Today we’re going to look at some of the best free SEO tools to rank number one these free SEO tools will save you thousands of dollars you’re going to save a ton of time plus you’re going to be able to do research better for your campaigns and with that let’s get

Straight into it so the first tool that we’re going to talk about is answer the public right so if we scroll down here we’ll accept the t’s and C’s and then from here we can change our country put in the language and then from here you would

Just put in a top eight brand or product so for example let’s say you’re an SEO and that’s your Niche we’ll hit enter and what you’ll see from here is the search volume the cost per click and then you can see in the key indicators which keywords are highly

Searched the average search and search right so gives you a lot of keyword data for free so that you don’t need to pay for any fantasy tool but Additionally you get all the questions that people would ask around your particular topic so for example how SEO Works how it

Works for business how it works for digital marketing Etc you can also get a bunch of prepositions down here so for example SEO for YouTube SEO for websites SEO for Etsy Instagram and then if we scroll all the way down here you get the alphabet method right so it it covers

Seoa SEO Etc and for free tool it’s pretty good now one thing you need to be careful of obviously is that if you’re going for something like SEO it’s going to have some irrelevant stuff in there right so this is not related to search engine automattic ation but you can see

Most of it is pretty good and you can actually save this image once you’re logged in for free now if we download this image like so now what you can also do is you can take the image that was downloaded from answer the public and you can paste that into a tool like

Claude or chat GPT and just say cluster these keywords into a relevant order and it will take the information from the image and then cluster them nicely into categories and pages that you could create under each category right so for example analy ICS and measurement then you got traffic analysis ranking

Analysis conversion tracking local SEO for offsite optimization you got link building domain Authority and backing profile and all the data that you need and also it’s automated a lot of the research right so this is using the alphabet suit method where so for example normally what you would do is

You go into Google and to get all of this data right here you’d have to type in like search engine optimization a and then B and then C and it be quite a time consuming process whereas this automates pretty much everything for you another useful tool is Microsoft being Web

Master tools actually seems to have a lot more functionality than for example at GSC so what you can do is once you set up your website and you can easily set up the plugin on on your WordPress site or whatever and from here you can check the last month’s data see how you

Performing in search but you can also do something called a site scan right so if we click on start new site scan you can choose where it searches your site so for example at your website we’ll go from the homepage and then we’ll just scan for 10 pages just to keep it short

Hit start scan like so and that will run a scan for your website kind of like an audit additionally you’ll see this top Insight section where it’s going to give you a bunch of ideas for improving your content so for example it’s got the error type the severity and how many

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Pages it impacts and it’s got a keyword research tool right here where you can get new keyword ideas right so if you type server for example let’s say your website is in the bird’s Niche will hit get details you can filter down by the country language your device if you want

To you can switch between different types of keywords and it will show the serbs for that particular keyword and then once your scan has run it will show you any issues listed inside the scan once it’s complete now the other cool thing I saw was Microsoft Clarity right

This basically records like people using your website how they interact with it where they click it gives you insights into the different versions of your site and if we click on get started right here you can actually paste this code into your website and it even connects

With Google analytics as you can see plus you can watch back recordings of how people use a site and then figure out okay how do I need to improve the user experience another pretty useful tool for improving the readability of your content and making sure that it reads better particularly for those of

You using chat GPT or AI is you can use Hemingway this is another free tool so what you can do p in your content like this from a Blog and it’ll break down which parts of the blog need to be improved in terms of readability right which is really powerful because you can

Give that to your team or you can do it and then you can proofread your content before you actually publish it so for example if you look at the readability of this sentence it says it’s too long and complex use short sentences and actually even has a fix your sentence

With AI that I’ve not tried yet but basically you can just have a proof read through your content and manually edit it before you’re publishing it so that it reads better if it reads better people are more likely to stay on the page which means that your on page

Metrics will improve and therefore your SEO rankings will improve as a result and then when you’re actually making the changes you can just edit the document directly inside Hemingway until it’s all fixed like you can see right here and you’ll get a readability grade once it’s done plus a word count plus everything

That needs to be improved in all the issues so just to recap we have covered answer the public and how you can type in your need get thousands of keyword ideas then you can also download the image and close to those keywords into categories and Pages we’ve talked about and how you can basically do free site audits keyword research plus you can set up Clarity and understand how to improve your UI heat maps and conversion rate optimization we’ve also talked about Heming weight and how to imp readability scores and easily highlight and improve each part of your

Content another tool that I’ve not really mentioned so much and I haven’t seen many seos talk about it is Mist right mistol has a lot of hype about it and it’s a free tool it’s kind of like chat GPT but for free and you can actually see a breakdown of their

Performance versus other popular AI models now I typically take these comparisons with a pinch of Sal because everyone Compares models in different ways but it is pretty good from what I’ve tested out so far so for example let’s say you’re trying to find relevant entities for your blog we can say right

Identify a list of primary entities related to so you can see how fast it generates results it’s pretty fast this is a free model and this prompt is for generating a topical map as you can see kind of replies like an assistant which I’ve never seen before quite interesting

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And then we can take one of those topics and generate the pages for each one like this it’s an interesting model to play around with not a lot of people are talking about it but as you can see it’s pretty decent in terms of the results comes back with the topic the variation

For your topical map and then the translation in English too definitely worth a try so we have covered four three SEO tools to rank number one so far which is answer the public Hemingway mistra which you can use for tople maps keyword research clustering improving grammatical errors Etc now

It’s actually very easy these days to create your own SEO tools so let me give you some examples so what you can actually do is create and write bookmarklets for tracking different things right and these are kind of like Chrome extensions that you can actually add to your Chrome browser or whatever

Browser you use so for example this keyword density one right here we’ll put in the name we’ll put in the JavaScript right there hit save then we’ll click this and it will say enter keyword and from there we can actually get the keyword for whatever keyword we want to

Search on the page which helps us figure out okay out of my competitor’s content what’s a keyword density like for the keyword that we want to rank for and therefore what sort of keyword density should we aim for or we can also analyze our own content and figure out okay have

We got the right keyword density or do we need to improve it Etc and it’s so easy to create your own bookmarklets for tracking things like this and you don’t need to mess around looking through like the Chrome Store and stuff like that you can just easily

Add it to your bookmarks list and then click it whenever you need it so for example you could create like a page speed test Chrome extension right here and then when you click it it’s actually going to run a speed test for that particular website as you can see so for

Example if we go to this website H page speed test it’ll run an analysis and then it also break down the core web vitals etc for that particular website so you don’t need to navigate to this website automatically takes you there plus it plugs in the URL pretty nice now

What you can actually do inside mistra or whatever AI tool you’re using to create these free tools is you can say like only give me a realistic book markers I can actually Implement plus a code for each and then create like five different SEO Tools in one pretty crazy

Now another free tool that you can use is actually perplexity I’ve talked about it in other YouTube videos for example like this one right here a few days ago and it’s really powerful for just adding the pre-publishing finishing touches to your content so for example if you’ve watched

Other videos from me you have seen this SEO checklist that runs through step by step some tweaks you can make before you actually publish your content right now perplexity is really powerful for this so for example you can go to new thread over here go to focus change that to

Academic and inside the academic section it’s going to search for published academic papers right which means that your content is going to be better referenced if you insert internal links from academic papers as long as they’re relevant so for example let’s say you’ve got an article about cat Healthcare that

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You’re publishing so we can say give me 10 external links from article about and then we’ll put cat Healthcare and this is on the free version so I’m not using Pro right here and if we hit enter like so for some reason the first time round

It didn’t like it so I just rephrase the prompt as you can see and I said give me some sources for my article about cat Healthcare and as you can see it’s linking to different clinical trials and useful resources about that particular topic and these are from academic journals right so they’re very

Authoritative sources for example if we take this particular Source from semantic scholar and we plug this into ad you can see that it’s a dr90 website or if you don’t want to use academic journals you can just do a normal search go to new Fred over here or give me

Sources about my article about cat Healthcare and again it will find relevant authoritative sources for example like you can see it’s publishing right here just an easy way to to quickly find relevant external links especially if you’ve got a team that’s handling this for you what you can also do with

Complexity is you can easily automate fact checking so you can say fact check this and then insert your statement here that you need to fact check so for example like on page metrics improve bounce rates Rao we’ll hit enter and what it will do is check the statement in detail

With sources for each statement right so you can see how it talks about UI here and then it has a couple of sources and then you can easily fact check anything that you need to for free in an automated way now if you want to get

More keyword ideas what you can do is go to new Fred over here and then select the platform that you want to search and you can actually use Reddit for this so what you can say is like what questions are people asking about SEO based on

Reddit hit enter and then it not only gives you relevant keyword ideas and content ideas based on that but you can see that it’s linked out to relevant thread right so for example this one right here it’s linked out to this Reddit discussion based on the question

People are asking and then you can basically just generate keywords around the topic or if you’re doing target market research it’s quite a good way to get some detailed insights into your audience so if you want to get access to all the tools I mentioned today plus the

Use cases Etc including how to build your own SEO tools of this also included the JavaScript from that bookmarklet and the prompt that you can use to generate your own free SEO tools and that’ll be inside the free SEO tools section right here so thanks so much for watching if

You want to get access this free chat GPT SEO course which comes with keyword research modules SEO link building tips AI SEO quality control modules Niche selection tips on topical Maps eat and SEO systems feel free to get that links in the comments and description and if

You do want to book in a free SEO strategy s about how to get one leads traffic and sales to your website feel free to bog that in and we’ll give you an SEO domination plan answer any questions you have on the call and you’ll discover how to quickly out rank

You competitors with SEO thanks so much for watching appreciate it byebye

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