So the March 2024 spam update is over and the court update is still rolling out but today what I’m going to show you is some of the biggest winners and losers and case studies from this particular update including which sites took a big hit which sites took a

Massive win why that might be plus some of the best ways to diversify your traffic build stronger eat signals and whether the game is all about Authority and backlinks or not so let’s get straight into it and I’m also going to give you some free snps and systems that

You can you used to get more traffic even if you taken hit during this update let’s go so today what we’re going to look at is who have been the biggest winners and losers from the March spam and March core update now if we zoom in

A little bit right there you can see that the March spam update is actually finished right now but the core update is still rolling out so it’s an interesting time to take a look at okay who’s performed well and who’s performed badly after the spam update which is

What I’m going to show you today plus some conclusions we can draw from it so far if we actually look at the volatility of the serup so far you can see that over the last 30 days it’s been pretty turbulent with the volatility sensor still being in the high range

Right here so you can see 6.7 out of 10 I’m also going to show you some free srps and systems that are built that you can get access to later in this video to help you diversify your traffic which is going to help you with eat but it’s also

Going to help you get more traffic to your website even if you’ve been hit by the core update so I’m excited to show you that too now if you didn’t see the guidelines right here that was announced on MAR basically Google would targeting three things right so number one was

Scaled content abuse number two was site reputation abuse and number three was expired demain abuse so we’ll start with some of the sites have taken the biggest hits and this is pretty interesting so LinkedIn B A lot of people using this parasite seos you can see a traffic

Since the spam and core update was announced which was much a you can see that they’ve reached a high of 45 million traffic but has now dropped all the way down to 26 million traffic right now of course these are just estimates as you can see from 45 million

To 26 million that is a decrease of 42% which is absolutely insane so that’s a change in millions of traffic pretty crazy right there and some huge drops actually tweeted about this yesterday so saw this tweet from talb kabara who said that in the past 7 Days alone LinkedIn

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Pulse articles lost 16.8 million in organic traffic that’s 460,000 articles with the index 213,000 articles dropped in traffic and 1.34 million articles had keywords declining in rankings pretty insane to see that you see the chart right there now I don’t know when the data was Tak can from a I see in the

Tweet but that is very interesting indeed we also saw sites like freshes who were previously getting millions of traffic per month they were previously getting 6.4 million traffic obviously an estimate again all the figures that I’m giving on a our estimates but it’s useful for seeing the

Trends you can see that is taking a sharp drop and actually the website has been the index from goo completely some people were saying that it actually got put back in the index but not from what I’ve see I also saw this tweet from Ian nuttle that looked at sites which would

Dindex now from what I can see some people saying that Fresh’s live is back in the index from what I can see they’re not index again when I check it myself manually but if we run through some of the other sites on the list for example at oldtime you can see the

Traffic again has gone from 185,000 last month down to 62,000 Mass declining and you can see they have been D Index as well pretty interesting Niche right here so you can see that Tim was going after like really low competition lyric related content so like lyric meanings as you can see down

Here now let’s look at some of the winners right so we got they were previously at 366 million over here and the traffic is increased to 408 so that shows no sign of stopping right now previously at 57 million now at 63 million traffic so they’ve gained as

Well during the update it looks like quite a flat chart but bear in mind that has gone from roughly as an estimate 57 million to 63 million after the update so that’s an increase of 5 million now we haven’t already seen it have got some really good data about the

Latest core update in 2024 as you can see right here so if we look at the latest update so far from the 15th of March right here we can see the increases percentage right so we can see our news. CK spine Health Etc these brands are doing really well since the

Google core update now if you actually look at the list you’ll see that these are massive massive Brands right here Puma Argos web andd Etc huge brands with a lot of authority right there and another site that’s performing extremely well is so if you look at their traffic previous to the

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Update 23rd of February 163,000 organic traffic now they’ve increased 515,000 organic traffic website pets Niche lot of authority lot of backlinks pointing to their site obviously they must have a lot of eat on the site as well because it’s created by vets and additionally they are an Ecommerce store

Right so they a shop online so if you look at their side for example they’ve got an e-commerce store right here where you can buy products and I think that’s a good sign of being a real brand and additionally you can see they have legitimate bets on the websites actual

Doctors real people who have created the content so very early days obviously we’ve got the rest of the core update to go out but as you can see hide our website e-commerce on the site and actual experts writing the content are all three things that might be helped in

This site now if your site has taken a hit during the update what I’ve actually done is inside my free SEO course which you can get links in the comments in description I’ve included a traffic diversification section right here and it talks about how to get traffic from Facebook groups Twitter Youtube LinkedIn

And also eight other ways to get more traffic to website so if you have taken a hit if you’re looking at alternative ways to get traffic these videos should help you a lot links in comments in description and let’s look at some more winners from the update so this is an

Interesting site low Dr as you can see here dr4 which means it doesn’t have that many backings point into it and I know that a lot of people worried about okay you need a big brand or you need a lot of authority to compete Etc but this

Is a really good sign of a website she doesn’t have that much Authority or backlinks pointing to it right so only 147 referring LS right here and you can see their traffic was previously at 441,000 it’s almost doubled after the updates you can see right here if you

Check out the website you can see that actually a lot of the content is still monetized with ads I know a lot of people were say It’s ADS websites taking a hit as you can see this website has display ads at the top the side the bottom Etc and it’s still performing

Pretty well if you actually scroll through their backlink profile right here will filter to do follow one link per domain and look at some of the latest links they have built to their site will ignore some of the Spar stuff and also generate ones but you can see

Right here what they’re actually doing is getting back links using link inserts right so they’re getting back links within content naturally as you can see right here so relevant site related to the niche right here relevant anchit Texs pointing to their page it’s actually exact match anext as you can

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See right here so midt fade is the anext that the link is coming from and you can see that’s pointing directly to their page about mid taper fades now what you can actually see from their site is even though it’s a lowd site it’s actually

Got quite a lot of eat because it’s got multiple social media platforms all creating content in an audience across these different channels right so for example you can see the Twitter profile right here posting regularly right there the Facebook page quite a big audience on Instagram right there and

Additionally on YouTube too so they haven’t posted content for over a year but they’re doing all the right things in terms of digital marketing this is another dr12 website right here cakes you can see the traffic has gone from 122,000 up to 234,000 right here

Ranking for a lot of keywords we take a look at some of the keywords are ranking for so all cake related content and some pretty difficult keywords to rank for right the kd35 KD 26 KD 23 for a low site they’re doing pretty well right there now again this is a website that’s

Do really well by just posting across multiple social media even though this site doesn’t have many back blings Point into it it does have a strong brand right so for example if you look at their Instagram profile right here they’ve got a lot of followers strong EK profile and addition their YouTube

Channel too 218 videos 446000 subscribers I honestly think that if you’re doing SEO YouTube is one of the best compliments to that strategy just because the content itself itself on YouTube converts very well it gets Traffic Way quicker than SEO and it builds strong off page signals of theot

To your actual website so thanks much for watching if you want to get access to my free SEO course you can get that l in comments and description and it includes ways to diversify your traffic and also build strong eat profiles across Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn

Etc based on what’s working for me and if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy session where you’ll learn how we take websites from zero to 145,000 business Mon and generate thousands of dollars in sales feel free to book that in you get an SEO domination plan or

Answer any questions you have and you’ll discover the best ways to have ranking competitors thanks so much for watching appreciate it bye-bye

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