If you’re an affiliate looking to run Google ads and you have a low budget but you still want to make money cuz you know there’s a ton of money to be made then this video is for you I’m going to show you some secret strategies on how

You can save a ton of money testing affiliate offers on Google ads I’m going to show you an example of a of a profitable campaign and where you can get access to many more profitable examples of Google search ads for affiliates So first of all before we start let me just tell you that I’ve spent nearly $7 million on Google ads over the last 5 years I’ve done multiple videos on this channel you can check the channel or you can come over to the PowerHouse affiliate Forum check some of the case

Studies we’ve done over there as well as the 30-day Google ads challenge course which describes the proper way to set up affiliate marketing campaigns using CPA affiliate offers on Google search ads it is specific it shows an example of a campaign that converts and it shows you

How to set up your landing pages your tracking and all of the other important things that are required when you’re running ads on Google so now let’s talk about how you can run campaigns with a low budget let’s say you only want to spend $50 to $100 a day I would consider

That low if you’re going below $50 these strategies will probably still work but you’re really going to have to wait a lot longer to optimize your campaign really a low budget just means that you have to wait longer for results and so coming into the platform I’m going to

Show you some of the tools I use and how to set up these ads so that you’re not blowing a whole bunch of cash out the gates to try and test new offers so let’s go on my computer and let’s talk about an example and then we’ll talk

About how I would approach this as an affiliate marketer in today’s day and age so just to start out I want wanted to show an examples because there are people that watch these videos that want proof so here’s proof that I do this for a living and here is an example of a

Campaign that is running at about $100 per day for the last 7 days and you can see here the ROI is magnificent I find this excellent I’ve spent $768 and earned $1,376 and this is for a CPA affiliate offer running my tra to a landing page

That people click through that go to the offer that simple so we’re going to talk about some of the strategies and keyword ideas bidding strategies ads landing pages all of that stuff here in this video so let’s start and let’s get to the point so the first step of course is

As an affiliate we need to choose affiliate offers so let me pull up a CPA affiliate network if you haven’t joined any CPA affiliate Networks or you’re kind of new to this then we do have some information on how to get accepted to these affiliate networks all of that

Kind of stuff check the link down in the description for that and you can learn how to access these CPA affiliate offers CPA is what we’re going to be doing here and affiliati is just a place where you can get access to hundreds of different offers so coming into affiliate a you’re

Going to see a list of offers over on the left side you can see there’s a a menu here for offers and typically it doesn’t really matter if you have a high budget or a low budget there is a certain kind of offer that works better than others on Google search ads

Especially as an affiliate now what I mean by that is typically I’m looking for a higher payout range than your typical you know small lead forms so I’m looking for anything over $15 to $150 that range usually works better using these strategies if you get in below $15 you’re really risking the

Chance of uh you know losing money because the cost per click might be too high if you can get super low cost per click then this is irrelevant but basically just as a general rule of thumb looking for offers in the anywhere from 15 to 150 so using this as an

Example I did a filter here and we went for Google PPC just to see what offers they allow Google search so that’s the first step finding an offer that allows search traffic next we’re going to just find another example here this one looks pretty uh good the blood balance blood

Pressure stuff and what we can see here is the first thing is what country are we going to be running so the first tip here is if you want a low if you want to spend less don’t Target the United States because the United States is the

Most popular and it is the most expensive we’ll show that as an example Le here in a second but you can see here this blood pressure offer does in fact allow South Africa New Zealand Canada and then other GEOS here so this might be a good offer because we can run it on

Multiple countries I’m going to use it as an example just because uh it seems like a good way to go here so let’s assume I picked this one it’s got a $115 payout in New Zealand $125 in South Africa and anywhere from 0 to 150 in Canada I’m assuming that’s

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Based on a commission structure so next step is to get keywords on this or do some research around your audience we did a video on customer avatars I would highly recommend checking that out I’ll put that in the description below so that you can understand your audience before you start advertising to your

Audience it really helps in understanding what these people are doing what their pain points are ways to find keywords and all that kind of stuff so I do that first and then we’re going to get into keyword research so for keyword research there are two tools

That I like to use and the first tool is sem Rush sem rush if you have a low budget there is a 14-day free trial down below so you can try this for 14 days get started on it start making some money and then of course if you want to

Use it later you can continue your subscription and what I’ve done is I’ve typed in blood pressure as the keyword here to do some research and the next step I’m going to do is I’m going to sort by intent because I want to find some commercial and transactional

Keywords these are keywords that are more likely people that are in the buyer phase or they’re in the close to buying versus the top of funnel where people are doing research and they don’t really understand what’s going on yet so you can see by example here blood pressure

Monitor is the highest volume intent keyword if you’re searching for blood pressure monitor you’re probably looking to buy one um so you can come down here and you can see all these tights and here’s one here foods to lower blood pressure that would be a good one for

This particular offer which I should mention you should probably research the offer and see exactly what they’re offering in this case I believe it is a diet type of product but uh we could take a look further control your blood pressure yes okay so I’m I’m assuming they’re selling some type of supplement

Here or whatever it is so with that in mind we’re going to look for keywords that would fit the offer of course and we’re looking for high intent keywords because we have a low budget we don’t have enough money to test broad if you have a big budget of course you’re not

Just going to go strictly on this you’re going to try all levels of the funnel you’re going to try the top of the funnel you’re going to try middle funnel bottom of the funnel but right now we’re going for high intent okay so find the keywords now what you’re going to notice

Here first step is I’m in the United States and you can see the cost per click here is you know a dollar anywhere from 15 cents to a dollar and I mean on a low budget that’s probably a little high so to get that lower you can either do a ton of

Research and find some very high intent keywords with a low cost per click or you can switch the country in in this case we said that we could do Canada so let’s just see how much the cost per click drops when we go to a country like

Canada now of course there’s going to be less volume but with a low budget it doesn’t really matter because you’re you’re not going for a massive scale here but of course later you will once you start making money you can come back and start targeting other countries like

The United States the bigger countries so starting on a a smaller scale you can see here the cost per click has dropped drastically we’re looking at 8 cents here to 33 cents uh 41 is the highest oh well 58 cents okay so you can see what

My point here is you switch the country you’re going to notice the cost per click drops significantly and if we select South Africa here which is another country we’re probably going to see a major drop in cost per click and that would open an opportunity here to

Run this offer in South Africa to English-speaking um to the english- speaking population and let’s just have a look cuz I’m interested 11 cents is the top cost here oh no wait 74 cents morning drink for high blood pressure that’s very interesting 74 cents but everything else is below 15 cents so if

You look here the cost per click is drastically low and there’s still some volume there according to sem rush for these keywords related to blood pressure so that’s how I would do my keyr research I would find probably 10 to 20 keywords that are highly relevant to my

Offer even do the brand bidding if you can and also maybe select a different country another tool is the Google ads Keyword Planner so you can get access to this for free if you have a Google ads account and again you can see you can do your keyword research and it’s going to

Give you information on the keywords as well it’s going to give you some ideas it’s going to show you some of the top of page page bids and uh high and low range bids all of that kind of stuff and you can see how much volume there is so

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You might be saying Joey why would I pay for sem rush if I can get the same information here well the difference with sem Rush is they do have a feature over on the left here for advertising which works out to be a spy tool for search ads and once you find your

Keywords you can start looking at your competitors or what other people are running out there in terms of that offer you chose and you can start doing your advertising research and you can see what other Affiliates are doing I’ve done videos on that so I’m not going to

Cover it right now and it’s also covered in the 30-day challenge course on how to find profitable campaigns but if you do um select this tool there are many more features involved so that’s that on keyword research if you have more questions post them in the comments so

Far if you like this video please gently push on that little thumb that you see at the bottom it’s the like button you don’t have to smash it you can just push it or touch it and it’ll like the video and it’ll bring it up to the top of the

Feed for other people to learn how to run these ads profitably if you also want to subscribe that would be wonderful next let’s talk about the next most important thing which is the structure of your campaign one thing you’ll notice if you come to Google and you search for blood balance or blood

Pressure you’ll see other people are already running this as sponsors ads and you can see some people are doing YouTube videos and there are a couple of ways to approach this you can do it as a um problem focused ad group so people have high blood pressure they’re doing

Research and all that kind of stuff or you can go straight for the sale like this person is doing who is likely bidding on the keyword blood balance and other things so they’re doing brand bidding there’s two different approaches here with a lower budget um the brand

Bidding does work but you’re going to be paying higher cost per click so it really comes down to testing and so you’re going to test both strategies in maybe perhaps uh different campaigns or different ad groups and let’s just have a look at this person’s landing page

Here um and you can see here it’s very straight to the point it’s in fact probably breaking terms to be honest with you when it comes to running Google ads what we do at Powerhouse affiliate is we Advocate having really good landing pages with content all the legal

Pages all that good stuff because eventually if you keep going high you know aggressive landing pages like this you’re eventually going to get banned from your Google account so I don’t recommend doing something like this because there’s no content there’s no value it’s just a checkout page and

Google doesn’t like that so this person might be just burning and churning accounts whatever it might be so what you’re going to want to do is you’re want to you’re going to want to create a landing page that has all of the important things that a landing page has

Check out other videos videos on this channel for sample landing pages or you know go in and look at what others are doing in sem Rush look at the landing pages but basically you’re going to want to do what one of my favorite ones is the problem agitate solution style so

You identify the problem right away obviously these people have high blood pressure your landing page should talk about blood pressure and the problems associated with it and the lifestyle problems that they face and then talk about this even more and agitate that problem so that they’re just like oh my

God that’s me I I I can’t believe like this is exactly what I feel like and then you introduce the solution which is the product itself so that’s kind of the strategy we’re doing here for landing pages and so really you’re going to have to do some research on how you create

Your landing pages there’s not enough time in this video to really hammer out that so next we want to talk about the ad structure and all of the things that can improve your campaign now we did a Power Hour how to blow up volume and conversions in Google ads this is a live

Webinar that we did on YouTube for our Powerhouse affiliate premium members that described all the ad optimization techniques how to scale how to boost your conversion rates all of this stuff was a result of a meeting that I had had with a very highly skilled Google ads

Expert that worked for Google which was the first time I ever met somebody that knew what they were talking about that worked for Google sorry for um if I’ve insulted anybody that works at Google but basically this person knew what they were talking about so after that meeting

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I came and did a live webinar describing all of the important things that you need to know about Google ads and and optimizing your campaigns so if you want access to that just come into the forum and find this in the PowerHouse live Lounge where we do live power hour

Sessions basically in a nutshell it says make sure your ad is highly congruent to your landing page and make sure that the landing page is highly congruent to the offer so it’s all a flow so person sees person searches that keyword should match the intent of your land uh your ad

The ad should match the intent of the landing page and so and so on so that eventually you get the conversion this will drastically increase your conversion rates which you are reporting back to Google which Google Sees the conversion rates happening this boosts the uh the quality of your Google ads

Campaign the click-through rate on your ad is extremely important because you have to make sure that people are clicking on your ad and when Google Sees people clicking they like that too so all of these things help to bring quality to your campaign therefore giving you delivery and giving you

Clicks at a lower cost allowing you to spend $50 to $100 a day getting conversions so the next step is deciding your bid strategy the bid strategy in this case for a low budget most people recommend you start with enhanced bidding and optimizing for conversions

So that you can set your target cost per click on that campaign test and see how much traffic you’re getting see if you can get some conversions and make sure you’re reporting your conversions back to Google if Google’s not seeing this column here populate which is the conversions column then you’re not going

To be able to take advantage of their Advanced bidding strategies and eventually you’re going to want to move this to a Target CPA because that Target CPA allows Google to go even further in terms of putting your ads in front of the right people at the right time in

The right location that’s the advantage of using these conversion metrics and giving it back to Google all of that tracking is described I use cpv last AB Pro um to do my tracking it integrates well with Google ads sending that conversion data back so in this case

It’s now running at a Target CPA and sometimes in order to scale this you’re going to find that you’re going to have to add more keywords or you’re going to have to go add more countries or more devices there’s just a lot to scaling but starting out with a low budget start

With one country start with all devices because you’ll you’ll you’ll want to see which one work best so you’re going to start with all devices and then eventually turn off some other devices and you can do that here in the settings you’re going to come into your keywords

And you’re going to start looking at the keywords and what I recommend when you’re starting out again I know I’m all over the place here but there’s these are tips that you’re going to want to know um when you’re choosing your keywords and adding them to your campaign on a lowbudget phrase match

Makes more sense than broad match even though Google’s going to tell you to go broad match there just going to send you a whole bunch of crap keywords right off the bat and you’re going to be wasting a lot of money if you do your proper keyword research use the phrase match or

Exact match on the start of this campaign with the enhanced bidding and then move it into Target CPA later and if you want to start adding and scaling make sure you do it in separate campaigns or separate ad groups especially if you’re going in different countries that should be a different

Campaign altogether so get your first campaign working in wherever it is if you choose Canada or South Africa or wherever and then move into United States in a completely different campaign and really this is going to take a lot of learning and adapting you’re going to have to split test your

Landing pages split test your ads all of that needs to be optimized and the problem with a low budget is that you will not have a lot of data to work with in a short period of time so you have to be patient when you have a low budget it

Doesn’t really necessarily change much on your strategy overall because really what we’re doing here is we’re just slowing the pace of the traffic so we have to wait longer to do our optimizations and that’s the price we pay for lowbudget campaigns if you have further questions please come into the forum ask questions

There post your comments down below hopefully this was informative for people to understand that lowbudget campaigns are completely possible on Google search ads it just takes more time thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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