Today I’m going to show you how to make AI chat GPT content sound human so that you can rank number one with this AI chat GPT humanizer guide and basically what I’m going to show you today exactly how I’ve taken Pages like this for example and rank them number one on

Google as you can see right here with chat GPT content and if you look on my website before and after chat GPT you can see that our content ranks and stays ranking over time this is pre-chat GPT this is after chat GPT pretty big difference in just a year and I’m going

To share some of the best methods to make your AI content feel human as you can see we got the sap ready to go right there I’m going to show you several different methods and first of all you might say why would you do this I would

Say the number one reason is it helps your content rank number one as I’ve shown you already with this proof right here you can see that this content ranks number one when we actually humanize it additionally it saves thousands of hours of work because if you use these prompts

And use three to four different methods that you can use to humanize your content it’s going to compound across Ross every chat GPT response you create additionally it mitigates the risks of AI because this is a sustainable AI SEO strategy where your content feels and sounds human even if it isn’t and with

Everyone else just copying and pasting from chat gbt this will help you get better rankings for longer and if you actually look at this page ranking number one so you can see the content right here it feels and looks quite human whereas if you compare it to say

Chat gbt and the typical response you get from there you can see that this content is pretty average it it just looks like copy and paste fluff now the first prompt that we’re going to start off with is one that I’ve mentioned before I’m going to show it in more

Detail as you can see right here in my video last week and I’ve included the video link inside the sap but essentially you can take this prompt right here and you can say imagine you’re crafting content for a website that needs to rank well on Google but

Also you need to deeply connect with the readers because chat GPT is just thinking okay how do I create content based on what someone’s asked me to do it’s not thinking okay how do I make it sound human unless you direct it that way with a prompt like this and this is

Literally just a copy and paste prompt you can plug into chat GPT like so I would highly recommend using chat GPT 4 if you don’t have access to chat GPT 4 it’s okay you can actually use B co-pilot and get free access that way instead now if we just

Put the keyword at the top and then insert the prompt underneath that we’ve got from the sap right here as you can see and if we actually read the content right here it’s not 100% % perfect you still need to edit it slightly but that’s natural but you can see that it

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Just feels a lot more natural and it’s still SE optimized includes the keyword inside the first sentence of the article plus inside the title as well but you can see how it talks in first person it feels a lot more natural it flows better and there’s no fluffy BS like in today’s

Digital landscape blah blah blah and the output you’re going to get from that versus your average chat gbt content is f Superior and all you need to do is pop in your keyword inside the prompt right there copy and paste this prompt into chat GPT and you’re good to go now what

You can also do is you can take the content from your about me page for example and then you can plug that into chat GPT so we’ve got the about me page literally just copied and pasted it into chat GPT and then I’ve said based on this information about me create an

Article about why I’m the best SEO speaker and on top of that you can actually plug in the humanizing content impr prompt from method number one just to make it sound even better and then all the content that you get in is unique and personalized to you and you

Can basically say right keyword equals best SEO speaker write in first person as Julian Goldie or whoever you want to write as insert the humanizing prompt underneath and then insert any information that you can train it on to write as you underneath so for example my about me page and what he will

Actually do is make a very very personalized human feeling about me page P right so for example hey I’m Julian Goldie I’ve spent 6 years blah blah blah here’s a bit of information about me here’s my story what we can actually do is tweet that even more so we can say

Right keyword equals best SEO speaker right in first person as Julian gie but write the content targ in the keyword above and matching the search intent then we’ve got the humanizing content prompt underne and finally we’ve got the about me page right here you could also do this with your own video transcripts

If you create videos so for example you could take a video transcript with a typical sort of words and phrases and personal information I include about me and then use that to train chat GPT as well additionally what you can also do is inside your custom instructions so if

You go down to your name in the bottom left of chat GPT plus then go to customize chat GPT and scroll down in the how would you like chat GPT to response section what I’ve actually done is condense The humanizing Prompt into custom custom instructions for chat GPT

Because they’re going to be too long to pay straight into chat GPT like you can see it won’t actually let you and you can see the custom instructions right here we can paste that into the custom instructions under the how would you live chat GPT to respond section right

Here and then if we just ask chat GPT now something basic based on those new custom instructions we can say like tell me about SEO and it will actually give us something that feels way more human than your average response on chat GPT as you can see it’s like SEO is like the

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Backstage crew of a concert it’s all about making your website the main act on the search engine stage blah blah blah here’s a low down broken down into Biz pieces right whereas if I go on to chat gp4 inside co-pilot without the custom instructions without the humanizing instructions that

Are making it feel more natural and I hit enter like so you can see that the content is just nowhere near as good or as humanlike right so it’s very boring very monotonous doesn’t feel human at all this conversational feel right there it’s very formal it’s very professional

In terms of its response and if you compare this versus this the difference is massive in fact what we can actually do is take the content from chat PT that was humanized plug it into originality like so we’ll call that test one and we’ll ask it to detect Ai and you can

See it comes out at 98% original and that is literally with just one single line of prompt right so we’re humanizing the content so much and it makes chat GPT content sound human so much better whereas if we took this content from co-pilot with no custom instructions and

We click on detect Ai and we scan again you can see that content comes out 100% AI right and the only difference here is not the prompt because the prompt is exactly the same we’ve we’ve used tell me about SEO here and with yous tell me

About SEO here so it’s not coming down to the prompt but it’s actually the custom instructions which you can see right here and that is included inside the sap as you can see now I usually don’t care about AI detection but I do think that if you want better engagement rates if

You want better on page metrics when it comes to SEO this is one of the best ways to improve it another method that you can actually use is just train it on previous data that’s worked really well for you right so for example if you look at this tweet that I posted yesterday

It’s already got 6,500 views and this content doesn’t feel AI or chat gbt generated at all in my humble opinion right why is that because what we’ve actually done if you check out the sales copyright machine custom GPT that I’ve created right here is I’ve trained it on

Previous data that’s worked really well for me the same for this clickbait title generator as you can see right here I’ve actually given it some of my top performing titles that have worked for me really well on YouTube and then I can can say right give me a title about how to make

Chat GPT AI content human and you can see how these feel way more human than your average chat gbt generated titles whether that’s for SEO titles YouTube titles Etc I’ve even done the same for my video thumbnails and I’ll show you some crazy case studies in a minute of

Exactly how powerful this can be so for example if you check out my most popular videos ever you can see that I’ve published nearly one 1,000 videos on my channel but 1 2 3 four out of the top five performing videos ever are actually generated with chat

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GPT because what I’ve done is taken all the elements that have worked for me previously when I’ve done this with human thumbnails and then plug that into a custom GPT like this one which is publicly available and then I can generate thumbnails in literally seconds in fact my most recent video on

YouTube got 56k views using the same method the final method method is this workflow where you basically add a short answer at the top of your content right now this would be firsthand with proof including eat elements so basically demonstrate expertise Authority experience and trust and it will look

Something like this in practice right where it’s like hey I’m Julian Goldie blah blah blah here’s a short answer and this will feels very human it’s got a unique picture of me which of again shows that I’m a real human being thankfully and then if people want the

Long fluffy answer they can just keep scrolling down for the rest of the AI content and that process works really well because this article is ranking for its Target keyword number one so that is basically how to make AI chat GPT content sound human so that you can rank

Number one just like I have with my aiso humanizer guide and I’ve shown you why it works I’ve shown you five different methods to emulate this I’ve shown you how you can beat the originality AI detection with just custom instructions which you can find inside this sap and

I’ve shown you proof that every single method Works whether that’s for blog content titles thumbnails Etc plus I’ve shown you this method works and these articles actually keep their rankings over time which is pretty crazy so thanks so much for watching what I’m going to do is give you free access to

This SAP with all the prompts custom instructions and workflows I’ve shown you today along with the sap and examples it’s going to be inside the SEO system section and called how to make chat GPT content sound hum so if you want to get free access to that you can

Inside my free chat GPT SEO course link is in the comments and description and if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy session about how to get more lease traffic and sales using SEO feel free to book that in you can book it in

We can talk to you about personally building your a link building campaign that predictably and consistently delivers you more backlink traffic sales website you’ll get a free SEO domination plan you’ll discover the secrets of Link building you’ll get your questions answered you’ll learn the best link building strategy for your website

You’ll discover how to quickly outrank your competitors and you’ll basically learn how to 10x your SEO traffic based on what’s working for me thanks so much for watching appreciate it bye-bye

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