AI video generators bring a huge revolution in the content creation industry various video generator tools make video creation easier than you think in this video I am going to introduce an amazing AI tool that is more than an ordinary AI video generator it’s a complete tools hub for creators

To start a successful content creation Journey with minimum efforts without further Ado let’s dive in this is devid and you are watching AI lockup before start creating any video we need the idea of the video you can make videos on various niches I always suggest selecting a niche with low

Competition give some time to research before selecting a niche today I am going to make videos on mythology this particular Niche grabs the attention of a large number of people but still now it has lower competition all right now we have a topic to explore let’s move

Forward to the next step the actual video creation to generate any video I will use an AI tool called deep brain AI I will put the link in the description deep brain AI allows you to convert your text into videos it offers a vast number of templates to make videos for training

Video business video news video marketing video education video and more use cases deep brain ai’s video generator offers tools that instantly convert any topic prompt URL PDF blog article and PowerPoint presentation into engaging pro quality videos its multilanguage AI text to speech supports over 80 languages with 100 plus lifelike

AI voices in a word this extremely powerful tool for Content creators to start creating videos click on the login button from here now we have to create an account with email or continue with a Microsoft or Google account I am going with Google after creating the account

Your interface will be like this here you can create a video with chat GPT convert a URL to an AI video generate AI Avatar videos with a solid background default template and turn your PowerPoint into a video presentation I won’t use any of these I will use the AI

Studio feature to generate my video to access AI Studio come to the product tab from here and select the AI studio tool after coming to this page click on create a free AI video now you will find some options you can enter a prompt or upload some documents to start creating

A video I will select the topic to video tool now we have to enter a detail prompt for example I entered create a video showcasing various mythical creatures from Greek mythology after entering the video prompt click on the option from here you will notice some more options first set the goal as

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YouTube after that the duration keep it auto next language select your desired language now select the aspect ratio I am SEL selecting the landscape if you want to make videos for Tik Tok or Instagram select portrait next select a template from here and then select the

Media type I will keep it generative in the end select the style I will select the illustration after all is set hit the create video button now it will take some time to analyze the prompt and generate video Let’s fast forward this Part and here it is our video is ready you can see a scene by scene preview from here if you are satisfied with the video then click on the export button to save the video on your device I always suggest doing some customization on AI generated videos to bring your

Personality and make it more engaging to do this click on the editor button from here and here it is now we are on the video editor page of deep brain AI Studio on the right side of the page you will find the video script if you want

To change any part simply rewrite the script from here after that click here to customize the voice actor you will find a vast library of voice actors in different languages and accents if you want to customize the audio speed add gestures add a pause or fix the pronunciation of any word you

Can do it from here I will suggest listening to a preview every time after every customization welcome to a journey through the fascinating world of Greek mythology now let’s talk about another interesting feature if you want to use multiple speakers or avatars on your video you can do it from here now come

To the second block and enter the script after that add an avatar from here and then set the voice actor if you need more actors or avatars simply click on the plus button from here and repeat the process and if you want to use your own voice over then you can upload your

Voice over from here all right now on the right side you will find some more options first the templates if you want to change the templates and choose a new one then you can choose from the vast collection from here next in the model tab you can change the Avatar models

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Here you will find more than 100 realistic AI Avatar models after that come to the text tab here you can add or customize the text from your video add text or customize the text if needed next in the captions tab you can customize the subtitle download the subtitle file and disable the subtitle

Of your video after that come to the media tab here you will find a vast number of copyright free media files in the image tab you will find more than 60 million images from pixabay or Shutterstock yes deep Baron AI is integrated with Shutterstock and pixe

After that in the video tab you will find the video library of pixabay and Shutterstock and in the end on the audio tab you will find royalty-free back ground music and sound effects you can easily use them just drag and drop the file it’s simple all right after the

Media tab on the asset tab you will find the media you have uploaded on deep Baron as I don’t upload anything it’s blank at this moment next in the shape tab you will find various types of shapes shapes are very important to make business presentations and infographic

Videos you can use them from here now let’s talk about the most interesting featur of deep brain AI studio in the generate tool you can generate images and videos with text prompts sometimes we can’t find related stock footage and mages for our video we can overcome this issue with this generate tool for

Example I want to make a video so after coming to the video tab from here I am typing my prompt after entering the prompt hit the generate button now it will take around 30 seconds to generate the video and here it is our video is ready ready now simply click on it to

Add the clips to our video after inserting the video clip adjust the size and the position after that set the layer position all right our first scene editing is completed now in the same way customize or edit all of the scenes you will find the scene at the bottom of the

Page after that you can customize the background music after all is set hit the preview button from here to watch a preview the Avatar animation won’t work during the preview time it will work once you export the final video all right if you are satisfied with the

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Video click on the export button from here it will take some time to render the video let’s first forward this part and here it is our video is ready let’s have a look welcome to a journey through the fascinating world of group mythology today we delve into the realm of

Mythical creatures that have captured the imaginations of storytellers for centuries from the depths of the underw world to the highest peaks of Mount Olympus these creatures have left an indelible mark on our Collective Consciousness first up we have the mighty motor half human and half bull lurking in The Labyrinth of Creek but

Here’s a thought could there be other hidden labyrinths waiting to be discovered what Mysteries lie within ah the Magnificent Pegasus the winged horse of Legend but have you ever wondered if there are other Wing creatures out there are they hiding in the unexplored corners of our world Medusa with her snake likee hair and petrifying gaze is undoubtedly one of the most iconic creatures in Greek mythology but what if I told you that some believe there are still remnants of her power in the form of real life creatures with enous abilities it’s a tantalizing thought isn’t

It from the enchanting Sirens luring Sailors to their Doom to the multi-headed Hydra and the madus Greek mythology is a treasure Trove of the Fantastical beings but here’s a question for you if these creatures were real how would they fit into to our modern world would they be revered or feared that’s a

Great video with very minimal effort you can make it great by giving some extra efforts all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear about your experience of creating a mythological video with AI share your thoughts and results in the

Comments section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching Ing and until next time happy creating

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