Today in this free chat GPT SEO workflow I’m going to show you how to rank number one with an interesting AI SEO strategy that basically looks at your old content your existing content and quantitatively looks at ways to improve it in a quick and automated way using chat GPT now

We’re going to look at several different ways to do this and I’m going to give you all the show notes and all the promps and all the techniques that we’ve talked about today for free at the end of this video so make sure you keep watching we’re going to get straight

Into it so Google released two updates on March the 5th right number one is a spam update and number two is a core update now bear in mind these are just rolling out so don’t make any drastic changes soon because it’s going to take time might take like a month or so for

The whole update to be rolled out properly and for things settle so if you see your ranking is being a bit volatile you know why but what we’re going to do from here is look at the Google core update guidelines that are available at and if we scroll

Down right here there’s a section on assessing your own content now if you look at this particular page right here it has some guidelines on how to create helpful reliable people first content and these are basically questions you can ask yourself when a set in your own

Content now why is that useful for you and how does it tie to chat GPT well one of the first things you can actually do is leverage chat GPT and the power of it to actually analyze your existing content and look at ways you can improve

It based on Google’s true advice so if we take the helpful content guidelines that they’re suggesting we use use what we can actually do from here is take the questions from Google search Central plug them into chat G and then we can say break down these guidelines it’s

Quantitative criteria that we can use to grade our own content and improve it we’ve got the guidelines from Google Now you can see that it’s giv us the quantity and quality evaluation guidelines with actual scores based on expertise and trustworthiness page experience people first content Etc and all the ways that

You can actually grade your content to improve it but the good thing is rather than it’s subjectively being you that looks for all your content and checks for it you can use the power of chat gbt which is probably better at data analysis in most of us right now what we

Can actually do from here is upload a piece of content that we want to improve and you can do this for any pages that have taken a big hit you might be thinking as well okay how do you figure out which Pages have taken a big hit

What you can actually do you can go onto ATS or any other SEO tour see which Pages actually taken a drop in traffic and what you can actually if you want to figure out okay which pages should you work on first you can just look at your

Rankings on atfs or any other s allour and see which Pages have dropped in traffic the most so from there once we’ figured out which Pages has taken the biggest hit and like I said you wouldn’t do this right away but you can do it long term in terms of reoptimizing your

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Content so for example if you’re doing this based on the core update you do it once it’s actually rolled out then we can upload our piece of content as a PDF I would recommend PDF because if you paste the content directly into chat chpt the problem is they won’t include the images and

Everything else inside the content right instead what we can do is upload as PDF and that includes all the formatting all the internal links all the external links all the images Etc inside the PDF and then you can say from there now grade this content breach criteria and

Give me actionable ways to improve it and you can see what it’s doing as we roll This Out is it saying right for the content and quality evaluation here’s how you can approve right gives you a score out of five for insight significant additional value topics covered comprehensively Etc and then

Actionable improvements that would make your content a lot better and what you can actually see is that it recommends in local ornithologists or bird watchers for Unique insights which makes sense to me because then your content is way more orinal you can still leverage Ai and chat GPT and the workflows but that

Basically gives you a new angle on the content That’s Unique from everyone else’s same for the presentation and engagement same for quality and production so for example says well produced three out of five the structur clear but the visual appeal could be approved and then you’ve got an actual

Improvement which is enhance the layout with interactive elements visuals consider adding a downloadable guide or checklist now this is quite interesting in the expertise and trustworthiness section it’s given us some ways to improve the authority in Trust of the content so for example clear sourcing and evidence but lacking detail or for

Background or expert review and basically what it’s saying here is just improve the expertise of the person who’s reading it so basically the author of the website lacks expertise on that particular subject which hurts our expertise and trustworthiness scores then it’s given us some tips on reader satisfaction and how to improve that

Score so for example add in interactive maps bird watching tips tailored to each species or User submitted sightings and it gives us a summary right here on how to improve it plus we’ve got actionable ways to improve the content honestly that’s come up with more creative ideas

And most SEO experts you can to hire and it only took like literally one prompt to actually get the outputs and see and figure out exactly how to improve your content so that it can be more orinal in the future bear in mind as well that this probably wasn’t possible previously

Because chat GPT didn’t have the token limit that it does now which means that it can handle more data it can look at it more comprehensively and it can give you better improvements versus say 12 months ago where you’d have to paste in the article step by step and you can

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Really upload a PDF now what you can do to even take this further is obviously it’s only powerful information once you take action on it so what you can say is give me an action plan on how to improve this step-by step for my team and how to

Each part and what it’s going to do from here is break down each task so for example like incorporating expert insights localized knowledge and detailed Behavior or conservation status and it says right here’s how to do it right so reach out to local enologists bird watchers or conservationist for interviews contributions new scientific

Journals sour some images Etc in fact you could probably use chat GPT to help with the image generation or even the interactive maps that you insert inside content as it recommended earlier but basically you’ve got a very actionable game plan from here that you can give to

Your team or you can work on yourself to manually improve each piece of content based on the data analysis from chat GPT now what you can also do is if you have chat GPT plus you can go to chat. gpts type in something like helpful content guidelines or Google

Guidelines right here and you get a bunch of custom gpts that are made to do this sort of analysis on autopilot and all you need to do is insert your content right and these are fre tools as long as you have chat gbt plus now you’ll see a lot of different tools

Inside I think one of the best ways to sort this quickly is by looking the actual number of uses for each tool right now that could be manipulated but that’s probably a quick and easy way to do so for example you got the search quality evaluated GPT right here 1,000

People have used it if we click on start chat right now it would say start here evaluate a page and then it will say like to get started about your end page could you please tell me where your search query is blah blah blah and then from there you can just follow the

Workflow to get all the information that you need you can also see a bunch of quality rater gpts inside the chat GPT store so for example quality rated GPT 1,000 conversations right here if you click on start chat from here it says it will analyze your website using Google’s

Quality rated guidelines give some short Improvement advice that’s pretty much it right and then you can evaluate the eat of your website you can look at the user experience I would take the recommendations with a pinch of sort but if you can gather more data you’re going

To have more options and then you can just focus on the highest leverage once now obviously you can’t do every single change especially if you’ve got a lot of content to improve but that’s why I recommend sorting this number one by the highest leverage in terms of which Pages

Have had the biggest loss in traffic and then additionally when you get all the options for example from the prompts I showed before and the custom gpts then sort by the highest leverage and highest impact changes it can make right so you can’t do all of them in one day or one

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Week one month but you can focus on the ones which are can have 80% of the impact with 20% of the work and then just go from there now what you can also do is you can run your content through a grer tool like this for example new writer and you can

Blog in your content and get an SEO now this tool leverages Ai and it’s an easy way to just check your content versus your competitors in terms of the semantic optimization of the page it will grade your score in terms of the terms the outline the headings you’ve Ed

Etc based on what’s already ranking on the Surs now you don’t want to just copy what’s already ranking you want to add some original content inside there but that’s another way to do this and finally what you can actually do is use this SEO checklist step by step to

Figure out okay from keyword research down to actually publishing what changes do I need to make to improve that content now the good thing about this is It’s so simple and easy to follow that you can give it to a team member or you can give it to a virtual assistant and

They can follow it step by step as well so thanks so much for watching just to recap why are we doing this to improve your content quality and quantitatively figure out whether your content is good or not and you can use chat GPT or other AI tools for this I think you could

Probably use perp Plexi or Claude as well to do this how do you figure it out you can look at stuff like for example helpful content guidelines you can use custom gpts broken down all the prompts that I’ve used today plus some of the custom gpts that I’ve mentioned the SEO

Checklist and newos so if you want to get access to the promps I mentioned today you can get that inside my free chat GPT SEO course inside the AI SEO quality control section this is called improving content as you can see and you can get free access to this right here

It’s inside my chat GPT SEO course feel free to get that links in the comments and description and again if you’re doing this based on the core update I would highly recommend that you wait until the core update has rolled out properly before you make any drastic

Changes to your content right so just wait it’s going to take time it’s going to be very volatile and then from there you can actually figure out so thanks so much for watching if you want to get a free SEO strategy session where we can

Show you step by step how to get more lease traffic and sales from SEO feel free to book that in links in the comments and description and you get an SEO domination plan we’ll answer any questions you have you’ll discover the best link building strategies for your website and that’s basically thanks for

Watching appreciate it bye-bye

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