Artificial intelligence is getting stronger and cooler every single day it feels like we’re always hearing about some new AI breakthrough and each one is more amazing than the last have you ever seen pictures come to life like magic well I’ve got something even more incredible to share with you today this

New tool I found it’s on a whole new level compared to anything else out there for turning images into videos so let’s not wait any longer let’s Jump Right In This is deid and you are watching AI lockup multinational Tech Giant Alibaba recently introduced its new audio 2

Video diffusion model emo emote portrait alive that can generate expressive portrait videos with the Audio 2 video diffusion model under weak conditions with its ability to infuse any still image with voice and motion with emotion emo is setting a new standard for digital animation look at this

Video when I was a kid I feel like you heard the thing you heard the term don’t cry yes this video is created with emo AI from this image you have to just input a single reference image in the vocal audio which could be talking speaking or singing emo will generate

Vocal Avatar videos with expressive facial expressions and various head poses meanwhile it can generate videos with any duration depending on the length of the input video now let’s take a look at some examples make portrait sing input A Single Character image and a vocal audio such as singing an emo

Will make make your portrait singing this one is the character of the AI Mona Lisa generated by dream shaper XL and the vocal source is Miley Cyrus flowers covered by yqi we were right we this one is a portrait generated by open AI Sora with dual Lea don’t start

Now song Let’s have a look an 0 crazy thinking about the wayy not only in English language and realistic portraits emo supports songs in various languages and brings diverse portrait styles to life it intuitively recognizes tonal variations in the audio enabling the generation of dynamic expression Rich avatars this is an AI girl

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Generated by chill out mix with David to Melody covered by ning ning Mandarin the AI Emer from any Laura with a Japanese song the final season next Leslie Chung quac wing with een Chan unconditional covered by Ai ai girl generated by wildcard XXL fusion with a Korean song Jenny not only a melodious song but also the driven Avatar can keep up with fast-paced rhythms guaranteeing that even the swiftest lyrics are synchronized with expressive and dynamic character animations here Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is singing Eminem

Godzilla and here K Coen singing Eminem Rap God what I got to do to get it how are they let me know in the comments section now look at some talking with different characters Emo’s approach is not limited to processing audio inputs from singing it can also accommodate spoken audio in

Various languages additionally this method has the capability to animate portraits from bygone eras paintings and both 3D models and AI generated content infusing them with lifelike motion and realism Audrey Kathleen heurn Rustin lip synced with an interview clip when I was a kid I feel like you heard the thing

You heard the term don’t cry you don’t need to cry crying is the most beautiful thing you can do I encourage people to cry I cry all the time and I think it’s the most healthy expression of how you’re feeling and I I sometimes wish I just could have been

Told you can cry there’s no shame in that there’s no shame in how you’re feeling and also you don’t need to always be justifying it because I think I was constantly trying to come up with reasons why rather than just look at the face in micro expression it looks damn realistic and

This is an AI generated model with the same audio clip when I was a kid I feel like you heard the thing you heard the term don’t cry you don’t need to cry crying is the most beautiful thing you can do I encourage people to cry I

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Cry all the time and I think it’s the most healthy expression of how you’re feeling and I I sometimes wish and now the real Mona Lisa with Shakespeare’s monologue too as you like it yes one and in this matter he was to imagine me his love his mistress and I

Set him every day to move me at which time would I being but womanish youth G different changeable longing and liking proud fantastically P shallow now let’s talk about another interesting feature Cross actor performance the cross- actor performance enables the portraits of movie characters to deliver monologues or performances in different languages

And styles it can expand the possibilities of character portrayal in multilingual and Multicultural contexts this is a dialogue from the 2008 film The Dark Knight with the Joker from the 2019 film Joker you want to know how I got these scars my father was a drinker and a fi

And one night he goes off crazier than usual Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself he doesn’t like that not one bit so me watching he takes the knife to her laughing while he does it he turns to me and he says why so serious and this is song when Jang

Talking about online courses for legal exams and this is an AI girl you have done nothing but tell me how bored you were I was the chore the job you did all right now let’s talk about some technical aspects and how it works according to the research paper the emo

Framework is mainly constituted with two stages in the initial stage page turn frames encoding the reference net is deployed to extract features from the reference image and motion frames subsequently during the diffusion process stage a pre-trained audio encoder processes the audio embedding the facial region mask is integrated

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With multiframe noise to govern the generation of facial imagery this is followed by the employment of the backbone Network to facilitate the denoising operation within the backbone network two forms of attention mechanisms are applied reference attention and audio attention these mechanisms are essential for preserving the character’s identity and modulating the character’s movements

Respectively additionally temporal modules are utilized to manipulate the temporal Dimension and adjust the velocity of motion if you want to know more about the technical aspect you can read the full research paper from ar-14 here you will find the full method of work training strategies experiments and limitations yes like other tools emo

Has some limitations such as it is more timec consuming compared to methods that do not rely on diffusion models and it may result in the inadvertent generation of other body parts such as hands leading to artifacts in the video okay now let’s talk about how you can access

This tool the answer is at this moment it’s under training period and only available to some core members of beta tester according to the source this audio to video diffusion model will be accessible to all within this year once it is live we will make a video on it

All right friends I’m will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear your opinion about the Alibaba audio 2 video generator model share your thoughts and results in the comments section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more

Amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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