In today’s tutorial we are going to Deep dive into an amazing free AI tool which is called pix ver AI it’s going to be a stepbystep tutorial make sure you don’t miss any step and for now let’s begin with the tutorial go to pix first. the link will

Be given in the description and sign up with your Gmail or email account after signing up you will be led to this dashboard if you come a little downwards you can find different videos which has been generated you can also see their prompts and you can reuse the prompt you

Can access this software in web and you can also access it via Discord so I’m going to show you both the options part one we are going to show how you can access by web so for that go to get started with web web version here this

Is the dashboard where you have so many Creations already available now first thing is how to create video from a video Let’s suppose I like this video right we can go to go create option we are going to go create option so that it has taken the entire uh script by

Default okay now if I just keep this doggle on that way it will make two versions of our video now here I will take realistic style 9 is to 16 everything is selected since we have created from an existing video okay even they have taken the seed also seed is

Responsible for giving the similar kind of effect in your upcoming videos now we will not do any other tricking here and we will completely go for a creation once the video is generated you can see that you can get those videos in my videos option so this is the final result from this

Video next is if you like any of these ready uh to use videos If you uh you can take inspiration you can also use these videos how if suppose I want to use this video I can click these are public videos okay I can click here a few

Things which I can do first is I can upscale it okay okay now if I want exactly the same video then I can go directly to this download button in order to download now let us go to the next part where we are going to create a video from a text for

Creating a video you can go to this create button give my text prompt okay you can keep you can give some negative prompts as well if you want BL background now if I keep this doggle on there will be two clips I’m taking white screen a spec ratio okay and here if you

Like any particular seed then you can just copy that seed as well to get that kind of a feat okay I have given this seed and then I will go to create option and this is the final result from the previous prompt now if you want to upscale once again

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You can go to this upscale button if you want to download you can download it you can change the speed as well and you can download from here so that’s pretty much about text to video prompt and now we will go to create a video out of an

Image so image to video so now for image to video I’ll have to upload the image so I’ll go to upload section and let me upload one image this one I have downloaded from from Leonardo AI so it’s uploading now Additionally you can give some prompts as well seed I will not do

Much changes in uh the seed part strength I can keep little more so that it gives more emphasize on the prompt okay and then quality should be HD quality and let’s see by creating how does it appear but now here when you’re are uploading an image you don’t have an

Option to change the spect ratio it will generate the video of the same aect ratio which is which your image has right so you can see it is getting generated let us wait for a while and after this this is the final result now let me try with some other

Style so I’ll just upload another cartoon style video uh image which is this one so I’ll give it here I will keep 55 around as strength and I will simply generate in HD quality and after all this these are the few results from image to

Video now let us go to second part where we are going to create amazing videos from Discord because in Discord we have better options and more options as far as Pig bar uh Discord account is concerned so I’ll go to Discord Community this will ask me the name to

Display the name I’ll give backp media that’s the name of my channel and continue so it will continue in Discord so once you accept the invitation to Discord you will land to this page right of pigb you have to choose P pigb from left hand side and that way you will get

Into the server now now you will have to get into any of these rooms now first and second rooms are for texture video generation anim and M I will show later and the last one is again 3D animation okay so use these two first let me get

Into one of the rooms once you follow them then this box will start getting activated now come here and type slash create slash create option so come here here and give your prompt so I have given I have given a prompt and now next in the next block you’ll have to come to

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Style you have different types of style I am taking realistic style now I have three more other options one is negative prompt I’ll come here and I’ll give a negative prompt negative prompt is something which you don’t want in your video next again if I go to these two

More option I get these two one is aspect ratio I’ll have to go to 16 is9 aspect ratio okay I will not give any character reference here uh I will show it in the Next Generation now once all these things are done simply enter and then your generation will be started you have

To come a little downwards in order to find it here you will get one option called just jump to present then you can see your uh entire prompt okay and in this box it’s getting generated now these are four versions which they have created now this is the first software

Which gives this mid Journey kind of set up or four regenerates four video out of one prompt which is available in PX pxb Discord account now if I want to upscale any one of them I can go here and upscale suppose I want to upscale this

First one let let me just open this see from here you can see how is it looking next one is this one I really love this one so very cute this is third one so it is this is also very sweet this is hardly moving just the Ambiance is

Moving so I like this and this one so I will upscale U2 and u3 if you want a particular videos another other four versions let’s suppose I want these videos for version okay then what will I do I will come here and I will do B4 that will generate

Four more versions so you can change it tiny creatures okay if you want to change any uh further you can change and then submit it and that will generate other four videos see here in this brown box I find this three say one video version three has already been upscaled you can

You can see this is much more clear so I will just download it voila my videos are upscaled so I can download the upscaled videos from the top right hand side corner this download button and this one it is a new version okay let us move

Forward to the next part where we are going to create some animated videos anime style videos so again once again I’ll give forward slash create okay I’ll go to this create option and here I’ll have to give a prompt a you can paste that let me get a seat

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Number from here I’m taking this seat number just for an example a spec ratio I’ll take 16 is to9 character now what is character if you go to character they will show you different characters from here Ula character this is the ulas character like this you can check any of

These characters and then enter and just check how is it going to turn out to be now let us move forward to give some more proms now let us join some other room let’s suppose I’m joining this anime room next part we are going to use slash animate style where I’m going to

Upload an image and I’m going to animate that so go to this image button and select the image which you want to animate and I will apply I upload my image okay now I will go to rest of the options motion you can give anything

Between 1 to 10 by default is five so I will give six prompt you can give a prompt here you can give high quality as one or you might not give any high quality at all okay so I will just delete this so right right here I will

Enter and let’s see how my video turns out to be you can just download it from top right hand side corner here okay now let us go to another room where you can create M give slash m so you will get this m face option go to this m face

Face option here basically you can upload any pH so I am uploading one of my faces and open it say 9 is 16 spec ratio and enter and let’s see how this turns out to be and if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit w. wacp where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting an ally bird offer as well at this moment so guys if you like this video please please please do subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet and please consider to give me a like one

Small request please do share my content with your friends and family so that I can thrive in every single day to create new videos like this for you all thank you so very much for staying here with me I’ll come back with some fun tutorial next week till then stay safe and in

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