What if you could wake up to emails like this every single morning you’ve got money that is what we call passive income you sleep you wake up and you have money in your inbox this is what we’re going to be talking about today five of my absolute favorite and actual

Ways to make passive income online we’re going to talk about specific examples and these are things I’ve actually done myself so if you’re first to this Channel please understand that I have been doing this since 2002 working online in 2015 I left a corporate job

And when I do videos on YouTube it is not me just going to Ai and making up some magic potion for people to understand these are things I actually do in my business in my day-to-day life that is why I can talk about them without having to read a script so if

That’s the type of content you like the no BS approach to making money subscribe to the channel click the like button and comment if you like now let’s get started before we get started and go into my computer let’s address the elephant in the room shall we is passive income

Actually passive income online because passive income is usually something that requires little to no work but we all know that building a business online requires a ton of work but there are differences between passive income and active income and active income is like going to a job where you’re constantly

Working you wake up in the morning you have to be there you have to actively engage whereas passive income can be earned while you sleep like the example I showed just a second ago with the emails so passive income typically involves work upfront setting up the passive machine of making money and this

Requires a ton of work but once it’s completed and you’ve done it efficiently you can start working less and less So eventually it becomes a passive income stream where you can dedicate your time into other things in your life whether it be travel whether it be sleeping more

Whether it be hanging out with your family more all of these things are benefits of having passive income and building something first so that you can eventually retire so that is what I want to clear want to clear the air here these aren’t simple easy ways to make

Money but they are my five favorite ways to make money so let’s get started what is number one let’s go in my computer and talk about it first so the first method and keep in mind that these are my top five and I’m going to save the

Best for last so make sure you watch all five of these because my favorite is at the end the first one we’re going to call the online Burr method now you might have heard of the Burr method in real estate in actual offline real estate in this case we are talking about

The online version but we’re not going with a refinance and Rental approach we are buying rehabilitating and repeating okay that is the process here and basically it saves you a ton of The Upfront work that is necessary in creating passive online income because a lot of the passiveness of this type of

Business comes from you building a brand building a website building content over years building this massive Empire but you can save all that time by buying something that’s already been done investing money into this so if you have if you have the capital to do this you

Can really get a head start but there are ways to do it with less Capital because on Flippa there are many many different websites available in fact price ranges come from anywhere from $100 to millions of dollars for these websites that you can purchase and start to refurbish them make them

Better improve the SEO improve the content improve the monetization all of that is what we do here and in fact just as an example I I recently started a case study on Powerhouse affiliate and on this channel that shows me doing this exact approach and I’ve actually done

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This approach before so it’s not like new to me but there are always new things to learn that is why I’m posting it in the PowerHouse affiliate Forum where we have a discussion rate here if you are a member you can get access to that discussion and you can start

Joining in on the process of taking a website that costs money and turning it into something that generates more income online there are many steps involved all of those detailed and if you would just watch the playlist that I pop up here you will actually be able to

See it on my YouTube channel as well this is a process that can generate passive income because you are again taking advantage of someone else’s hard work over the years to build up a brand so make sure you do your research before there are websites to do that like

Similar web you can go on there and search and see where they’re getting their traffic how they’re getting their traffic the other types of U profiles they have through social media and you can see if this is something worth investing in if this is all completely new to you build building a website

Building a brand everything all of that stuff and connecting all the dots that is one of our Premier courses inside the PowerHouse affiliate uh training platform you can see we have an affiliate marketing certification course this describes basically everything you need to know about doing and building

This from scratch so you don’t have to invest up front but again saving time and money this is the way to go okay let’s go to number two my second favorite passive income stream online is through content creation especially on YouTube as you can see we are on YouTube

Here this is one of my channels I’ve created here’s another Channel and on the day job hacks YouTube channel in fact I have shared videos of the growth of the YouTube channel showing how to properly monetize a YouTube channel a lot of people make the mistake of making

A YouTube channel and thinking they’re going to get rich with YouTube monetization I’ve talked about it many times on this channel you don’t make much from the YouTube monetization as at least you don’t make as much when you’re first starting out and you make more money through other monetization

Channels so watch the video on my channel I’ll pop it up here on how to monetize your YouTube channel but basically the passive element to this is the fact that there are 141 videos currently running on YouTube that I’ve created over the past that are still

Getting traffic today in fact a lot of traffic and that is the passive element when I go to bed at night and wake up the next morning a lot of well 99% of these videos have some type of Link in them that links to either a product I’ve

Created or a product that I recommend that I use in my business all of those things and that traffic is coming in constantly that’s the passive element you say Joey you have to still create videos yes of course you do but when you go to bed at night night those videos

Are still working and that’s the passive element to content creation so if you can speed up your content creation and you can be more consistent with content creation you’re going to make a whole lot more money and there are automated tools to do that nowadays of course

There’s AI we’re going to talk about AI in the next video so I’m not going to ramble on about AI but make sure you subscribe to the channel so you get access to that video when it comes out but there are ways to speed up your processes here and and get more traffic

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Quicker that is in fact passive traffic over time number three micro subscription Services now this is a great way to make passive income because it is a micro subscription and this isn’t some New Concept I have come up with this actually I believe came from Ryan dice uh through digital marketer

Many years ago he mentioned the the topic of micro subscriptions and creating a website that has micr subscriptions and the reason why I’m showing you the globe in mail here it’s just an example you can see at the bottom that says $1.99 a week or some places even go as

Cheap as $4.99 a month whatever it is there’s so many different ways but micr subscriptions are small minor payments that people will pay and not even really think about in fact once they sign up they probably don’t stop paying for sometimes several months or even years

And the thing is here is you’re paying for what you believe is is something that you need access to right now which is good information and so for example if you really like my videos on YouTube I could be like hey man like if you want

Some more come to my patreon where you can pay so much and you can get you know a very small fee and you can see another four videos uh that I’ve done or whatever it is but anyway the purpose of this is to offer something whether it be

Content in a specialized field for example a lot of sites that focus on the stock market or best stock picks create a website around the stock market and say here are the top five stock picks for March of 2024 and in order to get access to all

Of them you have to pay9 but you could even perhaps entice the user by showing them the first two and they can read through the article and then halfway through the article they have to pay to get access to all of your content and these are micro subscriptions that can

Easily be set up using processors that allow you to do this and there are plugins for WordPress that you can use as well that allow you to do this the the key here is to create really good content first and build an audience give it away for free over time you become an

Expert in your field whatever it may be and then you start introducing your subscription model later and that becomes a very passive way of earning money because these subscriptions if they are micro payments will will continue to come in constantly and this can be done using just content as your

Delivery but there are other things you can sell as a micr subscription as well do your research ask AI what are some other micr subscription ideas I’m not going to ramble off some ideas that AI can can generate for you but this is how

It works and this is a be a very big business model for passive income number four the one that you probably thought I was saving for the end is affiliate marketing I am an affiliate marketer I make money through affiliate marketer in fact the emails I get every single day

Are affiliate commissions I am earning through content and paid advertising okay there is a organic side to my business and there is also a paid media side to my business where I buy ads to affiliate products all of that described inside power host affiliate that describes the SEO organic side of this

Business as well as the paid traffic side of this business this platform Powerhouse affiliate has courses available that describe the whole process but basically let me give it to you in a quick nutshell so I am going to be quick here there are a few steps involved here and the the nonp passive

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Part about this is building your brand building the website that involves choosing your Niche choos using the right products building a content content heavy blog or following on social media then optimizing it for search engines so that you get traffic organically not only from Google but from other places like social media then

You’re going to leverage email marketing there is a full course on email marketing inside Powerhouse affiliate but basically you are using your website to gather your leads and as well automate your systems in the back end so that this becomes a passive income Empire this is what the strategy is

You’re using social media wisely to build up your brand and build up traffic to your website eventually you use paid ads to also speed up the process and again this is described in detail in the PowerHouse affiliate Forum that I showed you earlier in the case study I doing I

Am using both paid ads as well as organic traffic to build this website once the website has been built and there’s organic traffic coming in that’s when it becomes passive the paid side of it has a passive side to it too where the ads that I’m running are currently

Running right now while I’m doing this YouTube video so passively that is making me money while I focus my time on something else of course I have to go back to that at some point and check the data make sure everything’s working but I’m not actively digging a hole back

There to earn money I am actually sitting here waiting for it to populate with some more revenue and then I go in and optimize it that is the passive side of this affiliate business now the last one my personal favorite the true way of making passive income and this doesn’t

Involve affiliate marketing it doesn’t involve social media what it involves actually is is investing of your money into real Investments so all of the money that is made online through your business whether it be affiliate whether it be micr subscriptions whatever you’re doing to make money online you can

Either waste it on flashy Lambos and and put your picture all over the Internet and be a guru or you can take that money and put it into real active Investments like ETFs the stock market your favorite companies and to do that I have become someone who also invests in real estate

These are actual Investments that are in fact passive when you do it through an online investment broker or something like that now I’m not going to pitch you any investment Brokers right now or any ways to do this I do it in Canada so I do it through a taxfree savings account

I set up my own direct investing and I buy REITs I buy ETFs I buy into the the General stock market indices all of these things that will grow over time okay and using that as true 100% passive income because we’re taking the money that was generated through our other

Forms of income and not spending it all uh lavishly on on ridiculous things we’re actually trying to make this so that we never have to go back to work again and we never have to worry about active income it’s always going to be looking to build something that is

Working for us okay hopefully you got something out of that video if you have your comments concerns whatever else please post them come join the community at Powerhouse affiliate.com and check out that case study which is actively ongoing see you next time

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