Imagine waking up to an extra $500 in your bank account without ever stepping foot outside of your home sounds amazing right do you know you can actually do this by selling your AI created images yes today I am going to introduce an amazing platform where you can sell your

AI generated images so if you want to start your side hustle with AI generated art without further Ado let’s dive in this is devid and you are watching AI lockup introducing WI stock. where you can turn your creative passion into profit by showcasing your skills and selling your Creations including AI art

Photos illustrations and videos this platform not only allows you to sell your AI generated content but you can generate AI art with their amazing AI art generator to unleash your creativity wirestock will help you to maximize your earnings and visibility by selling your photos online AI images and videos on

The world’s most popular marketplaces from a single place including Adobe stock Getty Images shutter stock free pick 123 RF and more not only images here you can monetize your videos vectors and illustrations also instantly build your portfolio and offer your AI images photos or videos for sale directly from your wirestock page

Whether you’re selling prints AI generated images or digital licenses let’s start a journey with wirestock simply click on the sign up button from here now create an account with your email or continue with your Discord Facebook or Google account I already have an account so I am

Logging in this is my wir stock dashboard here you can see that I earned $10 last month with just one image okay now let’s see how you can start your earning Journey before that I will introduce some other extraordinary AI features of this tool on the AI tool tab

You will find tools like AI image generator with this AI image generator tool you can generate amazing images with text prompts after coming to this page simply enter your imagination in the prompt box I am typing the scene portrays a cozy French house nestled amidst burden trees and blooming flowers

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Overlooking a tranquil Lake that reflects the clear blue sky above after entering the prompt set the orientation or aspect ratio after that choose a theme you can create your own theme I will explain it later okay now select an art style I am going with the digital

Art style in the end if you want to add a reference image to create variants then upload it here I am skipping this time after all is set hit the generate button wir stock image generator will generate three variants for us you can see the image quality select the best

Image from here now to download the image on your device click on the download icon from here you can post the image on wicock or can edit it to make it more attractive to edit click on the edit button now if your image has a face

Then you can swap faces with the face swap tool just upload your reference image and then hit the face swap Button as my image has no face I am skipping it next with the Imp painting tool you can add any element or customize any part of

The image just Mark the area and then give the instructions in the prompt box after all is set hit the generate button after that with the image mixer tool you can mix two images and create a new unique image just upload the image you want to mix with this image after that

Select the theme style and aspect ratio after all is set hit the generate button your image will be ready okay our last editing tool is reimagine here you can regenerate the image by changing the theme and style once you are satisfied with your image download the image or

Post it on wirestock to do this click on the post button from here before posting any image I will suggest reading the content guidelines very carefully all right to go ahead we have to enter some data first of all you will notice challenge it’s basically an AI generator

Competition run by wir stock wirestock runs a daily AI art generation challenge you have just to create art on the given topic and submit it on wirestock they give cash prizes to the Daily winner if you are an expert in air generators then it can be another source of your income

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Next select all the marketplaces you want to sell the image then you can enter a caption or can leave it because wirestock autoc caption and keyword will do it on behalf of you after all is set hit the post button and our image are ready for sell on the selected platform

In this way you can generate images on wirestock and sell them but what if we want to sell images captured drawn or generated by you still you can upload them and sell them on wir stock to upload any image click on the upload button from here now you have to select

The sour source of your image you can upload images from computer drive or fpt just select the image and upload it on wire stock oh there is a problem you can see that wirestock only allows art larger than 4 megapixels don’t worry we can fix it with wirestock image upscaler simply

Click on the upscale button from here it will take around 10 seconds to upscale your image and here it is our image is ready now we have to enter some data about our image to publish the image on wir stock before that you may notice the marketplace and challenge submission

Limit bar on the top it indicates how many images you have submitted and how many remain in the free version you will be able to submit only five images per month if you want to publish more images you have to upgrade your account they have two premium packages the first one

Is premium and the second one is premium AI in the premium package you you can submit 100 images on marketplaces with unlimited image upscales and the ability to download files with metadata you have to pay just $649 per month but in the premium AI package you will be able to submit 200

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Images on the marketplace including 1,000 monthly AI Generations unlimited upscales reimagine and image mixer features and you have to pay less than $9 and 90 per month that’s a reasonable price and value for money you can enjoy a 20% discount account by using our coupon code lock up all right let’s move

Forward if your image is AI generated then click here now you have to select the AI model after that enter the prompt okay on the next step make sure sell on marketplaces is turned on now you will get two options easy and manual in the manual option you have to enter more

Details about your art if you don’t want to spend your time like other platforms use Easy submission first if your image is about any event news or brand then select it and then enter the related data after that select the marketplace places you want to post

Your image and in the end you have to add your captions you can skip it also wire stock offers automatic captioning and keywording after all is set click on post and your image is ready for sale on your selected platform in conclusion wir stock is not just a Marketplace like

Adobe stock shutter stock or Pond 5 it’s also an AI tools Hub it’s a true gold digger for designers and creators you can also upload and sell your videos and monetize them you have to publish more and more content to make more money all right friends I will wrap up our video

Now before that I would love to hear about your experience with selling AI art share your thoughts and results in the comments section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one

Thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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