So today what I’m going to show you is why I am quitting SEO so I’m shutting down most of my websites I’m probably not going to do SEO anymore probably won’t create another single video because I don’t know if you’ve seen what’s happened recently but it’s been absolutely crazy plus I’m going to

Explain what to do instead including how to get manual action penalties how to rank on duck. go and plus why I think ask geves is the future of SEO and probably why you should additional sort of SEO methods are in Decline so with that we’re going to get straight into it

Right now I’m going to share my screen and I’ll show you exactly what I mean and all the charts and that sort of thing that prove it so if I share my screen right here we can get straight into the magic which is Google Trends now if you look at Google Trends over

The last few years or so what you can see right here is that Google was absolutely flying over the last sort of five years right and you can see that it’s got about 100 out of 100 over here in terms of interest but if you look

Actually right now Google is is down to 39 right so it’s down 61% in terms of Interest over time across the world whereas if we actually look at Doc Dogo what we can see is it was previously at 12 in terms of interest and now it’s at 100 out of 100

Right so duck Dogo is never been more popular and the way that I see it’s just going to the Moon in terms of SEO and so what I’m going to talk today about is you know how how to basically rank your websites let me show you an example

Right here we’re going to pull up Google search console and we’ll pull this one up so I’m going to share some strategies just before we sort of fi finalize all the SEO that we’ve been doing but what I’m going to show you today is basically

How to grow a website from zero clicks a day up to 579 clicks a day and then how to get a manual action penalty so that you get zero clicks a day again and one of the beautiful things about this is that you can start a new project you can share it

Publicly and as long as you share it publicly it should get a manual action penalty which is what I was sort of aiming for with this project right and essentially step by step one of the first things you want to do is you want to go onto Fiverr you want to get some

Backlinks so this is what I did I I don’t recommend it for everyone but this is just what works for me so I went onto Fiverr I typed in backlinks domain rating 90 I think it was let me have a look right here and I was just buying all of

These FIV gigs right here and this is one of the best ways I found to personally grow my websites and then additionally if you want to get a manual action penalty on top of that what you should do is probably just share everything that you can and just go from

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There so share everything on Twitter they’re very friendly on there share all your URLs publicly make sure you do some public case studies and eventually what you end up with with is a nice little message that looks something like this which is a fantastic manual action penalty and as you can see

That’s how you take your website from 579 clicks a day down to zero per day but yeah like I said I’m going to switch to Doc Dogo one of the biggest reasons for this in terms of SEO that I think this is why I think it’s a future right

If we go into doc Dogo right here what you can see if you type in my name Julian goie is you can see my actual website ranking number one there and it’s got my YouTube channel it’s got a couple other sites that I own Etc one of

The biggest issues right now with SEO if we type in my name onto Google right here you actually will not find a website from me right and so that’s why I believe SEO is dead and that’s why we’re quitting right here so you can see there’s no website ranking at all and

Also welcome D Cooper to the call thank you very much for joining no it is maybe next time I’m working on that just going to sell a few more F gigs and then I’ll be able to afford them and Sonny says hello hello to Sunny so yeah that’s

Essentially why I think SEO is dead why duck Dogo is a future how to get a manual action penalty and what else can we cover today in terms of strategies so what I would also recommend this is this is what works for me I’m I’m not necessarily recommending it for

You but if you want to rank on Google or any other sort of platform right also we’ve got some other people on the call we got fan welcome fan we got someone from Peru hello Kamal shout out to Kamal shabas welcome shabas acram says I like your hat you

Cheeky Gea thanks for joining and essentially the way that I see it in terms of SEO this is the model that I’m aiming for is that we have manual claps over here in a nice little chart so we’re going to put claps and then we’ve got SEO over here on Doc Dogo and

Essentially the model that I’m aiming for I think this is the future is that essentially we want to aim for a chart that looks something like this right and then if we quit SEO it should go down like this and then after that once we’ve

Done that it should go back up like this and ideally what I’m aiming for over time is to get as many claps as possible by doing SEO as much as possible publicly and just sharing everything so sunish says I’ve started 10 AI sites for being I’m not getting ISO approval V

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Says duck Dogo is default browser for some device I’m not sure about that I think it’s more of a privacy browser so you have to download it manual CR says hello Roberto says hi cinematic says can I ask you a question it’ll be $100 on the call no I’m just kidding feel free

To ask any questions you have wo says hi the legend feel free to ask any questions you have and the deal steel says what’s up with duck docko so yeah I genuinely believe it’s the future this is the sort of model that we’re working for and ideally we’re just going to

Repeat this Loop over and over again right so we’re going to have a little Loop that looks something like this and as we do more SEO it’s going to feed to more claps and we just go round and round in circles like that to achieve results like this

Perfect so yeah shutting down all the webites quitting SEO won’t be doing another video this is the last one for me thanks so much for watching and D Cooper says not to get too deep but what do you think the massive interest in D.O can be attributed to I just quality checked and

The sit I take care of care of play really well so yeah I I think it’s just the future you know it’s coming back like mypace bbo all these sites have just seen a Rejuvenation typically this is what you see with the Internet it’s just a massive cycle of websites improving

And growing over Time Enrique says salv Brazil thanks so much for joining Enrique and Fon says is SEO really dead so terms of SEO obviously the way that I see it is it’s just over and I’m probably going to focus on more like social media in terms of getting traffic

Right so if I want to get traffic from SEO and just focusing mainly on metatags right so we’re going to have a metatag agency we won’t be doing anything else no link building no actual AI content no human content no ranking on Google we’re just going to go for

Some yeah just just going to go for metatags so if you want to sign up for the metatags agency it’s $10,000 a month probably going to increase the price soon to $20,000 a month and so yeah thanks so much for joining it who else have we got we’ve got pin

Strap agency that says bro are you serious I mean with this hat how can you not take me seriously and yeah that’s pretty much it let’s have a look what else we got here I’ve got another video coming soon this is one more I’ll probably do one or two

Final Series right now um which will be the next video on how I rank number one in 200 years using chat GPT human SEO so it’s going to be nice little hybrid there got the SEO Agency for metat tags coming out that’s going to be yes $10,000 a month $20,000 a month next

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Month and then we’ll probably go to $50,000 a month after that additionally I was supposed to do a master class with Jackie Chow he was talking about how to do white hat SEO and we were going to do a master class together but that has sadly been cancelled because he was I

Think he had some problem with with claps or something like that and what else have we got on the horizon I just want to sort of announce someu stuff before I finish this call so yeah here’s another one for you actually so the beautiful thing about getting clapped

Like this is you know if we go into disover we’ll go into chipper as well beautiful thing about this is that no one can actually steal your SEO strategy because you’re not ranking on Google so it’s absolutely genius and this is one of the biggest benefits of

Getting a manual action penalty so it’s been absolutely amazing for us in terms of making sure that we don’t have any competitors going for us we’ve got Matrix aiso might be a future video right there and yeah the other thing about this is I’ve just been building backlinks from Discovery

Because it’s not indexed on Google if we open this up right here yeah because it’s not indexed on Google one of the beautiful things about this is it’s very exclusive right not many people are building back links via blog comments especially on dnex sites so this is working really well for me right

Now and the deal steel says what’s the best way to use duck Dogo for SEO go so I would say I mean just create helpful content just create content no link building wait for people to link to you might take a 100 years 200 years but SEO

Is a long game as we already know so yeah that’s basically everything so thanks so much for watching appreciate everyone who join the stream right now as I said I’m going to be focusing on blog comments from my d index sites as a link building strategy um doc Dogo

Myspace these are all good platforms I’m going for you’ll be seeing we have plenty more hats and additionally that metatags agency is coming along soon so we’ve got some clients in the pipeline probably take on about one or two more clients if you want to join up $20,000 a

Month and thanks so much for watching make sure you check out the description for free Doc Dogo SEO course plus a free SEO strategy session on basically how to rank number one without doing any SEO apart from making sure that you change your meta tags on your site so I

Appreciate it as always thanks so much for watching smash a like on this video If you enjoyed it byebye

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