Today what I’m going to talk about is how to rank number one with search generative experience Google’s new AI update you can see my video ranking right there now what I will say is it’s early days but this is based on all the case studies all the data over 50 hours

Of research which I’ll come on to in a second and I’m going to give you a free step-by-step game plan on exactly how to prepare your website for search generative experience including the technical keyword SEO strategies content strategies how how to build Authority Etc it’s all going to be covered today

Including some real world examples so as always let’s go all right so today we’re going to be looking at search generative experience which is one of the craziest and most impactful updates that’s coming to Google and SEO it’s going to affect every single person watching this video every single person’s website and it’s

Basically generative AI inside Google Now if you haven’t seen this already here’s an example of what it looked like previously when they actually announced it right so if you look this was May the 10th which is almost a year ago now and you can see what the results previously

Looked like so previously you have the links to websites in the top right plus a AI generated response right here from Google’s official website shout out to them now what generative experience looks like is this right and it’s changed quite a lot so if you look at this particular response right here you

Can type in something like what is SEO and by the way if you want to get access to this I’ll show you in a second how to do that but you can see this is the newer version of generative experience which basically wipes out a lot of

Clicks from the first page of Google so if you look right here I can’t see any sponsored ads and this is still in beta but what you can see here is that there’s one link one single link to a website whereas previously they had three and they showed the thumbnail now

They don’t really show much and it’s pretty much just the biggest brand that’s ranking number one now I think that’s a huge threat to SEO because nobody and I mean literally nobody is going to read all this get their answer especially for something short and informative scroll all the way down

Scroll down here scroll past a followup and then eventually get to the first page of Google I don’t think most people are going to do that I mean if you think I’m wrong feel free to comment below but to me that looks like a huge threat that nobody’s really talking about when it

Comes to SEO now it’s early days and this could all change as it’s already changed but from what I can see people are going to get way less clicks from SEO but it’s something I haven’t really seen many YouTubers talk about now if you’re wondering how to rank number one

At the top I think it’s just going to be massive Brands right so for example you look at MailChimp everyone knows MailChimp massive brand in the industry d93 right there very very high Authority website with a lot of high quality backlinks pointing to it we can run a

Few other searches so for example what is SEO and how it works if we look at this particular article you can see two links right but again there’s no real thumbnails so it’s not like the previous version of SG where you had three thumbnails right there this is

Just the AI response right at the top couple of thumbnails down there and that is pretty scary for most website owners because if you’re not top one or top two if you’re not like the University of San Diego or HubSpot probably not going to get many clicks let’s be honest so what

I’m going to do today is show you some of the latest data and case studies that have come through about search generative experience how it’s working and we’re going to kick it off with this more I hope I pronounce that correctly basically talks about how Google is

Rolling out for everyone and he actually spent 50 hours exploring the new search generative experience and talks through like how to prepare so we can run through some of these tips today I’ve actually reached out to Mt and he said it was okay to feature him great tweet

But the first thing that I would say there’s actually five different studies involved right here so you’ve got studies from Bright Edge IPO rank authoritas SE ranking and a few other different studies right so everyone seems to have a different estimate of what percentage of keywords

Will be affected by this now bear in mind this isn’t going to roll out for every single keyword on Google for example if you type in like Neil Patel onto Google it’s not going to generate a response with search generative experience it’s just going to pull up

The offer panel as you can see right here so it’s not impacting every single search which is a good news and as you can see here five different studies got five different results ranging from 85% of keywords being impacted to 40% of keywords being impacted now the

Interesting thing is that an SG response on average includes 8 to 10 links from four different domains but the thing here is that only two of them will actually be visible in the search list right so if you type in for example what is search generative experience into

Google right here you can see but actually two different results show up right here if you do click down right here it will show up more links but most people are not going to click into this right they’re going to get the answer that they need and then they’re they’re

Going to click away that’s what I would estimate now again what’s very interesting about all of this and I’ve not seen any case studies yet is that if you look at the top ranking results for example like SE Rush’s page showing up right there that is a d91 an impression digital let’s check

That out I don’t think that you’re going to see many low Dr sites rank in fact from what I’ve seen it’s always always been above dr50 in the search generative experience results so it’s still very early days but from what I can see the lowest Dr sites are going to drop down

To no man’s land down here and then the biggest brands with the most cat and the most backlinks pointing to those sites and the strongest off-page signals will be at the top now that’s always happened in the past right so for example if you type in what is search CH experience

Right here into Google and we scroll down we’ve always seen that the pages with the most backlinks appear on the first page and then the pages with the least back links for example like one backlink zero backlinks one backlink zero back links are on the second page

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Right so it’s very evident the back links and domain rating a strong correlation to ranking for example if you look at the D of most sites on the first page of Google The Domain rating the overall Authority you can see that most Pages have 96 91 98 Etc they’re all

90s on the first page and then if you go on to the second page yeah you might see like a 36 a 63 57 Etc and then if you scroll all the way down to 77 you might see like a dr16 right but typically I think the gap between High demain rating

Websites and websites with no Authority no brand and no eat signals is going to increase which is going to make it harder and harder for smaller Niche sites to rank the solution of course would be more eat signals more back bling point to your site and building a stronger brand that most people

Recognize now you can also see which vertical Industries are affected the most and one thing to note here is for example like in-person visits which I would assume is like local SEO stuff is the most impacted by search generative experience whilst legal Finance investing obviously these are more dangerous topics to talk about

And requires like an actual human right now to verify that the information is factually correct and it’s kind of like your money or your life related content is at the bottom right so legal is the industry that’s least impacted by search generative experience so far whereas inperson visits and e-commerce are the

Websites most impacted by search G experience so for example if we go into Google and we’re like right what are the best bicycle Brands right here number one is going to give you a list straight off the bat as you can see which seems to be fed in from forbes’s website so

It’s interesting is actually taking the information Bing it down from other websites and then feeding it in search of experience and then from down here it’s got kind of like a carousel with all the biggest brands for bicycle Brands right now the other thing to note here is when you’re in search D

Experience right what you can see is there are follow-up questions so it’s sort of taking you from like top of funnel keywords keeping people longer on the page which is going to generate more ads revenue for Google probably they’ll make more money and I honestly think there’s going to be more opportunities

For payperclick right because if people are spending more time inside Google searching actively rather than clicking away to different websites and more of the traffic is St staying inside the Google ecosystem then that’s going to generate more clicks via PPC ads Revenue will increase shopping opportunities for e-commerce companies is going to improve

And so that might be one of the best opportunities around search dmit of experience now what I can see so far is that there are no ads directly inside here but I can imagine it’s just a matter of time before you start seeing ads inside search generative experience

But basically more time on page more ads more engagement more time inside Google search very very smart move by them and they condense information from other websites which is kind of like more efficient for the user now if we go back to this chart right here you can see SEO

Related terms medical related terms hotels these all impacted the most an interestingly time sensitive as well so I’m guessing like news that sort of thing latest news updates will be included inside there now this is a really interesting point again right so with s it basically catches buyers early

In the decision funnel so top of funnel keywords guides them through it very quickly and basically condenses the research process of buying a product from like 3 hours across multiple days to like one 15 minute Journey on Google so if you look at search generative experience for example you like what are

The best bicycle Brands okay let’s click on what are the big three it will generate another response and then we’re like okay what’s a highend bike and then which brand is the best for bicycles right and it basically funnels people into the buying process a lot quicker than they previously would

Be generating more purchases now the other thing about this is SG and shopping ads often appear together and when that happens shopping ads are placed above the SG response in 81% of the cases right so basically again that reinforces the idea that paid ads if you’re an e-commerce brand probably

Going to convert better and get more clicks and get more traffic than previous and there’s going to be more opportunities for PPC there if you’re a payperclick agency selling ads probably one of the best opportunities since 2024 now what we’re actually going to do is build out a game plan for search

Generative experience and how to rank using SG right because you either adapt or you get left behind now what I’m going to do inside this game plan is link out to everyone that I’ve mentioned so far in this course but the first thing I would say here is is like if you

Look at these search generative experience results it’s like you got to build more backlinks right so for example you type something like what is link building into Google you can see that the top ranking results all have the highest right so for example if you look at backlinko dr90 website right

There search engine Journal Dr 91 right we’ll check this one as well and then that’s a Dr 72 right and it’s almost like okay d91 here dr90 there Dr 72 it’s almost arranged in priority of the domain let’s check them and you can see there’s only three results now if we

Scroll down again if we click this for example it’ll link out to back Linko again if we click this it will link out to sieg if you look at sieg media they’re a Dr 78 website again it’s really only the big highd websites are actually ranking so this whole game of

Ranking on Sear experience is about Authority right how do you do that back links is one having real people on your website actual experts building the brand you know backlink CCO search engine Journal these are massive Brands right here and then I would also say branding right so branding feeds into

Backlinks feeds into eat and it creates a multi- chnnel approach now the other reason to diversify your traffic and I’ve actually got a free course in the description that covers eight different ways to generate traffic outside of SEO is because this is number one going to build more backlink to your website

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Because if your content gets shared more you get more backlink actually to your site but additionally this is going to give you more diversification right because if search dtive experience comes along and then out with your traffic for a lot of seos who don’t focus on any other

Channel basically their traffic is wiped out overnight you don’t want that so for sure it’s really important to start thinking about this right now and start planning it now I think the best time was last year the second best time is today again if we look down we’ve got

LinkedIn LinkedIn results and then we’ve got Outreach Monks at the bottom we check our reach monks Dr right there and you can see they are dr73 right so there’s pretty much no results linked inside SG that aren’t dr70 and above which comes down to back links and building quality ones now we’ve talked

About Authority now let’s talk about keyword strategies right so what sort of keywords would you try and rank for within Google I mean one of the things that’s going to change I can imagine is the way that we look at keyword research right previously for example you would

Type in a keyword like this maybe you go to H you do the research Etc you see what’s ranking but you can actually you see that the first page of Google underneath the search generative experience results is very different so for example you got M you got Yos

Ranking these are very different results to what’s actually ranking in the search generative experience box right so these are almost two different algorithms it seems like and I’ll give you an example right so I’ve got 100 results enabled right here so we can scroll all the way

Down the first page of Google and see what’s ranking across the top 100 pages and you can see the Outreach monks nowhere to be found inside the top 100 results of Google but you can see that they’re actually referenced inside the search generative experience block what’s very interesting about that is

That even if you don’t rank on the first page of Google you’ve actually got a chance of getting traffic from search experience because you seem to be two totally different algorithms right it’s almost like you’re not optimizing for the keyword you’re optimizing to get featured inside search gem through

Experience if that makes sense so for example search and in general are ranking number two there in their link building for SEO result but you can see they’re actually ranked e on the first page of Google in the normal organic listings that aren’t related to search experience the other thing I think is

Like these keyword tools are going to change completely which is going to be a total night for them because they’re going to have two different sets of results and maybe Google search console would change too because you have to feed in the data in different ways so two key takeaways there about keyword

Strategies right number one what what ranks in SG might not rank on the first page of Google and what ranks lower on the first page of Google might be a top in search Temper of experience so what I would say here when it comes to keyword research you’re not necessarily trying

To rank in terms of keywords you might be trying to rank in terms of top core Authority right so for example Outreach monk right here they’re not trying to rank for that keyword but because they have top authority and because they’ve covered pretty much everything you can

Imagine when it comes to their website and when it comes to ranking on Google for that particular topic they can rank inside search generative experience because they have that top go Authority which makes me think that when it comes to keyword research in the future you’re probably going to focus on topical maps

Not necessarily keyword research and you can see how that’s favored aage monk in terms of the traffic right so d73 website traffic is growing very nicely there on a nice trajectory even after the helpful content update Etc see they’re ranking for 12,100 keywords and they’ve covered pretty much

Everything you can imagine when it comes to selling links and building back links because they’re focused on Tope Authority not on individual keywords and the other thing about keyword research is going to totally change is like just for informational keywords you might not even want to bother ranking right yes

For a service but if you’re just like a niche website just probably doesn’t make sense anymore right so do parot seat cucumber you’re going to get a quick answer right there there’s going to be absolutely no need to click through to cure any of these sort of websites

Because you get the answer in literally seconds and then you move on as a a user of Google so just to recap we’ve talked about three actionable things you can do to improve your Authority backlinks eat and actual sort of branding omnipresent methods I’ve talked about how you can

Learn more about that in my free SEO course and additionally we’ve talked about actions for keyword strategies right so top go Authority and don’t go after the quick keywords are going to be answered and potentially you might want to avoid top of funnel keywords they’re going to be answered in literally like 2

Seconds they’re gone now one of the interesting things about this whole study is the impact right so the biggest SG winners are domains that are mentioned more often in sge than organic results as you can imagine right and based on that data the website’s winning the most Google Yelp and number four is

Actually YouTube and I genuinely believe that YouTube is one of the most powerful ways to get traffic quickly and especially if you’re creating great content right because you build an audience you build trust you build Authority this links your website it creates content for your website and also creates branding across multiple

Channels plus you can get traffic from YouTube as well it’s a massive opportunity I don’t sell anything related to YouTube SEO but I do recommend it and again if you want to learn how to get more traffic from YouTube check out my free course links in the comments description and

Basically ranking them with YouTube equals more traffic trust and higher conversions so it’s one of the biggest winners as an example of that if you type into Google during search G experience like how to create topical Maps right here you can see that it actually feeds in and even previews my

YouTube video directly inside the results of Google right so it’s going to generate more clicks to your actual YouTube videos so I can see that the traffic for YouTube is probably going to increase as search generative experience rolls out especially as it integrates so well with Google of course Google own

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YouTube now as you can see inside this particular post malt has also given some tips on how to optimize your content so if you scroll down right here you can see he’s recommended adding an executive summary to longer form content and actually loves user generated content but it prefers the summaries like pros

And cons lists Etc now that’s quite interesting because you can imagine for example with as you can see their traffic is just going up like crazy right undeniably and so potentially that’s going to increase more and more because SG loves user generated content and seems maybe it trusts it more now

Interestingly he’s also given guidance for creating new topics so for example f on topics Trends events and news that were not part of the training data right so for example every large language model like we all knew with chat GPT when it was first released chat GPT was

Just trained on data up to 2021 so if you can focus on topical events they might not be ever green topics so they going to get traffic forever but you’ve got a higher chance of ranking because SG needs that information as it’s brand new and it’s not inside the training data that SG

Already has the thing I think is like for example with user generated content if you’re getting a lot of traffic then potentially you could have comments or even just forums directly inside your website so that you get more usage generated content if you get more usage generated content you’re more likely to

Be cited as a source inside SG potentially and that kind of links back to YouTube right if you look at YouTube people can comment on there they can leave their own ideas and thoughts which creates us to generated content which might be more likely to be fed into SG

So just to recap when it comes to content creation strategies YouTube very powerful ads are a massive opportunities in both buying and even selling that as a service if you were launching as a freelancer or an agency in 2024 probably a big opportunity then you got focusing

On trending new topics and also user generated content like for example forums and blog comments if you can weed out the trash it usually comes with that might be a full-time job monting that and then finally we’ve got the technical SEO elements right so faster server

Response right here so you can see more recommend staying under 500 milliseconds I’m not sure where that data is from but basically if your server response is over 500 Ms you may have a problem with SG and don’t paginate your comments and reviews and basically just keep the page

Loading times very short so amazing post and I’ve built out game plan based on and we’ve covered what the game’s all about which is Authority backlinks branded and eat we’ve covered keyword strategies and how you can Implement that including actual elements we’ve covered content creation strategies

Based on the data and also the technical Elements which you can get full advice on inside the Reddit post now there’s a few things that I would say on this particular topic right so number one it’s early days right so it’s not rolled out fully we can’t make any final

Judgments based on this simply because it’s still in beta it’s still not fully rolled out and it could change a lot as it already has done additionally no one I mean no one has tested this right so we’ve looked at the data and the stats so far but obviously no one has tested

This long term now for me I like to focus on facts over opinions I don’t want to be those gessos is telling you to do stuff without actually testing it Etc and that’s why I’ve given this particular disclaimer right here and I would say finally there are way more

Developments to come right I don’t think this is anywhere near finalized but you can see how it’s gradually rolling out now it’s important to know about this now cuz you don’t want to be like a frog in boiling water ignoring the whole situation and then when it’s released

You’re like what the hell what happened right so it’s better to figure this out so it’s better to start looking at this now and say I’ve Not Seen many YouTubers talk about it so this is all the actionable stuff right of car all the fluff to give you an actionable

Step-by-step game plan for backlinks for keyword strategies for Content creation Etc the other thing that I’ve not seen any data on because of course no one really knows yet is the fact that we don’t really know how ctrs are impacted by SG right now now there’s another

Report by search engine land as you can see right here and they talk about how 91.4% of all search queries triggered SG right so there’s different data depending on where you go from but Cura has been a big winner and paid ads like I was talking about have appeared 50% of

The time now if you just step back a minute there 91% of all search queries that’s a crazy threat to anyone watching any sort of business any sort of website and so it is very important to think about this now final thing that I would say on this is that the algorithm could

Change at any point right so just like Google updates I’m sure they’ll releasee SG updates that could change it could be even more volatile because it’s created with AI and it’s probably self-learning too so just something to know that so thanks so much for watching if you want

To get access to my free SEO strategies and video course you can get that links in the comments in description and it covers multiple traffic diversification methods plus the SG game plan that I’m talking about today will be inside the search G experience module additionally just want to say thanks to all the

Sources from today’s data I’ll leave links in the description to the Reddit post and the tweet and additionally if you want to get a free SEO strategy session that talks about how we take websites from 0 to 145,000 businesses per month it generates thousands of dollars in sales on autopilot feel free

To book that in basically we’ll give you an SEO domination plan which I think is more important than ever when it comes to search dtive experience we answer any questions you have and you’ll discover the best SEO strategies for your website so feel free to book that in links in

The comments and description thanks so much for watching appreciate it bye-by

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