Today in this interview with fery gazoni we’ll be talking about the best ways to build high quality free backlinks with PR how to pitch journalists in some processes that I’ve never revealed before plus we’ll break down this whole process step by step so you can emulate

It get free access to that and let’s get straight into it so how do you build back links yeah straight to the point right many might know we are doing digital PR for as a method of building links I used to do lots of Link building

Before digital PR and I used to guest BS and I used to outreach personally to like thousands of bloggers and guest BS for link building link schemes going out and asking links and then we give you the link back I actually got a manual penalty for this for this method before

Wow for large larg scale you know link exchange I was always passionate about link building I thought it’s one of the hardest disciplines in like SEO is one of the hardest tasks to build links that are being appreciated by Google and then in 2020 I’ve seen some digital PR

Agencies coming to surface like Rises 7 and reboot online and and I said this is amazing this is completely genuine we have to figure this out somehow and we started setting up a department and that’s how I discover digital PR and ever since then digital PR is the only

Way we build links for other clients we scrapped every other SEO work and now it’s only digital PR that we do so like for anyone watching if they wanted to get into digital PR which I think it’s a really good way to get super high quality ma right from like real big publication

But for someone watching like how would they replicate that process for their own website they would have to first be a student of the industry so you canot just start in day one and say yeah I’m going to build links next week it doesn’t work like that and it doesn’t

Work like that for us either we had months and months of tens of thousands of pounds invested into wages and processes to figure it out so it’s not going to happen overnight so don’t expect you’re going to go out there and write something send it out to 10

Journalists and they yeah you get links it doesn’t work like that so just setting the Pati it’s okay if you don’t start off with a big bang so they would have to start being students of the industry watch what journalists are writing about go on go on

New York posts go on the websites that are known for working for picking up PR stories like stories from PR agencies and study what they write about just go to Google and say site New York Po and whatc and they say expert reveals and it will show you all the stories that been

Written by the journalists and that have picked up stories from PR agency because expert reveals it means it’s most likely to be a story that was pitched by a PR agency and just try to reverse engineer their thought patterns like how do they think how do those journalists think

What do they need from you as a public relations professional they always need experts so try to find if your client is an expert then try to find stories that your client might help those Publications with a sleep expert journalists always need sleep stories like how to fall asleep in five minutes

We know like a large part of the population struggles with that and we know journalists are going to cover that topic so just go out and study the news outlets for let’s say a month and just immerse yourself mentally into into the news agenda see what they’re writing

About with advanced search operators and then start crafting something and then and and then start finding the right journalist you can use tools for that like roxil or or Sian or valo there are some some tools that can help you find relevant journalists so these are tools that you can basically connect with

Journalists via like cion did you say was one what were the other few tools Rox Hill Media and and then MRA and valo as well and I think there are a few more but these are like the top tools in the industry they start I think they start

From around 500 pound a month up to if you have a low license like we do we pay like 120,000 per year on licenses for these two tools for a larger team but this start for about a month and they help you to find so you can literally

Search even for the titles that journalist have covered and it gives you the list of journalists who wrote about the topic in the past six months so you can filter the dates and that’s how you find the right journalist when you have the story or for anyone not wanting to

Allocate that budget like 5500 pounds a month you can actually do again advanced search operators to find journalist and stories written about the same topic uh previously and then you can just manually find the emails you can use maybe Hunter and Hunter do I think it’s

Doio or yeah yeah to find the email addresses of those journalists H it’s a cheaper service but it’s not as scalable because you would have to do the work manually so you will find probably less journalists but maybe they’re going to be more accurate even

Than the roil and then just send them the email with the pitch it’s a simple concept of course I make it sound really easy and it can can be easy but that’s the process I identify what the media is talking about and write something in their style so make sure the style they

Write in it’s not like a Blog article style because that that’s what I’ve seen the most common mistake of people starting out is like they write a blog post on like instead of writing a proper simplified report on their you know findings they write a L like blockb and

They start with a question have you wondered why this blah blah blah and then you know it it doesn’t work it’s got to be written in the style of a news article or most so the journalist can easily copy paste and extract the information that they need in the star

That they are used to that’s what I for example in my old company when we were getting back blinks for their website right and this is way way back talking like 10 years we used a company called Source bottle and they would basically write these press releases that were

Formatted totally different to your normal sort of blog post right it’s like understanding the format that journalists would like and that they can easily work with whereas if youate guess post it’s just going to go straight in the begin yeah they’re like what’s this this is not how we work this

Is like a block post written for us and sometimes some people send me like Google Docs with the Press hey F can you take a look at my press list first of all half of it is Char jupit written it smells it smell you can tell it it

Hasn’t been formatted for the Press you can tell the expert quote is actually a CH GPT quote which by the way could be okay if you just human edit a little bit to adjust it to to the style of the journey but the second it looks like a

Blog post it looks like post written it looks like a Content written for like a blog post which should not be done yeah we can come on some ways to improve the manual edit of chat GPT content later but just to recap then so the process is basically like you reverse engineer big

Publications you type something like site C on their site and expert reveals maybe a leich just try and figure out okay what’s trending right now and what’s going to get topics and then from there you want to connect with journalist by like cion roilo right what’s take connectively in Twitter by

The way for this because I see some people recommending expert quote or connectedly the new Harrow platform have you ever tried those we have not tried them because for us it is the slow lane so like Harrow that’s what everyone knows it’s the term everyone uses now

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The slow lane you are reacting to journalist request instead of being proactive and getting journalist to react to your pitch so we it’s the other way around we don’t wait for journalist to come to us we go to them before they even think they need our

Story so we try to anticipate what they write about instead of instead of waiting for them to come to us right so it’s I would say is Haro is great and I think it’s a great it should should be done but digital PR is the fast L the autoban in

Germany you have the autoban where there’s no speed limits that’s digital PR and Haro like the a roads is like the the single Lane traffic but I think it’s still har is still great but we can try it because our processing systems are not built for getting har links they’re

Built for getting digital PR links and then when you’re writing that pitch and you want to write it in their style writing do you have any tips on learning how to create that same format that journalists would be used to yeah it’s we so we have a very simple format and I

Always post about this I’m happy to share I want to receive messages saying thank you I’ve just landed this Tech rad link and we have the intro so this is an interesting trick that nobody is using so we have the title of the email and then you have the first line of the

Email these two are the sales this is where sell your press relase the title is what you only see in the list and then the first line it gives you a second opportunity to further sell your pitch right because that’s going to be shown as a preview of the email in most

Email inboxes the title should be of course catchy it should be short and straight to the point and then the first line as well should add extra value to the title it’s almost like a YouTube thumbnail the the title is the thumbnail and then the first line is the

Description that you have on my YouTube video it’s exactly the same you have two opportunities to capture the attention of journalists and and this should be leveraged to the maximum it’s it’s really good for open rates we sometimes have 40 50 or even 60% open rates on

Some emails if we cleverly craft you know the these two lines and then you have you three bullet points intro if you go to you know the express or New York Post or any other major publication you will see the format is usually they have the title they have an image and

Then they have three bullet points that outline almost like they compress the whole article into three bullet points and that’s how the Press Rel should be as well like Leverage the top to again further sell your story your pitch to the journalist as they open the email just compress everything in three lines

And start introducing the client and then start presenting either the expert code or the data and then at the end you must specify the methodology it’s it’s very important to really just show off how how you’ve done the study because journalist will not trust you any like

Any other way if you don’t don’t have a proper methodology journalist will say what’s this like why would I trust this so outline down to the finest detail how you conducted the research uh show of all the um of the sources of the information of the data sources and make

Sure journalist understand they have almost like no questions and and then you you send it out that’s how the format is what what email address do you to actually send the email is it by your agency or would you use the actual client’s email address yeah we use we

Use agency email yes so it’s it’s our own email address that we use instead of the client’s email address it would be very unscalable to having to get the clients to modif the DNS settings for their domain name to set us up with a proper email that we use in our system

Or even to just add it to roxil or cision because Rox cision has got like proper highly scalable email delivery service it’s really good but then you would have to modify sometimes you would have to modify DNS settings of the domain name to make sure that the the

Emails are being delivered properly um so it would not be viable and also journalists already start trusting an agency if they provide lots of Stories the agency is actually more credible if they send the email rather than the the company who commission the research right so it’s it is an advantage to use

The agency email because journalist will trust you more they’re like hey these guys are they have research department they have compliance departments they have press relase approval departments and it’s all being polished and they trust you more when they know you’re on agency yeah that makes total sense and

Then what sort of conversion rate do you expect I know you mentioned you get about 40 or 50% overate sometimes how many emails you have to send before you get featured in a publication it it really depends it really depends on the story it depends on the timing of the

Story if it’s a reactive PR conversion rate goes to the roof because we know every journalist will be writing about with ELO mosque and Mark zerber fights everyone will write about that topic therefore the conversion rates are higher if it’s almost like I I would I would use the word like boring data

Study that’s being done like it’s being covered every every six months by the press and the conversion rate tends to be lower but then we can just play the numbers game and just keep on pitching keep on re angling it’s sometimes it’s 100 emails sometimes it’s 2,000 emails it really depends on the

Story but I would say anything below so you would not want to send below 500 emails any story it will just not get the traction that you want that’s interesting isn’t it yeah so it is a numbers game probably to the same degree that Outreach is but it’s still a number

Game PR the thing I found and I’ve only really got experience with har I would say the thing I found with har is sometimes you don’t get those back blings back until maybe six 9 12 months later this why we don’t sell it a service anymore because CL how long do

It typically take to to get featured again it’s a it depends on the type of those if it’s a reactive it can be in one hour if it’s a data piece it can be three months so we always say as a DE line for our delivery six to eight weeks

But sometimes it can be even three months because as you said you it’s not like blogger Outreach some in the past we had some clients who confused our service and it is completely on us so if they are watching this it’s completely on us because we were not 100% clear

Enough this is not a guest Post Service where we have a control over the deadlines and everything they thought oh when is my article going to get published it we will deliver it’s a range it’s not an exact date hey like it’s going to be next Friday like it

Doesn’t work like that right so it’s always it’s got to be a range but yeah it can be between one day for a reactive piece or even three months for a bigger data piece that you have to re angle 50 times for 50 states and then keep on

Pitching until keep on changing the story keep on adapting it yeah it’s again it’s a very wide range of timeline is it typically your d90s and your d8s are you getting not always there are so the stories are being picked up by or news outlets so we just go to rockand

Whichever journalists have written about topics we pitch it regardless of their Dr so sometimes it can be dr50 or dr90 or dr80 or dr30 so we have a healthy mix of of you know every type of publication because it’s what roxil and these media database tools provide they are like

This Publishers who go and sign up there to receive stories from agencies and we we just select everyone we don’t it would not be viable for us to say oh only we’ll pitch only the R50 websites even if you would do that you will still be picked up by the 30 websites because

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Sometimes the New York Post publishes something and the small sites will be like oh that’s an interesting story I found it on new post let me write about this in the smaller Publications so it’s literally impossible to avoid any any publication because once the story is

Out and once any news outlet has picked it up then anyone can just write about it so then once you’ve actually pitched the journalist are you chasing that up are you following up with them several times or do you just it yeah we follow

Up in a few days we are saying hey have you seen the story do you need anything else and then we even resend it after a few weeks if if nothing landed we just keep our resending the story nice youve pretty much guided us through the whole process there number one reverse

Engineer the Publications number two use tools like seion or roxil from there write the pitch in their style of writing using the tips he talked about and then follow up but it might take a bit of time could be anywhere between one hour and a few months before that

Article get published depending on how good the story is before we move on is there anything else you want to say on the process because that was super I think I just have to set the expectations that some stories will not land and it’s normal we just have to re

Redo the story and try to find a different angle so just setting the expectations of not if anyone is trying this and they will not get traction don’t be upset oh this is not for me blah blah blah it is it is how it is and just keep on going because eventually

You will figure it out so just don’t give up if two or three stories are going to land anything because it’s normal we had 30 stories that landed nothing and we are so I I was literally crying in office like why does nobody care about our story like it’s normal at

The beginning and just keep on going yeah I actually I think that’s a good lesson of Brazilians one thing I read about you actually was that you work 16 or 18 hours a day right some many days yeah many days yes so I have almost a

Deal with my wife and like some days I’m flexible I can just take the half day off but in many days I’m like hey I need to be I need to be from morning till evening in office because I just want to immerse myself into into the work when

You do those long days when you just go through things you might I know those St like when do you have to leave at 4:00 okay I got a short day so I’m just going to procrastinate but when you have a big day I’m here I’m here for the

Fight I’m here for the war now today and you just keep on you know executing like way so yeah some days I do like very long days from 7 until until 10: in the evening or from 6:30 until 10: in the evening they’re so good so valuable it’s

So good you you feel you are probably the same when you achieve something during the day it’s the best feeling in the world like when you do something and you have a big output there’s nothing nothing can compare compared to that feeling of I’ve done something today I’ve been I’ve contributed something

Today like big and it’s so valuable and it’s so good for the for the soul as well I think I think the good thing about what we all do is that it’s almost tangible right so you can see the output like for example y if you land a back

Link from really highd website that’s amazing you can see it it’s tangent or for example if you put out a YouTube video and it flies you’re like nothing feels better than that one out of 10 statistic on YouTube yeah indeed indeed I’m I have to level up my YouTube game

Because you’re with the YouTube videos of course you you smashed it there but the same feeling is with LinkedIn so with Maring when I post sometimes I spent half a day on doing making a post and as you said with the YouTube video it’s just such a good feeling when

People love it and with people say oh this is really good it’s valuable that’s that’s an interesting one so you spend half a day on one post on LinkedIn sometimes I do yeah wow so because sometimes I do like big big case studies and I have to go into our systems find

The information about the campaign find write the post and then re angle the post take screenshots of of Publications sometimes I redo screenshots like three four times every image so yeah it does and not always it doesn’t always take a half a day sometimes it takes half an

Hour or sometimes in the shower I have an idea I quickly post something like two lines and it gets good traction but it’s yeah sometimes I spend yeah hours on a post that’s impressive though because I think a lot of people look at how all to make it or how to do it

Quickly but actually it’s all about quality yeah indeed indeed it’s it’s standing out with the value and entertainment I think most of my post are a combination of entertainment and information like education and it’s hard to create something that really like the masses resonate with it’s not easy it’s

H it’s not a two click solution it’s like you have to dig dip in the rabbit hole of your mind and make sure something that you the thing that you post is going to be resonating with people I think it’s a great shout though especially for a lot of people who are

Watching this and maybe they got hit by some of the recent updates is if you diversify like this and you getting traffic messio or LinkedIn or even if you create a great LinkedIn post you can post it on Facebook groups or Twitter as well right that’s what I do I post on

LinkedIn and Twitter and then on some Facebook groups I always especially on Facebook groups I always have to make sure that there’s like zero promotion in there I don’t want to even on LinkedIn I don’t want to promote I don’t want to be like hey buy from us it’s always got to

Be value to user but yeah I always distribute It Wide feel free to post in our Facebook group anytime we in there I’ll put a link in the description as well in case anyone else watch yeah of course what’s the Facebook uh group’s name it’s pretty keyword opon I’ll be

Honest with you it’s called SEO backlinks Ai and chat GPT nice one man let’s get the buzz in there yeah let’s do it let’s do it it’s good so what about with editing chat GPT content do you even use chat GPT for cont content or do manually edit it what you process

It I have to admit I’m behind with GPT in terms of I know many many even PR agencies are using it I’ve done a campaign which which is still not out it’s going to go out probably in a week but I’ve done it by getting Char to

Suggest me some quotes expert quotes and then I’m going to share that with the client of course but we are literally not using CHT for our content we are experimenting with it but unfortunately and we should I know we should use it it would probably give us a big Advantage

But in order to use it at a large on a large team we need like proper viable processes first so that’s what I’m figuring out now is it is it going to help is it going to speed up the process which probably the answer is probably

Yes but we are not I’m not using it for active campaign creation maybe some ideation maybe the team is using them for some ideation I think they have been using it for just coming up with some some extra ideas based on what we already have but I for this specific

Press release that’s going to go out and that’s one that I’m doing personally I usually don’t get involved into the actual active creation of the press releases or of the work because I’m not reliable I sometimes have 20 20 meetings in a day or I know 10 meetings in a day

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And I just cannot deliver what I said oh assign me this campaign I’ll deliver and then after two weeks I say can can we reassign this to somebody else because I’m literally you know swamp with meetings but I do almost like on a hobby level I do some campaign to test our

Systems test our processes and this one is one example so I’ve just got charity to create an interesting um I’m not going to say the campaign name because somebody might do it in the meantime but it’s a campaign for a gambling client and Char gave me like the essence of it

Like the foundation and then I went in I put it in grammarly I put it in a Hemingway editor and I started editing it there manually and rewriting lots of you we know already how how chat GP content feels like when you it so just re editing it like proper manual one or

Two hours editing on the whole press list to make sure it is a human output at the end and that’s what I’ve been you know experimenting with but no active no active chb content yet on the team level are these links no followed typically with PR or no I think many

People believe that oh these are all no follow absolutely not there a mix of both sometimes it’s 50/50 sometimes it’s 3070 and some time 7030 so it’s a healthy mix of both sometimes we have we had a link on for our client betmgm it’s a betting client with

A link on um it’s a do follow but sometimes it’s a no follow it really depends on I think every department has got their own kind of methodology of do do we do outbound linking by adding the no follow or or taking off the no follow it’s really a

Matter of I think of the policies of of each department sometimes we’ve seen a link do follow link on BBC we had a pothole camp campaign for one of for smart survey and it was a do do follow L on the BBC but the other time the

Express sometimes it’s a no follow so but but I think it just creates a healthy mix of both and I think that’s what you would actually want as an SEO to have both you would not want just 80% do follow because that will really be a

Red flag to to Google even though it’s earned there are algorithms that are not human supervised they they will be like hey this the ratio is not normal here yeah 100% yeah it forms part of a natural back bling profile it did awesome is there anything else you want

To say before you go I think that’s you know hopefully people took away some something and hopefully they will start searching like site operator I think that’s starting point of you know of a health PR campaign just dive in um and explore be an Explorer of the news

Actually I wrote your process down and I’ll put it inside the description in case anyone wants following I think that’s really valuable also very actionable so yeah awesome and what’s the best way to get in you just link LinkedIn or just Google my name fer it’s I know it’s mirrored

With FY Kon and I’ll be on LinkedIn I’ll be even on Twitter now recently have started being more active on Twitter and and YouTube I have to man yes yeah yeah of course anyone who’s negative like anyone who’s even like slightly say oh even if they say the silly word is even

Triggering me to block them anyone who’s negative it’s I just block them and I fed out quite a few people and now it becomes quite a positive environments but never really block people on Twitter maybe I should try yeah of course eliminate any negative why why would we

Have negative people who who are allowed to just spew there you know negativity there like let’s be kind let’s be positive it works it works well yeah that’s it I try I think that’s what we do on this channel is like positive people in indeed Point got a great

Absolutely exactly and I have to talk to you to let’s have a drink on in in Vietnam talk about YouTube I have to level up my YouTube game now I’m always I’m like puzzle should I do what Julian is doing posting daily or should I do more highly edited videos that take two

Three days to put together by our team I should probably go in and just share everything by screen share and maybe that’s the way forward I have to figure out YouTube not figure out I have to just commit to YouTube I think that’s the problem the lack of genuine

Commitment for YouTube yeah the biggest differenti I’ve seen between the people that do really well on YouTube and the people that never really get any traction is that and this is not just in SEO it’s in loads of different Industries normally they start off with the 30-day challenge and they do a

YouTube video every single day that just takes them to a whole new level because when you perform at that level of intensity you get new ideas you learn very quickly the difference between your first video and your last one is insane and then also hand publishing consistent

Absolutely I have to get down I have to do a challenge with you to hold myself because I don’t have anyone say oh fair you said you’re going to post daily like I don’t want to let people down I don’t want to let this person down I have to

Either post on link saying I’m going to do a post a day and then if thousands of people see that I have to keep my promise or something that really holds me accountable so whatever happens I’ll just make a video a day even if it’s like a one minute two minute video I

Have to post as you said play the numbers game to get into the habit of becoming good at it that’s how you become good with something where you keep on doing it yeah 100% the other the other cool thing about the whole process is like it creates more content for your

Other channels right so they might be a workflow that you talk about in your video you can actually translate into an amazing LinkedIn po store an amazing tweet I posted something from one of my videos yesterday just like very simple four-step process end up getting 13,000 Impressions straight up that inde you

Got repurpose it to any format yeah exactly exactly so super powerful for that and yeah I’m excited for you man we’ll catch up about it soon I’m almost like feeling responsible now because I told you you’re locked in now yeah you can’t get out of it no just I

Want to you know I want to be yeah be more like feel like a sense of responsibility for this you know for YouTube yeah there’s other things I’ve tried for accountability in the past as well that work pretty well like for example on you won’t believe this but on

Five C you can actually hire an accountability coach oh wow really and yeah and then you’ll have a call with him each week and you’ll say exactly what you’re going to do and how you going to prove it so for example YouTube anyone can check that and then you’re

Held accountable to someone you’re never going to jump on that call say you know I don’t be the type person wow wow okay yeah good I have to explore this option as well yeah yeah it’s a good one definitely work for me okay let me send

Me a link to to that person maybe I can use the same person all so good thanks so much it was a pleasure to be here and hopefully everyone got great information cheers yeah definitely thank you so thanks so much for watching if you want

To get in touch with Ferry you can check out his website search intelligence. links in the comments in description and if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy session where you can get more leads traffic at sales using SEO feel free to book that in I’ve broken down

The whole process and included a link to my Facebook group inside the description of this video thanks for watching again bye-bye

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