Today well I’m going to show you is how to make money on Google and a chat GPT AI side hustle plan that makes over $1,000 per month based on what’s working for me I’m going to show you how to make money with every single one of these

Methods all of the processes that I’m going to show you completely free and I’m going to show you how to do it with step-by-step saps ethically without spamming the internet full of AI trash cuz nobody wants that right so you’ll learn how to create valuable content that actually converts into money and

It’s Ed for the user you can see proof of all the ways I make money down here so here’s a few examples you can see some of my earnings right there on this affiliate program this one this one this one all of them using Ai and SEO to make

Money along the way let’s go so the first method that we’re going to talk about is how to sell AI as a service right so every single day I create tutorials on YouTube of exactly how to do certain Services as an example you can see this SEO checklist right here

You can see this Niche research you can see some of the ways to automate keyword research you using Ai and all of these are like Min Services you can actually sell online and clients I can tell you now will pay you good money for these Services right so for

Example we used to sell keyword research for $250 a pop with a list of 50 keywords that someone could buy now if you want to learn how to do that you can check out this video right here but basically how it works step by step very

Simple if you learn how to do one of these workflows that I show on YouTube daily and these are workflows that actually help people rank on Google and you can learn to auto aate with AI and SEO right now what I typically do with every single process with my business

For example like this topical map maker right here which is a custom GPT I can automate the process so that I just plug in what I need to every single time it automates the whole topal man making process for me right here you can do that with keyword research with top Maps

Etc and if you tweak the tool enough it’s actually going to be useful and valuable additionally when other people use this tool you’re going to generate traffic to your website as you can see right here but come on to that in a minute and then you would productize it

Right so you would turn this service into a productized service that you can actually sell over and over again so for example a topical map might cost $300 or 50 keywords might cost $250 and finally you can list that on a platform like and start getting sales

Straight away as an example you can see people selling keyword research directly on and I’ve actually been selling on there for nearly 10 years on I don’t really use it any more but you can see we’ve got nearly 2,000 reviews right here with have lots of

Different products we’ve sold using a very similar process to this one right here now you might say once if you don’t get any sales and I would say iterate or improve the offer or sell something else bear in mind on YouTube we have over 425 different workflows that you can use to

Sell different Services by the way all of this information I’m going to put inside my free course so if you want the step-by-step saps you can get those in detail just check out my free course l links in the comments in description and that is Method number one based on

What’s working for me you can see we’ve made thousands of dollars selling on selling different services that product tyes now if you’re selling stuff on fivera already and you’re making money from there or you’re already making money online then you can easily afford the $20 a month for something

Like chat GPT which is going to allow you to get access to these free tools now if you don’t have access to these free tools you can actually use something like and set them up there instead but basically with these custom gpts you can make money

Indirectly to your website so with these custom gpts you’ll eventually be able to monetize them so you can see the open AI who own chat GPT are already beta testing in the US GPT earnings right where Builders of custom gpts will get paid for creating interesting tools so

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If you create something of value that people are actually going to use and is useful to the end user then you can make money additionally what you can do inside these tools is you can link directly to your website your LinkedIn or your Twitter I’ll come on to Twitter

In a minute and how you can monetize that you can also have these links to your funnels inside the conversation starters of custom gpts as you can see right there So eventually you’ll be able to earn money by monetizing the gpts you’ll be able to send traffic to your funnel straight

Away anyway you can see that it promotes my brand so that we get more customers that way I’ve even seen tools like this one for example that recommend other tools right so if we say list the best AI writing tools inside this one right here and what you can actually do right

Here is when it recommends tools is just link out to a affiliate products so that you make money every time someone purchases from that particular tool as long as you include a disclaimer inside your tool that explains you do make an affiliate commission when this custom GPT recommends tools other people you

Can make money so you make money with affiliate you make money with traffic to your site you get earning for people using your GPT this will be gradually rolled out and additionally you can actually rank this using the SEO so if you look at this particular example

Let’s open up right now if we take the URL of this particular tool plug it into HS you can see that it’s ranking for 139 keywords and getting a decent amount of traffic considering we didn’t really have to build any back links or do anything to rank it right now it wasn’t

Built primarily for that purpose but it just so happened that it started ranking on Google for these particular keywords so you can just optimize the tools that you create to rank with SEO and that’s how it works step by step so just to recap we have covered how to sell AI as

A service for example topical Maps or keyword research we’ve talked about custom gpts and how to make money from affiliate earnings traffic to your site earnings for GPT usage plus how to optimize your tool to rank with SEO and of course when you’re doing this just create something that’s actually useful

To the user that they would be potentially looking for for example like this tool right here it helps a lot of people do keyword research for their SEO projects next up Twitter and creating content using AI is very very powerful for making money on Google and it’s an

Easy chat GPT side hustle that you can set up with a few hours a week as an example if you look at this particular page this is my Twitter profile you can see that number one we have links to our free funnels right here so we have our

Free SEO strategy session and free course link plus my YouTube channel right here all of them generating money with SEO now a lot of the content on here for example like this particular post was generated using in Ai and so what you can do going back to our

Example of custom gpts you can go into a custom GPT like this one for example that I created you can type in whatever you want to tweet about so for example free sap for topical maps and this is my 100x content machine basically what this

Will do is come up with a bunch of copyright and ideas that we can use inside a tweet and I’ve also got a sales copyright machine right here now if you look at this particular post that we created with AI you can see that it got 10,100 views in literally 24 hours and

It gets tons of Engagement when we create this content using AI as you can see and you know people find it useful because they’re all replying yes to this particular post because they want what we’re offering even if it is generated with AI right so it’s it’s created for

The user as I’ll show you in a minute it actually ranks with SEO too and so what it’s doing here it’s generating the copy that we can insert inside our tweet you want to keep it neat nicely formatted have a nice image Etc if you have an

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Image inside there it’s going to take more real estate inside people’s feed which means it’s more likely to get noticed which means that you get more engagement and more views and more followers now how is this related to SEO well actually if you look at this particular profile I’ve got and we’ll

Plug that into HF to check the traffic obviously this is an estimate but you can see right here that it’s ranking for 94 keywords and getting 500 traffic and that’s just for the profile right it doesn’t include all the tweets that we’ve done and also when we post

Something like this I include a reply underneath that links to my free funnels so everyone who replies actually sees my free funnels as well and that drives more traffic to our website which makes us more money in so Twitter is a really powerful way to create content with AI

That people actually find useful that is actually engaging obviously you have to manually edit it before you post it but it ranks on Google it generates traffic to our funnels which makes us more money you can even post like affiliate links for example and additionally what you

Can actually do inside Twitter is you can monetize right so for example you can see right here I can monetize my profile I’ll continue to the application and then we can set up subscriptions and you can monetize that way now if you want access to the custom

Gpts that I’ve just talked about I’ll leave the link inside the SP which will be in the free course I’ll come on to that in a second but additionally when you’re using Twitter you’re not just ranking on Google you’re not just making money you’re not just sending traffic to

Your affiliate funnels and everything else additionally you’re diversifying your traffic right so for example if you look at the latest latest Google core update right here you can see I did this poll on my channel that has 700 votes so statistically relevant and you can see that 50% of website owners said this

Google core update was brutal right so if it was brutal for you well the good thing is you can diversify your traffic and make more money through your website even if your SEO traffic gets hit because you’re getting traffic from social media and other platforms and if you want to learn more about

Diversifying traffic with saps and step-by-step processes you using Twitter and other social media platforms check out the traffic diversification section which you can see right here it comes with loads of tutorials on how to get traffic from Facebook groups Twitter Youtube LinkedIn and eight other ways to

Get free traffic to your webs next up let’s talk about local SEO right so let’s say for example if you’re selling any type of service or product online for example cstep one where you’re selling AI as a service then you should be trying to rank for local SEO keywords too so for

Example you can see right here I’m ranking for these two relevant keywords search engine optimization Derby you can see the rankings of the site increasing we created the content with AI on this particular website and basically all you do is you would type something like search engine optimization in and you can use

A or you can use Google direct so for example you can see if we type in search engine optimization inside Google directly we can find keywords so we can rank for so for example search enging optimization in London or Denver India Etc these are all keywords that you can

Rank for to generate more traffic to your services so that people buy more of your products or Services now the difference with local SEO AKA ranking in different cities just like you can see right here with this particular keyword it is easy right so for example if we

Put search engine optimization into HS and we look at the keyword difficulty and how competitive it is to rank for that keyword you can see this is a KD 97 that’s as hard as it gets but if we type search engine optimization Denver we can find some really easy keywords like

Search engine optimization for hotels in Denver that still generates the same type of clients and customers and make us money but it’s like a 100 times easier to rank for that keyword right and then you can create the content however you want and then you can use AI

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Whether that’s actually for finding the keywords content optimizations generating relevant images helping you back links helping you improve the eat on the page Etc you can use all of these methods to optimize your content so that it’s more likely to rank now at this point you’re probably going to think can

I use chat GPT to generate the content for my website here’s what I would say these are the guidelines so if you don’t want to spam Google which I don’t recommend then here’s what you do right so number one create your content for the user first and for ranking on Google

Second and number two make sure that there’s something unique or new inside your content however you create right so for example if you look at the Information Gain patent for Google right and you can get access to this patent for free of fact I’ll include a link

Inside the S&P but you can see this is a patent created by Google where they talk about determining an Information Gain score it basically looks at the information you’ve provided in your content Compares it to other information that’s already out there and then scores your content on how much additional new

Unique information you have given the more unique your content is the better now that is a patent and So to avoid spamming what we need to do is just create something new and unique now you can use AI to leverage that but your content has to be unique in some way and

This just helps demonstrate that your content is original high quality in people first so basically just add value beyond what AI does and if you do generate content with AI then just fat check it as well because that’s probably one of the other ways that Google figures out if your content is spamming

Anyway so you can rank in local cities you can create the content and leverage AI help you if you focus on quality and then you just convert the traffic into money as an example here’s the keyword we’re trying to rank for now we’re ranking number two for that keyword with

Content that leverages the power of AI and that generates more customers to our SEO agency so thanks so much for watching that is how to make money on and my chat GPT AI side hotals that make over $1,000 per month I’ve shown you that every single method can be done for

Free I’ve shown you how to do it with step-by-step saps I’ve shown you how to do it ethically without spamming the internet full of AI trash and I’ve given you proof of every single method that actually makes money we’ve talked about selling AI as a service we’ve talked

About building custom gpts we’ve also talked about how to make money with Twitter and ranking there and also how to do local SEO plus why use Information Gain manually quality control your content and fact check it before you publish it now if you want to get access

To all the saps that I’ve talked about today along with 200 chat GPT AI SEO promps I’ll leave that inside the sap what we’re going to do is plug that into my free SEO course that’s going to be in the make money section and I’ve left thep right here inside the description

So you can get free access to that link in the comments description and if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy section about how to get more leads traffic and sales to your business using SEO feel free to book that in we’ll show

You how to build a link building compan that predictably and consistently delivers you more backlink traffic salesy website we’ll show you an SEO domination plan you’ll discover the secrets of SEO link building will answer any questions you get on the call you’ll discover the best link building strategies for your website you learn

How to quickly outrank your competitors and how to increase your SEO traffic feel free to book that in thanks so much for watching appreciate it byebye

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