So today we’re going to be talking about the Google core update that was released earlier this week and we’re just going to talk about what’s going on some of the recent case studies that got hit and if you’re watching feel free to ask any questions you have along the way so it’s

Going to be a good one actually one of the things I actually saw recently is that if we check some of the sites that got hereit some of them are actually human case studies so I saw originally it was a lot of AI sites a lot of AI

Content and AI websites that got taken down took a lot of took a lot of abuse really um but actually so far it seems like human sites getting hit as well to put that in perspective I don’t know if you follow nich sight lady on on Twitter

But you actually find out that she had four different websites three of them being AI one of them human and all of them got hit on the same Google search console which is something that I’m going to talk about in a bit today we’ve got Jason on the comment as well hello

Jason hope you’re doing well there and if anyone has any questions feel free to post them as they go along obviously it’s early days on the Google core update but some big changes already which is absolutely insane so if you’re watching this and enjoying it please smash a like um we’re

Just going to get straight onto this so this is one of the tweets I saw earlier yesterday pretty much in real time I mean it’s got 152,000 views as you’ll see and basically all of nich site ladies hit well two of them actually got hit right

And one absolutely did not deserve it as she says and this is just absolutely crazy to see now later on she actually tweeted there was four websites that got hit and Jason says nobody hit it this about to be a personal consult yeah so it’s an interesting one

I saw Jesse Cunningham got hit as well and Jackie Chow Jackie Shia actually talked about it earlier today one of the things I actually noticed when I look through my Google search console was it it wasn’t actually all of my websites in that same Google search console that got

Hit it was only the ones where I was the owner of that website right so if I was the owner of that website on Google search console then those sites got a manual action penalty because I think I was personally targeted along with a bunch of other SEO influencers because

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All the other sites that I don’t have ownership didn’t get hit inside uh inside the actual Google search console so it was absolutely crazy interesting news says is chat GPT SEO dead it’s an interesting one I think the AI content absolutely still has a place I think it

Is a future undeniably like AI is only going to get better it’s only going to become more powerful I think that in terms of public facing case studies and and being in the public in terms of revealing this stuff and how it works I don’t think that can be done anymore

I’ll be 100% honest with you I don’t think that’s possible I think that so many SEO influencers have been targeted that it just you can’t share this information anymore so for me I’m just going to be revealing private case studies inside my Mastermind and that’s the only way you

Can do it these days to be safe otherwise you’re just a Target and I think you’re going too far so yeah it’s one of those it’s a shame but I actually think SEO absolutely isn’t dead but I think public SEO probably is dead right so for example talking about websites in

Public talking about tutorials in public talking about publishing content onto your site in public whether you’re using human content or AI content it seem to be getting hit pretty quickly it’s absolutely crazy so staka says I stopped writing or publishing any articles for now by updated old content yeah I think

It’s it’s an interesting time I personally I wouldn’t stop publishing content but I think that if you’re making any changes to your old content any dramatic changes you got to be careful there because it’s early days and some people panic and then they for example take all the AI content down or

They start worrying about it and that’s sort of thing so yeah it’s one of those and Jaden says so they’ve specifically come knocking for you at least your personal s is back in the index that’s the thing I’m pretty happy like if you ask me do those sites deserve a

Penalty I’d say I mean like I’ve always talked about them being an experiment so if they get hit it’s totally fine with me no emotional attachment to it to see my personal website back in the index and actually when I checked the traffic yesterday crazily enough the traffic was

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At at all time high after it been readed now what I’ve actually done is delete Google search console from all my websites because it’s just an easy target I think it’s an easy way to penalize people who are doing SEO publicly and therefore you know you’ve

Got to be careful what you say in public basically nowadays so Levi says Hey Julian I have doubt in my site keywords is still ranking on S Rush while searching on Google results I couldn’t find any of the pages so the best way to figure this out is if you actually go on

To Google and you type site colon and then your website you’ll be able to quickly find whether your website is indexed or not I’m going to share my screen I’ll show you exactly how to do that so for example if you look at one of my public facing case studies like astrological

Eden and I’m not actually saying that public case studies got hit I don’t think that’s the case I think it’s just any sites that I had ownership to inside Google search console that’s what I found on it actually analyze the data today and for example if we look at

Julian and we search that it’s back in the index it actually got more clicks than ever yesterday I’m going to delete it from Google search console so we’re not going to use it anymore on Google search console but yeah you can see the clicks actually went up after it

Got reindexed which is pretty crazy so yeah if you want to check if your site is still index just do that and then you can see whether it’s in the index or not sometimes you get a message as well if it’s been hit Philip Taylor says site no

Penalty okay perfect BR says dang all your tutorials are super helpful sad to hear that yeah again I don’t think I can reveal all the Ju stuff in public I think it’s going to be private masterminds only we’ve already set up a WhatsApp group for my personal Mastermind where people can see the

Public case he behind closed doors it won’t be public anymore so it’s one of those things like I wish I could share all the information with you that’s what I tried to do previously and and I kind of got targeted for it but it’s one of

Those like you live and you learn and you realize okay probably people don’t like you saying this stuff in public I won’t do it anymore Jason says okay for someone new never had a site set up what do you say to do I think SEO still works all these

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Processes I’ve shown on my channel actually do still work um I think you you do need to do things in moderation and be careful with it and I’ve always said you know just for example just a reverse engineer you can be this and then see what they’re

Doing and go from there so it’s always the same strategy content keywords back links you can reverse engineer you compe for each of these and then start again from there wakar says so Niche SEO is not been dead yeah I wouldn’t say it’s dead at all right right now I don’t

Think SEO is dead at all like some of these strategies are working better than ever some of my case studies that are private and completely behind closed doors are absolutely flying so these processes work I just can’t reveal them in public anymore Gold retirement says Impressions went from 400 to 600 a day

Down to 32 at best that is absolutely crazy so that sounds like an algorithmic penalty because if you had a manual action penalty like a lot other people have been getting where you’ve been the indexed then you actually wouldn’t get any Impressions at all I’m sorry to hear

That and I hope you get it sorted ster says is it possible that the method of writing or the way the website generates autoblogging for text was the problem personally I don’t think so because like I was saying all my private case studies are still flying all my websites in the

Background that haven’t revealed publicly are doing better than ever and these strategies are absolutely working so I don’t think it’s the way that we create content I think it’s just you know Google search console got hit comic lad Simon Says can I get access to your

WhatsApp group so if you want to get access to the WhatsApp group join the SEO Mastermind I’ll post a link in the comments right there you can join via that link and then you can sign up and and once you’ve joined you can get access to the WhatsApp Plus all my

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