In today’s tutorial we are going to Deep dive into one amazing free software which is called lensco AI which is basically offering different models on text to image image to stylize video to video and text to video options we will be deep diving into all these features

One by one make sure you stick around with me till the end and this is a great substitute of pabs or Runway ml or even beat Journey so to say so make sure you stick around with me till then and now let’s begin with the tutorial once you sign up for the

Software you will be given 200 credits for free which is good enough to explore all the features of this software so in the left hand side you see there are three options which are majorly used and which are the USBs of the software the first one is

Create image from text then next is animate videos and stylize a video for this particular tutorial we are going to go for all these three options first let us go to create image option here you have a prompt box where if you click it will be given some

Default prompts here if in case you don’t have a particular prompt or any image idea you may take any of these prompts for for the time being I am taking one prompt this one imagine a humanid cat in a vibrant track suit and I will just add a couple of new words

Ultra UHD full body okay here in the style or model option you basically have two main models here one is photoal and one is Anime if you come little downwards you have many other models to choose from for the time being I will stick to photoal option only

I would like to go for 16 is9 which is a wide screen ratio suitable for YouTube videos here up till four Images you may generate I am choosing two guidance scale here if you increase the scale then it will give more emphasize on the text proms okay you also have an uh an

Option to upload any reference image okay if you have a particular reference image you will go for this on our next part we are going to show that as as well for the time being I will keep it as seven itself now if you want to add

Some negative prompt you may do so as soon as you keep the doggle on you have all these negative prompts intact here with this setting let us hit the start button and it’ll consume four of my points okay here are two results one is this one where I find two cats are

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Running in the track and this one is a single cat which is running and almost in a vge of winning the rest okay now if you want to download go to this download button download does not take any of your credits now let us see some other um

Style let’s suppose I take this Pixar 3D style and keeping this gradient scale little higher maybe 10 now again if I start generating let’s see in Pixar 3D sty pixel style how do we get the out well they have created some funny cats pixel style picture I really like this

One and here somehow it has created a very long hand I I can barely see her paws but anyway uh overall I like the images are pretty clear so if I if you want to download once again you can download from here and if you want to know different models different AI tools

Please do visit ww. wacp where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting an arly bird offer as well at this moment now we will see how to create an image from an image for that go to create image option and go to upload

Image option let’s suppose I would upload this one now I will go to this magic one and you can choose any of these to convert this image or else you can write your own prompt so I have given a small prompt a side face of a beautiful lady

With blue pink and purple neon light on her face okay you may skip this prompt section also if you want you may just give Ultra HD hyper realistic and 16 much okay now come here let us choose a nice style from here let’s check real style only okay when you’ll be doing

Image to image whatever is the size of the image the same type of image will be created therefore you cannot get image Dimension option activated now you can choose one or two I have chosen two I will keep the negative prompt on and then I’ll go to start generating the

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Image and let’s wait for the image to get generated okay not bad we have created this image and this image I like both so if you want you can download from here let us go to reyle photo option again I will just upload another image I will upload this image since the image

Is anim 3D Pixel style let me take real style only okay start generating this one they have generated and this one so here are the comparison images the second thing which we are going to talk about is animating a video from a video for this you can go for this

Animate video option or you may go for animate video from here okay now we will simply upload our video so my video is uploaded here it is a simple front facing front camera video let me first choose this style okay and let’s see when I don’t know how will it turn out

To be I will give here a prompt I have given this it is going to take 40 credits and I’ll go start it might take a little while let us see how this turns out to be okay so here few things a few more things first of all

The ratio I have already shown you 16 is9 you may check any of these ratios as per your requirement here in the video duration you have normal video duration which uh brings up to 4 seconds long video and uh longer duration is up till 9 seconds long video okay so but longer

Duration significantly takes a very long time to get generated so if you’re trying uh to just check the quality of video go for normal one first if it uh is okay then only go for the longer one longer one will consume more coins as well as it will take very long time to

Get generated okay now here you can give a bit camera movement up down um right left zoom in or zoom out zoom out effect I like the most so you may try you uh May skip this as well so if you like this video you can go and download by

This button and this is the final Letter Okay so after this is done let us move back and let us see this third one okay styliz although for stylizing I have already made a complete tutorial I’ll be leaving the link in description as well as in infoi button at this moment I’m taking this example right I will go to

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This use it option so it is a 16 is to9 ratio right so now you have two options either you go by The Prompt let’s suppose I am giving a prompt okay now you may have two options either you can change only this person otherwise you may change the entire Ambiance including

The person okay for this video video I am keeping all okay now go to the style option prompt is already there now go to the style option check the style since I have given Spider-Man I will definitely go for the Spiderman option but let’s see what are the other styles available

Here you have um silver header RoR option uh many options are there all painting option there so many options are there these are the different type of styles okay you can even take this Iron Man style as well let me take this Iron Man style

Okay and um yep it will take 12 tokens you can go for a preview it will give you just um uh the first scenes First clips Glimpse how does it look if you like it you can go ahead so this is how it is going to look okay this video will

Look like this so I will I like it pretty much so I would go for generating video it might take a little while it is showing that it will take 47 Seconds And if you want to to know different models different AI tools please do visit ww. wacp where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting an arly bird offer as well at this moment so guys if you like this video please please please do subscribe

To my channel if you haven’t yet and please consider to give me a like one small request please do share my content with your friends and family so that I can thrive in every single day to create new videos like this for you all thank you so very much for staying here with

Me I’ll come back with some fun tutorial next week till then stay safe and stay legendary

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