Look at these kids education Channel where they are giving simple animations and they’re earning more than 66.9k per year in today’s tutorial we are going to see how to create a kids educational content like this oranges and grapes let’s dive in where we will be animating different objects or

Different fruits or even letters for free and create channel and start earning anywhere between $2 to $5,000 per month so make sure you stick around with me till then and for now let’s begin with this tutorial step one creating the video script for this we can use chat GPT 3.5

Version which is a free version and in this box you’ll have to give you a prompt write a short script on for an educational YouTube video on give the topic if it is fruit give fruit if it is Al bets numbers solar system planets anything you can give the video should

Talk about give the main bullet points and the flow whether it is friendly teaching or educational so that flow you’ll have to give for you target your target audience if it is kids below 2 years old then give that and also give the word limit so for me this is the

Prompt write a short script for the educational YouTube video on three fruits Apple orange and breps the video should talk about their colors and food value and for 2 years old kids within 100 Words and then go to send message option voila I have got my script ready

I will show you another alternative to chat GPT go to canva.com and open a new account with your Gmail or email account then from this search bar you go to YouTube video and hit enter go to this blank template then come to this bottom right hand side canva assistant and go

For magic right if you don’t get it you can also type magic right here although this is a pro feature so if you want to use pro canva pro for free for 30 days go to the link given in the description and then you can use canva Pro for 30 days without paying

Anything to canva so I will give the same prompt here as well and go to generate see I have got a nice scrip and now we can simply copy paste this when we will be creating the video and if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit ww. wacp

Media.in where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting an arly bird offer as well at this moment now let us move forward to the next part where we will be generating the voice over for voice over you may use any TTS or text to speech

Platform 11 Labs is one of the best platforms for this video I am using fy. a the link will be given in the description below now go to new file and select audio only give a file name go to this empty file option you can also specify the language and the accent

Which you are looking for and submit select the voiceover artist and from here you can just play and listen to the voice if you like it you can just select it now meanwhile see our um audio file is ready so I’ll simply go ahead and download the file now in the

Next part we are going to create the animated character for free so for this we going to use addab free animation maker for YouTube you’ll be given this link in the description so just go ahead and click and select now it will ask you to sign up you can sign

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Up for free now go to this create now op option okay now we have tons and tons of characters here you see so you can choose anyone you can even select as per your requirement so I am going to get a creature so let me see what I get here

So I’m going to take this unicorn okay now next is go to this size option and you can select 9 is to 16 or wide screen ratio okay from here go to this background option you you can select any background which you find to be switchable from here alternatively we

Can go ahead in canva itself and select the background I’m showing you both of it I have selected this background now go to this record option either you can record your own voice otherwise go to this browse option and select the file which we have just downloaded which is

This one now it is generated you can hello little Learners today we’re going to explore the M okay so if you like it just go ahead and download our download is completed now let us move back to canva so for creating the fruits we will be going to Element Section here type

The fruit name for me Apple is the first fruit so I will type Apple then in graphic section you will get different apples so select the one you like well I like this one so just enlarge it a little bit then again in this section I will have

To type cartoon hands now go to this SE all option and select the hand which you like for me I like this hand just drag it in the right place now go to this color section from the top bar go to this plus button take the Picker and

Pick the color from Apple now go to this position option go arrange and backwards now just duplicate the hand from here just shift it a little bit go to this flip option and flip it horizontally drag it to the opposite side and same way go backwards so we are done with our

Hands now we are going to look for cartoon legs and enter same way we will go to this graphic section and we’ll select the suitable one we will bring it downwards but here since the legs are of opposite side we need to have the legs

In the same side why that you will get to know once we go to the next part so first things first we will go to this color section we will simply copy the hex code from here and go to the leg part go to this

Plus section and just paste it now go to this crop section on the top and just crop one leg then done and then simply duplicate it and place side by side and then again pressing shift select them together and go to position and do backward now just position the

In the right way and now let us go for the next element which is cartoon face if you don’t give the exact same keyword you won’t be getting the satisfactory element now from here in the same way choose the one which is suitable I am taking this one I will

Just enlarge it a little and see the guideline the dotted lines and then selecting this then select all the limbs together and group them together now like this I have created orange as well to create the next one which is grapes I just need the gripes from here

Now I will go to this part and I will simply copy this and just paste it here androu it then keeping shift pressed I will just the apple and delete it and go to this position option go to layers select all the layers by pressing shift from your keyboard and go to

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Arrange and backward all together they will go backwards now just make it little enlarged just go to this top right hand side share button go to download button from here select PNG now select this transparent background on this is a pro feature if you don’t use

Pro version then I will give give you a free software where you can remove the background which threee you want to download go to done and download if you don’t have a pro feature then go to Google Chrome and go to Adobe B remover this is a free tool you can

Upload with background image here in Adobe B remover and that also will remove the background easily for free now in this step we will be heading back to canva and in this element bar we will will be taking cartoon background okay so I have selected this background then go to this edit photo

Option and take a nice filter where you get a Brighter Image so I’m getting this filter from here and simply right click and set it as background now we will be going for birds you can take any bird I’m taking this one since this is animated make it sure small and you can

Give it an angle also just place it here now I will simply make a couple of copies of it and then I will press shift and select all these three together and group them now simply go to animation section go to create an animation and just make it like

This if you don’t like it you can delete the path and go to again creating animation just select them like this okay and then go to the smooth animation increase or decrease the speed and you can just do done and that way you can just play and

Check okay like this you can create any animation let’s suppose if you want a butterfly okay so now what you can do is you can go go to this share option go to this download option keeping MP4 selected just uncheck all these boxes just check the video and go done and

Download okay so we are done with this part now another way of Animation we’ll have to do go to Google browser and search for sketch. metad demo lab and go to this animated drawing option here you go to this get started option accept and go to get started

Option now you’ll have to upload those images now go to get started and then upload your image and go to next now agree and make sure the image all the parts of the image is nicely selected and go to next now make sure these dots are in the

Right place wherever there is a limb these are kind of the joints which will make it move once this is done go to next and see there are so many animations as per your requirement you can animate them go to this bottom right hand side corner then

Right click save the video as then select the directory where you want to save and save it in MP4 format now we are at the final stage where we will be creating all this together to create the final video for this I’m using filora 12 you may use any basic video editing

Software so if you’re using F 12 go to this keep this 16 is to9 this white screen ratio selected and go to new project now go to import option go to media files and import all the files which we have downloaded once all the files are imported then bring the first

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Slide okay this is my first slide first I will be bringing Apple online on another track in the timeline now this has got a problem this has got a background so I will have to double click you can just scale It Up by dragging this double and then keep the chroma key

On then go to this picker and pick the white color now here’s a problem uh you see as soon as the white color is vanished the eyes colors are also vanished what best you can do is you can just change the opset a little bit and check if adding tolerance can help

So now once all these things are done we can give some effects so go to this effects tab now you can use any of these effects so what best is uh according to me just drag and drop it in the upper segment on upper timeline double click on

This and then you can change this Frame the opacity okay the speed okay so once this is done just check hello Little Learners today we’re going to explore the magical world of fruits and last but not the least you can add some beautiful uh music so for

That you can go to either this go to this audio libr you also search by Happy by any keyword okay so if you like any of these just drag and drop it The Bottom Line let it get downloaded so it has come in the timeline double click on this you

Can reduce the volume you can give a Fed in and a Fed out effect and then once everything is done go to this export button you can change the name select the directory where you want to save just select the high resolution or quality and then export it and this is

The final result hello Little Learners today we’re going to explore the magical world of fruits apples oranges and grapes let’s dive in first up the shiny Red Apple what color is it red and guess what it helps keep us healthy and gives us energy yum next the juicy orange what

Color is it Orange it’s like a burst of sunshine oranges have vitamin C that makes our bodies super strong last but not least the tiny grapes what color are they purple and green grapes are like tiny flavor bombs and they’re good for our hearts so remember colors are fun

And so are these super fruits see you next time little Friends and if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit ww.w media.in where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting and arly bird offer as well at this moment so guys if you like this video please please please do subscribe

To my channel if you haven’t yet and please consider to give me a like one small request please do share my content with your friends and family so that I can thrive in every single day to create new videos like this for you all thank you so very much for staying here with

Me I’ll come back with some fun tutorial next week till then stay safe and stay legendary

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