Pan pan I’ve updated the images of the pancake to ensure that it is completely free of any kind of leaf garnish you didn’t remove the leaf just remove it I’ve

Created images of the pancake without any Leaf garnishes focusing solely on the pancake itself show me a $1,000 pancake here are the images of the th000 pancake show me a million dooll pancake here are the images of the million dooll pancake show me a trillion dollar pancake here are the images of the

Trillion dollar pancake I think it’s quite good and inserting videos you can make it better than me by giving some extra effort all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear about your experience of creating Tik Tok automation videos

With AI share your thoughts and results in the comment section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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