Today I’m going to show you my chat GPT SEO strategy that’s working right now this is something that I’ve never really shown before and it’s based on what’s working for this website as he can it’s gone from a few clicks a day to over 264 clicks a day and again for this aiso

Site it’s come from like zero clicks a day up to a peak of 443 clicks a day absolutely flying nice trajectories too now what I’m going to explain today is the one SEO mindset switch that will improve your chances of r by 65% and I’ll show you proof like I always do

With this website and this website you learn how to dominate any single industry that you working with SEO you’ll know why right now is the only window to take advantage of this SEO hack plus a free chat chpt SE workflows prompts and systems to implement this

I’m going to give it all the way to you for free today with this workflow plus you’ll get the S&P let’s get into it so what am I talking about well basically when it comes to SEO what most people do right now now is they focus on one

Single website and they try and build out and scale it and focus all their efforts including content creation link building and Technical optimization on one side to make it as strong as possible and honestly that makes total sense because then you can build Authority that one single domain it’s

Everything is very simplified and focused but the thing is with chat GPT now that you can autom make content it’s easier than ever to scale up an Empire of websites so that once you have one single website that’s proven to make money you’ve got the keywords you got

The content youve got the team setup Etc then you can easily scale that out 10x across 10 or 20 different websites in the same Niche TP and the same keywords so that you can dominate Google and then you don’t just take one space up on the first page of Google you actually take

Multiple slots now you can easily do this with your own websites because once you figure out okay these are the keywords that rank really well this is the content that ranks it these are the back links that help the website Etc then you can just scale that and you

Just replicate the same system over and over again now a couple other things I would say here is if you have multiple websites not just one then you’ve got a much better chance of surviving the Google updates that come along right so for example if you look at the helpful

Content update last year people who had worked on their website for years focusing on one single website were not Diversified and therefore as soon as this update here people lost all their income overnight whereas if you’ve got 10 websites and one or two of them get

Here it’s a pain but it’s not the end of the world because you’ve Diversified across multiple websites and you’re still ranking on the first page and still getting traffic from the other side to survive the update right it gives you more protection it keeps you safe it helps you diversify your traffic

And it doesn’t cost you any extra resources or energy as I’ve talked about because you can replicate and copy and paste the same systems additionally something else to consider here and this is why I use Easy blog networks I actually link to this page in subp but basically you can Interlink from one

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Website to another one because ebn VAR the hosting the IP addresses Etc each time so that you can Interlink between your websites squares if you did that on a normal server it could be quite risky and there’s a bigger footprint so by having multiple websites ranking for the same

Keywords you’re Diversified is safer you protect your site you’re not at the risk of updates and you can sleep a lot better at night to put this down into Data if there’s a fixed number of positions on the first page of Google normally 10 right and you assume each

Website has an equal independent chance of ranking for the keyword because whichever website you invest into then the chance of ranking one website is 10% now obviously that varies down to back links and authority of the website but you can’t control what you can bet just

Do so let’s say you just focus on everything you can do and you can better to all focus on what they can do and so your chance of ranking one website is 10% now in scenario number two the strategy that I’m suggesting if each of your websites has a 10% chance of

Ranking and a 90% chance of not ranking then having 10 websites each with an independent 10% chance of ranking for the same keyword increases the chances of ranking on the first page by 65.1% according to chat GPT now I’m know mathematician but here’s what I’m saying if you have 10 websites and you

Implement all the same systems that you would do on a normal website versus one single website where you implement the same systems and team and resources Etc then the of you ranking with 10 websites is a 65% higher chance now previously you know going back like a couple of

Years ago this would be unachievable because obviously it costs so much money and so much time and so many resources to build the backlinks and create the content but now you can automate the content with chat GPT you can also automate the link building I talk about

How to get free back links and automate it with chat GPT and lots of my videos and that’s basically how I built an Empire of over 150 SEO SI which means that it doesn’t cost any more time resources money or energy to manage 100 sites as it does like 10

Websites right and so you can replicate this process over and over again to increase your chances of ranking this is basically the SEO domination technique right where you’re creating multiple websites in the same Niche to dominate the same keywords and as chat GPT is proven that increases your chance of

Ranking by 65% essentially making you Unstoppable now you could do this with parasite SEO but the problem with parasite SEO is that although a lot of these Pages rank for their target keywords the biggest issue is you don’t own the asset right and if LinkedIn come

Along one day and they’re like we don’t like what you’re doing here and they wipe out your whole profile or LinkedIn stops ranking so well then you don’t own an asset and all the work you’ve invested into that platform has gone whereas if you invest this into a

Website that you own where you’ve got all theps the systems and prompts that I break down for you in every single video and you just replicate that system build it over and over again then you know it’s a very predictable sustainable reliable way of building an asset that

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You actually own and isn’t at the mercy of other platforms like LinkedIn or ready or whatever Plus across each of these websites you can build up one personal offer for example one eat profile and your competitors who don’t even know what SEO is or don’t know how

To compete with you well all of a sudden they’ve got 10 websites to compete with not just one which means that you can monopolize all the traffic that’s in your market so at this point you’re probably going well how do you do this how you implement it I would say it’s

Easier than ever like I touched on before and the first thing to do is of course pick a niche and test it right it has to be ranking if it’s not ranking there’s no point in creating other websites that don’t rank as well you have to rank one website first and then

You can create multiple sites targeting the same niches and then you’ve already created a copy or paste workflow because you already know the best keywords how do you figure that out you just go to your website for example like my one ranking right here and I can see which

Of the top queries that are driving the most clicks for example like this one this this one this one right and the beauty of this is that I don’t need to replicate the whole website realistically I only need to create 50 pages right my top 50 keywords from

There I can then create a brand new site with chat chbt using this process and so I already know the keywords I know how to create scale the content I know how to build back links in Niche because I’ve already done it for this website and it’s easier than ever to monetize

Right because you’ve done this all before as I said you’ve already tested it and you’re already ranking a website by this point and then you just need to scale it and because you only need to create like 50 articles for example you can just copy this keyword you can plug

It into your favorite SEO outline creator for example like this one that’s going to create the outline then you can create the content from there and it’s pretty much automated otherwise you pull up your favorite tool and you create the content that way as well and so you

Already know the best keywords you get those from Google search console you already know how to create and scale the content you either use your favorite tool or you can use a free SEO blog outline Creator like this one I actually got a list of my favorite tools right

Here if you want to get access you already know how to build back links in your Niche based on what’s helped you rank already and you already know what converts for your website because you’ve already picked a niche tested it and then once rank in you’ve created multiple websites that’s it simple as

That and the content creation you’re only really taking the top 50 or top 100 articles that are already ranking right you’re not going to replicate the pages that aren’t ranking and so you could set up a new website in a day in fact if you seen my video already you know that I

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Built 98 sites in 72 days using chat GPT so the process works it’s proven I’ve done it before and I’ve given you proof now how do I know this works I mean for example this is another website in the astrology Niche but in Spanish you can see we targed his similar keywords as

First website I set up so I’ve taken similar keywords from astrological Eden created content on a new website and you can see it’s already getting traffic it’s already ranking for a bunch of keywords it’s on a very nice trajectory right and it’s like a copy and paste

System to rank get more traffic make make more money of SEO I’ve also broken down the process so just to recap you have learned the one SEO mindset switch that will improve your chances of ranking by 65% with proof I’ve shown you the proof right here I’ve shown you the strategy

As well and if you want to see the full conversation on that you can actually check it out right here on chat GPT I’ve shared the link I’ve shown you examples of how it would work in practice I’ve shown you why it only works right now because it’s never been easier to create

Content and build backlinks that skill with AI and chat GPT and I’ve given you the free chat GPT SEO workflows prompts and systems to implement this so you can see the full system and game plan right here I’ve given you access to the free tool if you want to replicate yourself

And if you want to get even more chat GPT SEO proms tools and workflows Link building content creation keyword research tople Maps Etc then you can get access to this document right here that breaks it all down for you one final thing I wanted to mention is I’ve

Actually created a free humanizer GPT as you can see right here it’s available to access for free and based on what’s working for me it will actually write a very human feeling article if you give it your keyword and you can see it just automates the content right there so if

You want to get access to everything that I’ve shown you today including all the workflows processes SAP systems tools Etc what I’m going to do is plug that into my free chap GPT SEO course it will be inside the SEO system section right here I’m going to call that SEO

Mination as you can see and the SB is in the description down there so if you want to get free access to all the promps workflows and templates along with my chat GPT SEO course has literally got hundreds of video tutorials templates workflows Etc as you

Can see right here then feel free to get that links in the comments description and if you do want to get a free SEO strategy section about how to get more leads traffic and sales to your website without Facebook or Google ads you can book in a free SEO strategy session and

We will personally talk to you about building your link building can predictably and consistently delivers more back traffic and sales to your website thanks so much for watching as always appreciate it bye-bye

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