Today I’m going to show you how to make chat GPT AI content sound human and a humanizing AI SEO strategy and what you learn is quick actionable free ways to ethically edit your content and humanize it and make it just sound more human because better AI content is going to

Help better rankings and that’s going to convert better which basically makes you more money right so let’s get straight into it now you might say why are we doing this first of all Google doesn’t want unedited AI content ranking so if you look on Google’s guidance about AI generated content they’re not actually

Against it they said it can actually create useful content but the main thing is that you do edit it they just don’t want AI spam Rank and why is that it’s usually because AI content is usually sloppy in terms of fact checking in terms of its actual reliability so by

Improving your AI content using the strategies I’m about to show you you’re basically not trying to deceive Google or your readers and you’re actually just focusing on the reader which makes your content as useful and accurate as possible this actually makes your content better differentiates you from everyone else who’s just copying and

Pasting from chat gbt it gives you competitive Advantage because your competitors actually don’t know how to do this and let’s be honest it’s easier and easier for people to spot chat gbt content for example you know we’ve all seen this on Twitter or Facebook the generic stuff so basically I’m going to

Show you how to avoid that so one of the first strategies that we can actually use is fat checking your content right so here’s an example of where chat chbt has actually generated false information so this is a article by and they’ve said what is a world record for

Crossing the English Channel entirely on foot and then you can see the response right here and obviously this is a madeup world record now there’s actually various different stats on how often chat GPT hallucinates so you can see some people have quoted 15 to 20% some

People said up to 3% of the time either way if you’re getting your facts wrong in your content it’s misleading for the but also it’s an issue for SEO now you can actually check this manually yourself so you can check all the stats within your content or in additional way

To do this is you just go into originality for example and they actually introduced a fat Checker recently as you can see so what we can actually do is take this list of madeup and real real facts we won’t label them we’ll make it 150 words right here and

Then we’ll plug that into originality to use fact Checker it’s got that right here there we go we’ll scan it now and you can see it’s checking the statements and you can see right here it’s check the facts it’s highlighted which ones are false and which one are

True so you can see for example 50% potentially true 50% potentially false now I still think the best way to check the facts is to do it yourself or get someone in your team to do it that’s an easy way to humanize your content and remove all the hallucinations within

Your content and then if you select one of the facts for example like this one right here it has the statement the result and then the explanation and then it’s got this fact right here so a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance it actually gives you the

Claim supported by multiple sources so you can see it’s Source Billa right there and it’s source as well if we’ve gone to Google we’ve checked it right here and said a group of flamingos is called and then it’s finished off right there if we hit generate on search of experience it’s

Also confirmed the stat as well and then for everything that we fact check down here you can see the details right here now you can also do this inside the Plexi so if you say give me some facts about flamingos this is a free tool and you

Can see for every single fact that it gives us it’s actually referenced The Source right here on the list right so you got three sources for this fact two sources for that one if you’re creating content again you probably want to fact check it yourself that’s the best way

But you can see how with a combination of originality and perplexity you can actually fact check the content in a very quick way and you can get sources for your content that you can quickly check now I’m going to show you another way to edit the content to humanize it

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More right so for example we take this chat GPT content we plug it into originality right here you can see that it is 0% original and 100% AI right and this is constantly changing so the techniques to bypass AI detection like 6 months ago might not be working today

And this algorithm is constantly improving right now what you want to note here is that this is just a percentage chance that the content is actually AI right so for example a score of 90% original 10% AI should be thought of as we are 90% confident that this

Content was created by a human not that this is like 90% human and then 10% AI it’s just a confidence score so for example if this content comes out 100% AI detectable then you can imagine that Google is either working on or already has something baked into that algorithm

To figure this out too and if it’s like 100% certain then you can imagine that eventually web will get caught for that right how can you edit this content right here to make it less AI detectable let’s have a goal so we’ll plug this into a new document right here a theory

That I’ve heard is that if you make the content shorter then it’s less AI detectable because if you look at for example chat gbt you can imagine if the content is just one big block and all the sentences are really long Etc then that’s going to look more like AI

Generated fluff so let’s take this content and we’ll say turn this into short sentences no longer than five words nothing descriptive I’m not recommending that approach for all the content you create but I’m just using this as an example so we’ll copy that content and we’ll plug it into

Originality like so hit scan again you can see that that reduces the AI detectability of the content by 7% but still this AI detector is 93% confident that the content is AI generated so it’s not really good enough to use in this example so let’s try something else what

We’re going to do right now is say rewrite this so that it’s not detected by AI detectors we’re going to grab that content plug it into the AI detector like so hit scan again and actually that method doesn’t work either so if we open this up right here you can see it comes

Out at 100% AI just as bad as it was before now another approach that we can actually use is we’ll go onto undetectable hit humanize over here paste in the text hit humanize copy that and scan it again and you can see that it comes out at 100% original right so

Asking chat GPT to rewrite the content so it’s not detectable doesn’t really work asking chat GPT to cut down the length of the content and the sentences Etc doesn’t work either but using a tool like this we can actually edit the content and make it 100% original and that was at

Undetectable. however once you’ve actually created content like this and you’ve run it through a tool like humanizer for example the problem is that actually doesn’t read very well right so it feels very unnatural in the actual writing so it might be written to beat AI detectors but it’s not actually

Written for the user so if you read the sentence for example search engines consider comma doesn’t make sense I had a comma there over 200 factors when assess in websites including the speed of which Turtles move right just doesn’t feel natural when you read through the content so it might be

Undetectable but the problem is when people land on the page it’s going to feel very unnatural and it’s probably not going to convert if we wanted to sell something via this content so what we can actually use is this manual quality control checklist as you can see

Right here and step by step it teaches you how to edit the content in terms of removing the fluff formatting it nicely adding expertise experience and Trust fat checking it again adding eat signals pretty much everything you can imagine when it comes to manually quality controlling and editing the content as

I’m pretty much much as I keep playing around with this I add more steps to it just to make it the best it can be now if you want to see a video tutorial on exactly how that works check out this video right here should be pretty useful

For you but step by step you can see how you can actually take a piece of raw chat GPT AI content just make it sound Human by fact checking the content running it through a humanizer tool and also quality control in it with a manual quality control checklist and it should

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Only take about 15 to 20 minutes per article to actually use this sort of checklist you can easily hire a team or a VA to do that for you now I’ve shown this in previous videos as well you can also use prompts to improve the human

Feel of your content as well right and you can use all of the steps I’m talking about today collectively to humanize your content as much as possible right so for example if we ask chat GPT and I’ll do it inside po just to show you an

Example of what this looks like on chat gbt without any sort of instruction so if we say write an article about SEO you can see literally from the first sentence as soon as it says in the ever revolving digital landscape this is just generic trash that’s not what we want

Whereas if we take a prom like this one and I’ll link to it inside the Sab and say keyword equals what is SEO create a guide that blends best practices blah blah blah it’s quite a long prompt but it talks about adding keywords adding images encouraging reader interaction

And removing all the fluff for example stuff like digital landscape right here and if you compare this side by side for example this paragraph right here the introduction versus this one you can see that with the prompt we’ve actually used it just feels a lot more natural feels a

Lot more human it’s a bit more interesting to read it’s got a bit more personality Etc and then again you can manually edit the content like I’ve talked about previously now if you look at SEO content from Google’s perspective I’ve mentioned this in a few videos recently but essentially what they’re

Going to look at in some of their patents they talk about okay is your content providing anything new in terms of information versus something that was previously generated right so if you’re just using chat gbt or any of these sort of AI articles about adding anything new then you’re essentially just spinning

Around the same generic trash over the internet right it doesn’t really help so how can you improve this how can you avoid that you can actually use your own data set right so for example if we sign into kagle actually has its own data sets

That you can download so let’s say for example you’re creating an article about the most watched Netflix Regional shows so you can download the data set right here downloaded it right there then you can go on to chat GPT or whatever AI tool you’re using and with that data set

Which was free we can plug this into chat GPT using one of the humanized prompts that we’ve covered previously so we said SEO keyword best Netflix TV show only source facts from the data set attached write it as a Netflix TV lover but write the content blah blah blah

Then we’re going to hit enter like so and using Code interpreter as you can see right here it’s analyzing the data attached it’s writing the content from the perspective of someone who binge watches Netflix then it’s taken the facts from this particular data set so for example

Stranger things right here is quoted in the content then 13 recent why it’s also quoted in the content Etc it’s given the ratings from the actual content which means that number one the content will be more unique number two it’s more contextually relevant someone reading it and number three it’s more fact checked

Right now I would still recommend using all of the steps previously so quality controlling it fact checking it running the content through a humanizer but that’s an interesting way to factually check whether your content is correct or not now what you could also do is insert more relevant Unique Images that you’ve

Taken into your content to make it more unique and add more information so for example if I was creating an article about like the best SEO speaker I might include images of me speaking on stage like this one for example and then just insert that within the content to make

It more unique and add something new that hasn’t been seen before and then you can see if we actually run those facts through the fact Checker right here on originality you can see that most of the opinions from chat GPT are wrong but the actual ratings and data set that we’ve used originally

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Is actually proen Additionally you can just answer new FAQs inside your content as well to add some information gain that you can better just haven’t done now another way to humanize chat GPT content is to actually just generate it line by line so for example if you saw

This video between me and Kevin M he talks about creating the content not in like one big prompt but actually just generating the content line by line which makes it feel a lot more human and natural you can kind of guide it in the right way here’s an example so you could

Just generate the introduction at first give it some content so for example an article about the best Netflix shows don’t write in a dull factual way write the intro from the perspective of say a n binge Watcher and then you can see the content here that’s generated it still

Needs chopping up and editing like I’ve always talked about but you can see how it just feels a lot more natural and human inside the content and if you want to get access to the tutorial and the checklist and everything else that we’ve talked about including the prompts feel

Free to check that out links in the SRP now if we take this article that we actually generated earlier we can plug it into originality and it’s still going to come out as AI detectable which you can see right here right so that’s why you want

To use all of the techniques that I’ve mentioned today in combination now if we take that same prompt like so plug it into Claude along with the data set we mentioned earlier we upload that and Claude is another free AI tool that’s coming like chat GPT if you haven’t

Already come across it but a lot of people actually prefer clae CU it just feels more natural I’ll show you an example of what the output looks like in a minute now what we can actually do is compare sentence by sentence which one feels the most human

Right so if we look at this end sentence it still doesn’t feel 100% human right so you see how this sentence is quite long and it just feels a little bit unnatural like your fellow Netflix lovers I don’t think anyone would say that in a human conversation whereas if

You look at the output from Claude for example and it’s like what are some of your top Netflix recommendations share them in the comments below and let’s keep the conversation going happy binge watching that just feels a lot more fluid and natural to me and more conversational than the chat gbt content

So Claud is quite a powerful way to humanize your content just make it feel more natural see and make it sound more human right so thanks so much for watching that is how to make chat GPT AI content sound human with covered fact checking running the content for a

Humanizer quality control prompts to feel feel more human using your own data set generating the content line by line and Alternatives such as Claude as well which tends to feel a lot more natural anyway like I said I would recommend using all of these in combination not

Just using one technique at once because then your content is going to be different from everyone else it’s going to give your content a competitive advantage and it avoids the AI spam problem that we’ve talked about previously so I’m going to add that inside my free SEO course it’s going to

Be inside the SEO quality control section named humanization and the module is called humanization right there so you can see the sap is free to access links in the comments and description if you want to get access to that free SEO course and that comes with 42 free tutorials on how

To do keyword research SEO link building SEO quality control topical Maps systems eat and some free SEO Tools Plus how to diversify your traffic too so feel free to get that links in the comments and description and if you want to book in a free SEO strategy session about how to

Get more leads traffic and sales using SEO feel free to book that in links in the comments in description to book that in you get a free SEO domination plan and we’ll answer any questions live on the call directly with you thanks so much for watching appreciate as always bye-bye

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