This YouTube channel makes anywhere from over 12 to $200,000 a month by posting faceless top 10 list videos to YouTube and in this video I’ll show you exactly how you can turn text into these finished YouTube videos by using your own voice without needing to record a voice over every

Time yep you heard me right I’ll show you the exact method I use to create a video on a channel that has zero subscribers that got these results I’ll show you how I got the video idea and how I created the video all in under 15

Minutes so the first thing you need to do is get ideas for your video in order to do this you want to come over to this site called list firste now once on this site at the top here you see there are numerous different categories that you

Can go through to find different video ideas so if you have a specific category you want to get into you can choose from here but just for the sake of this video and for the one I made we’re going to go ahead to go to the science section and

Click the one which says animals so now that I am on the animals list section as you can see there are a number of pretty cool topic ideas that I can decide to create my videos about now on this page has about 10 ideas and if we click page

Number two there will be 10 more ideas but here is the best thing if we click over here to get to the last page if we scroll down as you can see there are 66 different pages that consist of 10 ideas each which means if you do the map there

660 inspiration ideas that you could use to create your videos about just in this topic alone and do note that this is not the only website like this there are numerous of websites which has list like this or if you don’t even want to use this site you could use something like

CH gbt which generate you thousands of thousands of video ideas but coming back on over to the first page once you are here what you want to do is search through all the ideas and find a video that you would want to create so when you find one that you would want to

Create what you’d want to do is Click onto it for example this one once you’ve clicked onto it as we could see the title of this video top 10 most intelligent animal species on Earth and here we have the actual top 10 animals and we have even information about it

Gives us a nice little article as well as some videos to gain more information which really ties this in together so we can get a great idea and some content inspiration for the type of video that we want to create and that’s how easy it is to find a video idea this doesn’t

Take you more than 3 minutes now once you have your video idea you need to come on over to this tool to now generate the actual video you can find a link for it in the description below now hold on now before you think about new monque this tool only gets AI voices

That is where you’re wrong this is where I’m talking about the brand new feature that they’ve implemented that will help your videos and your channel seem even more original than ever before which the ability to have your videos generated in your own voice now how exactly are you

Going to go about doing this it’s very simple what you’d want to do is this click where it says clone your voice and then it’s going to take you to this page now once on this page this is where you can go ahead to upload your voice in

Order to do it you’d want to click onto this where it says add a voice and then you need to follow these instructions so you want to ensure that you submit a recording of at least 30 seconds long in a video you want to say this words you’d

Want to mention your name so for example I’m Monique give invid AI perm permission to use my voice and when you’re actually recording this audio if you have access to a microphone or just a quiet space where your voice recording can come out clear I recommend you

Record your audio in those settings and when you’re speaking be sure to speak in the voice that you would want it to then give you back the recordings in and once you follow these instructions you’d record your audio and then you simply want to drag and drop it in here and

Then it’s going to go through the process of verifying your voice and showing that you did give permission to use your voice and then once you’re done it’s going to Simply add your voice in where you can go ahead and click onto the do to change the name of your voice

So mine is simply called Monique’s voice will allow you to be able to use your own voice in all your videos without having to record a voice over ever again it’s going to do this for you automatically and I know okay fine this all sounds well and good but how easy is

This process in reality well you need to keep watching so you could find out now in order to create the video with your voice what you can do from this same section right here you can simply go ahead to click use under your voice and then it’s going to include the setting

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Here automatically which now you can go ahead to type in in the prompt to generate the type of video you want or what you want to do is go ahead to ask it this prompt I’ll leave this prompt in the pin comments below so you could

Simply copy and paste it or you could simply just screenshot a picture of it right now on screen so that you could save it to use for later now this right here is my master prom that I’ve created after hours of trial errors and testing and this prompt will practically give

You perfect results 99% of the time and it is fully customizable which means any video you generate using this prompt will be different and perfect but once you have this prompt in this section all you want to do from here is begin filling in this information that I have

In Brackets with the information from lus website now you do not want to just go here and just copy and paste everything word for word this is not what you want to do you’re simply using this as inspiration for the topic and its content to then generate a video

About the same topic in your own way with your own personality touch so let’s go ahead to fill this in together so you can see exactly what I mean so we could go ahead to replace where it says creates a length and change it is to

Create a 5 minute for the style we can go ahead to insert listicle that’s the proper way to call the top 10 videos and then we’ll say create the video about and then now we need to include the video topic so the topic will be this topic which we found on this website

Which is top 10 most intelligent species on Earth so you can just simply go ahead to copy it and then paste it here and over here you want to State the extra information you’d want to include so that’s just some information about the video flow and outline important points

And anything else you’d want to put be sure to put your own personality in it so that you can get a proper flow or outline of how you would like the video to go so I decided to use something like this include the flow which follows the

Ranking the name of the animal why it’s considered the smartest species and give a very specific situation or Reason information about its habitat and environments and the comparison between its and humans make each point flow seamlessly into the other I feel like the part about a comparison between its

And humans would make it much more entertaining and much more unique to something I would want to watch giv it my own flow to do this I simply looked at this article I see what they had and what I would like to include into my video instead and then I gathered that

Information continue it says use this article to get more information and here this is where you want to insert the article link so you can simply just go ahead to delete this come on over to this page simply copy the link come back over to inv video and then paste it in

Now we have the link for the list ver article and then over here it says write it in and then you want to insert the type of tone so I’ll go ahead to say humorous and educational tone continuing the video should be created too and here you want to include the intended results

That you’d want from the video it’s simply intended to educate the viewers nothing more nothing less including and then here you want to insert extra information about your video this is where I would say something like humor analogies anecdotes so I’m simply going to say analogies I love analogies so

I’ll put this here and then have a call to action that’s what cc stands for at the end of the video and then you want to add in the call to action you would like I’m simply going to say subscribe to the channel for more top 10 animal

Facts and then make media pacing be and here you want to say media pacing what this this line specifically does which no one else recommends because I figured it out from testing is whenever you ask in video to create a video randomly without saying this specific it’s going

To automatically decide the pacing of the media meaning each media that’s on screen which is the video could be on that screen without changing for 15 seconds 20 seconds you don’t have to go into change it later either all you’d want to do is simply say make media

Pacing B and what I like to say is very fast this allows for the media to be changing about every 5 seconds so you’ll never have something on screen for too long that helps keep the video very engaging the next line is add wood bywood subtitles in white where the

Current spoken wood is color and then you can go ahead to say what color so I’ll go ahead to say blue and then here you want to say add the type of music You’ want that fades in at the beginning of the video and fits out at the end of

The video I’ll simply say add documentary style a bit music and over here it says use voice over and then you want to include the name of the voice over before You’ say something like use American male voice or use British female voice here all you want to

Include is the name of your voice remember how we earlier named my voice Monique all you’d want to put here is that name of the voice so when you have your own voice it would be your name or whatever you decided to call your voice then have Music Volume B and then you’d

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Want to say the volume percent I like to keep it at 50% that way it’s not too loud and then you want to say and have voice over volume B and then you want to include your voice over volume I like to have mine be at 100% And this is all see

How easy this was to do using my prompt once you’ve done that all you have to do is go ahead to click generate and then it’s going to take you to this page where can further break down exactly who and what you want your videos to be prepared for I could choose animal

Lovers or human enthusiasts and that’s would generate completely different types of videos but this one I think I’ll go for a human Enthusiast and then I want it to look right and the platform is YouTube and then just hit continue and now in video will go ahead to begin

Generating your entire video for you okay so now as you can see the video has been generated and it’s 5 minutes and 59 second long so just a bit over what we wanted sometimes it needs to add a little bit more substance to get the

Script to flow a bit better so now let’s go ahead to see what this sounds like did you know that octopuses have not two not three but nine brains yes you heard that right one in their head and one in each of their eight arms these eight armed Einstein of

The ocean are truly a Marvel of evolution their problem solving abilities would make a Rubik’s Cube turn Green With Envy each of their brains helps them navigate and explore their watery world with ease juggling tasks like a seasoned circus performer so the next time you’re struggling to multitask just remember you’re not an

Octopus ever heard of the phrase an elephant never forgets now don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more top 10 animal facts now don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for some more tops and animal fact okay there you have it in regards to the actual script and output of the video

That was actually quite excellent when it comes to replicating my voice it also did a pretty good job it’s something sometimes hard for tools to get it 100% correct because of the mixture of my accents to begin with but if I’m listening to this in the sense of

Someone who’s never heard me before on a brand new channel they would have no idea that it’s not me because they wouldn’t even know what I sound like to begin with it is a faceless Channel after all and remember with time this tool is only going to get more and more

Better and more and more accurate but this allows so you can have the consistency of your own voice on your channel without having to worry about using different voices or having to ever replace a voice why would you need to it’s your and do not well the longer

Your audio it would give you a more precise copy of your voice my audio was only about 5 minutes long hence it wasn’t 100% accurate but I recommend trying to get to something as long as 30 minutes and then compressing that file down to the 10 megabytes that it’s

Wanted that will get you the most crisp sounding option of your voice so you would want to try that if you’re serious about creating a channel and you want your voice to be pretty much nearly perfect now that you’ve seen the results I think we can agree that my prompt has

N9 out of 10 times like I said generated quite the perfect results but let’s just say for some reason yours didn’t come out the way you wanted to or there is something that you want to edit you can go about doing this in three easy different ways so for example if you

Wanted to regenerate the entire video what you’d want to do is click to where it says regenerate hair and then you could click where it says regenerate then you could choose different settings to generate your video in a different style if you’d want to you’d click continue once you’re’ done the second

Way you can go about editing this video which is my favorite way to use which is why I love this tool is by using the text to edit feature all you’d have to do is come on over to this command box and type in the type of editing you want

To be done to the video so as you could see from the settings there you can simply say delete this scene it’s not really relevant and then hit generate then it will go ahead to delete the scene from your entire video you can also say make this scene half as long

It’s too wory if you had already generated your video without selecting your own voice over you can easily come back into this and change the voice over by asking this room change voice over to the name of your voice and man would be Monique’s voice hit generate and then I

Did this before and as you can see it simply changed it right on over to my voice and then there are a bunch more prompts you can go ahead to ask it to have it regenerate your videos for you whatever you could think of that you

Would have to edit it will do so you don’t have to manually go in there to edit it it does it for you but I know some people love manually editing their videos and sometimes it’s necessary if you want to go ahead to do so you can do

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So which is the third way you can go about edits in your videos what you’d want to do is click on this little setting here where it says edits then it brings you to this page and then on the top as you can see we’re in the media

Setting this is where you can change the media of any parts of your clip and not only this when you click onto a specific clip it shows you which part of your script that the media is relating to not only that as I mentioned earlier if you

Take a look all these clips are no more than 5 Seconds we even have one that short as 2 seconds keeping the media very quick which makes our video more engaging but as I was saying if you do want to change this media it’s quite

Simple all you want to do is Click onto the one you’d want to change then in this little search bar here You’ search the type of media you want so let’s just go ahead to do a search for Octopus as you can see over here it’s showing us

Lots of different octopus media that we could choose to input into our video so if you find one you would like all you’d have to do is simply click onto it now if we scroll back to the top as you can see it’s now over our clip so all we

Would have to do from here is hit apply changes and then it would go ahead to replace those Medias with the New Media you inputed and as you can see it keeps the same time as well now if you wanted to edit the script of the video what

You’d want to do is Click where it says edit script and then it’s going to take you to this page where you can see your entire script and you can manually go into edit it so if you wanted to edit something you simply click onto it

Delete what’s there and type in your own if you wanted to and you can also even add in titles if you wanted and then adjust the title settings for that post if you wanted to now if we scroll down to the bottom where it shows the call to

Action which was our outro let’s see if it added in what we wanted yes it did now don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more top 10 animal facts it did exactly what you wanted but if you didn’t want to see CTA you could go in and just manually change it yourself

Once you’re done all you need to do is hit apply changes and then it’s going to go ahead and apply all the changes that you made to your media and to your script to your video and then once you’ve done editing your video all that’s left for you to do is simply

Download it in order to download your video what you’d want to do is click on to where it says export and then you’re going to click export video and then you would want to select no watermark this will go ahead to remove any Watermark that you see that is on the screen of

Your video so these things that say I suck they will be removed once you have actually exported your video then you want to also select no in video branding and 1080p because that’s the best quality that you’d want your YouTube video to be exported in from here all

You need to do is Click continue and then it’s going to go ahead to begin exporting your video for you which once the video is finished exporting you can go ahead to click where it says download and your video will be downloaded onto your PC now note while to export your

Video using the best possible settings which I showed you earlier you would need to get yourself the paid plan of in video now as you can see you can can get in video for as low as $20 per month and that gives you your very own video editor Video Creator script writer what

Else more you could want that will be able to remove the watermark and just get you the complete video with your own voice that’s ready for YouTube and when it comes to ensuring that your videos get the most number of views be sure to make a very click worthy thumbnail you

Could use something like canva that’s what I use find a link in the description and be sure to have a very intriguing title and just make sure the entire packaging of your video is good you could use vid to ensure that you’re using keywords and Search terms that you

Could rank for you can also find a link for this in the description so now you know how to make a channel like this and a brand new way of utilizing your own voice to make your own videos which will only get better over time but wait wait

Wait if you want to learn more from me which you probably should then you need to check out this other video on my Channel

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