In today’s tutorial we are going to learn how you can create a faceless kids education Channel with cartoon storytelling format and we going to use two different types of Animation to create this sort of contents and on $2,000 to $55,000 effortlessly it’s going to be a step by step easy tutorial

So make sure you stick around with me till the end and for now let’s begin with the tutorial step one go to and in the search bar type YouTube video templates and take a blank template then go to this small floating button canva assistant and from here we will be using

Magic right option now this is a pro version this is only available for pro if you want to use Pro for 30 days for a absolutely free you may go to my affiliate link given in the description and upgrade your free account to Pro for 30 days alternative option is taking

Chat gbt and giving the exact same prompt which I’m going to give here now so here I will type a prompt I have given a short prompt stting please write a script of 10 scenes for kids explainer video on the subject solar system and we

Will go to generate if I like I can insert it if I don’t like I can retry it I will for the time being insert it step two creating the voice over for the story select this and contrl c and here in 11 labs. I have a free account so I

All I will do is I will just paste the entire script here I will select text to speech and here you can select any of the voice artists I have selected Drew then I will go to this generate button in order to generate the voice over once

The voice over is generated go to this bottom right hand inside download button and download your voice over now you go to Google and type Adobe animation YouTube for free and go to this first button and this is a free software you may use it so go to this

Create now option now you will have to select any of these characters and under creature I have got this events V image or events character I likeed it because this is kind of resembling with my story so I want this character to be the Storyteller now next is background if you take transparent

Background you cannot download from this software you will you will be redirected to Adobe Express which I don’t want that’s why I prefer to take a green color background so that I can remove it easily next is size you may go for one

Is to 1 9 is 16 I’m taking 1 is to one then you will have to browse the the audio video which you have just downloaded you can go to preview option look here my video is ready so I’ll just need to go to this download button in

Order to download it now I will head back to canva in order to create the other slides or images for this first I will go to this plus button there are two options to get the background image first is element section or from this photos option type Galaxy and take a

Nice background from here I only need static IM so I will take this image and right click and set it as background it is going to be my first image like this you will have to take all these images and set them as background now next is

I’ll have to take Solar System since this is kids image kids video we will have to make it as colorful and as appealing as possible so we will take solar system for our first slide so from here you may take any of these I’m taking this one here you can go to this

Edit photo option and remove the background and then I will go to this plus button in between two images and I can take this solar system right click and straight away make it as background so this way I have got my first two slides now I will take the next in next

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Slide I will go to this element section and here I will take the Sun and in this graphic section I get different images of sun you can take any of of these images whichever you find to be the most interesting one let me take this one

This is looking pretty nice so I will just tilt it a little bit like so okay and position it here if you want to give any further adjustment or filter you can take any filter from here like Ci filter works really well and make it more

Bright so this way you can use it if you want to make a gan BL effect at the back of the sun then you do one thing you just select on this uh element and duplicate it okay take it outside here you will have to go to

Shadow and take this outline Shadow see properly I have just duplicated the element I have taken the duplicate option and I have gone to Shadow and outline Shadow now I will change the color to maybe sky blue take a contrast color and blur it as much as possible

Make the size little bigger and then make it little bigger Bring It On Top of the main main image okay now hold on we will have to go to this position option go to layer and just bring this down through the main image and then select press shift and select both the layers

And group them and now you can make it small or big together this is how you can create a gion blur effect because again for the obvious reason you will have to make it as appealing as possible next slide is for mercury Ty Mary so I’ll get different images from here you

Choose the best one I’m choosing this one now I will come here and type cartoon facee and enter choose the right one which you like next change the face to hands and enter take the right one whichever you want I’m taking this one I’ll just position it here like so now I

Will go to this white section and go to this plus button go to this pier and pick the right color which I want right I want this blue color so I will take that and for this black one I want yellow color like this once this hand is

Ready now go to this Cate option now go to this flip option and horizontally flip it position it in the opposite side just bring all all of them together now select only two hands okay go to position and bring them all the way down to the main phas and then select the

Face by by pressing shift on your keyboard and then group them all together now you can position it in such a way so that your narrator which we have just downloaded from Adobe can be fit here now next is giving some text effects so for this I will head back to

My first slide I will go to this text option take a simple text box and I will type solar into system now I will go to this font CH option and I will type comic and you can take this comic sang option the first one I will make yellow

And the second one I’ll make Sky Blue now I will just select this right click and duplicate right now go to this effect section go to this option this neon option go to position and just bring it down okay now system I will make change the color to

Yellow and then again all the way down okay now I will select all of them together by going to position select all these three together and group them okay duplicate this entire thing go to effect option just give a hollow effect make it black okay and position it here

And make sure the line is very thin now you group them together once again so that it looks more prominent so I done with my first text likewise I will come here and here I will be taking this font and ungroup them and here control a I will type

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Planet again same way I will duplicate I will go to effects I will take neon effect contrast color position on top of it then go to position option bring it downwards and then select by keeping shift selected group them together planet and same way Mary I will go to effect section neon

Color to be changed to the contrast color just overlap it then go to position bring it down select them together group them so now you can see I have created all my slides slides one by one and one more thing for the last slide I have used another AI feature from

Canva go to this app section and here you type magic media and enter Then go to this first option magic media option here you find two uh two specs one is image text to image and one is text to video we will take text to image here type your fromom an

Astronaut flying in Galaxy then you can go to this see all option there are different styles for this video I’m taking Bei style and then I will take a spec Rao landscape and generate image this way you can also generate your own preferate images for the subject you

Have chosen so I have got all these four Images so if I like any one of it I can just select that it will come here right click and set it as background okay like this and then you add your text now I will go to this share option I will go

To download option but here I will not choose MP4 because I will further animate it next in the next part so make sure you select PNG keep all these selected done and then you can download all these images and if you want to know different models different AI tools

Please do visit w. vacp where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting an arly bird offer as well at this moment first go to this app section left side viset and in the start bar you’ll have to typee speed paint without giving

Any space and go to this app select this and then go to choose file choose the file and select the seconds for sketch and coloring and also select this check this box for hand coloring hand effect and let this work on your image static image and it will

Convert it in a very nice Whiteboard video like this this now wait if you do not find this here then I will show you the alternative where you can get the same effect go to Google and type speech paint. and this is their direct website you you might not find this app always

In canva because of the maintenance issue there for you can directly go to their website and go to upload image option and here you can upload your sorted images which you have just downloaded so let me take one of them and open it now after you upload the

Image the first thing you’ll have to do is you have to select one hand from here I’m selecting this one FPS should be 60 here sketching time I’m keeping 5 seconds and filling uh color fill time I’m taking 10 seconds here you have two options either you can go top vertically

Top to bottom from here otherwise you can do auto I prefer to give Auto sequence order here in quality of course go for HD quality you may or may not add a Fade Out effect and then finally animate there we go our painting is ready so here to download go to these

Three buttons and download from here otherwise come downwards and download from this green button and then you if you want to upload further images go to convert again option and that will lead to the first homepage and upload your second image now we will be doing the final

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Editing for that I will be taking a plan plain video template and then go to upload section and simply upload all the videos which we have just downloaded so now here I will have to take my first video now next is you will have to select your character so I have got my

First video so I’ll keep this animation selected go to this edit video option and remove background okay it has removed the background nicely now I can crop it and in the second option I will just remove the background and take the video of maruy so I have taken maruy

Here right click and set it as background like this I will have to continue and in between two slides if you go to this transition option you have nice resolve transition or different other transitions as well you may choose even you can go for this match and move transition which will

Kind of make different transition matched with each other and give a nice appeal if you want to get some audio effects you may either go to this audio section and here you can give happy you get different happy songs all you need to do is you just need to bring it down

To the video otherwise what I prefer is I prefer to download some songs from YouTube Library and upload it in audio section and then use that drag it here now if you want to adjust the volume of the audio just reduce it to a certain level go to adjustment option then you

Can select the part which one you want to use and then you can give a certain fed in and fed out of fed out from here from audio adjustment option once you like the entire video you can go for this share button go to download keeping MP4 selected you can download all these

Slides and after all these this is the final video Welcome little explorers to our adventure through the solar system here comes the sun the star at the center of our solar system it gives us light and warmth next stop Mercury the closest planet to the sun it’s super hot and has lots of

Craters now we’re off to Venus the hottest planet in our solar system it’s covered in thick clouds look it’s our home planet Earth it has land water and air that we we need to live onto Mars the red planet scientists are exploring if there’s Life on Mars wow Jupiter is the biggest planet

It has a big red spot and many moons behold Saturn with its beautiful rings made of ice and rock particles now let’s visit Uranus a cold Icy planet that spins on its side our final stop is Neptune the farthest planet from the sun it’s a chilly blue planet with strong

Winds and that concludes our journey through the amazing solar system remember there’s so much more to explore out there in space and if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit ww. wacp where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which

Is getting an Aly bird offer as well at this moment so guys if you like this video please please please do subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet and please consider to give me a like one small request please do share my content with your friends and family so that I

Can thrive in every single day to create new videos like this for you all thank you so very much for staying here with me I’ll come back with some fun tutorial next week till then stay safe and still in dream

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