Are you tired of unwanted objects on AI generated videos or quality of videos or are your videos not supported by the editor do you want to get rid of the boring background of your video then this video is for you in this video I am going to introduce an AI powered video

Converter which can do all of these in just a few clicks so without further Ado let’s dive in this is devid and you are watching AI lockup introducing wondershare uni converter 15 this is a popular tool to convert videos in any format but now it’s more powerful with several AI

Features once open the wondershare uni converter 15 your interface will be like this at the top you will find some options first with the converter tool you can convert video or audio in more than a thousand plus formats after that with the compressor 2 you can compress big files without losing the quality

Next with the editor tool you can trim crop and others there are some other tools like screen record merge DVD burner Speech to Text are available here if you click here you will find a vast library of tools such as gift maker intro outro fix metadata and others if

You scroll down you will find the AI lab where you will find the AI powered tools today I will talk about these AI tools first with the AI video enhancer tool we can automatically enhance the video quality for example example I want to enhance this video clip you can see the

Quality of the video Let’s enhance the video after selecting the tool we have to upload the video clip here just drag and drop the video clips after uploading the video you will see a preview on the left side you will find three options General denoise frame interpolation and

AI upscaler to enhance the video we have to select one of them I will suggest going with AI upscaler to get a better result after after selecting the upscaler model set the upscaler value you can upscale up to 4X with this model after selecting the value you can see a

Preview if you are satisfied hit the export button to enhance the video now it will take some time to process the video it depends on various parameters such as your video size computer configuration and GPU let’s first forward this part and our video has been enhanced

Let’s see a before and after version of the video the result is really impressive this way you can enhance your lowquality video clips all right now let’s move forward to the next feature our next feature is image enhancer after selecting the tool upload the desired image once you select the image AI will

Analyze the image and enhance it automatically once it once it is completed you will see a preview here you can see the difference now you can change the enhan model after the auto enhance you will find the AI upscaler let’s try this feature and here is our result it’s looking so impressive okay

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The next model is old image colorizer we need an old image to try this image to upload an old image click on the replace file from here and then upload the image after uploading and analyzing the image select the old photo colorizer model and here is the result it adds color to our

Old monochrome image seamlessly okay the next feature is the old photo restorer with this feature you can restore old torn images here is the result you can see the quality it did a great job next the color correction tool and here is the result in the end with the face

Enhance feature you can enhance the faces of your image let’s see a preview after uploading the image select the face enhance feature and here is the result okay now let’s see how you can remove text or any unwanted object from your video to remove any unwanted object

We have to select this tool from the homepage after selecting the tool upload your desired video clip I will upload this video it’s an AI generated video and you can see the watermark at the bottom of the video okay after uploading the video select the area of The Unwanted

Object after that hit the preview button to see the preview if you are not satisfied with the result reselect the area and then preview it again if you are satisfied click here now we have to wait some time and our video is ready let’s have a

Look I think the uni converter did a great job what do you think let me know in the comments section all right let’s move forward to the next feature this AI powered video converter can generate video scripts for you to generate a video script select the GPT 4 powered AI

Video script writer after selecting the tool enter your video Topic in this box for example I am typing how to make a travel video after that select the video type I am selecting the tutorial next select the platform and then set the voice tone after all is set hit the generate button

And here is our result uni converter generates a video script with the visual suggestion and honestly speaking the script is topnotch now you can copy the script by clicking here and to download the script as a text file click on the download button not only the script you

Can also generate voice over on uni converter to do that click on the text to speech feature from here after coming to the page enter your script in this box after that set the audio typee and then listen to the voice actors and then set one of

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Them after all is set hit the generate button hey fellow wanderlusters ever wondered how to capture your adventures in a captivating travel video well you’re in luck today I’m going to share some quick tips on how to make a travel video that’s sure to impress let’s dive in after generating the audio to

Download a click on the export button and our voice over has been saved on our device now let’s move forward to the next feature with uni converter you can generate your video thumbnail background or other images also after coming to the AI thumbnail maker tool select the art

Style and then set the aspect ratio after that enter the text prompt in this box after all is set hit the generate button and here it is uni converter generates four images for us now you can download them and customize them all right now let’s talk about the Auto

Highlight tool with this tool you can turn your long video into a short video AI will find the highlighted part of the video and make it ready for a short video sharing platform after selecting the tool upload the video you want to convert after uploading the video set

The time after that hit the export button after a few times later you will find the highlighted video experiences becomes a visual Journey this isn’t the stuff of Science Fiction honestly speaking this feature is not as good as other features of uni converter all right let’s have a look at the next

Feature the next feature is the detect scene with this feature you can automatically detect video Transitions and split them into Clips after uploading the video AI will analyze the video and automatically convert your long videos into scenes you can see the results here this time uni converter did

A great job it perfectly split the whole scene now to export the video clips click on the export button from here okay our next feature is vocal remover this tool can separate vocals from music after selecting the tool upload the music clip or song it will automatically

Separate the vocals in music this is the original audio I know you you’re not okay and tell me what’s wrong and why you never said you felt that way guess you’re trying to stay strong and F this one is music and this is the vocals what’s why you you that way guess

You’re try to stay and fake in the case of music I still can hear the Vocals but it isolates the vocal perfectly to save the isolated vocal and music click on the export button from here after vocal remover you will find the voice changer option with this tool you can change the voice of any audio after uploading the audio select the voice type from

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Here welcome back to our Channel where we explore the most intriguing Mysteries of the world welcome back to our Channel where we explore the most intrigu welcome back to our Channel where we explore the most intriguing Myster welcome back to our Channel where we explore the most int welcome back to

Our Channel where we explore the most intri welcome back to our Channel where we explore the most intriguing Mysteries of the world that’s not the end you will find some other AI powered tools by clicking here such as you can remove or add a new background to any image next

With the AI portrait tool you can remove the background or add a new background to any video clip after selecting the tool upload the video clip you want customized once it is uploaded AI will remove the background automatically now you can add any background from here this is the before and after version

Next with the autocrop feature you can crop any video according to the size after uploading the video set the ratio and then hit the analyze button and here it is you can see the frame is tracking the object now if you export the video it will crop the

Selected area there are some other very useful features available on uni inverter such as smart Trier video stabilizer and others in conclusion uni converter is one of the best tool hubs for video editors or content creators now the question is how expensive the tool is let’s have a look uni converter

Has three paid plans you have to pay only $29.99 for one quarter for a year plan you have to pay $49.99 and you can buy the Perpetual plan only by paying $55 99 I think a Perpetual plan is the most profitable plan if you want to try the tool before

Purchasing try the free trial I will put the link in the description if you are a content creator or video editor you should try this tool all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear your opinion about the uni converter 15 share your thoughts and

Results in the comments section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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