This is how to create a killer YouTube video to blow up your channel because one or two killer YouTube videos have the potential to significantly transform your channel permanently pay close attention because many creators including myself achieve their Breakthrough by having just one outstanding video go viral but what

Makes the video exceptional why do some videos go viral While others don’t what do we know that you don’t is it the camera we’re using is it the editing is is it because we have better equipment clearly there is something you’re not aware of and I’m here to help you figure

It out if you practice what I will teach in this video with every upload you will transform your YouTube channel completely in six months have you ever heard of the 8020 role it states that 80% of the results come from just 20% of the inputs in case of YouTube The Core

Golden part that makes up the 20% includes the idea package and the hook even if your video is the most valuable piece of information on the internet if these three elements are not well executed your video will flop the First Fundamental step of video creation is idea generation whenever I think about

Video ideas I ask myself why should people care what’s your credibility who are you trying to help and why world is inherently a selfish place people only care about what value you can bring to them through your videos this can be entertainment education motivation or even relaxation if you want people to

Watch we need to give them a reason to click because if they won’t click on your video and if they won stay on your video they will never get the value you give so the next step to make people click is by prioritizing the packaging before even you write the script I

Highly recommend you to brainstorm on the title and the thumbnail I usually have at least five potential titles and three to five thumbnails in my head before I even start thinking about writing a single word on my script when it comes to creating thumbnails two things are important one consumption two

Practice to develop an eye for thumbnails you need to consume bunch of videos and see various thumbnail Styles the best way to improve is through ethical stealing which is also called stealing like an artist nothing you see online is original it’s just a mixture of bunch of other things if you think

Something is original you just don’t know the source I highly recommend picking 5 to 10 of your favorite creators for titles and thumbnails and analyze their best and worst performing titles and thumbnails can you see any patterns what makes a title and thumbnail stand out how can you apply it

To your own creation after you make sure your idea and packaging is interesting now we can start focusing on writing the script I like writing my script word by word because otherwise I find myself rumbling and talking about irrelevant things for hours and hours and editing becomes a nightmare in my script

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Template there are four important checklist items that you can access for free from the link in description below the first thing is sharing our struggles people are more likely to connect with and engage with our content that they can relate to on a personal level by opening up and sharing our own

Challenges and obstacles we create a sense of authenticity and vulnerability that can deeply resonate with our audience the second checklist item is to show the change rather than just telling visual storytelling is a powerful tool that can Captivate viewers and make our message more impactful instead of simply

Stating facts or giving instructions use visuals and demonstrations to show the transformation or progress that can be achieved through our content this not only makes our video more engaging but it also helps viewers to visualize the benefits and outcomes comes of following Our advice and recommendations but the

Process of creating a shot list capturing them editing them in a timeline can be timec consuming and sometimes we even forget to capture a one shot and going back to that taking that b-roll is really time consuming and it’s also really overwhelming that’s where the kena’s new magic media tool

Comes in with magic media you can easily transform text into capting videos all you have to do is really just to write a prompt and you watch the magic happen magic media generates short videos that perfectly matches the design and it also Rings your ideas to life I’ve been a

Huge canva fan since the beginning I’ve been actually using Cana to create all of my thumbnails all the way back from the first video that I uploaded on this channel for example I use Cana to create this thumbnail and this thumbnail and this and also this thumbnail so if

You’re looking for a tool to level up your video creation to the next level Cana is a perfect tool not only for thumbnail creation but their magic media tool will help you create the best videos that you can ever imagine don’t forget to check out the new kena’s magic

Media tool because it’s a GameChanger for creators like us so if you’re interested check the link in the description below to get a 45 day free trial of Cana and try out the Cana magic media tool thank you cana for sponsoring this video hi a huge fan the third

Checklist item is to make the audience feel involved to keep people engaged and invested in our video is important to make them feel like active participants rather than passive viewers this can be achieved by involving the audience through storytelling and actively listening to and caring about their feedback the fourth and final checklist

Item for our script is to put instructions into a more personal context by incorporating our own Reflections instead of simply telling what to do share your own experiences and insights to provide a more relatable and personalized perspective by sharing our own Reflections we create a deeper connection with our audience and

Establish ourselves as a trusted authorities in our Niche one of the common mistakes I see people making is not setting a deadline for their project we need to overcome Parkinson’s law it basically states that work expends to fill the time available for its complete comption in other words if you give

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Yourself a week to complete a task it will likely take you the full week to finish it even if it could have been completed in a shorter amount of time I’m speaking for an experience okay because it’s extremely easy to be a perfectionist when doing creative work because there is always something to

Improve and you can do it indefinitely basically there is no limit and some of us are working full-time some of us have kids and our time is the most valuable asset we own so look at your calendar and ask yourself realistically how much time you can spend each month on making

YouTube videos let’s say you have 20 hours per month to make videos right that means basically every single week you can allocate 5 hours so whenever you’re making videos whether you’re brainstorming or scripting filming editing or creating thumbnails track your time cuz after you finish creating

One video reflect back on how much time you spend on each aspect of video production how much time did it take for you to create that one video is it 5 10 or maybe 15 hours and based on the time it took what’s the realistic number of

Videos you can create each month often times we set an unrealistic expectation for ourselves and when we fail to exceed that expectation we blame ourselves and get discouraged to try once again I remember telling myself I’m going to post eight videos per month and I thought it was realistic unless I

Tracked my time once I tracked my time I realized that each video takes me around 15 to 20 hours to create so for me to create eight videos and have other projects alongside of the eight videos that I post I need to be working 160 hours per month which is crazy and it’s

Only for videos imagine the other time that I need to work on the merch that I create the brand that I create or digital products that I create it’s impossible so tracking your time and setting your expectation realistically is a crucial step you should never skip

And if the numbers of videos you can create each month is significantly below your goal you have two options the first one is basically taking a look at each aspect of video production and look for ways you can cut that time down this can be done through shortcuts practicing and

Getting used to it basically or taking online courses or Outsourcing the other option is reflect back on your goals and ask yourself why you want to publish specific number of videos where is this goal coming from are you being a perfectionist creating two high quality videos is pretty good and because you

Will get better at each time with each of upload even though it might slow down your process compared to for maybe posing four times a month sticking to your realistic plan is far more sustainable than hustling and burning yourself out trust me I burned myself out it’s the worst thing in the world

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Don’t do that another misconception beginners have is I need to create Mr Beast level high production videos otherwise people won’t watch our priority should be the value we give through our videos the production quality doesn’t matter if you’re not offering anything valuable to the audience if you share valuable

Information and even if your production quality is not the highest you will still get views have high retention the difference between YouTube and traditional media is the roness the reason why YouTube blew up and became the new TV is because it felt raw and real compared to traditional media so we

Need to use it as our advantage we need to show more personality share personal valuable experiences and share from our perspective last lastly let’s talk about the most important part of all which is building a community this is where you gather a bunch of like-minded people who are just as passionate about your

Content as you are is it like finding your own tribe and when it comes to your business community building is absolutely crucial because it’s not about chasing big numbers and trying to get as many followers as possible absolutely no it’s about having a group of loyal customers who truly believe in

What you’re doing let me tell you a little secret even if you have a small audience but they trust you and engage with you you can still make a good amount of money without burning yourself out isn’t that amazing because it’s all about quality over quantity when it

Comes to subscribers so focus on gaining the trust of your audience and building a real authentic relationship with them because that’s what matters the most think about it when you have a community of dedicated fans they become your biggest Advocates they will share your content recommend you to their friends

And and even buy your products or maybe Services it’s like having your own little army of supporters and let me tell you that kind of support can make you can take you so far so forget about chasing numbers and focus on building a community connect with your audience

Listen to their feedback and create a space where they can feel valued and part of something bigger because when you have a strong Community everything else falls into place trust me it’s the ultimate goal that I have if you found this video help you might also find my

Upcoming YouTube course useful I will guide you from beginner to expert and teach you everything you need to know to succeed on YouTube if you want to be notified when I release the course join the waiting list through the link in description below

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