In today’s tutorial we are going to see and explore an amazing software where we can create unlimited videos from images second part I’m going to show you how to create a complete sci-fi film leveraging only one software in a galaxy far far away on an unknown Planet a solar storm

Approaches casting an ominous glow Over the Horizon the name of the software is Leonardo AI with that with without any further Ado let’s begin with the Tutorial sign up for signing up go to leonard. and then go to launch app option here from Google account or from email account you can just leave your mail ID and go next and then you can create your account for now let’s dig into different features of this software

So when you log in you can see there are so many feeds here either you go to all categories you’ll get to see everything here now you can go for photography in order to get photography types I want this image right so I will choose it now

There are few things which we can do first of all copy The Prompt and simply recreate this image how to do that we can just copy from here image generation option from the left hand side here I will just paste this command these things I may keep intact I can give

Dream shaper or any other style from here here you if you’re using uh Pro like I have it then you can use Dynamic creative or anim any option from the from here I am using Dynamic if you want to add any negative prompt you may do

That at this moment I’m not doing it if you keep photo realistic model on then this one will your your choice won’t be there so I preferably don’t go for that now from here all you need to do is choose an aspect ratio and then number

Of images up four you may choose I’m keeping two and generate okay I have got these two images so let’s suppose I like this one so I will click on this and I can go for two upscaling options one is crisp up upscale one is smooth upscale I

Go for smooth upscale I feel that gives a better effect okay I have given smooth scaling you see here we have this motion tab so go to this generate motion option okay now you can also replace the image by something else but I want Motion in this

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Image itself now there are some more adjustments one is motion strength if you increase the motion strength up till five or four it gives a better result so at first let us start from three okay I’m keeping motion strength three and see to generate this it will take 25

Coins so if I hit generate button then it will start generating the motion Here okay so I am taking this image okay now directly if I want to add motion or create video out of this then I will go to this image to motion button now here I’m am going for image to motion so again it’ll open redirect me to the same

Box here let me keep motion as four and let’s stri let us see how does this turn out to Be again if you want to download you may download by going to this mp4 download button like this let us try couple of more uh images let us try with this image okay I will direct to go directly go to image to motion let us keep it as five okay and generate

So if you go to this motion tab so you can go ahead and get some inspiration from here as well and if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit ww. wacp where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which

Is getting an arly bird offer as well at this moment let us go to realtime canvas option you can impt like you can like get some image here and then you can uh in paint you can change some part of it otherwise you can draw also first let me draw here

Okay so I will go to this brush option you can select the size of the brush now I am trying to make an alien or an astronaut okay and then if you come here you can choose the guidance scale to any extent I will keep high quality on the guidance scale

Should be around 2.5 you can get this changed as well like we have done it before but I will stick to Dynamic only so once you’re satisfied if you’re satisfied with this uh output go to go to Output to input option now you can simply selecting it go to download

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Option and it will get downloaded now this is my final image go to exit this option and there you find this personal feed go to personal feed now you see you have got both okay now if I want to give a motion I’ll go to this motion

Control and here again I will keep around seven so let us see okay now I as I promised I’m going to show you how I create films I prefer to go to this image generation option and here simply I upload the images okay like how

To do that go to this upload button and upload a particular image now I want a similar kind of image but I will be changing it uh by prompt so I’ll just give the stren around 33 30 I give neon color lighting and back Ultra Ultra HD hyper realistic 64k and neon lighting

These things I have added and here I will add another thing cinematic okay that’s pretty much it now what is the benefit of this strength if you give the strength more than 40% the image will look more like this image no matter what uh you write in the prompt therefore

Since I want less emphasize just a little bit of of reference from this image a similar kind of image but emphasize on my prompt therefore I will keep the dogle towards 25 27 like that I will go for two choices I would like to take a wide range ra wide screen ratio

That is 16 is to9 and that is pretty much it and here I have taken St diffusion 2.1 okay and then let’s generate and check how this image turns out to be so like this I have created Motion in different scenes and then I have simply upload downloaded this and after this

You can use this in a video editor simple video editor if you want to know in detail about this how to create a complete film please watch the video which is giving in the description and top right hand side corner of info button in a galaxy far far away on an

Unknown Planet a solar storm approaches casting an ominous glow Over the Horizon meet the incredible residents of this unique world living their lives in a city filled with no life supporting facilities and no advancement unaware of their upcoming fate far above on a human warship A desperate plea for help

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Reaches our ears a solar storm threatens to wipe out an entire alien civilization a decision is made to intervene launching a mission to save the aliens even if it means infiltrating their Planet against their will under the cover of Darkness human soldiers Dawn Advanced space suits infiltrating the alien planet to save its

Inhabitants dear friends I implore you to comprehend the imminent threat a severe solar flare is on the verge of destroying your planet my team and I have arrived from a distant world with the sole mission of protecting your civilization if cooperation is not volunteered we may have no choice but to intervene

Forcefully Our intention is not to harm but to ensure your survival in return for your cooperation we offer the promise of sustenance and an improved quality of life on our own Planet this is not an act of aggression but a collaborative effort to save your extraordinary civilization please

Understand the urgency and join us in this endeavor realizing the gravity of the situation humans and Aliens join forces to devise a plan working together to escape the impending solar storm the United forces launch into space narrowly escaping the destructive solar flare a testament to the power of collaboration across Galaxies and if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit ww. wacp where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting an arly bird offer as well at this moment so guys if you like this video please please please do subscribe

To my channel if you haven’t yet and please consider to give me a like one small request please do share my content with your friends and family so that I can thrive in every single single day to create new videos like this for you all thank you so very much for staying here

With me I’ll come back with some fun tutorial next week till then stay safe and stay legendary

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