Look at all these children story books these are published globally in Amazon and different other ecommer platforms and owners are earning in millions so in this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can design your own book each story book how you can leverage AI tools to

Create or write a story designing the book and proof wring the book and finally publishing and selling it with a high margin this particular video is sponsored by AI director Pro which is the best software for proof reading I’m going to show you that in this tutorial

Make sure stick around with me till the end and for now let’s begin with the tutorial TP one market research any book cannot be sold online so we will have to do a small market research you see this book I have found where 137 ratings are there and these

Are rated very high 4.8 star we are going to use some of these words as the keyword for creating our book as well so let’s move forward to the next step where we are going to generate stories for the book for the sake of this tutorial I’m going to use chap gbt 3.5

Now I have given this prompt please write one short key story on encourage bravery and Powerful fearness where there should be a great model for 3 years to 8 years so after all this I’ll go to this send message option there we go we got our five paragraphs short

Story now I have given kindly give me some image prompts for each paragraph two images voila I got my image prompts ready understand one thing for publishing a book in KDP globally it has to be authentic and it has to be original KDP will ban or

Amazon will ban your shop if that is not an original human written content now let us move forward to the next step where we will be first proof reading this entire AI generated content so that our content seems to be human written and original therefore go to the link of

Aid detector. proo the link is given in the description below I will go to this top right hand side new report option I will just copy paste the the uh story which GPT has generated starting from beginning till the end okay just copy this simply paste it here is very simple

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Tool okay now go to this analyze and it will take a little while to analyze it now you go to view once this report generated option comes go to view now see 98% of this has been detected as AI written closely related to AI generated content are highlighted by red so now

What we do is open it with AI you can go for a scanning you can go to top priority edit if you go to top priority edit it will show you which paragraph you need to change if I go downwards I will go to this more human

Option then either you go to suggested paragraph you can just select that and go to suggest paragraph redite I can go to humanize this document this option and therefore it will humanize only that paragraph Okay so once this message comes we will have to do okay and then

You can rescan the document okay these sounds more like human right now if I humanize the entire document then also you can see I the difference here okay again read it after rewriting you can scan the document and this is looking like human written story right now here

If you even see the tone analysis graph this as far as this all orange do doed web is covering the blue doted web it is human written so you are safe from getting Bann due to any copyright related issues we will copy the document to clipboard Open Your Word file and

Simply paste it now let us move forward to the designing part in The Next Step so for Designing go to canva.com if you don’t have a pro account I would strongly recommend you to go for the 30 days free trial link in the description Below in the search bar type book so I’m

Taking this template for the time being now once you select a template template below that you will get more templates of that sort so we will customize this one only so customize the template now we will head back to chat gbt and we have got emage prompts now we will go to

Add new page option we will go to this app section and here we will type magic and we will get this magic media option we will take this first option magic media option here we get two types one is image and one is video from text we

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Will leverage image from text all I need to do is just paste the command here what we have got from chat gbt and we will go to this see all option and you may choose either dreamy or playful option I’m taking dreamy dreamy option now here you may choose any of these

Aspect ratios I am choosing portrait aspect ratio and then generate image like this they will generate four such images for each prompt so we have got all four Images all I need to do is just click one by one and keep adding new pages now if you like a particular image

Like I like this particular image so I can just go to this three dots and generate more like this so that I get three more such version here I will simply remove this giraffe remove the background just contrl X this from here and here crl V and right click and

Replace the background now my covered image is this way ready now see properly since our images are almost ready now let us go to the next part let us go go to Element Section and here you will have to type frame blob okay you get this blob frames okay now keep choosing

One or other as per your requirement and make it little big take this image go to position to front and just over and it’ll be kind of sucked inside and now you can position it in the right way like this repeat the same thing for

The next Pages as well first we will be taking going to the text box text option the left hand side vdet in Cana I’ll take a text box okay now let us head back to the humanized form of our story I’ll take the first sentence okay copy

It from here double click on the text box and paste it okay now I will have to go and search for Comic you get different comic fonts here you can take anyone I feel comic sanks uh give a better appeal and clean appeal as well

What I will do is I’ll go to Element Section and I will take some more elements flass okay I will go to this graphic section and see all option and you can take some nice Flats here let’s suppose this one come here at the corner and place it somewhere like this go to

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This transparent option and make sure it does not cause any hindrance in Reading go to the go to position option go to layers and bring it downwards now what I’ll have to do is I’ll have to first go to this share button download it in PDF standard PDF

Format for uploading in Amazon KDP okay make sure all the pages are selected as per order and just download what I’ll have to do is I’ll have to again go to this share share option and here go to this more option here give flip book so you get all four

Options you may choose any of the of these options I’m choosing simple booklet flip this option and then open you will have to login with Gmail or email account now go to export Your Design make sure all the pages are selected and done and then save it and

Then you can go to this view in simple flip book this is this will redirect you to their website you can choose uh any of these options I will take this page curl option go to this convert option the bottom right hand side corner let’s

See how our flip book turns out to be now once the book is ready go to this share button and now you can open from here and check how has your book turned out to be and if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit ww. wacp

Media.in where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting an arly bird offer as well at this moment so guys if you like this video please please please do subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet and please please consider to give me a like

One small request please do share my content with your friends and family so that I can thrive in every single day to create new videos like this for you all thank you so very much for staying here with me I’ll come back with some fun tutorial next week till then stay safe

And stay legendary for

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