Today’s video is all about how I started multiple seven figure businesses from my blog so I’m going to literally be walking you through how I started my blog and then how I started all my other businesses the different types of businesses my strategies for them why I

Did certain things at certain times Etc so that you can maybe go and Implement some of my strategies and just why I handled certain things at certain times for your own business so let’s get into the video I’m so excited about this this is going to be more of like a word vomit

Podcasty Style video so get a drink get a coffee put it on when you’re driving in your car and let’s go through the history of BSL and how I grew all of the businesses to what it is now all right I’m getting comfortable because like I

Said this is going to be a long one and I have my drink so we’re going to make this more of a casual casual video so um I’m going to start from the very beginning and then work up to where we currently are so I guess I’ll I’ll

Really really quickly go where we currently are so currently um I have turned the blog into four different businesses I’ll go through the different businesses they are each like seven figure businesses which is literally insane um and we have nine employees for all the businesses we have a big office

Like it’s actually crazy but it all started from a Blog so let me go back to the blog that I started and walk you through that which if you’ve watched my other videos you’ve already heard this beginning part but I feel like you haven’t heard some of the things in

Between on why I did certain things a certain way so um I have just always been like a super type a gold driven type of person like I am not a um relaxed human being if you cannot tell that already and so I’m not the type of

Person that’s like I can just let this happen and let’s see what this and this happens like no like I have always since my mom say since I was born I needed a plan um I needed goals to hit and that’s just how I function so I always knew

From basically when I was in high school that I wanted to be an interior designer I just wasn’t necessarily sure how I was going to get to that interior design part until I was in college and blogs just started like happening so at that time I was 19 years old this was in

2017 and I was going into my sophomore year of college and I kind of had two things playing out one of the things was that I knew I wanted to be an interior designer and another thing was is that I was completely paying for college on my

Own um like every single scent was coming from me and freshman year I spent like moping about it like all my friends are getting college paid for and everyone I’m surrounded around doesn’t have to worry about this like why do I have to be the one that pays for college

Now I look back and I’m like it it changed the trajectory of my life and I’m so glad that I had to pay for college and it was really like a snobby thing mindset for me to have but that’s what I was surrounded around like I didn’t know any different so freshman

Year I moped about it sophomore year I was like okay bills are starting to come in I need to figure this out and stop being sad about it and figure out a way to pay these um so those were the two things coming in to play so basically I started researching

Like I was a full-time college student so I needed a job that I could do around my College schedule so I started researching different things that I could do for my dorm room and I stumbled upon a few mom bloggers and they were making like $200,000 a month on their

Blog and they were doing it while raising kids and so I was like okay if this stay-at-home mom which is like the hardest job in the entire planet is making $200,000 off of her blog that she’s doing around her kids like I can definitely do this around my College

Schedule and from my dorm room I had a laptop because of school um so I was like I can do this um so then I started going back to okay what my what is my blog going to be about and of course I had interior design like that’s what I’m

Passionate about and so I knew that when I went to college I did not care about decorating my dorm room or I didn’t care about going to classes I cared about decorating my dorm room like I would fall asleep at night thinking what am I

Going to do to my dorm room walls and what am I going to how am I going to make my bed and like different stuff like that and I knew that if I cared or if you care in general about decorating your dorm room you’re going to Care eventually about decorating your

Apartment and then you’re going to care about decorating your home so I was like okay this is smart like I will start a blog on college dorm decor and just College organization if I cared about decorating my dorm room so much there has to be other people out there that

Also care about this and there really wasn’t any resources at that time where that was like there was no websites for me to even look at and I knew also that like I wasn’t at the place where I had enough knowledge to start just to blog

On interior design like the thing that I knew was dorm decor because I was in it and I had experience and I could talk about that that experience so I started the blog I followed a lot of the same strategies that um the mom bloggers that I was following they said like I

Basically took what they did and was like okay this is how they’re starting their blog I’m copying their strategy until I learn enough where then I can adjust their strategy to work for myself which is exactly what I recommend for you is copy my strategy and then once

You figure out what actually works for your Niche you can adjust it but just copying someone and I say copy like take courses figure out how they started it what platforms they using Etc can help you go grow your blog so much faster instead of you trying to figure out

Everything on your own because it can get super overwhelming so I started the blog um I started it on a blue host blue host was my host which like slight plug I have a blog post going over exactly step by step on how I started my blog

That you can find below and it has links and literally 1 2 3 4 on this is what you do so that link will be on the in the description but I started it on blue host was my host because I was looking to do it as cheap as possible because I

Literally didn’t have money sorry for my dog barking in the background so I was looking to start my blog as cheaply as possible since I literally had no money and I like Babys set extra so that I could get money to start it which you can do for really

Inexpensive but still I was like I need $30 like I don’t have $30 to start this blog and thank God I did because that $30 has turned into now like a seven figure business which is insane um but I started that and then from day one I

Took it very seriously like I treated it like a full-time job I did not mess around I still was taking my full-time class credits um and I would like wake up at 6:00 a.m. and fit in like two hours of blogging before then I would

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Have to do classes and I would fit in it at night and when my friends were going to bars like I was like I gotta work and they’re like what are you working on and I was like my blog and they’re like that’s not working I’m like yes it is

Um so I took it really seriously at first which is so hard to do because not a lot happens those first few months like so much of it is in my case was taking blogging courses and trying to figure out just how I do it what is my

Strategy like the technical side of things is a lot to pick up and you get no views in the beginning so it is a lot of upfront work but I started really quickly learning right away that okay I need to focus on SEO like that was something that was coming back to me

Over and over again so search engine optimization um I also was seeing that bloggers were recommending courses a lot so I was trying to buy courses so that I could learn their strategies and um I was able to learn like that first year that the first way that you make money

On your blog is by getting into an ad agency and the easiest way to get into an ad agency is you have to get page views is by getting on Pinterest so I was using my blog posts with the biggest thing in mind for my blog post was

Getting on Pinterest and so that was my strategy the first year and my goal of first year in general was to get into an ad agency which is what brought me to Media Vine and the Ad Agency that I’m with because those mom bloggers that I was following and following their strategy

They were on media Vine as well so that was my first goal and that first two and a half years all I wrote about was dorm deor and so I started becoming known like my blog started growing with dorm decor and I didn’t even realize at the time like

How I didn’t realize how great of a niche dorm decor was um until I started then getting into affiliate marketing which is what I started focusing on probably at that like one year or like even maybe a few months before like 9 month Mark and once I got into the Ad

Agency that’s when I shifted like okay I’m making more more money on ads now let’s start thinking about the affiliate marketing so affiliate marketing if you don’t know is essentially like when you link something you will get in if you link something and someone buys it you’ll get a small percentage um and

What worked out really well for me and how I was able to get money and just something to think about as you’re thinking a niche is people buy a lot of stuff when they’re going to college and so I would recommend the dorm sheets

That I used or the fan that I had or the desk that I got or the pillows that I had or whatever it was and people started really buying them which then increased my ad money um so that first two years was pretty much focused just

On dorm rooms and I was like okay this is actually working like I’m starting to make more money I kept having different income goals where I’d be like okay I’m going to make $100 then I’m going to make $500 then I’m going to make $1,000 I’m going to make 2,000 then I’m going

To make 5,000 then I’m going to make 10 10,000 and by the time that I was was like halfway through senior year when I had to start thinking about what I was going to do after the fact I was like making $10,000 a month so I was a senior

In college making $10,000 a month and I was like do I go get a job or do I like just keep up with this blog thing which was like obviously scary but I was like it’s working like this is my opportunity and so um at that

Point 2 and a half years after I started was when I hired my first employee which was Sarah um and Sarah’s still with the team today and Sarah’s like it’s been amazing because we really did a lot of the learning together and so at that

Point I was focused a lot on the dorm stuff like I said and I was writing about dorm stuff I was writing about organization because I was really into organization as far as like how I was setting up my dorm room how I was organizing my classes my planner and

Whatnot and so that’s kind of how then the daily started is I was like putting out there on my blog I could not find a planner that I liked for college and so I would like find the closest planner that I could find and then I would add a

Ton of pages into it and so people started requesting the pages that I was adding into it so then I would do a download link to the page and I would started realizing okay wait people are actually downloading this so then I was like I’m going to make it a free

Printable to get on my email list and then people were I was seeing how many people were doing that and then I was like okay if this many people are doing that like I’m going to create a full digital planner for a full year and so I did that people were downloading that

Even more but I was getting constant feedback that it was a B T CH to print it out which like yeah that is horrible to print out that’s like $50 in print out um so when we graduated we were like okay okay we’re going to very like this

Was the most natural progression into a business probably that we had we were like this doesn’t fit into the interior design business but like this could be a business in itself and one thing that I’ve learned with blogging is have your eggs in different baskets and so we were

Like let’s create an actual tangible planner starting with college because that’s what we know and then eventually and the college planner was like very tight Bay like so Niche like if you are type B you will think it’s the stupid stupidest Planner on the planet but if

You are type A this is the planner that you’ve been looking for forever which was the feedback that we were getting on the digital one and so we first created the under the bopi name we launched the first tangible college planner um and we ordered 900 of them

The first round and that was such a learning curve like figuring out factories figuring out shipping um oh my God like so many things that we had to learn what boxes returns customer service like do we had to start a Shopify for the web like

There were so many things that we had to figure out but when we launched that we bought 900 of them and they sold within a month um which we were like okay we’re on a something we were getting such positive feedback so then we were like at that point we had already graduated

So we we had the college plan but then we’re like okay well now we’re out of college like the college plan is great for people in college but now I I need another planner that is for people like just for the normal person so then we created the daily planner which was

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Essentially my dream planner for people that were out of school and I I started realizing like wait okay there’s a market out there for people with like very specific jobs and that are typ a and we can just continue creating planners for this specific person so at

This point it was still under the by Sophia Lee name okay this is where I’m going to jump around so hopefully maybe we need like a diagram of the different ones so basically by Sophia Lee was the blog that I started so everything was under by Soph Le at that time um but

Then I want to go back to how my original goal of starting a design firm so once I graduated college I moved into an apartment so I was like this is perfect natural progression for my dorm room and then I’m going to start talking about apartment Decor um so that’s what

I did like I already was a key player in the dorm room blog industry I would say cuz I built it up for 2 and a half years and so it was a very natural progression for me to start talking about my apartment Decor so I copied the same

Strategies that I used for the dorm room and did it with my apartment like what you need for your first apartment the furniture I was buying from my first apartment um tips cleaning tips organization tips like Etc and I did that for a year and then after the year

Of living in my apartment I was like all right like there’s only so much that I can write about apartments like this is my time to now get into the interior design like residential industry that was my goal from day one but what didn’t make sense

Was that okay so now I’m trying to do that but then I also have the planners like that how do I explain to people what we do when I’m like well we do interior design oh wait no we also have planners like it was so confusing and we

Also realized just from like an accounting point of view like we didn’t want something happening on the interior design side that affected the planners um um so we were like okay we need to make the planner company a separate entity that like I am still full owner

Of I still Market It On by Sophia Lee but like it is its own individual company and I also wanted something that wasn’t necessarily like tied directly to my name because like by Sophia Le I was like well what if I die you know like what happens then and so we named the

Planner company the daily so it’s like by Sophia Lee Ellie e we have the daily D AI le e e um and that is now its own individual company the daily planners has grown bigger than I could have ever imagined it to grow like that is our

Biggest company right now um and it probably forever will be our biggest company like the scalability of that is crazy now we have multiple different planners um we have someone Sarah is a huge player in the planner um and then we also have another girl her name’s Megan they are amazing and

Involved in the designning of the planners cuz a lot of it’s like my okay you see how bright it is so I was like really busy on the blog side of things and growing the interior design side and but I knew that the daily was super

Important so that is I hired on Megan to basically manage like the daily brand and then Sarah also is complet like Sarah is actually the manager of Megan but they really handle the um daily brand and just launching a product and then I oversee everything as far as

Like design of planners um approving all covers for them making sure that all of the pages are exactly what’s in my brain Etc um but I’m on more on like the marketing side of things which Market the planner which works so naturally because everyone knows that I’m so tip

Bay like it’s just such a natural company for us to have um and again the eggs in the different baskets like that makes me feel so much better so we’ve sold out of every single planner that we’ve ever had it’s like actually crazy and that all started because I started putting organization

Pages on my blog so that’s the daily um we’re going to continue doing very Niche planners along with like pens and you know grocery lists and highlighters and things that go with planners so that’s that company um and then let’s let’s hop on back to the blog

And the interior design firm so at that point I was I was ready to take the leap into interior design but I was only 23 and the projects that I wanted to take on I wanted to do very high-end residential projects so I did go to school for interior architecture that I

Was doing alongside of doing my blog but I knew at 23 no one was going to hire me to do their $200,000 kitchen remodel um so even though I had even though I could show them that I had good style for dorm decor and apartment Decor I knew that

Like this was another leap and it would just be really hard to get people to hire me on with essentially no experience and so that’s where I took the money that we were making from the blog and at this point we were making like substantial money like we were

Making 655,000 plus a month on the blog and I took that money and put it towards buying the um a restoration and so for this restoration I my goal was to not make money on the actual project my goal was to take my I guess I had multiple

Goals one take my followers along with me and show them that okay I can actually design something I also wanted to show the caliber of design so it was we ended up selling it for like almost $1.1 million so it was a very high-end house which was also my goal to get into

High highend interior design potential clients I could show show um and then hopefully I was also making an investment on the house so I had the content um I had the portfolio and I had the investment of the house so I thank God it was so risky I barely slept that

Year it was the most stressful year of my entire life thank God it all worked out and that house was a took me to actually taking on clients so once we finished that house we sold it in September I essentially started getting inquiries like right away for design clients

And I started taking on clients in October um so that is how I actually was able to start the design firm side of things which then we named BSL Studios so to give you a quick Roundup as I’m like jumping all over I hope you guys are

Following but we have by Sophia Lee which was the blog and social medias then I had the daily which was the planner company and now we have BSL Studios which is the interior design firm so they all play together but they’re separate at the same time um and

It was really important that for BSL Studios that we separated that business out right away I hope you can’t hear my dog it was really important for the design firm side of things for that to be a separate entity because construction I’m like if I’m going to

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Get sued anywhere it’s going to be in construction or I who knows what’s going to happen and I don’t want it affecting any of the other businesses so we separated that out so the interior design firm side is called BSL Studios W okay now I’m going to backtrack even

More so th those are the three businesses that we have so far then we have have one other business um so when I started my blog and literally forever I have been a huge course taker like ginormous course taker that’s one of the advice of the mom bloggers they were

Like look like take courses because you can pay a small amount of money learn someone’s exact strategy who’s very successful on whatever you’re taking the course about and start making money faster otherwise you would have spent a year trying to figure fig out a strategy that you could have paid $100 to figure

It out for um so I from day one of starting my blog was taking courses and I swear that’s one of the reasons why I was able to grow my businesses so much I always say that and I seriously believe it so as I started to grow my blog I

Started to get more and more questions on how I was doing this what were my strategies why did I do this and why did I do that and how did I make my content calendar and how did I set up my website and how do I set up my blog post and why

Did I write this a certain way and how do I do my Pinterest and like literally I was getting questions all the time and so I was like okay I love taking courses I have very I’m very opinionated on how courses are set up because I’ve taken a

Lot of courses that bust like that were not good and I’ve taken a lot of really good courses um I also was a college student so I was like there is money in education and I knew also about passive income so I had so many things going on

In my head um where I was like it’s time for me to start a course and um I first started perfecting blogging which was um my first course and perfecting blogging goes over everything on like the back end of the website on how I set up my

Website how I set up my blog post how I do my content calendar how I write my blog post what I do in the first paragraph versus the second paragraph headings keywords I mean oh my gosh so many different things so I created perfecting blogging course and that that

Course did really really well and it was all passive income like I spent a whole entire month head down literally basically like I mean I was juggling other things cuz we had the other businesses but I was pretty focused just on the perfecting blogging and it was horrible like honestly I don’t like

Creating courses but I’m such a perfectionist that they’re just so detailed um but I was like oh my gosh I go and update it when it needs to be updated but like this is basically passive income a lot of people are buying it I’m getting such good feedback

Like this is pretty amazing you know and then so I was like okay people are asking about Pinterest strategy so I went and created the perfecting Pinterest um which the course did just as well and like the feedback was better than I could have ever imagined and then

We did perfecting email which was like the most complicated I always say like if you are just starting out your blog do not buy perfecting emo because it is so just just like complicated we we made it as straightforward as possible but it’s just a complicated process so that’s how perfecting blogging business

Started which is the fourth business and that is all like our blogging educational courses I definitely don’t plan on doing that for forever but I was getting so many emails about how I was doing stuff and I wanted to have something that was passive income that I

Was like this makes complete sense to do and that has also been unbelievable like I have had no idea how much money courses could make no idea and just the power of passive income um so if you want to take one of our courses you should they really read the comments on

Our YouTube videos like people are so we’re so like I’m biased obviously cuz I created them but I created them in a very very certain way on how I liked courses that I had taken and I take the approach of I’m not teaching you what to

Do I’m showing you exactly what I I do cuz there’s obviously a million different strategies that you can do and so I’m not teaching all the different strategies like I’m just teaching you what has worked amazing for us and how I’ve been able to grow a seven figure

Business um so that’s kind of the plan with all of them um and where we’re at now which now I have like I’m only one person there’s only 24 hours in a day and so there’s certain things that I do there’s C certain things that the team does um but

That’s just the different businesses I’d love to do like a part two answering questions that you guys have on like other random things on business and how I started it and how I’m growing it because I feel like that would be fun but I think that’s it for

Now and it all started from the blog like every single one of those businesses started from the blog which is why I’m such a huge proponent of people starting blogs because it really can get you credibility and whatever type of business you want to go to so

When you actually take the leap into doing a product or into offering services for that business it’s like such a like natural like duh like of course I always give the example of dog food like if I ever wanted to start a start a dog food company like I’m going

To start a blog about dogs and I’m going to show the readers and become known in the industry for dogs that like of course a dog food company makes sense like she knows so much about dogs she’s going to start a dog F compy and that’s

Like the example that I give for the other things like of course I started a planner business I was so particular about planners and I talk so much about it in organization and how type A I am and the different pages that I used like it made so much sense of course I

Started a design firm like I am obsessed with home decor and I have so much knowledge on it and I’m so opinionated about it like duh of course I started a design firm and then same with the per the perfecting blogging all the courses like I take so many courses I’ve proven

That my strategies are successful like of course so all of those were just very natural I’m so blessed so so blessed I’m so lucky to do what I do but it’s definitely work um so check out my businesses all of the businesses have specific websites for them at this point

So we have by Sophia Lee we have perfecting blogging um and we have the daily and now of course the camera is very dark but I hope you like that video put your questions below and I will see you at next week’s blogging video

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