Tik Tok creativity program or YouTube shorts can now be the best options for making some real money nowadays you can easily make highquality content for your Channel or page with the help of AI in this video I am going to share a new AI tool that can create more captivating

YouTube shorts or Tik Tok reels and yes I am going to share a niche also which has literally zero competition with high demand so without further Ado let’s dive in this is deit and you are watching AI lockup first of all we need to select a niche

Before starting to make the video look at this video in the dimly lit study the unmistakable scent of iron hung in the air a clear sign of the tragedy that had unfolded yes it’s a video about crime crime stories are extremely popular all over the world and there are a few

Channels that are working on this Niche there are a huge number of sub niches like serial killers Unsolved Mysteries solved cases and others that you can work with select a sub Niche from here and start your content creation Journey all right we have a niche now what will

Be the next step to generate video I will use an outstanding AI video generator called vsub I will put the link in the description with this AI tool you can create faceless videos in just a few clicks after coming to this page simply click on the get start

Button from here now you have to create an account with your Google or email account I will go with my Google account after creating an account successfully your interface will be like this one okay now let’s have a look at the features provided by vub first you can

Create automatic captions for your video in more than 50 languages just select the video language and then upload your video vsub will take care of the rest next with the Reddit story feature you can convert a Reddit post to a video you have to just enter the video length

Language and the Reddit post link and vsub will create an engaging video for you with captivating visuals voice over and caption look at this video honest the title says it all but for more context and to give an understanding of just how bad this has gotten I suppose I

Should elaborate this video was created by vsub from this Reddit story all right our next feature is AI video with this tool you can create highquality videos in cinematic 3D animation and anime style there are some tools in quei on this platform and will be available very

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Soon okay now let’s move forward to the video creation after coming to the AI video tool select cinematic as the style first we have to select the voice actor there are three options first Amazon poly it’s for free users next open Ai and 11 Labs I will go with 11 Labs after

Selecting the platform select a voice actor from here you can listen to a preview by clicking here all our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions after selecting the voice actor enter the after prompt enter a detailed prompt about your video next we have to enter the video script if you

Have have a story on your mind simply type or paste it here I will generate a story with chat GPT after coming to chat GPT simply type write a 10line short crime story after that type the story context for example I am typing that involves a killer blood on the floor a

Knife on the floor and the cops and here is our story now just copy the story and then paste it into the v subscript box after that hit the apply magic button from here now it will create AI voice transcribe audio generate image ideas generate AI images

And render AI video the process will take some time let’s fast forward this part and here it is our video is ready let’s have a look in the dimly lit study the unmistakable scent of iron hung in the air a clear sign of the tragedy that had unfolded blood dark and thick pulled

On the mahogany floor seeping into the rich grains of the wood if you are satisfied with the video then you can export and download it and if you want to customize the video then you can do it let’s do some customization first the subtitle here you can customize the

Subtitle text but as it according to our story we don’t need to change it next in the style tab you can customize the text font and size if you want to use capital letters then turn the upper scale on after that set the text decoration here you can add stroke Shadow background and

Brightening of effect to your text after that set the active mode value such as color and stokers then set the Emoji size and position next the caption text animation effects then word display mode I will keep it word after that set the text position and limits after

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Completing the style setting come to the AI video tab here you can add background music if you want to upload your own music you can do it also okay in the tools tab you can customize and generate emojis replace video the video export the subtitle add overlay and in the end

You can change the video size all right after all is set hit the download button from here now it will take some time to render the video Let’s fast forward this part and here is our result now to download the video click on here and our

Video has been saved on our device all right now let’s talk about how you can generate a video from Reddit story after selecting the Reddit story tool select the maximum characters number and then set the language now select a Reddit story I will go with this story click on

The share button and then copy the URL now paste the URL on the V subreddit story link box after that hit the apply magic button and here it is vub generates a perfect trendy Reddit Story video for us now you can download it or customize the video first customize the

Subtitle if needed after that come to the style Tab and like the previous one customize the font size size color decoration words and others after that come to the Reddit tab here you can customize the voice over after that change the script of your video next in

The video tab you can change the background video I will suggest changing the background video and using your own video as the background because if you use this video as the background you may face the issue of reused content after that set the bgm for your video and in

The end customize the screenshot after completing the Reddit tab come to the tools tab like the first video here you can customize the Emoji change the video size and others after all is set hit the download button once the render is completed click on the download

Button to save the video on your device all right our videos are now saved on our device let’s have a look at them I keep digging myself into deeper depth because I’m a shopaholic to be honest the title says it all but for more context and and to give an understanding

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Of just how bad this has gotten I suppose I should elaborate I come from nothing I grew up with nothing I endured awful things just to keep me and my siblings safe and alive but this post isn’t about that this is just context as

I grew up I learned how to make the most of every situation and ended up with nice homes and decent cars and basically was just about spoiled with whatever I wanted within reason but I decided I didn’t want to live as a dependent anymore so I started to truly build a

Life for myself I got certifications that owed me to work decent paying jobs and then got into better jobs as I earned better certifications this was the Reddit story version how has this let me know in the comment section now let’s watch The Crime Story video detective Harris stepped into the room

His experienced eyes taking in every detail the disarray suggested a struggle but the absence of defensive wounds on the victim hinted at a different story he noticed the knife’s unique handle recognizing it as belonging to the homeowner as the cops secured the scene Whispers of betrayal and a secret affair

Began to surface painting a complex web of motives in this way you can generate a Crime Story video or Reddit Story video with vub AI this amazing tool makes your content creation Journey so easy now let’s talk about the pricing of this tool you have to pay a onetime

$199 for the Pro Plan this plan offers you 60 videos per month export videos up to 10 m and 8,000 AI credits per month in the Premium plan you will able to generate unlimited videos and 20,000 AI credits per month with other features you have to pay only

$399 one time payment this offer is for a limited time all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear about your experience of creating crime stories and Reddit Story videos with vub aai share your thoughts and results in the comment

Section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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