India is one of the largest countries in the world the population of India is more than 1.4 billion no doubt at this moment India is one of the largest marketplaces in every sector that’s why our today’s video is to Target the Indian Marketplace in this video I will

Try to make an Indian influencer model with AI and yes I will also discuss how you generate some real money with an Indian influencer model so without further Ado let’s Dive In this is deid and you are watching AI lockup to make any influencer first of

All we need to create a model face who does not exist in the real world to do this I will use an image generator AI tool before that let’s generate a perfect prompt to generate a perfect Indian model with chat GPT it will help us to make a perfect Indian model if you

Are a chat GPT plus user you will find various custom gpts to generate image prompts but if you are a a free user you can use the aipm extension to generate your prompt simply search for aipm for chat GPT on Google and you will find the

Extension now click on add to Chom from here as I already have the extension I am skipping this time once you have successfully installed the extension your interface will be like this now search for Mid journey and find the mid Journey prompt generator template after that enter your basic image description

In the prompt box I am Ty in 25 years old Indian lady in classic Indian attire and here it is chat GPT generates four prompts for us in four different styles I will use the first one because it will generate photorealistic images okay our prompt is ready now it’s time

To generate the images to generate the images I will use a free text to image generator tool called C art a complete solution for image generation with this tool tool you can turn your imagination into an art in every possible style you can create images in realistic anime 3D

Manga and all other styles in the model tab you will find a vast number of pre-trained models including checkpoint and Laura you can even train or upload your own model to get a constant result and the most fun fact is that you can use it for free okay to access Cai first

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We have to create an account click on the login button from here now you can create an account with your email account or can continue with Google discord or Facebook account I will go with Google because it’s very simple all right after creating the account you will find a vast number of previous

Generations and models in various Styles it’s very difficult to find the best one you have to spend some time to find the best checkpoint in Laura to generate the best image for you in my case I generate these images after trying over 1 hour if

You want you can use the model I used let’s see how can you find the model come to the search bar from here and change the query to user Now search for magic Art 35 after getting the search result open the user interface here you will find the images created by this

User now open a realistic image from here now you will find the photo realistic Excel checkpoint here click on it after coming to this page hit the Run button and we are on the image generation page now go back to chat GPT copy the realistic image prompt and paste The

Prompt into the C prompt box after that come to the right side here we can customize the setting first the Laura I will select two Laura realistic view 1.0 and real Luna next the number of images you can generate a maximum of four Images at one time I will select two

After that the image quality and in the last image size or aspect rate ratio at the bottom there are some extra settings at this moment we don’t need it if you want to know more about cart let me know comments section I will make a separate video on cart it’s really an amazing

Platform for image Generation all right now hit the send button from The Prompt box it may take some time to generate the images and here are our images you can see cart generates two beautiful images for us the image quality is just amazing and it’s looking so realistic

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Now select one image from here as your model face on the right side of the image you will find some options click on the upscale button to upscale the image there are some other options also available here we will explore them in another video if you

Want and this is the upscaled image now to save the image on your device click on the download button from here all right we have a model now and we need to create more images to run our AI influencer model and the images should be like our model we can run an

Influencer account with some random photos to generate more same kind of body and face copy The Prompt and paste it into the prompt box don’t change any settings we have to just change some lines from The Prompt for example we want to generate images with a cab beach

Background or the entire color just change the background and entire description from The Prompt after all is set hit the send button and here are our results you can see that cart generates two images with the same kind of character but with different backgrounds and dresses in this method create as

Many images as possible if you want to make variations of any images just click on the variation button from here C art will generate variation images for you in this way generates unlimited images for your model just customizing only the prompts now the question is is cart capable of gener generating images with

The same face characters all the time and the answer is no no image generator AI tool can’t do it now the question is how can we solve it and the answer is by swapping the face and we don’t need to use any other tool to do this cart has

The face swap option in the left tool panel you will see an option of face swap select the face swap tool from here a new page will open here you have to upload the targeted image image and in this box we have to upload the reference image which means our model image now

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For example I want to change the face of this image just download the image and then come to the face swap face and upload the image here after that upload the model face image after all is set hit the generate button from here and here is our result you can see the face

Has been changed to our model image in this way you can generate unlimited images for your model with a constant face and body type so now we are capable of generating images for our model but what about the videos or reels without uploading reels we can’t gain quick success on Instagram

Don’t worry cart will help us to do this just come to the homepage and then click on Swip AI from here here you will find the AI face swap option with C art face swapper you can swap faces between both images and videos you can download videos from Instagram and swap faces

With your model the other way to create reels is using animate anyone we already made a video on it you can watch it from the eye button all right in this way you can generate videos for your Indian AI influencer model video without spending a single buck in this way you can create

Your Indian AI influencer in serious money all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear about your experience with creating view influencers with AI share your thoughts and results in the comments section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful

And subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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