All right so today what we’re going to talk about is a SEO manual quality control checklist that you can use to improve the quality of your content however it is produced and what we’re going to do is step by step talk you through how to make your content better

Using this checklist in a very actionable way so that you or your team can use it for SEO to rank number one and improve the quality of your checklist dramatically based what’s already working and at the end of this video you not only have the checklist

You have a Tracker that you can use it’s all going to be free and additionally we’re going to run through some of the recent guidelines and updates from Google that prove this actually works but here’s what we’re going to do first so we’re going to run through this

Checklist it should normally take about 15 to 20 minutes per article and we’ve got an example article right here that was generated very quickly but I can show you exactly how we can implement this SEO checklist into our content right so the first thing that you always

Want to start with and it’s unbelievable how many people still don’t do this but ideally you want to be focusing on low competition keywords when you’re creating content now how do you do that well if we look at this particular article right what we’re actually looking at is the keyword German link

Building so we just want to run that through our favorite tool and just make sure we’re going after an easy keyword that we’re actually going to rank for as you can see it’s low competition it has a low search volume but usually search volumes are are pretty much estimates

Then what we want to do is create an outline for what we need to write about right so yes we’ve got the content created here we’ve kind of skipped a step there but what you want to do is ideally create an outline of what you need to write about now if you’re doing

This automated you can use a tool that page optimizer pro this works very well or if you’re doing it manually then you can just Google the keyword that you’re trying to rank for for example like best cat products look at what headings your competitors viewed and then use those

Headings for inspiration of your article too now when you’re using those headings you wouldn’t just copy and paste them into your article no no no no what you want to do is just use those for inspiration and then structure your article around that now ideally when

You’re doing this and you’re going on to Google and you’re searching your keyword that rank for you want to be looking at like the top 10 results right because the thing is if you just go after say the wired and you reverse engineer what’s working for the wied well that’s

A very high Authority website and it might not rank so well if you implement the same sort of structure right so you want to look across all the websites ranking on the first page of Google to see what they’re and see if there’s any clues right and usually the clues are

Hiding in plain sight in terms of what works when it comes to structuring your article now additionally I would try and ask yourself okay how can I add more original headings into my content as well because the thing is right whether you’re using AI or whether you’re using

Humans to create your content if your content is just the same as everyone else’s and there’s nothing original about it well that’s pretty much spam isn’t it if you actually look at the spam update from Google on March the 5th 2024 so this is brand new what they

Actually talk about in detail is generating low quality or unoriginal content right and especially if you scale that up now if you’re structuring your article ideally you need your content to be unique and that’s why you want to find original headings that you can add in your content that make your content

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Different to everyone else’s Additionally you can Google your keyword scrape the FAQs from Google for the people ass section and you can past those into the bottom of your article as well and answer them now when you paste them into your article use a bit of common sense you might want to reword

The headings Etc that’s basically how you can do it so for example you can see I’m actually in Poland speaking at an event at the minute that’s why my results are in Polish as you can see but essentially you’ve got the people also section right here once you’ve Googled

The keyword and these are useful headings for the faq’s section of your article ideally you want to make your content comprehensive but also original so that you avoid unoriginal content and you add more value to your content and then you’re just going to write the content under each heading no fluff or

Filler Etc I’m not going to go too in detail into how to actually create the content that’s a different video but make sure you check out my YouTube channel then from here you want to make sure that your article matches the search intent of Google right so if we

Go back to our example of best cat products right here you can see that pretty much all of these articles these are lists of different products right so 25 best cat toys 10 products every cat owner should have best products for cats in 2024 Etc these are all lists of

Different products so what you wouldn’t do is create like a guide on how to make your own cat products that that wouldn’t make sense instead you’re going to focus on following the same format that most of the people on your list have done but when you’re writing the content you want

To think about writing it for the user first and then ranking second if you just focus on ranking number one then actually when people land on the page the content is not going to be interesting enough to keep people on the page and then your user metrics will

Drop which is going to hurt your rankings so again right for the user first rank second as an example of that obviously I can’t really show any public case stud because public case studies don’t do so well these days but as an example if you look at my YouTube videos

I try and answer the questions and the topics in the best way possible in a unique way and that’s not about keyword stuffing and trying to rank for this particular keyword it’s about making sure that it’s actually useful for you watching right and the more people watch

The more watch time we get the better the channel does now as you’re doing this checklist you might say this sounds hard sounds like a lot of work but that that’s what’s required to rank really but if you use a format like this then you’re doing it in the most time

Efficient way and your content is actually going to be better than 99% of people out there now if you actually look at the search quality evaluator guidelines from Google basically what Google are trying to do is just make their rankings more helpful right and this just gives you an idea of exactly

What Google are looking for when you create your content now if you look at some of the richest people of all time for example Charlie Monga he said in in always invert turn a situation or problem upside down look at it backwards and so in the example of SEO right you’d

Figure out okay what do I need to avoid to make sure that can give ranking so if we wanted to invert the situation what we can actually look at is the lowest quality Pages section of Google right and they talk about basically what to avoid when it comes to content right so

Lowquality Pages typically untrustworthy deceptive harmful Etc and they might still have elements of eat but usually it’s pretty trash content right now one thing that you’ll see actually throughout the whole search quality guidelines and we’ll come back to the checklist in a minute but I think it’s a really important principle to

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Understand is this theory of effort right so if you look effort is mentioned 99 times throughout the whole guidelines and basically what they say is that for most Pages the quality of the MC can be determined by the amount of effort and originality or talent and skill that

Went into the content creation basically if you implement this checklist with skill with Talent with originality and you make your content better than everyone else’s and you add more unique elements to your content throughout the whole page then it’s going to perform a lot better in the long run which is why

In this section right here we ask right does this content demonstrate expertise experience of Aiven and trustworthiness if not make sure it does so if we look through this particular content we can see that it’s actually quite a generic article so it demonstrates a little bit of expertise but it’s quite low effort

It doesn’t have have a lot of authority implemented throughout the content so if you wrote this from the perspective of someone who runs a link building agency who’s worked with hundreds of clients who’s built hundreds of campaigns and you reference case studies throughout the content you reference things that

You’ve learned Etc you showcase your experience that would probably perform a lot better than this sort of generic content that we’ve got right here then ideally you want to run your content through gram or Hemingway how’ you do that so what you can do is you can

Actually get free access to gramy for the basic version you can sign up for free and just run your content through there otherwise you can actually paste your content into into Hemingway as well and you can check like the readability score how many words are in there and

You can see right here straight off the bat it says 99 of 148 sentences are very hard to read so ideally you want to improve the readability of the content right simplify it simplify the language simplify the sentence structures make it easier to read so that and this step

Right here links directly back to writing for the user first and then you’ve got some basic formatting options like for example you know putting every sentence on a new line I just like to do that CU it makes everything easier to read which means lower balce rates you

Can add some pictures or videos ideally the best type of videos or pictures to use unique content right so for example for me if I can embed my own videos inside the content if I’m writing about SEO and it’s an article about SEO then that signifies unique experience authoritativeness expertise and Trust

Which makes your content quality much better otherwise there are some other options to generate that then you want to format the text nicely so if you actually look at this content it’s just like a big wall of text right even the bullet points aren’t added so we want to

Go through add some H2S add some h3s Spruce it up a little bit add some Goldie magic and just make it look a lot better on page now we’ve talked about FAQs already so we’ll keep going and this is an important one as well so for

Example A lot of people are using AI tools out there but the introduction is very fluffy and generic right it doesn’t really hook people in so much so you want to make sure do you edit the introduction manually yourself cut out the fluff I would say maximum two to three

Sentences include your keyword in the first sentence and just cut out the obvious BS right so for example if you look at this it’s quite obviously a very fluffy introduction right there’s like five different sentences six different sentences inside there so you want to edit it manually yourself

Now another mistake that I see a lot of people do is they add just like a generic image into the introduction but I think people just want to get the answer straight away right so you want to make it as easy as possible for people to get the information and not

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Just add like loads of generic fluffy images inside there add some relevant internal links usually I just aim for two to three relevant internal and external links into the content and this is really important as well so just fat check your content you know for example if you’ve hired a human writer then

Quite often they can get it wrong with their stat so they don’t reference it or you know for those of you who are using AI as well or AI hallucinates a lot as well so it’s better to manually do this yourself and just fat check your content

As well then just optimize your keywords in the URL in the page titles Etc we’ve talked about eat signals but essentially you want to make sure that it’s easy to understand who wrote the content is the offer a real person is it easy to contact the person Etc so if you look at

This particular generic article you can see that there’s no context in terms of who wrote the article are they an expert do they have experience Etc it’s not there within the content then you want to make sure you index the content so you can use like Google search console

For example add some internal links you want to build some internal links from other pages to make sure that your content connects to the rest of the site that’s basically it and then most pieces of content are going to require backlinks if you want to book in a free

SEO strategy session about that you can book that in right here links inside the comments in the description but that’s basically it from start to finish and SEO checklist like I said should take about 15 to 20 minutes per article make sure that your content is not just

Generic fluff it’s a really nice manual editing process and it’s comprehensive but it’s simple to implement so if you or your team need to use it then you’ve got it all right there and what I’ve actually done is I’ve turned this into a list of questions and you can just put

Yes or no next to each question just make a copy of this particular tracker right here and then you are good to go you got the checklist you got the tracker and I’ll put the links to this inside the comments in description so you can get instant access to both of

These a lot of people will say as well can I use this for AI content and that sort of thing if you actually look at Google search guidance they say that they record high quality content however it’s produced so how do you create high quality content you can actually use

This particular checklist right here to improve and demonstrate qualities of eat Etc and just level up your content so that it’s not generic fluff because the thing is what I can imagine is that Google just don’t want their Surs filled with generic crash and that’s why using

A checklist like this to manually edit your content and improve it before you publish it is what makes a big difference so thanks for much for watching link to the checklist and the tracker is directly inside the comments description and if you want to book in a free SEO strategy session where we’ll

Show you how we take websites from 0 to 145,000 businesses per month and generate thousands of dollars in sales feel free to book that in that’s the free SEO strategy session and you get an SEO domination plan answer any questions you have you’ll discover the best link building strategies for your website and

You’ll discover how to outrank your competitors with an SEO game plan thanks so much for watching appreciate it as always byebye

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