In today’s tutorial we are going to learn about canva magic media option where we can create images from a prompt so in this entire tutorial I’m going to show you how you can craft a short story kid story and how you can transform it into the imageries and add voice over

And finally create a nice video towards the end I’m also going to show you how much is the earning potential of such YouTube channels which are dealing with the n so it’s going to be really a lot of fun and lot of learning make sure you

Stick to me till the end and for now let’s start with the demonstration part one creating the story now when you’re creating a story if you want to avoid copyright you should have a story outline in your mind like here I have given an outline now

Once you give the prompt go to this send message option and that way I have got a story I have also mentioned I just need five scenes for sake of this video now I have got nice five nice scenes now my second prompt was I have asked to give

Five image prompts according to the scenes now I have got the image prompts now let us move forward to the second part where we will be actually creating the images for that we are going to use canva I have given the link of canva pro which is free for 30 days upgrade your

Account to canva Pro for 30 days absolutely free and if you don’t want to continue you can cancel your subscription anytime in between these 30 days now for this I since I’m going to make a story I’m going to take this video option okay now now once you take the

Video option you can alternatively type Here YouTube video let us come in the left hand side this app section okay at the bottom you’ll have to come to this app section here you type magic and that way you will get magic morph and Magic media magic media is the main thing

Which we are going to explore today so I’m going to go to this magic media option just select it now there are two parts one you can directly create a video images would be better I feel as of now video generation is not at all

That great in canva so this is the time when I should be copying my first image prompt and come back and paste it here now at the end I will use some words Ultra HD cinematic hyper realistic okay these are the few words which you will

Have to add to ensure a great result now there are different styles okay if you go to see all you have have different type of styles here okay soft focus you have high focus you have art type of styles as well dreamy retrowave so you can check any of these style for the

Sake of this video let me try this 3D style okay I also don’t know how will it turn out to be let us C you can try with any of these Styles okay next is go to this white landscape ratio and generate image it will take some time so let us

Wait for a while and at a time it will make four four images okay okay now I have got these four images in order to get them just click on that image it will come on the page add another page don’t leave this page because if you do

Not accept this it will not come here neither it will be stored in upload section if as soon as you click it will be stored in upload section okay go on adding the page PES and take all four later you can choose the best one okay

Now next thing is if you want to use some other type let me try another retro style and and this time again I will go for the same ratio I think the ratio will by default be taken and then I will go to generate again and let’s see how

This time by changing to Retro style from 3D these outcomes are better or not let’s see keep exploring guys this is an amazing tool which canva has introduced now see in retro style if I keep it here in retro style we are getting more realistic picture I would say and go to

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This see all option and this time also I feel 3D style would be great so let me go for 3D style only and let’s see how the images are turning out to be meanwhile you can finalize these images right click and set it as background right click and set it as background now

Like this I will have to create rest three images as well okay so all my images has been generated see from beginning to end so before we move forward I would like to tell you that we have already created a comprehensive AI Mastery course which is getting an early bir

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All about how you can use it and how much you can earn from using this one particular model let’s go to the next model we have already narrated six different models here text to image model we have also given you text to video model and video to video model how

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The comment section and for now let’s move forward to the next part of the tutorial now I need to add motion and voiceover right so for motion first of all we will have to to give transitions in between so go to this go to this option and then you can give any

Transition okay disolve transition ccle BL Circle transition you can change the duration or you can change the direction as well so I have given transition in between all these Pages now I need to make a voice over so for this I will go to app section again

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And in this bar I will give text to speech and all the text to speech softwares will appear here so you can use any of these I’m using this first one go to open okay here I need to paste the entire script so let me grab the

Script come here and paste it here from here in the drop down you have different type of uh accent I will take UK accent and here I if you want a male voice you can take a male voice otherwise you can go for a female voice for me I will go

For the mail voice you can change the volume to medium loud extra loud extra soft I will keep the default one only and here the peach can be anything I will keep it medium you can pre preview the speech from here this preview button if you like this then go to this create

Audio option and then you need to go for connect you need to connect your account make sure you drag it all uh towards towards the beginning now I’m going to show you an alternative way go to 11lbs doio since here the options are very limited you need to go for the subscription after

329 characters are done uh that’s why I have I am showing you a free option additional free option you just go to 11 labs and create an account from here you’ll have to choose text to speech option and select the language which you are choosing um you can check your

Voiceover artist from here and go to this generate option now once it is done go to this download button in order to download now once all these are downloaded how will you upload it go to this upload U media option under audio you will get all three so I think this

Is the next one you can again change the voice to 185 we are done our story is covered so here now what I will have to just change the voice over uh volume 185 that’s the volume I’m keeping for all the voiceovers okay now I’m more or less

Done now only thing is camera movement is remaining so I will will you can select the uh this one the the main page then go to this animation option here you have different types of Animation I will go for zoom out animation okay so here you have photo Zoom animation so go

For this now you can zoom you can zoom go for zoom out or zoom in okay zoom in means this and zoom out means this okay so for the first slide if I’m taking zoom in next slide I will go to zoom out option okay again next

Slide zoom in next slide zoom out go for you can go for this photoflow option as well okay so it is kind of pan down or pan up okay this sort of an effect comes here you can check this you can go for pan up option so like this you can give

Camera movement and one more thing if you want to uh use the same animation camera movement for all the pages then you can simply do it for one page and go to this apply to all pages option and it will automatically uh get applied to all

The pages if you want to change the duration of any slide either you can uh reduce or increase it from here okay okay uh depending on the voice over okay otherwise you can go to this option and you can increase or decrease the timer and then again you can apply to all 18

Pages this is how you can do it now some more effects I’ll show you go to this option let’s suppose I want a little snow snowflake effect so go to this elements option give snowfall you know to go to this snowfall once you give snowfall you get snowfall

Animation okay so you need to go to graphics and get some snowfall animations so you can take any of these snowfall animations then you can just enlarge it corner to corner okay then you can give it some more trans transparence from here okay so that it is just the FedEd

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Part of it one more last thing which is required is Right nice audio you can go to YouTube Library uh from YouTube studio and here you can choose any of the sound effects so I’ll go to mood I’ll give a cal sound so you can choose

Any of these sounds go to this download option now make sure you your playhead is at the beginning now once this is uploaded completely we’ll have to wait for a while okay so I’ll just drag and drop it at the bottom okay double click go to this

Volume option reduce it a little bit audio audio effect option give some fade in and Fade Out check if it has covered the entire story go to share option go to download option MP4 should be selected you can uh either keep all these selected together and then download otherwise download a separate

File I’m downloading all together and after all this this is the final video in a quaint little town there lived a little boy named Smith his room was always a chaotic mess toys scattered everywhere and homework buried under the chaos Smith had a reputation for being lazy never completing his

Chores or homework on time his parents were concerned but it was his grandfather old Mr Johnson who decided to teach him a life-changing lesson one sunny afternoon old Mr Johnson invited Smith to his cozy study surrounded by shelves filled with books the old man looked at Smith with a twinkle in his

Eye Smith my boy I want to share something important with you the secret of time management he said his voice filled with wisdom to drive the point home old Mr Johnson gave Smith a challenge he asked him to complete a puzzle within a set time using The Hourglass to measure Smith usually

Casual about such tasks felt the pressure as the grains of sand Slipped Away sweating and focused he completed the puzzle just as the last grain fell as they sat together afterward old Mr Johnson shared his final thoughts life is like that hourglass Smith once a moment is gone it’s gone forever but

With careful planning and prioritizing you can make the most of your time Smith reflected on the lesson realizing the importance of managing his time wisely from that day forward Smith changed his ways his room became organized homework was completed promptly and he approached each task with Newfound diligence thanks

To his grandfather’s timely lesson okay now let us see what is the earning potential of such storytelling kids channel well I have picked up one random Channel you see this is having millions of views on every video and when I checked in Social bread bled I I have

Seen they are getting more than 11,618 million views in last 30 days and their estimated yearly earning is more than 500 57.7k so it is Jolly well understandable that there is a huge demand of such kids storytelling simple channels so you can go ahead and create one and you that

Simply you can create your stories compelling stories for kids and generate dominant on YouTube as a kids channel and if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit w. wacp media. in where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which

Is getting an early bird offer as well at this moment so guys if you like this video please please please do subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet and please consider to give me a like one small request please do share my content with your friends and family so that I

Can thrive in every single day to create new videos like this for you all thank you so very much for staying here with me I’ll come back with some fun tutorial next week till then stay safe and stay legendary

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