Today what I’m going to show you is exactly how I set up this new website for eat and the design Etc this is a brand new website actually set up in 8 minutes and this is part of a longer playlist to set up a brand new website

In 2024 and start ranking it now if we look at this particular project this is Rank and clap SEO and you can see that right now it’s not really got any content on it it’s just the default theme default design Etc so I’m going to

Show you exactly how I set this up in terms of design in terms of EA in terms of addin expertise experience Trust authority to the website Etc and you can see that already it’s actually indexed on Google we haven’t set up Google search console or anything like that on

The website but somehow it’s managed to get indexed we set this up a few days ago about a week ago now and I’m going to get straight into it what I’m also going to do is break this down into an S&P and a step-by-step process that whether you’re setting up a new website

Or your team is you can learn exactly what WordPress plugins I use what hosting how you can add authority to your website on a brand new site Etc to help it start ranking faster and let’s just get straight into it so previously I showed exactly how to buy the domain

Name where to get it from how to set it up how to set up the domain servers Etc and now we’re going to start setting up this website in terms of design right so I’m going to log in over here usually if you just want to log into your WordPress

Website you can just go to your main URL and then for SL login and then I’m just going to log Dash Lan right here and one of the first things I’m actually going to do is start setting up Elemental Elemental is like a nice way to just

Control the theme on the website so you can download Elemental as a zip vile and I’m on the pro version because I want to make the design look better than this trash right here which is just like a generic sort of theme so I’m going to do

Is upload the file so I’m going to go to plugins add new plugin and then upload the elemental file to activate it hit install now then it’s going to ask me to activate the plug-in which we’ll do right here and now we’re going to see this option right here which says

Appearance and then themes I’m going to go to install then you can see we get this notification that says you’re not using Elemental Pro yet activate the elemental plugin so I’m going to go to activate right now connect the account then set up the theme add the logo so I’ll use

Goldie agency’s logo right there and now we’re good to go now if we click on the plus so you can see loads of different designs right here they look quite neat and clean so the first thing I’m going to do is set up the homepage so I’ve

Created a new page right here then I’m going to click on edit with elemental from here I’ll select the folder pages and then you can choose whatever design you want I’m just going to go with this basic one for now we’ll hit apply and good thing about elementors it just

Saves a bunch of time with the design so I’m going to delete that delete that and there we go we’re good to go on that now I just need to edit the content on the first page do a few design tweaks Etc and then to set it as the homeage

Page if we go to our WordPress dashboard and then go to settings and reading we can edit this right here now you’ll see here it says your homepage displays I’m just going to change that to a static page and then select the homepage right there we’ll hit save changes and now we

Have the homepage setup like so and now we just need to edit and add the content from the homepage now once we’ve set this as a home there’s a lot of space right here right so what I’m going to do is go to Elemental site settings and

Then in the site settings we can customize the header I’m going to go for something like this and we have to add a menu so if we click on the header right here you’ll see that it said there are no menus in your site go to the menu

Screen to create one so we’ll start setting up add a menu save the menu and then we’ll add the about and the contact page to the menu as well and so now the menu is set up for this menu bar and what we want to do is just go to display

Conditions over here and just make sure it shows on the entire site as you can see and I’m just going to make that menu bar a little bit bigger as well now if we refresh the page on the header you can see that it displays the about and

The contact Section the colors are not quite right so I’m just going to change background right here and the style and then put that as our brand colors and I have the hex codes right here there we go and I’m going to change that to White for the color and then for the

Actual menu buttons I change that to Black if you click on edit right here next to typography you can actually change the text size so we’ll make that a bit bigger my design skills are not that great I’m going to just go with this for now and then we’ll edit it

Later to fix it up a little bit and then I’m just going to add it in inside the menu the homepage as well so we hit save right here and I’ll call it home and typically when I’m doing the design for a website like I said I’m no expert but

I would say just keep it really simple and I’m just going to change the color of the contact us section so we’ll change that right there and then on the border color as well I’m going to change that to the brand colors and hit update I could literally spend all day messing

Around with this but I want to just get it done cuz the main thing is we want to make sure this starts ranking and get it traffic before we spend too much time investing on the design so I’m going to put a little header on the homepage

Right there then I’m going to copy this button plug it in there and in the style section we just need to align it to the middle so if we click on alignment over here I can put that right there and then you can also preview this for mobile as

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Well so if we go on responsive mode on the B right there and then we can select between like mobile desktop and all that sort of thing now additionally I want to add a favon so I’m going to go to customize over here and then select site

Icon and put that as the site icon right there so that’s a faon done and then just on the homepage just going to include some basic information about me and what I do Etc so I’m going to add a image right here we’ll insert that and

What I’m going to do is actually take the code from one of my videos right here and plug that into this section so I’m going to put a HTML block right here and then plug it in I’m not going to use YouTube simply because YouTube has ads

Running on it and also this video should load faster by embeding the HTML right there and now we’ve got a bit of information about us what we do Etc who I am you will have a video explaining what we do and how we help Etc and then

We’ll just put the company address right there now as we build out the site and we have more pages to link to then we can add more information on the page and we’ll put a couple of testimonials on the homepage as well I prefer to use video testimonial simply because they’re

A bit more powerful so we get HTML and then Chu that over there and that should show up when we refresh the page so I’m going to hit update I’m actually using publo which was an appsumo deal to host the websites so I’m going to put in the

Domain that I’m add in the video testimonial to right there and now that should be allowed and for some reason that is not saving anyway we’ll come back to that later now what we can start doing is adding the blog and archive templates as well so I’m going to go to

Theme Builder over here then I’m going to go to add new we’ll just go for something basic like this one and insert that and then we’ll hit publish all archives hit save and close that should show up everywhere now just going to add a page for the blogs

As well so we’ll hit publish and then if we go to settings reading and we’ll select the post page as blogs then if we go to appearance and menus we can add the post page to the menu so we’ll insert that right there hit save menu and now when we start

Publishing content it will appear here in the feed so it’s coming together now bit of a slow start there but we’re getting there now what I need to do next is start setting up the about page the contact page and just a few more elements so I’m

Going to go off and do that and then I’ll come back and explain exactly what I’ve done and how I’ve done it all right so what we’re going to do is now start plugging in the content for the about page which I’ve written off screen so

I’m going to put about J Goldie at rank clap SEO then we’re going to plug in this content right here but I’m going to do it via Elementor so it looks and reads better better then I’m just going to add some information about me and some relevant videos Etc the reason I

Want to use videos is so that it actually looks like a real person now it’s coming together a bit better so we’ve got the About Me section Etc some information some videos some examples of my experience in expertise in the client testimonial section we’re going to add a

Couple of videos right here and basically what you’re trying to do in the About Me section is just show as much expertise and experience and Trust as you can with unique content that proves you’re a real person right so when people land on the website they can easily

Identify that you are the person you say you are now what we can also do is add some social icons to the content just to make it look and feel a bit more real and then we’re just going to move that up we don’t want to take all the real

Estate space down there so just moved the title up there to improve the design same with this one right we don’t really want like a massive load of space doesn’t look very good and then I’m just going to add some easy ways to contact to me and prove that I’m a real

Human being so I add in the links to my actual social media profiles right here so for example if you look at Google’s search quality rated guidelines and you look at how they actually assess whether content is good what they say is that rers must consider eat right so the

Firsthand experience of the Creator so on each page ideally you want to demonstrate your firstand experience so how have I done that you can see that there’s a tutorial I’ve embedded on the content all the cont content talks about my experience and my expertise additionally we’ve got this interview

Between me talking about SEO and links to my social media profiles where again we’re posting content with a strong level of eat right there so basically all of these elements are Incorporated within the homepage and the offer page and you can see that a rator determines a page quality by reviewing the

Information available about the website and this Creator so if you go back to this page right here you can see how we’ve demonstrated eat by talking about who I am as a creator of the website making it very clear who’s responsible for the website and who created the content and then making

It easy to research the reputation of the website and the Creator by having your social media profile by having unique content that talks about you along with video testimonials again that shows my reputation and the expertise in the tutorial so basically you want to set each page up like that the more

Content you have on these topics the better it’s going to be for SEO and when you think about the rise of AI as well and AI content the demand for people who actually have expertise on their topic to talk about stuff that can’t just be

Spun up by chat GPT is only going to improve and increase now you can see it just says no title number four on the menu right there so I’m just going to go back and edit that we’ll hit save menu like so now I just need to get these videos

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Fixed I’ll wait for publo to come back to me on that Additionally you can see it’s got a little image icon right there so I need to delete the background on this right here so if we click on the four dots at the top then style then

Delete that image right there and hit update and that should be a lot better and good to go now now this is definitely not perfect so I need to figure out how to delete that and then if you’ve followed a similar design to me wouldn’t recommend like copying it

Exactly but on the rank and clap SEO section I’m just going to delete right there and that should remove the title let’s refresh the page and see what it looks like like yeah there we go so it’s disappeared now additionally I need to change the username right here from the

Default one so I’m just going to change that right now so we’ll change the first name and the second name right here all for profile additionally what you’ll see is it says not secure when we’re logged in but actually if we go to a new incognito mode and then we open up the

Website you’ll see that https is enabled so it should be encrypted there we go it’s just looking magical right now and then what we’re going to do in the future is start setting up the blog I need to set up a new funnel page for this URL and also optimize the contact

Page Etc but that’s pretty much it for today’s video in terms of how to optimize a homepage about me page how to show eat and design the content Etc it can be quite time consuming but good news is you only have to set it up once

All right we’re making a little bit of progress right here we got the video testimonials embedded right here as you can see we’ve got this video as well ready to go we got some information about the website details about who we are Etc in the footer and I’m going to

Start setting up the footer for the website right now as well so if we go to theme Builder inside Elemental you don’t have to use Elemental but it just makes everything easier for me honestly and if we click on footer on the left over here

Hit add new and then I can start setting this up so I’m going to click on insert we’ll put the information about the website right here Services section I’m going to delete for now and then I’ve put some get in touch information right here as you can see so I like to have

Real company details on the website I think that makes it look much legit I should probably set up a new email address for this particular website not just like my old site and then on the quick click section we’ve got links to our homepage about blogs contact we can

Also insert a privacy policy and a terms service Etc inside there and then we can just add some Social Links as well so we put the link to my YouTube Twitter again this is just for eat and to make it very clear who owns a website and that sort

Of thing so we have put the Facebook group Twitter Youtube we’ll hit publish like so it’s going to ask us where we want to display it we’ll put it as the entire website and then on the contact page right here what I’m actually going to try is inserting a survey that I’ve

Already built on my CRM go high level go high is a really good way to build funnels contact Pages store all your contacts Etc talk about it a lot on my Julian Goldie agency Channel but it’s basically it’s great if you’re selling a service or you’re selling some sort of

Info product go Lev is a great CRM for just setting everything up so what I’m going to do is take the application form for a book a call session going to hit integrate over here proceed take the I frame and then plug that into the contact page so I’ll delete that and

Insert HTML code plug in the frame hit update and you can see the survey is embedded right there so even though G high level is integrated on a totally different domain and all that sort of thing any details that people plug into the contact page will feed directly into

Our CRM so that people receive our funnels and that sort of thing by the way if you want to see like me do a video on funnels and basically how to take your SEO traffic and turn it into a lead that actually buys from you just

Comment in the section below and I might do something on that in the future now what you’ll see from the whole website is that this is a real website right so it’s not like some Niche side that’s set up in a couple of minutes this is an actual business and actual brand right

And and one of the biggest reasons for that is like if you’ve seen the way that the Google core updates hit so many sites typically it’s only Authority sites that are sticking around right so a lot of Niche sites are getting clapped right now especially those monetizing with ads Affiliates have been hit

Massively over the last 12 months or so and so if you want to do SEO sustainably in in the future I think it’s all about building a real business a real brand and actually just growing from there so what I’m also going to do is insert a

Chatbot across a website so I’m going to install a plugin that links WordPress directly to go high level called lead connector now lead connector as I’ll show you in a minute helps us set up a chat bot across the whole site so that again that will feed into our CRM so if

We go to lead connector over here then we just enter our API key and we’re going to enable the chat widget right so to get the API key if you’re using go high just go to settings over here and then you can see we’ve got an API key

Underneath this section right here and now if we go on to rank and clap you’ll see the chat bar in the bottom right so if people have questions they can easily contact us here which makes it nice and easy you can even pull in your existing funnels right so you can

Go and add new select a funnel that you want to use embed that directly on the website which makes everything easier as well as an example we can select our funnel choose a step choose how we embed it include the tracking code the site fabcon Etc and now if anyone goes to

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Rank and clap strategy session they’ll be able to reach the funnel so easy to set up so if you’ve got a funnel that already converts it’s so easy to replicate that on any website any domain simply by using the same process so if we click on view right now you’ll see

That that goes straight to our strategy session page and people can just scroll down the page and book in the call directly and again it’s still on the same section right now this is good as well because typically if you’re a website you don’t want to be sending

That traffic to another external site right so if you look at for example Affiliates an easy way for Google to quickly figure out if you’re an affiliate website or if you’re a real business and ideally they want real businesses and real brands ranking on Google well if you sending all your

Traffic to an external URL that’s not internally linked inside your website it looks like you’re just funneling the traffic somewhere else right you’re kind of like a intermediary whereas if for example you’re linking to your own website and all the traffic just like an e-commerce store is funnel

Within your own ecosystem of that URL looks a lot more legitimate right so I’m going to plug the URL that we’re linking to right there and we’ll put that into each section so we’ll add the link inside our main CTA as well on the website and now you can

See this links internally to our funnels to funnel all the traffic that we get in our website directly to a free SEO strategy session we have links on the homepage as well to book in the call and additionally we have this chat bot in the bottom right where people can

Contact us and on the contact page as well people can fill in the form quickly so with high level you can set up the conversion rate optimization for the website relatively quickly obviously this button is going to follow even if you’re on mobile that button is going to

Follow you all the way around and we’re fing all our traffic to one place which means that it should convert better and people using the website aren’t going to get confused additionally what you can see is the navigation is super simple but that’s the way we like it and it’s

Very obvious who owns a website why they’re an expert the experience and Trust on the site Etc as well so trying to do everything the right way now additionally there are a few other ways that you can focus on eat now I think this is the biggest differentiator

Because eat is also tied closely to backlinks because that links to Authority now additionally there’s a few other ways to optimize for eat number one is the knowledge panel so for example if we go on Google like so we’ll search for my name for example you can

See that I have this knowledge panel right here it’s got a link to all my videos it’s got an overview of me tell says that I’m an author it’s got a picture of me Etc it’s got links to my social media profiles and once you get a certain amount of branded traffic and

People are searching for you that knowledge panel should show up now how do you get branded traffic again it’s all about traffic diversification right so if you’re posting on Twitter if you’re posting on YouTube if you’re posting on Instagram LinkedIn Etc these are all ways so you can get more branded

Search if you get more branded search again it’s another sign of authority to Google and additionally if you’ve got a knowledge panel set up because you’re getting so much branded search then that’s going to help you too another easy way is just to set up a book on

Kindle very easy for anyone to self-publish I used to have an audio AUD book business so for example if you put in link building Mastery you’ll see my book appear right here which was published a few years ago now it’s got a decent amount of reviews as you can see

And it’s very easy for anyone to set up a book on Kindle and then again that’s going to appear on your knowledge panel so if we type Julian Goldie on to Google you can see that my book is linked right here and people can search for it

Directly and it appears on Google search results social media links we’ve already talked about and covered also just making it easy to contact you for example having to contact us section right here a link to booking the call and also this chat bot right here add in an actual address and email address

Which we’ve done in the footer which makes it very easy to contact you and then finally you’ve got identifying who the owner of the site is along about me page unique content about use interviews podcasts video testimonials building links to your site and traffic from other sources right these things in

Combination demonstrate a very high level of eat which will help your rankings in the long run so that is pretty much the whole website set up now I don’t think it’s perfect but we’re getting there and it looks a lot better than when we first started the video additionally we’re going to start

Publishing some content soon I’ve talked about funnels I’ve talked about eat talked about designing Etc and like I say all the scps will be available from today’s video and what I’m actually going to do is take all of the instructions from today’s video and the

Tutorial and plug it into an sap which I put inside my free SE O course so if you’re learning how to build a new website or set it up or design it Etc you want to learn how I did it and you want the sap to either give to your team

Or to follow yourself then feel free to get that links in the comments in description just go to the rank and clap section and you’ll find it there if you want to book in a free SEO strategy session feel free to book that any links in the comments and description again

And it’ll show you how we take websites from 0 to 145,000 buses per month using SEO feel free to book that in that it’s a free SEO strategy session and you get an SEO domination plan or answer any questions you have and discover how to AR and keep competitors with SEO thanks

So much for watching appreciate it bye-bye

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