This week’s blogging video is all about how to make your blog legal which is a huge part of having your blog and there’s certain things that you are legally required to have on your blog so I’m going to walk you through all those things how I figured it out when I

Started bringing on lawyers LLC basically a Roundup of everything that I did to make my blog legal all right so a quick little intro that I do in every single video but I feel like it just gives me some credibility my name is Sophia I have the blog by Sophia Lee it

Is a seven figure blog I started it 6 years ago out of my dorm room and now I have a team of nine of us working on it um like I said it makes n nine figures I wish it makes seven figures um and I’ve been able to start multiple businesses

Off of it so I’ve been doing it for like I said 6 years now and I have learned so much along the way and there’s so many things that took me a really really really long time to learn and they’re pretty simple things so I’m trying to

Give you all of my tips and tricks and the things that I’ve learned along the way one of those obviously being how to make your blog legal so I’m going to separate this video into how I did it in the beginning and then how I’m doing it

Now obviously in the beginning it was a way smaller thing but I still needed to have certain legal pages and now it’s a lot more complicated I have dedicated lawyers etc etc so let’s get into the video so right off the bat I did not even realize that I needed to have legal

P es until I was probably like 6 months in I had no idea one of like the most common things that I say throughout this whole blogging journey is I don’t know what I don’t know and that was one of the things that I didn’t know and when I

Found out I was like holy I am not going to jail for this blog and I panicked um and I wasn’t sure how to go about handling getting the legal pages that I needed to get one I was a college student I was absolutely broke like so so broke

Um two I had no idea what you needed to include in them I’m not a lawyer like I was 19 years old I mean I really had no idea so I started to do more and more research the pages that you are required I have my nose pulled up um because

Still even today this is definitely not my not my strong suit I hire out basically everything legal because it scares me so much the things you are required to have on your blog as far as legal Pages go are a privacy policy a disclaimer and a terms and conditions

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Page so those are the three things that you are absolutely required like you have to have those things so then that takes me back to well how the H do I do this do I set this up do I pay for this because I knew that having a lawyer is

Just so expensive so I began to research I started studying other people’s I like debated just copying someone’s but then I was like oh my God like what if I go to jail then I don’t want to I like have that on my Rec I don’t know like I just

I legitimately didn’t know what to do so I stumbled upon this lawyer who started specializing in just templates for bloggers so I was able to purchase this template at a super low cost and then adjust it like she tells you everything that you need to write in there and

Everything you need adjust it to to make it specialized for your specific website and then I could upload it so I liked it for multiple reasons one it was super inexpensive like I reached out to a a lawyer to see how much it would cost her

Things was like half if not more of what one hour of a lawyer would cost and it would cost multiple hours if not I don’t even know how many hours it would take for a lawyer to put all these pages together so I really really liked the

Price it was the only thing I could afford like this was basically like the only option um and two I really like that she was a lawyer so I could trust her other people in the blogging industry we also using her pages and love their experience with her her name

Is air law blog I actually reached out to her and was like look I’m filming a video on blogging legal stuff can you give anyone who watches this a discount code um so she gave all of my viewers a 25% off discount discount code which is

Huge you have to click on my link to have the discount code work like that’s one of the only ways that it will work and the code is Sophia 25 so I’ll put it on the screen and it’s also in the description the link will be in the

Description um but that will get you 25% off everything now I will say that she has multiple bundles in the beginning I Am So Pro spending the least amount of money as possible so the things that I would spend money on is her individual privacy policy template the disclaimer

Template and then the terms and conditions template I personally would not recommend getting the bundle yet she has bundles with a ton of different things in them um I think they’re great but I don’t think you need them yet so if you get to a point where you do think

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You need them then you can consider that but for right now it’s those three that I would specifically recommend so that’s what I used on my blog in the beginning she gave full directions and it made me just sleep better at night knowing that my blog was fully protected

So those are the things that I didn’t know as far as like the actual legal pages on your website then let’s talk about LLC so in I did not set up my LLC which this is probably stupid you probably don’t want to do what I did but

I’m just I always do my videos from like my experience and how I’ve handled something I didn’t set up my LLC until I was like 2 years into the blog and at that point the blog was already super successful um and my sister randomly who

Was like younger than me so I was like how do you know this and I don’t but she was like Sophie are you like an LLC yet um and I wasn’t so I was able to get an LLC I live in Wisconsin and Wisconsin offered a program to students where you

Could get the LLC for for free so if you are a student definitely look into your state to see if that’s a possibility because I think if you at least in Wisconsin now I filed llc’s not as a student it’s like $125 or something um so you don’t need a lawyer in the

Beginning to file an LLC um I just filled out paperwork like I said I got it for free because I was a student and that was kind of that so I did it two years into blogging however now that I know better I file for an LLC like immediately before I even start

Something so I mean when you get the name um and for accounting purposes you need it and and that just goes back to or I guess not goes back to that goes to my next point is now that the blog is a much bigger thing than when I first

Started I can afford to hire essentially everything out and I do hirees everything out because I don’t know anything about the law I I mean common sense obviously but I don’t know anything about the law and I don’t know anything about accounting and those two

Things go really hand inand um so now I work with a lawyer who does like the trademarking and the LLC and then the accountant also works because like the LLC plays into the accounting um so now I gear essentially everything to them because like I’ve said multiple times I

Don’t want to end up in jail from this blog um so that’s how I handle it now but I would recommend getting an LLC set up and then eventually trademarking your name your logo whatever it is um the last thing that I want to cover is a

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Huge thing on copyright so you cannot copy anyone’s blog you cannot take their pictures from Pinterest and even if you credit them below you can still get sued for copyright um and you just have to be really careful with that so I immediately if I see someone copying my

Blog I take screenshots of everything because I want to have proof of it I send it immediately to my lawyer and then my lawyer sends a ceas anded assist I do not mess around with it I send them at least probably three times a year usually just sending that cease and

Assist scares the out of the person and they remove everything and they delete it and their lesson is learned um you can you don’t need a lawyer to send it you can just look up like a season assist um template and then send it yourself but that’s how I handle when

People copy my work um and it’s the most infuriating thing that someone it’s like I my blood boils even just thinking about it’s really I think it’s like so insulting when someone fully just like copies what you do or like 99.9% copies what you do it’s really frustrating so that’s how I

Handle that one um I am not afraid to send those I send those very very very often and I think you should too if someone copies your blog so that is I’m making sure that I have everything that is really all of the information about legal things with your blog especially

In the beginning and then as you keep getting bigger and bigger if you have any questions please leave them in the comments the sale for the discount code for Mirror law blog goes until the 9th um and again you the link in the description and then you

Can put in the coupon code which is sopia 25 so thank you so much for watching I know this stuff is like the scariest part about blogging at least it was for me because I just did not it was not worth it to me to get in trouble so

Hopefully this eases your mind if I’m the one that breaks the news to you that you have to have these these Pages I’m sorry because I knew when I read it for the first time I like freaked out like I I I think I actually cried because I was

So scared that it didn’t have those for that long so um but I’m glad that you’re learning it now just like I learned it back in the day so I hope that was helpful and I will see you at the next blogging video

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