So today we’re going to be talking about the crazy Google core update that is going on I’ve been covering it daily on lives just to keep people updated and still get value Etc and it’s quite an interesting situation I’ve seen all sorts of websites getting taken down recently with the clappening that is

Going on and basically what’s happened over the last week is that Google released their core update along with a Spam update along with some manual action penalties and it’s been a pretty crazy time so I’m going to answer some of the latest questions about this whole

Update and I’m also going to talk about what I can and can’t talk about on YouTube these days because I might have to be a bit more careful with what content I share but I’ll come on to that later and for now we’re going to run

Through some of the comments and if you have questions feel free to post them in the chat as well happy to answer those too and we’re going to go through it so from the video yesterday let’s start going through some of these questions and we’ll start answering them right here

So someone says what about algorithmically hit sites should we delete the Google search console so I would say some great questions coming in shout out to youf and shout out to Jason as well this is quite an interesting one so basically this question from Ahmed right here is asking okay should you

Delete Google search console from your sites and you know for algorithmically hit site should you do it as well I wouldn’t recommend deleting Google search consoles everyone I’m just going to do it for my sites because I want to see what happens and honestly all the

Sites that I was an owner of got clapped so obviously my Google search console was hit pretty hard all the sites received a manual action penalty like this and I was basically just personally targeted not like the strategies on work because I have loads of private case studies that are working beautifully but

It’s just a fact that I was sharing too much openly and basically my size got hit just like you can see right here sadly so if you’re interested this is exactly what it looks like so it says manual actions and basically for pretty much all of my websites now I’ve deleted

Google search console now I’m not saying that works I’m not recommending the strategy I’m just saying I’m going to test it because right now why not and we’ve got some good questions coming in so Jason says yeah yo Julian shout out to Jason and what else we got here youf

Says how’s it feel to be famous right now honestly I’m not even checking so media I’ve seen pretty much every time I open YouTube a video about me or Jackie Chow so I feel absolutely honored to get that sort of attention and it’s been pretty cool honestly it’s it’s a little

Bit hard mentally to take I think if you if you took in all the noise and if you were checking every single Twitter post or Facebook group about the situation that probably wouldn’t be good for you mentally but for me I just C all the

Noise to do a bit of meditation bit of reading I like to cultivate a bit of Stillness and not log into Twitter in fact I haven’t logged into Twitter proberly for I would say 3 or 4 days now maybe 5 days just cut out all the noise

I think that’s the best way to handle this whole situation and you know there’s a lot of emotional people out there sadly so you know you just going to keep going I me yet keep a positive attitude enjoy the ride Jason says what happened the other day I was in church

Watching you before service shout out to Jason so basically what happened the other day was my live stream cut out after8 minutes it was a total nightmare SEO lady n pain says I cannot believe people are actually saying delete Google search console for me I’m just experimenting so I’ll see whether

It works see whether it doesn’t I have no emotional attachment at all let’s just see what happens and Ben says if anything is worth doing it’s worth doing properly quick programmatic and aiso will be limited on value and conversion rate optimization will be so low it’s almost

Worth not doing so for me I don’t know what that refers to but for me essentially with the site I’ve built a lot of aiso case studies in the background are performing better than ever it’s absolutely crazy particularly in the rank and rent field but also just for everything and so it’s an

Interesting time right now these strategies that I’ve shown on my channel work I just I can’t show them anymore publicly I actually made a list of what I can and cannot talk about openly and it’s quite an interesting situation but I’ll come on to that later I think I can

Still talk about keyword research I can still talk about humanizing prompts link building is probably okay keyword classroom with AI should be fine topical Maps Etc this should be all good stuff anything else I have to pretty much put behind a pay wall inside my private Mastermind where I share case studies

Where I share lessons where I share what I’ve learned and tested along the way along with some of the other community so that’s going to be pretty cool we’ve had I think I got 120 messages about my Mastermind today it was absolutely insane so yeah pretty interesting time

And Yousef says I wanted to join your monthly SEO program will I be able to accelerate growth for local SEO for example mold remediation and generate leads quicker than usual so I mean for me like I Don’t Preach any sort of fast tactics when it comes to SEO like you

Know obviously it’s a game of patience but what I would say is that if you look at the testimonials from the people who’ve joined the Mastermind it’s absolutely insane some of the results they’ve got and that pretty much just speaks for itself but yeah this is all about just simplifying SEO making it

Very very actionable cutting out all the noise and you know you’re using AI of human content there’s content in there for everyone and then you just apply what you want apply what you don’t for me local SEO does it work really well absolutely and Weston Smith says what

Are we going to do now what up to the 100 site challenge already yeah it’s an interesting one I think for me we’re still going to do case studies lots of crazy stuff lots of interesting experiments I’m still going to show a lot of value on YouTube there’s just

Certain things I can’t show so yeah it’s it’s going to be an interesting time I’m going to to make sure that I give as much value as possible and help as many people as possible that’s the main thing for me forito Pepe says Hey Julian quick question keyword research or chat GPT

Top Authority which one is your favorite one I’d like to know your opinion so for me I honestly think that with a SEO its power is leaning towards topc Authority right so what you can easily build out is a topical map with every single topic you can cover every single category

Every single page you need to create and you can do that based on your competitors you can do that based on your Niche you can automate it with chat gbt but I still prefer toal maps versus keyword research and keyword research is like great for one page here one page

There but if you really want to structure a website properly right with the right site architecture the right topics to cover and to really understand okay how do I build absolute Authority on this topic not just cover like one or two pages here and there I think topical

Maps are the best Paul says you are Alle thank you very much PA appreciate that and he says thanks so much for keeping up on creating motivational videos during certain certain time yeah absolutely I think I was speaking to KY Ru about this earlier actually I was

Like it’s all about you’ve you got to keep the positive attitude right like for example there’s a lot of emotional people there’s a lot of people upset out there there’s a lot of people really worried right now I mean it’s an anxious time for everyone and I’m really sorry

To see anyone who gets hit with with Google updates for me I’m so glad that my sites were just experiments that got hit it wasn’t anything serious uh but I think it’s all about just making sure that you are very positive you know and you’ve got to learn and adapt and bear

In mind like for example if SEO becomes harder this wave well that’s a great opportunity for you because it’s also going to be opportunities to come out of this right and if you can adapt and learn and keep a positive attitude everything else is going to fall in

Place so Manaj says would you suggest AI for Content creation even with human editing I think that’s the best combination I’ve always said that from day one like the way that I see it is it’s kind of like Michel Angelo SEO right obviously he was famous sculptor painted the sine Chapel famous Italian

Sculptor from the 1500s and he always said that every block of stone has a statue inside it but it’s up to the sculptor to discover that right and I think that’s very applicable when it comes to chat GPT if you’ve seen the SEO checkl that giveaway

And that’s in my free course if you haven’t checked out already but if you’ve seen that SEO checklist it basically guides you through step by step exactly how to edit an article properly so that you don’t just have that chat chbt copy and paste content you actually edit it and fine-tune it so

It’s the best possible piece of content it can be and I think that’s the best like humans they have common sense they fat check they don’t hallucinate so much and AI is very very powerful semantically and I think as long as you’re quality checking that content before you publish it you’re absolutely

Flying El balad says what is me by delete Google search console is it a complete removal or just removing the site from Google search conso I have a website that disappeared from search results completely without any M action penalty well number one I’m really sorry to hear that your site disappeared from

Search I’ve actually heard all sorts of reports of of human and AI sites getting basically basically disappearing from the subs right and it’s pretty sad to see that so I think right now it’s very early days for me I’m taking that experimental approach as I always like

To do I like to be a little guinea pig for everyone watching so that I can test new strategies and one of them is going to be just deleting Google search console for now so let’s see what happens and basically when I say deleting Google search console I mean

Removing myself from the account deleting all the data and basically just relying on HFS and being to measure the data but honestly I think H does the 820 bit so motivation positivity I like that name that’s what we’re talking about he says you’re a very honest person and I

Wish you all the best for your projects yeah this is one of the things actually my mate me my mate told me about this earlier today and he was like imagine if you didn’t openly talk about your sites getting hit on the first day that this

Happened and then you came out like a week later and and you owned up to it right and everyone discovered that your sites for the index for me I was fully honest and transparent from day one and I wanted to share with the whole Community what had happened I think

That’s very important and so that’s the best way like for me if I get clapped I’m going to share if something works for me I’m going to share it unfortunately most of the stuff in terms of case studies has to be shared privately now but again I’m just going

To you know spread positivity be as kind as I can and give as much value as I can back to the community that’s what I’m all about really Yousef says any software you recommend to create a topical map Matt digity is charging over $600 well I mean number one Matt digity

Is an absolute Beast I can see why he charges that he deserves the price tag and you know massive respect to him I think he’s absolutely amazing SEO uh but let me share my screen and I’ll show you a couple of methods for doing topical mths I honestly think stuff like this

You can still share and it’s totally fine it’s more some of the other stuff that I talked about on my Channel that I probably can’t share anymore so if we go onto myp for topical Maps here’s my favorite way to do it right basically you take this prompt right here it’s

Inside my free chat GPT SEO course if you haven’t already got it uh you would say give me 30 semantically relevant but unique topics under the niche in the right language and it easy to retake right and from here you can put in your Niche and put in your language so you

Can say right I’m in the bird’s Niche the language is Italian and this is custom GPT that will create the the tople map for you now if you don’t have access to chat GPT plus you can use this free prompt right here so either way you’re winning right because if you don’t have

Chat GPT plus is okay you can use this if you do have chat GPT plus you can actually use this custom GPT called s SEO topical map maker that I’ve created for the community there so hope it helps you and then what you can do from here

Once it’s actually created part one of the topal map is you can generate the pages under each category right and typically for me when I’m building out a website I would put just a category page right just normal nothing nothing special not like a silo or anything like

That and I would create 30 different topics under each category right so you take a category like this one for example you’re going to plug in part two of The Prompt that you’ve got right here hit enter and you’re Off to the Races and you’ve got a nice little topical map

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Right here right and what you’ll see hopefully if this works live on the channel is that you’ve got the category which is and then you’ve got each page underneath the main category right and the nice thing about this is if you’re doing foreign SEO then you will find the

Translation in column d as well so pretty nice I like it so I hope that answered your question we’ll go to the next one so B says traffic going down day by day keywords Gone But Not manual penalty all pages index what’s your opinion I would say

Number one is way too early to worry about it number two it’s way too early to take action right so I think you have to wait it out give it 30 days check out the trends try and get as much information as you can if you’re comfortable with that but bear in mind

As well like if you start going and researching every Facebook group or Twitter or something like that you’re going to see a lot of negativity so if you want to cut out all the noise just wait just wait it out don’t make any crazy movements right now and then just

See what happens at the end of the update once it’s sort of cooled down a little bit um because what I’ve seen in previous updates trying to be the voice of reason here is that sometimes a site will take a massive hit day one then the

Back up day two then the back down day three I mean even my website that got the index with the manual action penalty when it got reindex index the traffic just went up to an all-time high it was absolutely insane now that was a lot of people trying to search for the

Website honestly but it’s quite interesting to see that you know things can be very volatile you don’t know what’s going to happen in the next 24 hours or 30 days so just wait out do a bit of meditation do a bit of reading that’s what I recommend

Cultivate some Stillness so Shane L net 48 says the appearance of my site on GSC went down to zero but I did not receive any warning and my sit’s pages still appear on the search engine is it possible for the site to return to work yeah I think number one longterm even if

Your site does get the index there are manual action Specialists out there who can help you on this and we might actually bring one onto the channel and do a quick interview I think that’ll be a really interesting case study in itself it’s just to bring an expert in

Manual action penalties onto the channel we can talk about some of the ways to recover your site but yeah if your site’s taking a hit like I said just wait it out see what happens you can’t really make any crazy movements right now and Jason says what is some Julian

Goldie ways to rank a local restaurant and can you give me a cheeky cheeky example live this is a great question Absolutely I’ll be happy to to help you out here right so I’m going to pull up ad address right now and I will show you exactly how to

Rank a local restaurant right so number one first thing you want to do is make sure on HF or whatever tool you’re using you can use SE rush you can use adward you know adsw Keyword Planner if you want to if you don’t want to pay for a

Tool like this but basically you would put in for example like whatever restaurant you’re in right so let’s say Italian restaurant New York we can put something like that make sure You’ selected the right country right here you’re going to hit search and then from there you get an idea of how difficult

The keyword is to rank now there’s two ways that you can go with this and I would say if you’re doing local SEO it’s a bit different to your normal topical map right so you can see there’s a high traffic potential but this is a fairly difficult keyword to go for right let’s

Say you have an Italian restaurant in New York but what you can do from here is you would just go on to terms match like so and just figure out okay what are some relevant keywords I can still rank for right so for example some of these coming down here for example like

Italian restaurant New York City these seem like branded actual names of restaurants so I probably wouldn’t try and rank for them unless you’re a review site and just keep going down and then look for opportunities right so Italian restaurant in asoria New York and it depends where your your restaurant is

Located as well now the other thing you can do is then put in street names or towns around New York where you’re located the people are looking for and additionally just do different variations right so it could be like pizza restaurant or or even just Pizza Pizza New York right and usually with

Local SEO what I try to do personally is rank in the organic not the actual map listings I tend to find that works a lot better and a lot faster for me so for example like New York Pizza six right there that is a good opportunity for an

Italian restaurant in New York Stone Pizza New York that could be an interesting one if you Del if you serve that best New York style pizza near me that’s probably going to be mainly Maps Lis in but you can still find Opportunities there and then from there

You’re going to create the content what I would highly recommend is the use that checklist I was talking about you can find the link inside my free chat GPT SEO course and from here step by step you can figure out okay how do I create the best possible quality content right

So you take whatever content you’ve got from your tool for example it could be from autoblogging or chat Che PT or whatever and step by step just edit it manually before publishing to your site the days of me talking about Smash and dash publicly on a YouTube channel are

Gone so I’m not going to recommend that method today but if you just want to create quality content that’s one of the best ways to do it with this checklist and then from there as well just figure out how many back links you need right so for example example if you look at

This particular keyword HS will typically tell you how many back links you need to rank bear in mind it’s always less than you think so if you scroll down to the first page of Google right here you’ll see okay how many back links do my competitors have that gives

Me an idea of how many links I need typically what you’re going to find is the pages that have the most back Links at the top the pages with the least back Links at the bottom as you can see in this particular example there’s going to

Be some outliers like this one but this is a d95 website so you probably wouldn’t take it into account obviously you can be with Yelp which is a very very author website anyway that’s why it doesn’t need many back links and by the way if you want to book in a free SEO

Strategy session for anyone watching feel free to check that out links in the comments and description but yeah I hope that helps you so you basically it’s it’s keywords content backlinks right so keywords on atfs content using the SEO quality content checklist so you can step by step edit the content before you

Publish it and then finally figure out how many back links you need and go from there so I’m going to open this up I’ll stop sharing my screen and minhad says going forward will you do any more public case studies no that’s it the public case study game is

Over sadly and I tried to share as much as I could with everyone in the community sadly I can’t anymore so it’s all inside my private SEO coaching program link it’s in the comments um yeah I’ve tried to give as much value as I can but I absolutely can’t anymore so

It’s pretty sad but you know it’s one of those isn’t it we just got a super chat from Mr Frank thank you very much they came for the SEO King so we could grow thank you so much honestly it’s super kind like really really appreciate that Frank and I hope you’re doing well

So yeah and if you have any questions feel free to to reach out Frank you know thanks for for giving that little donation right there and makes it all worthwhile with the kind words so let’s get on to the next comment which is from Adia hi Julian created a new website

Added some content with the help of AI more than one month submitted in GSC but site is still not indexed can I resubmit that in another gsse with a different email ID so I would still stick to the gsse account that you have there’s a few

Things that you can do to make sure that you improve it so number one if you just use an indexing tool like for example Giga indexer or a mega indexer these can get your pages ranking and index faster right number two you can actually form the whole internal link architecture of

Your website to make sure that it’s all mapped out properly and everything’s easier to crawl additionally make sure that you do have a site map on your website as well easy to set up with a plugin like Yost for example which is free on WordPress and also build some back links

Your website backlinks your website just build that Authority for your site which means that you’re more likely to get indexed faster and that’s exactly what you want right and by the way if you’re enjoying this video please smash the like on it I’m trying to give as much

Value as I can I’m answering all the questions here and I appreciate everyone who’s asked a question like it’s insane how many questions we got right here and I appreciate every single one of them so Shahid says what are some ways check GPT can optimize SEO efforts

So I mean pretty much every single part of of SEO you can actually use chat GPT for right so just to read out some of the best ones right you can use Link you can use it for link building for greatting link bait you can actually use

It to to create interesting guides that actually have you know something linkable to them so you can get some data for example format that nicely have chat GPT get some insights using chat GPT create some infographics even with chat GPT and then from there actually create a linkable asset on your site

Additionally you can use it for keyword research but I personally prefer topical Maps I think topical maps are much better than keyword research and you can also use it for humanizing your existing content right so for example if you’ve got a block of content from chat gbt

I’ve shown it in other videos and I’m going to show even more on this in the future you can actually humanize your content to make it feel more natural if it feels more natural then it’s more likely to be interesting to the reader right and that’s exactly what we want

Additionally you can use it for automating external links now this isn’t necessarily on chat GPT but you can actually do your external link research using a tool like complexity and you’re pretty good to go from there and also keyword clustering right so if you’ve got a big list of keywords and you want

To figure out okay what’s the best search intent how do I organize all of this you can actually use chat GPT for that as well now if you want to learn more about each of those Techni I can’t really cover it right now cuz we’re in

The middle of a live but if you want to learn more about each of them check out my free chat GPT SEO course links in the comments and you can learn exactly how to do each one of those step by step super Spanish says did you sleep

Well after the update I’ll be honest I select fine like for me like I’ve always said I fully expected to get clapped at some point I always warned that it was an experiment I learned a lot from the whole situation but yeah I it was totally fine I mean I have no emotional

Attachment to the whole situation I I do feel bad for the people that actually got hit you know for doing public facing case studies and public facing tutorials because a lot of SEO influencers would have been hit with sites they really care about because they were the owner of them in GSA and

And for me I just feel terrible about that I think that’s an awful situation for them and I’m really sorry to hear that they got hit and publicly targeted for what happened so I’m really sad to see that honestly but for me did I sleep well yeah I was fine experimental

Websites probably deserve to get clapped you know I had a lot of fun experimenting with them and I shared the whole thing and I was very transparent about the situation with the community so yeah all good hope Emanuel says I love you thank you very much that is

Very kind and love you too so John Freya says that is hands down the only reason I choose to watch your channel over everything else on YouTube yeah well thanks for watching I hope I give a lot of value and I hope you find my tutorials useful bear in mind even if

I’m not doing doing public case STS yes I’m going to share the really juicy stuff behind closed doors inside my Mastermind but at the same time I’m just going to focus on giving as much value as I possibly account on YouTube right so everything that I learn everything

That I can understand I’m going to share with the community now that might have to be cleaned up a little bit publicly I think in terms of what I talk about in terms of making sure that what I talk about is in line with what Google’s happy with honestly but does that mean

That I can still give value in a way that is useful for the community absolutely and everything that I talk about is going to be actionable in the future so the helpful content update of 2023 had brought down 90% of traffic all is human content this is what I’m

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Talking about right so human sites are getting hit it’s not just AI sites traffic is still going down keywords are being lost but pages that index no manual p no no manual penalty has been received yeah so it sounds like algorithmically you’ve been targeted but

I would just say wait it out like I always say just just see what happens don’t react emotionally don’t jump into doing anything right now don’t change anything crazy on your site but just go from there so I think I’ve already answered that Mano says your free course on AI

Content is always updating is there any clear learning path if you want to clear so basically with the free chat GPT SEO course it’s got every single thing you could ever want to learn about SEO inside right so if you want to learn keyword research if you want to do do

Link building Etc you can learn from that now what I would recommend is that you just focus on one single high leverage thing that you can learn from that course at first and then follow that and then move on to the second highest leverage thing and when I say

Leverage I mean the least input for the maximum output in terms of results of EO so for example if you’re not very good at keyword research just go and learn that from the course and then if you’re not very good at link building go and learn that from the course right and

Just focus on the highest leverage finger first because for example most people won’t need to start from scratch they’ll just need to develop their skills from say 5 out of 10 to a 10 out of 10 in say keyword research or keyword clustering Etc so that’s the way that I

Recommend it but if you want to start to finish course from literally the keyword research and establish in aite to managing a team of like 50 or 100 people and creating self-improvement systems for your whole SEO business then I would highly recommend my SEO coaching program which again comes with the coaching

Course private Mastermind Elite level seos inside there plus private case studies plus let’s be honest it’s all about making money of SEO that’s why want so best Ecom says can your regular followers join your WhatsApp group anyone can join the WhatsApp group as long as you sign up to the Mastermind

And the reason that I do that is because I can’t show this publicly I can’t give people the free link publicly it’s just it’s come to that point so anyone can join but it has to be via the masterminded I didn’t wanted it to be like that originally that’s why I’ve

Been sharing public case studies for the last year or two but honestly I can’t do do that anymore sadly so badass Optics says is Google wanting everyone to live and breathe their niches to rank well video content is much harder to fake than text based content yeah but I think that’s you know

Honestly with the video content situation that’s going to change as well I think whatever you do it’s all about building the brand right so for example if you have multiple touch points for your business it’s like right you’ve got a Twitter account you got a LinkedIn account you’re creating content on your

Website you’re creating YouTube video Etc then this all Blends into one right and it creates diversity across all your channels now that is not just good for link building it’s not just good for eat signals it’s not just good for off page signals but additionally it’s going to

Help your website rank because you get traffic from everywhere right and I would say that if a site is getting traffic from elsewhere apart from Google then that’s a really good sign it’s a real business and therefore it rankings are going to improve as well so I think

That’s the key is just building out a brand and and focusing on that and once you do that you you get all the backlinks you get all the the rankings Etc toson says Julian where did you did you see where the traffic is going especially from massive sites that been

Dindex so I’ve seen a few examples of what’s going on afterwards and crazy thing here is from what I’ve seen more and more parasite SEO pages are ranking and more and more forums are ranking right so for example someone sent me a screenshot in sort of I don’t

It’s like kind of the the finance Niche and basically a bunch of smaller Niche sites have been wiped out and they’ve been replaced by more and more directories more and more parasite Pages now I think for now that will stand but obviously the rankings in the Cs are

Going to be very volatile and fluctuate a lot and additionally I think that in you know May the 5th something big is going to happen to pariso and for now I probably wouldn’t recommend doing it because you don’t know what’s going to happen over the next couple of months so

For now just see just see what happens like the serps that you see today are not going to be the serps that you see on May the 5th right everything is going to change all over again TR solid says does it mean the new starters are harder

To start I don’t think so you know one of the most interesting things about this whole situation is that a lot of seos are going to quit and a lot of seos are going to go out the game in fact I’ve seen some YouTubers in the SEO space who have already stopped

Publishing videos at all right because they’re sort of scared to publish content now like they they literally they don’t know what to do what to do in the public face and so when a lot of people quit like this if you can learn adapt and if you’re

Coming in with a fresh pair of eyes and a beginner’s mind as some Zen budist would say then actually you’ve got an advantage because you can learn from scratch and you can start the game from a level where you’re not sort of infected by old content right from old views and old

Philosophies and old dogma and so I think now is a great time to do SEO but it’s certainly a time to do SEO differently B says bring a video series on how to bring traffic to your blog from Pinterest so that we don’t have to depend on Google I would highly

Recommend checking out YouTube YouTube is by far the best way to to get traffic to your site if you don’t want to rely on SEO right because YouTube you get the benefit of both different channels you get the benefit of getting traffic from YouTube and also Google right and

Directly it builds up your brand it creates very high conversion rates because people know like and trust you and by creating videos you also become a better presentative more articulate in the way that you talk you understand your audience better there’s many many benefits to it it’s absolutely crazy

Powerful if you want to learn more about that I’d like actually got a YouTube course from start to finish inside my SEO Mastermind rag avendra says optimizing my Google my business it’s also a good option to attract traffic absolutely uh Johnny n says do you recommend still

Pushing out content now or wait until the update is over I would wait until the update is over and just see what happens I think if you’re creating content now it’s a very volatile time so for me I’m going to pause on content until the core update is finished chrisy

Says hello sir and Jason says thanks Julian happy to help as always now sesh says is it now easy ranking on Google search I would say from what I’ve seen some of my case studies are ranking better than ever and it’s absolutely crazy like I’ve seen R Zer is getting

Really good traffic and really good rankings for very competitive terms and that’s all in my private case studies but yeah like SEO is working better than ever and it’s a difficult time right now very volatile but it’s crazy what you can achieve if if you follow the right

Strategies in place so GG Slayer says so AI SEO is it dead absolutely not I think it’s working better than ever I also think that bear in mind we’re right at the beginning of the AI SEO industry literally like if you look on the ground scheme of things we’re right at the

Beginning and AI SEO is only going to become more more powerful I mean even some of the people that are quite negative on SEO in in if you check for example Twitter even say even they say that AI SEO is something that’s growing more and more and I think if you look at

The way that the technology is developing it’s only becoming smarter and more powerful right and for example when I look at some of my aiso case studies in the background like they’re performing like crazy they’re doing more and more powerful stuff so AI SEO is far

From dead test out yourself see what you like see what doesn’t work test out for example creating a human written content website and AI content website and see what works test it out for yourself I think it’s better to focus on facts and over other opinions and for me the facts

Are working crazy good so trendy Zone says main thing is indexing how to index quickly my backlinks you can use gig indexes for that that’s probably the best way to do it and farads ahed says give me chat GPT prompts for blog blogs if you want to get chat GPT promps and

Blogs check out my free chat GPT SEO course it is in the comments description and siron says my website is recover well I’m really happy to hear that fair play to you it’s all good to see that Jason says can you explain being an owner in GSC I don’t understand the

Difference all right so inside Google search console you can have different levels of access right so for example you can just have like view only access you can have ownership access you can be like a manager as well I think there are different levels of access just like

Kind of for example on dash like you can be a viewer of a password or you can be an owner who can actually edit the password and change it right it’s the same with Google search console so essentially if you’re the owner of Google Search console you’re like you

Have admin level access and that’s where the sites have been hit when I’ve seen other SEO influences if you’re just someone who’s got access to it but you don’t have ownership of that Google search console account then actually those sites haven’t been at all so yeah it’s crazy oldest gold says literally

I’m crying right now this update completely destroyed my website honestly the amount of cases I’ve seen of people getting their websites here is really really sad like not just you know AI websites that have been scaled like crazy I’ve seen this with human written sites I’ve seen it with sites where

People have got a human team of editors inside there I’ve seen innocent businesses that have been around for like 40 years get hit even though they’ve done nothing wrong it’s just absolutely brutal and then when you check the surface you see what’s ranking it’s like just forums and Paris at SEO

So it’s crazy times and I hope you get it sorted out all just go I’m really sorry to hear that GG Slayer says I had 200 blog post the index that’s interesting so you didn’t get your whole website the index but you only got 200 pages I wonder

What’s going on there whether they’re just the index in some of the big content Muhammad says traffic got a little dip but surviving my question is should I continue publishing or wait until 31st March I would say for me personally I’m going to wait but I don’t

Think there’s any right or wrong answer because no one really knows what’s going on what I would say is for me yeah like like I’m saying I’m just GNA wait and see what happens again same question there and Facebook user says anyone using new writer Auto bloging or text Builder

Should stop or use chat pt4 I think all of these tools work but the most important thing is that you actually use an SEO checklist to go through your content just edit it step by step before you publish it s Dev says sir my website has recovered boom that’s what we like

To hear after the Google cour update my website was down by 90% but now it has recovered very quickly i’ made some changes to the website i’ be interested to know what changes he made to the site but this is what I mean like for example you can’t make any dramatic changes to

Your site and you can’t Panic or cry about the situation right now because you just don’t know what’s going to happen right the core update is going to roll out for like 30 days and so if you make a judgment after 24 hours well that’s less than 10% of the update right

And so we’re only a couple you know a few days into it we can’t make any crazy judgments and like s Dev says you can get all your website traffic back potentially we just don’t know how volatile this up is going to be Ali says should we keep posting AI based articles

I mean that’s up to you whether you’re comfortable with creating AI content but what I would say is from what I’ve seen AI content works better than ever and additionally if you’re using something like the SEO content quality checklist in place then you can manually edit that content before it’s published and it’s

The best it’s possibly going to be I think that AI can actually write better content than humans and if you have both in place human Asim plus AI That’s like the ultimate combat like I was talking about with Michael Andel SEO before let’s keep going now love from India shout out to S

Dev Pap alexio I hope I pronounced that one right says much respect to your positive reaction even after your sites have been clapped my three main websites have been algorithmically hit now I’m examining alternative strategies well I’m sorry to hear that I think one of the best strategies moving forward is

Artículo Recomendado:
If you watch this video #shorts, increasing DA has never been easier

Diversification in terms of where you get the traffic from but also let’s see what happens and how it plays out because like s Dev was saying your site can recover potentially we just don’t know what’s going to happen and yeah I appreciate you appreciating my positive

Reaction I think you got to keep your head up you got to be positive I think as a leader I’d say to find out when I’m running a business you know for example we have a roller coaster ride and there’s ups and downs across this sort of entrepreneurial Journey when I’m

Running my agency or when when I’m running my masterminds and that sort of thing and it’s like no matter what you got to stay positive keep learning adapt and just focus 90% of your energy on the solution not the problem right that’s the best attitude in life so GG Slayer

Says so now if I publish human content for my blog will it rank better than AI also how do I get back links so back links I would highly recommend Outreach and if you want to book in a free SEO strategy session about that feel free to

Book it in links in the comments when it comes to human versus AI content honestly I think the best combination is human plus AI content so human editing plus AI content generation and then Additionally you know let’s be honest a lot of human sites have been hit so it’s

Not just about AI content here I think it’s just about you know all sorts of volatility right now and people are losing all the traffic then getting it back and then it’s going down again my site got the index and then index again and then it’s it’s gradually getting his

Rankings back so it’s one of those Jan says don’t stop posting absolutely not I’m not going to stop posting at all I think that like I say I’m going to have to change my content strategy but I’m not going to stop posting like I’m just going to provide as much value as I

Possibly can like I’m trying to do today ad deal says two of my client sites perished from Google that were based on human written content yeah that’s the thing like I’ve seen the same I’ve seen human sites get Absol Ely smashed to Oblivion and then I’ve seen AI sites actually perform Better Than

Ever After the content update so it’s pretty crazy right there I actually got my upright go on and look at that trying to improve my posture right there trying to keep those shoulders back you know what I’m saying but uh yeah I think the it doesn’t matter whether it’s AI human

Content like I don’t think that’s the problem so let’s see I’m not even going to try and pronounce his name but they say hey Jullian is the sandbox real absolutely I’ve seen many sites get stuck in the sandbox period if you looked at all my

AO sites in the public case ofies that I showed previously you’ll see that actually a lot of them we getting like one or two clicks a day for three or six months and then eventually they just Skyrocket so it takes time and I think one of the best ways to get out the

Sandbox period and increase your rank is faster is to actually build more authority to your site with backlinks how many sources of online earning do you have how many blogs and Which online medium do you work on a blocks yeah so for me I don’t even want

To count the number of income streams I have it’s absolutely insane like I would say if you accounting each Channel and each individual website and that sort of thing you’re talking over a 100 income streams so for me like it’s all about massive diversification I mean like even

If I go back five or six years ago I still make money off like passively I still make money off audiobooks where I have a audiobooks business with one of my best mates from Manchester and so you just build up these income streams over time and for me I have over

100 sites in the background as well private case studies so I think diversification is the key like even if you look at Jackie Chow for example we only lost like 10% of his Revenue even though it’s public facing case studies got hit so it’s pretty crazy to see that yeah as long as

He diversify and I think that’s something I’ve always talked about from day one you’re fine like you’re not going to worry about you’re not even going to lose any sleep over this whole situation sa says one of my sites with 2 million traffic just disappeared I

Didn’t even use AI content but the site I was running with AI escaped the update this is what I’m talking about this is absolute proof right here I’ve I’ve seen about 10 people comment today saying it’s not AI content it’s quite a lot of human sizes get here I’ve had personal

WhatsApp messages from my mates Facebook messages Instagram messages all saying very similar things it’s not about AI content and it’s not about human content this this update definitely isn’t about that and a lot of AI sites are doing better than ever and a lot of human sites have taken it

Here Mano says any AI tool for adult content creation that’s a good question honestly I haven’t created much adult content so I’m not in that game but I would I mean I’m sure like the normal AI tools probably work for that Thon says thank you for your insights on the

Massive sites I see they’re lost as an opportunity for me they can move content to a new site we can create content based on the top ages yeah I think that’s one of the best ways to do it it’s like if you look at these massive sites

And you see them getting hit then that Gap has to be filled right and if you’re the person to do that and you take the initiative now then actually there’s a massive opportunity and I think that’s one of the best ways to reframe it it’s like okay these bad things happen but

How can I take advantage of it how can I reframe it so that I can actually do better than ever from this situation and for sure there’s going to be loads of sites that get taken down in the Surs and that’s an opportunity to out rank that movies explain in Hindi says my

Website 30k daily today I saw my website completely dindex no result 100 human generated content no AI content this is crazy like the amount of comments I’m seeing about this is just I’ve never seen anything like it it’s it’s a lot of people on Twitter for example we’re

Talking about how it’s only AI sites and all this blah blah blah but it’s not at all this is total onsets and I think a lot of people spoke out too soon before they actually saw the whole facts anyway Dan Jones says do you think sites monetized through ads got hit the

Hardest honestly I don’t know I think it’s too early to say like some people message me about that but I don’t think it’s about display ads what I think we might see is a lot of review sites getting taken down if they’re not providing much value but yeah it’s

Crazy Johnny says I see rubbish sites ranking over my site that does not answer intent which is weird that is pretty strange to be honest with you but like I say I think the cups are going to be very volatile and bippin says you is great

Bro I hit 500k from Google in just 15 days that’s what I’m talking about some positivity right there good to see some results shout out to bin wow that is insane I hope you use my strategies I’m assuming you are because you’re watching this channel so yeah that’s the sort of

Power that you can achieve I mean some of the case studies in the background that we’ve got have just insane in terms of results joshan says all my AI sites doing well but I need three hours to edit every AI article that’s pretty cool I’d be interested to see what you

Actually do when it comes to editing content for three hours before you publish it you must have a very rigorous content quality checklist or something like that in place but yeah that sounds awesome I fair play is you you’re leveraging AI but you’re also trying to

Tweak your content so you can get the best quality possible Dominic says which Tech should for my agency website I use word press HTML site go for WordPress WordPress is just so much easier so much faster if you’re running the agency website I honestly would give that to your team I

Wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself I’ve actually got an SEO agency Mastermind you can check it out link is in the comments description and we basically help cers get you know we have agencies to get more clients but when it comes to your agency site use WordPress

It’s easy to set up you can set up in a day it ranks really well it’s got those to SEO plugins and then delegate it to your team the more time you spend in WordPress the less money you makes so avoid that gfx says I have noted that the

Articles based on low competition content is getting index very faster like in six to seven that’s an interesting one I’ve not noticed that but I do see the low competition keywords just a ridiculous amount easier to to rank for affiliate probe says my human sites got hit too like a perfect blog post

With a detailed video showing how to physically fix front braks on my car lots of human size getting hit right now which is really sad and B says forum sites big sites are ranking on Google Surs small Niche sites have been removed by Google what changes

You see in this will this end Niche sites and will they get a chance I think there’s still opportunities and room for small niches absolutely but one of the craziest things I saw was uh Glenn alsup’s report on how there’s like 16 brands that are basically dominating the

Server and it’s it’s insane to see that I’m trying to pull up his report right here but basically he was talking about how Google is favoring these massive Brands to rank and the 16 companies actually dominate the search sech results right now so I’m going to just

Share that with you right now we’ll share the screen and if you haven’t checked out Glenn’s Twitter profile it’s absolutely awesome this is his biggest report he’s ever talked about but basically yeah so 16 companies are dominating the world’s Google search results right so when it comes to Big

Brands they seem to be absolutely dominating when it comes to and if we keep scrolling down right here let’s have a look so yeah you can see for example these are some of the biggest brands right now ranking really well so you got Digital Trends Fox Media

Internet brands and then they have all these sub Brands underneath it looks like right so yeah it seems like bigger brands are likely to dominate Google but why is that I would say it comes down to actually Authority right so if websites have more Authority they’re more likely

To rank because they’re getting so many back blings pointing to the site like if you look at Reddit or LinkedIn it’s not about eat it’s not about the content because the content is pretty trash it’s about how many backings they’re pointing to that site so I think it’s it’s

Important to focus on that and then here’s some examples of the site and the brand and the estimated search traffic right so if we scroll down here you see that fandom gets 606 million Mayo Clinic absolutely dominating right there it’s 342 million Healthline 197 million right

So the biggest brands to dominate now I still think there’s room for smaller sites to get in but it is again about building authority to your site how do you do that you do it with backlinks you do it with eat you do it with building the brand and also diversifying traffic

Quiz says got the index fully 13year old site with hundreds unique written articles in day one it’s got that is crazy to see why do I wonder why that is like why is your site getting hit so bad right now but yeah that’s pretty much it I think

For now I’ve only got so much time today but great questions today I’m just going to answer this final one which is which technology for my use okay we’ve answered that already which is WordPress I would recommend and Dominic says we also have to post blogs on the site yeah

If you’re posting blogs to your site make sure you focus on WordPress it’s just the easiest way to build back on this your site so thanks everyone for watching that is pretty much all we’ve got time for I’ve done a 50 minute live right there answered almost every single

Question on the list some great questions right there and if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy session about how to get more leads traffic and sales to your website feel free to book that links in the comments description and we can basically give you a link

Building domination plan look at your competes build out Custom Tailor plan and answer any questions you have live on the call and if you want to check out my chat chpt SEO course link is in the comments as well just seeing that Doug cunnington has just popped in and said

Hey man just stop in into saying what’s up so shout out to Doug cunnington might be featuring on his channel in the future actually in terms of an interview so yeah shout out to Doug thanks for being on and that’s pretty much what we have times so so thanks so much for

Being on and if you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments after and make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already byebye

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