All right so today we’re going to talk about the Google coure update what’s happened so far the winners and the losers and some of the trends that I’m seeing Plus what’s left to come because there’s still some crazy updates coming and if you haven’t seen it already I’m

Sure most people watching this have seen the core update but it was announced on March 5th right here so there were two updates released one of them is the core update and one of them was the spam update these have both been rolled out on the same day and you can see that

They’re still rolling out right so we’ve still got some time left to go and the thing I would say about core updates usually they last a few more weeks right so if it’s already been two weeks so far it might be another two weeks before we

See the end of this now I’m going to come on to some of the biggest winners and losers in the minute but let’s talk about the three things they were targeting so number one is scaled content basically strengthening their policy to reduce the amount of websites scaling their content I would say from

What we’ve seen that’s typically targeting AIS doing content at bulk and they’re trying to Stamp Out the local quality spammy stuff next up they’ve called this site reputation abuse but this is basically parasite SEO right so they’ve basically said that we consider low value thirdparty content produced primarily for ranking purposes without

Close oversight of a website owner to be spammed right and the thing here is they’re actually publishing this policy two months in advance so they publish this update on March 5th as we can see right here but actually enforcement won’t be until May the 5th just to give

Site owners some time and the final thing is expired domain abuse basically people buying expired domains and then trying to rank them really quickly so these are the three things are targeting in this spam update which I think makes sense because they had to do something

About parasite SEO and they had to do something about a lot of lowquality AI sites and we’ll come on to some of the websites that have done well and done badly based on this so there’s this report by cyrix that basically looks at the updates from March the 8th to the

Latest update which is March 15th as you can see here and you actually got quite an interesting table of how they’re performing before after the change and the change percentage right so you can see for example that if we take this website which is obviously a massive

Site you can see that the traffic has gone up very nicely since the core up right so these big Authority sites are performing very well and I’ll talk more about that in a second but it’s not necessarily the case for so if we look at this website for example Beauty Dr 66 right here traffic is going down a lot as you can see right so before the update it was here now the traffic is dropping and that’s pretty much hared in one month pretty crazy there now these were quite big Brands obviously like Big Brand right

There and that’s something I’ll talk about in a second now let’s talk about some smaller sites are actually performing really well so for example if we look at this Fred from Key wordian who’s looked at nine Niche sites that are winning during the core update and

Spam updates as you can see we can check out Gadget mates right here and you can see the traffic is just going up like crazy so previously there were 327,000 traffic a month now they’re at 784 th000 traffic on so quite a high Authority site right there with a lot of

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Backings pointing to them and this is some of the content they created now one of the things that I’ve seen a lot of people talking about is how sites with super laser targeted content is performing really well but if you actually look at for example like Gadget they’ve got post about the iPhone 14 but you can see that actually a lot of the content is not that related so for example they talk about YouTube Xbox bottleneck calculators what does GPT stand for so not all of the content is super related but the traffic is going up like crazy

But again if you actually plot the amount of backlinks versus traffic you can see that they correlate very closely now if we look at some of the back links they’re building and we’ll sort this by do follow and then one link per domain and sort by the newest back links first

You can see some of the links that they’re getting through to their site when they came through Etc so you can see a lot of these back links are coming through every hour so tons of backlinks are being built to this site which is helping it rank better and the traffic

Is more than doubled month on month pretty insane there here’s another site performing pretty well and this is an interesting one because actually their Dr is only 12 right so that’s a pretty low Authority site if we look at some of the keywords that ranking for all of

This is very very focused so this is Cakes by MK and if you actually search K on the page you’ll see that every single keyword they’re ranking for is very closely related to their main domain and Niche but you can see how well they’re performing during this update now the

Other thing that Google actually did a lot of this update which is quite unusual is they did these pure spam manual action penalties and they actually released a FAQ on their website as you can see right here so this was released on March the 12th which is like

An FAQ that talk about the manual actions and what sort of happened why they’re doing so for example they’ve mentioned that they’ve issued a pure spam manual action when a site appears to use aggressive spam techniques that violate Google spam policies including tactics like automatically generate content cloaking scraping content Etc

Now again I think they’re clapping down on this I’ll come on to some of the examples of sites that received a manual action penalty who were getting a lot of traffic in a second but again I think they’re clamping down on this because of the amount of sites creating content at

Scale and they just have to find some clean way of of creating content not that I’m saying the Surs are better now but I think they have to manually intervene because there some many sies creating content at scale so they’ve released some steps on how to resolve

With pure spam manual action which you can see right here some key considerations and some FAQs right so for example can fix in just a few pages lead to the removal of the manual action and they actually say no it’s got to be the whole site they also talk about even

If you correct the issues on your site can take quite a while to restore store the rankings and they’ve even got a question here that says why was my site the index for spam but there’s still other spammy sites ranking so important to bear in mind there that this is not

An algorithmic penalty right so when Google gives a manual action penalty they’re manually penalizing that site now if you want to see some examples of sites have taken a big hit here’s one so love them and they were actually de-indexed previously but you can see them back on Google right now so

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You can see a lot of their content is still indexed so I think there was some sort of reversal recently when it came to the update but as you can see if you check out their traffic on H the traffic has not been restored at all so if we

Just look at the organic traffic of this website at their Peak there were like 599,000 traffic a month and now they’re down to one pretty insane right so that’s a huge drop in traffic now another one that got de indexed was Fresh’s live and this was actually

During the core update as you can see so if we check their site on Google you can see that is nowhere to be found so that not been reversed they were previously ranking for 1.6 million traffic so back in February they were previously getting 6.5 million traffic and now they’ve been

The index pretty crazy now Jackie Chow was actually another one who received a manual action penalty but you can actually see that he tweeted yesterday so March 19th here that he received his website back right so his reconsideration request has been approved and Google has removed any manual action penalties on the side

And if you actually look at this manual action reconsideration request he’s actually blurred out the URL but you can see the message right here which is please revoke with this manual action penalty not my site so that was submitted for reconsideration on March 14th and by the 19th it was already

Restored so 5 days now if you look at Reddit and Cura which are two of the sites that were performing really well since the helpful content update last year when a lot of other sites got hit these sites started performing really well well and you can see that korus

Traffic has pretty much stayed the same so it’s not had a massive difference in traffic but Reddit is actually going up right so Reddit was previously at 358 million now it’s at 368 million and actually there was an interesting study on originality doai pre-update that talks about how there’s up to 45% AI

Content in SEO marketing subreddit so a lot of Reddit subreddit are getting hit with tons of AI content right here so for example in marketing subreddits AI content has a range of 23.53% so you can see that the content marketing subreddit holds a majority of

AI content with up to 45% of it being AI content but the traffic is going up so AI content is still ranking which is quite interesting and also the parasite SEO update has not really been released and probably won’t come out until May the 5th the other thing that was

Announced is that Google will collect feedback after the March court and spam updates rolled out so you can see this article on SE written by Barry Schwarz and they’ve basically said that they’re going to update the search status dashboard once the update’s rolled out fully plus they’re going to

Announce an open up a form after the update has concluded for any feedback that people might have so you can see they tweeted this out right here so when the update is finished as we Shar in our blog post we open up a feedback form specifically so creators can share

Examples that we can explore together they’ve said our ranking systems are not perfect but we specifically pre-announced having this form so we can get feedback to help us improve in the future and you can see all sorts of mixed feedback when it comes to response system I actually ran this poll 17 hours

Ago on my YouTube Community as you can see it got 381 votes right here and you can see the breakdown of how the Google core update has performed for everyone so far so you can see that 35% of people said that they’re not seeing much impact 52% the vast majority said that the

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Google courot update has been br bral for them and then 13% the minority have said that they’re crushing it and similar sort of results on my Twitter as well this only got 77 votes right here feel free to follow me if you want but you can see that 41% of people said it’s

Been brutal 41% said not seeing much impact and 16% said the’re crashing it now it’s still early days when it comes to the Google core update I think we’ve got at least one or two weeks left before it fully rolls out and you can see theer volatility for the last 30

Days on SE Rush’s volatility sensor right here so you can see it’s still on the high range in terms of volatility it’s going up and down quite a lot and you can also see some of the categories that have been hit the biggest right so news is one of the most volatile right

Here which is 9.4 out of 10 in terms of volatility whilst health is pretty chill 4.91 not even volatile that’s pretty normal range right there so that gives you an idea which Industries are being hit the hardest when it comes to this update interestingly as well during this

Time Google actually has a new head of search which you can see Liz Reed who apparently was the person previously leading Google search generative experience and some are saying as well there are hints that more search generative experience features could be rolled into Google search engine and if

You’re not familiar with that basically you can actually get free access if you go to Google Labs but you can see here like for example if we type in a random keyword like this you can see that it generates an answer right here the interesting thing about this is really

Only the top three results are going to get more traffic right if the search generative experience stays as it is most people are not going to scroll all the way down here they’re just going to stick to this content up here right now like I said still early days the core

Updates is still rolling out it’ll probably be announced here once they finished rolling out especially the core update I think that’ll take a bit longer so what I would say is don’t make any crazy changes to your site things are going to be very volatile see how it

Plays out you know we’ve seen sites get the index IND and then reindex we’ve seen reversals during the whole update so it’s an interesting time but very volatile and you just got to kind of wait it out I also think that a lot of people ask me like okay what are the

Conclusions and what sort of things can we draw from this I think it’s too early to say and really you can’t get any decent analysis until months after because you have to collect all the data and analyze it properly so thanks so much for watching if you want to get a

Free SEO course feel free to get that links in the comments in description and if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy session about how to get more leads traffic and sales to your website with SEO feel free to book that in and

We will give you an SEO domination plan or answer any questions you have you’ll discover the best link building strategies for your website so feel free to book in thanks so much for watching appreciate it bye-bye

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