Today what I’m going to do is talk about how to make money on Google and my best chat GPT AI side hustles including how one actually makes me $259 per day you’re going to learn basically how to make money on Google for free with free methods using proven

Chat GPT AI side hustles and this is all based on what’s working for me right now step number one don’t share public case studies I’ll come on to that later but essentially for now I’m just going to show you what’s working so one of the first methods and I’ve never this before

And it actually relates quite closely to the whole situation of my websites getting the index if anyone doesn’t know by the way and you’re quickly catching up basically a bunch of YouTubers me Jackie Chow Jesse Cunningham have all had websites de indexed as public facing case studies that’s actually something

You want to think about in terms of making money sustainably from your website or however you use SEO it’s the fact that when you’re getting traffic to your website and you’re ranking are looking really good like this everything’s going to the Moon you also have to understand that you actually

Don’t own that traffic right so the traffic comes to you these are all leads and customers and all potential people that you can make money from on Google by ranking on Google or YouTube whever but the key here is to convert it into traffic that you Duo right so for

Example if Google or YouTube or Twitter or anyone else decides they don’t like your content anymore they can take it down just like my public case studies have got hit so before that actually happens you want some way of converting that traffic into lead that you do want that could be via

Your email list it could be capturing the phone numbers Etc of lead magnets and I’m going to come on to exactly how to do that and some of the most interesting ways to do that these days and then finally by giving value to that audience of traffic you’ve converted

Into leads you can make money if you want to see an example of that here’s a website and this could get taken down it’s probably the last public case study I’m actually going to show but you can see it’s ranking for a bunch of keywords on Google with the content that we

Created using Ai and then it’s got a chat with up section at the bottom right here which is basically an AI chat B right so when people land on the website they can click on this chat bar they can interact with an AI this isn’t fully set

Up so it’s not fully optimized but basically people can click on that fill in their details and then start a chat now this is actually using a tool called ease by Ai and what you can actually do inside there is you can build Bots and live chat Bots using Ai and WhatsApp you

Can also capture emo addresses if you want you can set up automations and this will basically take the traffic that lands on the website and when people click on the chat bar then AI can automatically convert them into leads or customers and then you can sell things to those leads and customers

That come in plus give value to them with informational content if you’re wondering how to set that basically you sign up for something like EAS you set up the WhatsApp integration is still the header or footer and then you add the code and then that converts the

Traffic that you do get but you don’t actually own into leads that you do own because you have the email address or the phone number Etc and obviously you don’t spam these leads you give them value you give them useful information you answer the questions Etc and then

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You can turn that into money by selling them info products or coaching programs or services on the back end or even selling those lead up people now one of the other methods that we actually doing is going after affiliate keywords like this as ranking tools you can see and

Then we get affiliate commissions like this for example $59 36 where we’ve basically promoted affiliate tools like linguis where ranking Etc and we make money for articles at weight now in terms of the actual process how do you what you can actually do is you can go

Onto a toour like Gemini advance and you would say just give me some bottom of the funnel keywords related to being an affiliate for SE ranking or linguis but whatever tool you’re trying to promote right and obviously in every single Niche every single industry there are different tools and software that’s

Going to help your audience so when you rank to these keywords people click on the affiliate link and you make money that way now right now I’m ranking with LinkedIn I don’t know how long that’s going to last because Google are targeting parasite pages and they’ve got

An update coming in a couple of months but whether you’re using your website whether you’re using parasite SEO this is working as I’ve shown you and essentially what you do is find relevant keyword for example SE ranking pricing SE ranking trial these are all keywords you can go for SE ranking versus semrush

Etc and people who are searching these terms on Google would be likely to convert into money and then that’s how you can put affiliate links in your articles and make money like this and that was just for one day one transaction now in terms of actually

Creating the content you can use an SEO checklist like you can see right here and you can generate it with your favorite AI tool could be Gemini could be chat GPT Etc but the whole process is taking that content and then editing it manually before you publish it so that

It includes elements of fact checking or eat signals Etc and I’m going to give away all the scps and all the checklists that I’ve mentioned today inside my free course you get access at the end now another way that you can make money with AI and SEO is actually creating content

Like you can see here daily about Ai and related terms right so for example if you look at my earnings we made $249 42 in one single day using this method and essentially most of the traffic 96.3% of it comes from Google Search how does this work in practice what I typically

Like to do is I will plug my keyword into YouTube like you can see right here and bear in mind most of the traffic comes from Google search not YouTube then what I’m going to do is I’m going to arrange the videos by few count click

This week and just try and figure out okay what’s trending right now when it comes to SEO so for example you can see that my video right here is trending four keywords related to SEO and therefore I should create another video about that topic because it’s trending

So well and getting so much traffic and from there you can easily do the keyword research for free you can easily start ranking videos on Google like you can see right here and this works for any industry any Niche for example if you’re in the health Niche you can do case

Studies about health and how AI is going to change the whole industry and just reverse engineer what’s working create content trending around the same topics and then you’re flying from there and you can see that every single one of these videos that’s getting a lot of traction right here is about chat GPT

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And AI now the other thing to note here is that I typically use descript to create the content right like you can see right here so you can see all of my videos recently that I’ve created for example like this interview with Matt digity and descript is an AI tool that

You can use to create content on YouTube on Google Etc rankit and it actually creates a transcript of the content too and with that transcript that’s generated with AI and chat gbt you can actually again run it through the SEO checklist manually edit it before you

Post it and then you’re good to go the other thing to bear in mind here is diversity in terms of where your traffic is coming from right so for example if you look at this public case huding website that took a hit obviously because he got a manual action penalty

Earlier this week as it was a public facing case study you can see that it was at 43 clicks a day and now it’s at 136 clicks so the traffic is still going up for this site it’s not a massive amount compared to Google but that’s

Just something to bear in mind it’s like even if your website takes a hit on Google you’re still going to be ranking up big which can still Supply a decent amount of traffic like for example this website 7,000 clicks or the content was generated with AI then you can still

Monetize that content with affiliate with ads getting the email list or converting that traffic on WhatsApp Etc to generate more leads more traffic and more and make more money on your site the other thing I would say here is that by creating these AI SEO case studies

Even if they get taken down which I absolutely don’t care either way I have no emotional attachment to these websites and I have no resentment towards Google as well like they had to do what they had to do I thought it was going to come earlier honestly I’ve

Always said it’s a risk from day one but essentially as a byproduct a lot of people posted about it tweeted about it we got some really good press for example like in this video Patrick’s a former client of ours he said what a great job we did and we

Kind of got a video testimonal for free out the whole process which again will make us more money because we get more sales to our link building agency and the other thing I would say here and the other thing I would say here is because I can no longer show my public case

Studies on YouTube we’ve actually have more people than ever join our Su Mastermind coaching program because I can only share my private case studies there I can’t give them away for free anymore I can’t give them away publicly and I did want to help as many people as

I could I wanted to share case studies publicly and help everyone for free but I can’t so I’m just going to show them inside the coaching program and actually our live link building clients get free access to this anyway as part of the agency service and inside there are do

Two coaching programs a week so inadvertently as a byproduct of doing these YouTube SEO case study which you can replicate in any industry and you can talk about the future of AI in your industry how it’s going to impact things Etc you’ll be surprised how many clients

Come to you and how powerful having audience is which as a byproduct because you’re helping people making more money additionally through any update like this always try and diversify your traffic right so for example we get traffic from L from Twitter from YouTube from my email list from my blogs from my

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Private case studies ranking on gole and ideally you want to diversify as much as you can right so the websites you go for the industries that you make money from the channels that you get traffic from for example social media videos YouTube Etc no even the monetization methods as

Well so if you look at the most successful companies for example like apple they don’t just sell laptop but gradually over the years they’ll build out different ways of making money for example iPhones the App Store music and they build up this ecosystem where people trust a brand so they’ll

Buy more and more products and services from that brand and I think long term that is a sustainable play because you don’t know when you can get hereit or when you can join the SEO Wall of Fame so thanks so much for watching that is five ways to make money on Google as

I’ve talked about you can take the traffic you don’t own into traffic that you do own and then you sell in product services and coaching on the back end like I’ve shown with the E by AI method right here and the email list we’ve created Additionally you can make money

With affiliate and if you’re wondering how did you do that I’ve actually included an SAP with my best keyword prompts right here including the new Gemini method that we talked about I’ve shown you how to create the content and rank it and I’ve also shown you the

Editing process that you can use to generate quality content and I’ve also shown you how we make money by ranking videos on Google making up to $249 a day as you can see 96% of our traffic pront comes from Google and I’ve actually created thisp right here which you can

Find for rank relevant keywords creating the content using Ai and descript editing it with AI and then publishing it plus transcribing it and creating and ranking it right that way additionally I’ve talked about how we make money with ads just by ranking content and then monetizing it with ad and finally we’ve

Talked about creating case studies and getting free PR by using chat GPT that creates more attention if you get more attention you make more money as long as you monetize it in the right way which I’ve talked about right here so thanks so much for watching what I’m going to

Do is I’m going to take all the saps and notes and templates Etc that we talked about today and I’m going to plug that into my free chat GPT SEO course which you can find right here it’s going to be inside the making money online section and I’m going to call that the

$249 a day method so you can see thep is right there feel free to get free access to it links in the comments and description and if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy session about how to get more leads traffic and sales

Using SEO feel free to book that in you get a free SEO strategy session where you’ll get free SEO domination plan you’ll discover the secrets of Link building you get all your questions answered you’ll learn the best link building strategies for your website and you’ll discover how to quickly

Outranking competitors with L building feel free to book that in thanks so much for watching as always thanks for all the positive support recently it’s been a dramatic week but like I say I saw it coming and all my future case studies will be privately listed inside my SEO Mastermind appreciate you watching

Thanks bye-bye

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