This song was made using an AI tool but wait wait wait listen to this this song was also made by an AI tool just some more advanced ones impressive right well in this video I’ll show you not one not two but three AI tools which can tell simple text into

Real music with lyrics instrumentals and of course a singer and they do this all in under 5 minutes so the first to I want to talk about is this one which is also my personal favorite and that is suo AI you can find the link for it in

The description but once it takes you to this page what you want to do is Click where it says make a song and then you’ll see this page once on this page it shows you a bunch of trending songs that people have created on the tool

That you could also take a listen to but that’s not what we’re worried about right now right now you want to create your own song so in order to do this you want to come over here to where it says create then it’s going to take you to

This page where as you can see for yourself I generate lots of songs all the time so now on this page is asking as for a song description so I’m going to go ahead and insert this simple description that I got using chat GPT I did not put any thought into this

Prompts and it says an upbeat country song with drums and a guitar about enjoying the simple things in life each day so let’s see what it’s going to generate Us by simply hitting create and do note well I’ll be using the same text for each of the other tools to ensure

That we’re keeping our comparison fair and just all the variables the same so as you can see it has gone ahead to generate us some results in about 5 seconds and just so you know you can generate more than just two options at a time if you want you can just go ahead

To keep hitting create and then it will simply just go ahead and generate in you way more options so using this PRP I love how these two sound so take a listen to what they sound like and you might end up being pleasantly surprised up

Face a part of coffee the aroma takes me to a better place if you look over to the side you could see the lyrics hair which makes it perfect for if you want to sing along but did you hear how you drag the wood place and then that little instrument

Sound that came through this sounds 100% legit like it’s an actual person making this but let’s continue excellent Excel and I have no complaints I would actually listen to that song There were little Parts where it was like okay you could h a little bit of like robotic into it but this

Still keeps updating all the time and it just keeps getting better and better but hold on now listen to the other option it gave us I like how it said this this this particular part just had this now time for the chorus again I would actually listen to

These songs it has the country tonation to it it has the instruments it has good LS it has a good voice maybe you could agree leave it down below and let me know your thoughts on the sound of these ones this is not the only way you can

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Generate song on soono if you want to use your own lyrics cuz you already have lyrics you have the ability to do that in order to do this what You’ want to do is click here where it says custom mode and in this section is where you can

Upload your own lyrics so I’ll go ahead to do so and it is better when you’re uploading this to upload not more than eight lines but specifically just the first verse and the chorus because as it says over here soono generates songs better when it’s two verses at a time

And then the next thing you need to do is input the style of music that you’d want it to generate it in so I’ll go ahead to say something like an indie pop would work well for me just keep in mind that it does not recognize artist names

But it does understand genres and Vibes like it says here so be sure to use that when you’re describing the way you want your music to sound and then you can give it a title for now just say test and then you can simply hit create just

As with the other method you can go ahead to create songs as many times as you want until you find the one which is perfect for you and these two I really liked how they sound so let me go ahead and play them for you wow it sounds really good so

For the vibe changed wow wow she actually dragged that why am I calling her she this dragged the note and made it sound clear and good and it actually sounded really good the background sounds the backup vocals are really good we have to admit that that sounded

Quite excellent it held the notes well that continued with the lyrics I’m actually surprised let’s say what another one sounds likeor like river through the Field of Gold I likeing of separation feels like a dream wow yet another excellent song from this tool there’s nothing more that I can say

But excellent now when you do have these songs when you find one that you like you can go ahead to edit it further in the sense that you could click onto the one you want to change and you can click this remix option which allows you to

Remix the song or if you notice when you generate the songs it does come up to be about 39 seconds every time because you’re generating only two verses at a time that’s okay if you do want to generate more of your song you would click onto the three dots and then as

You can see there are more settings over here where you can continue from this clip and then when you click this over here you would simply go to delete these previous lyrics and then insert your new verse on your same chorus or your new chorus and as you can see it says

Continue in from and when you hit continue is going to generate the second verse and the chorus again for your song and then you can just keep doing that until you have your full song and then you’ll be able to actually export your full 3 minute long 5 minute long song

However long you want to create your song now the second tool that I want to explore is this one called song R AI you can find the link for it again in the description but once you come to this page all you need to do is Click where

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It says try songr app now and then right on this page you can begin generating your song so the first thing you need to do is select the option that you’d want because our first one was a country song We’ll go ahead to do the same thing we’ll select the country option then

We’re going to go ahead and insert a similar prompt to what we did with sunno but this time always send is the description of what we want the lyrics to be for the song which is enjoying the simple things in life each day once you’ve done this all you need to do is

Click the tiny Arrow hair now as you can see it’s going ahead to generate me my lyrics from here I can go ahead to make changes edit the ls if you wanted to and then under here you also get to choose the voice you want so because the first

Country song was in a GU voice I’m going to keep it at Kevin and then simply hit render and now it’s going to take as it says about 30 seconds to render my song for me now it’s completed we have our one minute song generated let’s see what this sounds like

Up Open Fields of whisper through the Tre kisses it deep and wide I like it he let’s give it a round of applause this one also was really good the instrumental of it sounded quite Perfect The Voice also sounded very realistic the only thing I would say that I feel

Like sunu did better it actually had a bit of variation it suang the song in a way that the lyrics matched up to the actual instrumentals this seems like it had the instrumentals and it tried to fit the lyrics that it created itself onto the instrumentals so some parts of

The song felt like it wasn’t really s if you get what I’m trying to say now if we go back on over to the homepage we can also generate songs using the lyrics on song art and as you could see there are a few options that we could use already

There so because the second one we searched was an indie pop there is no Indie pop on this side so we’ll simply go ahead to use pop itself and now to insert the lyrics what you want to do is click here where it says I have my

Lyrics you’ll click on into this ha will simply insert the same lyrics that we used onso then we can go ahead and give it a title I’m just going to say test we’re going to go ahead to select our singer as Natalie and hit render and now

Let’s see what it comes up with I’m curious to see how this sounds and to hear the difference between the two of them Asel dusty road okay through the Fields of Gold we used to it’s been so long I can’t can’t believe chus I can’t believe it actually just

Sound the word chorus okay so noce how don’t input the verse and choruses when you’re doing this but let’s hear the chorus separ aam again I felt like it did the same thing the voice has its own thing sounds excellent together it’s just missing that one thing to make it Blended

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Together but that’ll be it for song r or songer great to I think it’s fun to play with this now brings me to the third and last tool which is called voice mod you can also find the link for it in the description below this tool is a t bit

Different than the other two we saw but let’s still go ahead to explore it so the first thing you would need to do is pretty much select the genre or the song as it says here that you would want to use to then create your own song So as

You can see there’s a bunch of Christmas themes a classical theme in the sense of Hallelujah okay okay we got that there’s a meme one Urban EDM Pop I don’t see a country option but I think this Urban Breakers over option might be the best one for this case to make the comparison

Somewhat similar so I’ll go ahead to click onto this one from here what I need to do is Click next then the next thing it gives you is to choose your singer so you can go ahead and listen to all these singers and see what they

Sound like and choose the one who you think is best for you but once you find the voice you want you can simply click onto it to select it and then click next then from here what you need to do is insert your own lyrics as you can see I

Tried to insert the entire lyrics that I got from Chad gbt but this is the most it allows me to insert if I try to insert anything else it says that this is too much so we’ll just go ahead to end it at the comma here and change this

Into a full stop so we can go ahead to now change the name of our song so I’m going to give it test three and now from here all that’s left for you to do is Click create and then once it’s done it’s going to take you to this page

Where you can go ahead to listen to your song to see what it sounds like the wheels down memory surprisingly the instrumental sounds great the voice sounded good and it came together quite good but almost ironically which is what I think this tool goes more on to the side of now

Once you finish your song you can go ahead to generate a new song you can go to edit the lyrics or download your song and that’s it when it comes to testing out and playing with these tools you heard the difference in all of them using quite a similar prompt and what

They sound like so I would say that if you did want to use something commercially and have more freedom in the sense of what you can generate with less barriers I would say go forso but if you just want to have fun with these

Tools I say use all of them so now you know these tools you can go ahead there and use them and create some great creations with them but hold on now don’t click off yet because if you’ll want to learn more from me which you probably should then you need to check

Out this other video on my channel

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