Have you ever watched those amazing kids learning videos today we’re going to embark on an exciting journey to learn all about these fascinating creatures that soar through the skies the colorful animations fun characters and catchy songs are not just entertaining they’re also educational and guess what channels that create these videos are seeing

Incredible success they’re not just getting views they’re also making money yes you heard that right YouTube does monetize kids channels but what if I told you that making money on YouTube isn’t just about ads there are other ways to earn that can add up to a nice

Sum now you might be thinking but I don’t know anything about animation those programs look so complicated no worries you don’t need to be an animation expert to create engaging content for kids in this video I’m going to show you step by step how anyone can make an animated video yes even if

You’ve never animated before so without further Ado let’s dive in this is deid and you are watching AI lockup first of all we have to select a topic for example today I will make an alphabet learning video with fruits name first let’s generate the video script

With chat GPT after coming to chat GPT simply type I want to make a kids’s learning video about the alphabet in fruits please write an engaging and interesting video script and then hit the enter button and here it is our script is ready chat GPT has done an

Outstanding job if you don’t like the script you can always regenerate it all right our script is ready what is the next step in the next step you have to record or generate the voiceover with AI in my case I will generate a voiceover with dubdub AI because it has some child

Voice which we need to make a kid’s video okay after coming to the dupp duub homepage simply click on the sign up button from here dubdub is not just an AI voice generator tool it’s a tool Hub we all already made a detailed video on

It you can see it from the ey button all right after coming to this page select the AI voice tool from here now you can generate your video script from here as we already have the script simply copy and paste the script here now delete the unnecessary part of

The script such as scene description narrator indicator and others after that we have to change the voice actor to do that click here now you will find a vast Li library of voice actors set the filter to get the desired one first select the language I will go

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With English after that set the age select child from here now listen to them and then select the perfect one after setting the voice actor listen to a preview if you are not satisfied with the voiceover or facing any issue then you solve it to learn more about

This watch this video once you are satisfied with the voice over click on the export button to download the audio clips all right our voice over is ready now I will create a character like this and then create a lip sync to make it perfect to do this I will use Adobe

Animation open a new tab and search for animate from audio after getting the search result click on Adobe animate your audio for free this is the Adobe animation now click on the start button from here if you are the first time on Adobe you may have to create an account

It’s super simple as I already have an account it redirected me to the dashboard here you can notice a creature on the preview panel you change it and choose from the vast library of adobe characters you can set the filter to find the best one this time I will use this

One after selecting the character set the background on the background tab you will find a vast number of animated backgrounds you can use the green screen background like me if you want to edit it later after that set the size of your video next we have to upload the

Voiceover to do this click on the browse button from here and upload the voiceover now Adobe will analyze the voice and create the lip sync it will take some time to complete the process and here it is our animation is ready let’s have a look at it hello little explorers welcome to fruity

Alphabet Adventure today we’re going on a magical journey through the alphabet and gu gu what each letter is going to introduce us to a fun and yummy fruit are you ready to learn and Taste the rainbow of fruits let’s go for Apple it is for app that’s great click on the

Download button from here to download the video all right our animated character is ready now let’s create the background and other elements to do this I will use canva after logging into your canva account create a video file by clicking on here after coming to the video creator page come to the element

Tab and search for animated background in the video tab you will find a vast number of animated backgrounds select one video from here which is perfect for your video after selecting the background adjust the size now we will add some more elements to this video page for example I am

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Searching for an apple tree this time come to The Graphic tab select an apple tree from here a adjust the size and position after that I will add a banana tree in this way add some more trees you will find some animated trees also to make the video more attractive you can

Use some of them in this way add trees and set the size and positions to make a perfect background for your video after creating the first background upload the voiceover on canva and then add the audio to your video now play the video and adjust the video

Length according to the scene on your voiceover after that create a duplicate page of the first background page this page is for the alphabet a and apple let’s add a text box come to the text Tab and then add text to the video replace the text with a for apple after that customize

The font color size and effect you can add an animation also next I will add Apple Graphics to the video come to the element Tab and search for cartoon Apple in the search bar now come to The Graphic tab you will find some graphic images of Apple I will set the filter

Animated to find the animated Apple it will make our video more attractive after adding an apple I will add a hand and leg to the Apple come to the element search bar and search for cartoon hand you will find a cartoon hand and leg add hand and leg then adjust the size and

Position now you may notice that the hand and the legs are on top of the apple and it’s not looking great to solve this issue click on the three dot menu and then select show layer from here now bring the Apple layer on top of the legs and hands now it’s perfect okay

Now select hands legs and apple and then click on the group button to make a group now if we move any element it will move together after creating the group I will create an animation with them to do this click on the animate button from here after that select the custom

Animation now now draw the animation path now you may notice it’s too fast and looking horrible to solve this issue select the smooth option from here now it’s perfect after completing the editing create a duplicate and then replace the word a for apple with B for banana after that change the Apple to

The banana and in this way create new pages for every alphabet in fruits after completing the process download the video video all right our character and background are ready now we will give the final touch with the cap cut video editor you can do it with canva too but the canva background

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Remover tool doesn’t work perfectly that’s why I will use cap cut you can use any video editor import the character video and background video on cap cut now insert the background video on the timeline after that insert the character video on timeline 2 now to remove the green screen from the

Character video select the video and then go to the background remover tool from the right side choose the background color after that set the intensity and Shadow once it is completed we have to do another thing play the video and come to the start of the a for apple scene split the

Character video then move the character to the right side because we have fruit on Center and left side after all is set hit the export button it will take some time to R render the video let’s first forward this part and here it is our video is ready let’s have a look hello

Little explorers welcome to fruity alphabet Adventure today we’re going on a magical journey through the alphabet and guess what each letter is going to introduce us to a fun and yummy fruit are you ready to learn and Taste the rainbow of fruits let’s go a for apple A

Is for apple red and round hanging on the tree way off the ground apples are crunchy and oh so sweet definitely a healthy and delicious treat hi friends remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away B for banana B is for banana long and yellow this fruit is soft and mellow

Peel it down and take a bite enjoy its taste morning noon or night let’s do the Banana Dance peel to the left peel to the right in this way you can create an amazing kids learning animated video without having a deep knowledge of animation software all right friends I

Will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear about your experience of creating a kid’s learning animation video with AI share your thoughts and results in the comment section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our

Channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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