You may have seen this kind of tutorial video a lot on YouTube allive are sharing the way of making a vast number of short videos within a few clicks this is called bulk create yes it’s possible to create up to 100 videos in a few minutes but there is a catch this topic

Is now oversaturated and due to repeated content value this kind of video won’t monetize but today I am going to share the method of making monetizable short videos in bulk mode with chat GPT that means now you can create so many videos within few clicks and they will get

Monetized also so without further Ado let’s dive in this is deid and you are watching AI lockup before creating videos always give some time to research the niche or topic if you find a topic that has a huge demand but low competition then you will get a quick success so give proper

Time to find a niche if you want a dedicated video on it let me know in the comment section okay let’s move forward to the video creation journey to create the videos today I will use a custom GPT from chat GPT called video GPT by waxo you need a

Chat GPT Plus account to make videos with this GPT if you don’t have a chat GPT Plus account don’t worry I will share another method earlier so watch the video till the end carefully all right after logging into your chat GPT account come to the GPT store now search

For wao in the search bar you will find two custom GPT here simply select the video GPT by wao from here and then click on the start chat button from here now we have to enter a detailed prompt in the prompt box enter as much data as

Possible here I am entering a ready prompt create 10 YouTube shorts videos with each showcasing a curious fact from ancient history apply a photographic background style to give a realistic depiction of historical settings the video should unfold in six scenes a curiosity provoking question a related fact the revealing answer and some

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Additional interesting fact here first I mentioned the number of the video then the platform after that the video topic the background description the video scene number and in the end storytelling idea always try to enter more data then you will get a great result okay after entering the prompt hit the enter button

Chat GPT will ask for permission to talk with wo click on conf firm and here it is chat GPT and video GPT by wao are making videos together it will take some time let’s first forward this part and here it is chat GPT has done its work now we can access the videos

From their link let’s click on the first video This is the first video Let’s watch the result together welcome to the mysteries of the pyramids did you know that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built using over 2 million blocks of limestone and granite the Egyptians used ramps to move

The heavy stones into place gradually building the pyramid upwards each side of the Great Pyramid is perfectly aligned with the cardinal points of the compass to wrap up the construction of the pyramids remains a fascinating feat of ancient engineering I think that’s really a great historical video what do

You think let me know in the comments section okay now to download the video click on the download icon from here but I always suggest customizing the AI generated content to edit the video click on the edit icon from here this is the wao editor page first the scene you

Can see that it created five scenes although I asked for six scenes that’s not a big issue you can customize the script from every scene if you want you can add a new scene or delete an existing scene in the multimedia tab you can change the background images or

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Generate images with a new style after that the voice over here you will find the voice actor list if you don’t like the voice actor you can change it from here next in the text editor you can customize the caption text font effect color and presets after that the music here you

Can use the background music from the wao library or YouTube music library after that on the details tab you will find the video title description and hashtag after all is set hit the apply change Button as I didn’t change anything it’s unavailable here in this way you can

Generate videos with chat GPT and download them on your social media platform now let’s talk about what if you don’t have a chat GPT Plus subscription if you don’t have a chat GPT plus plan you can directly create videos on wao to find the tool open your

Browser and search for wo on Google or any other search engine after getting the search result click on the first link to start our video creation Journey first we have to create an account first click on the sign up button from here now create an account with your Google

Or email account after creating the account your interface will be like this one first of all you will find the video sharing platforms here including Tik Tok YouTube Instagram Facebook and others you have to select your desired platform for example I am selecting Tik Tok on

The next page we have to enter the prompt in this box you will find some prompt examples this time I will use the same prompt used on chat GPT after entering the prompt click on the setting button now we have to set some settings for our video first the video topic you

Can select any topic from here but I will suggest keeping it chosen by AI after that come to the background setting select the background art style as we mentioned it in the prompt I will keep it chosen by AI after that set the video language our next option is for

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The voice actor listen to some of them and then set the perfect one next the caption text setting set the font size color and preset of your caption after that in the music tab set the music type in library between wao and YouTube after all is set click on the apply button and

Then hit the generate button and here it is wao has started generating our videos it will take around 1 minute to complete the process and here are they wo generated 10 videos for us let’s watch one of them welcome to fun facts about the Great Wall of China the Great Wall of China

Was built over several centuries and spans approximately 13,000 Mi its primary purpose was to protect the Chinese States and Empires against the raids and invasions of various nomadic groups the wall also served as a means of regulating trade and controlling immigration and immigration to wrap up the Great Wall of

China stands as a testament to the Ingenuity and determination of ancient Builders that’s a really good video for Tik Tok now like the chat GPT generated videos you can edit it and download it on your device all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I

Would love to hear about your experience of creating videos with AI share your thoughts and results in the comments section below don’t forget get to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next

Time happy creating

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