The worst thing about seo is that there’s so much bad information out there and the problem is that if you read some of these blogs if you read some of these articles or watch the videos on seo that are openly available on youtube some of the information is so

Wrong i literally couldn’t make it up the issue is that so many cowboys can come along with no experience with seo we’ve never rank in a website before and then publish an article or a blog on seo that literally contains so much bad information and the problem is for you as a website

Owner is that you could spend months running around in circles not getting the rankings that you need and wasting thousands of dollars implementing the wrong actions when it comes to seo so in this video i’m going to debunk the top five seo myths that i’ve learned from helping hundreds

Of clients increase the rankings and get more traffic with search engine optimization by the way before you jump in please make sure you subscribe if you want more seo videos they’re going to help you make more money of your website increase your traffic and outrank your competitors

So seo myth number one is that links don’t matter okay this is so wrong when it comes to ranking your website you need backlinks it’s crucial it’s a ranking factor in fact it’s the only way google can externally validate that your content is actually good if no one builds background is your site

Then google doesn’t really know okay is that content authoritative is it credible why is no one linking out to it is it not good information so you really have to build backlinks and especially links are high quality and authoritative the thing is when it comes to ranking on google there’s over 200 factors

But google have themselves revealed that link building is in the top three of those factors it’s crucial for your style in fact ahrefs actually did a case study of over a billion websites and they found that 90 of websites don’t get any traffic no one sees their content it’s pretty

Much wasted and why is that well the number one reason is that they don’t have any backlinks this is crucial for your site and you know time and time again if you check out my other videos and other case studies you can see that as soon as we started building backlinks

To our clients websites the traffic started increasing they started getting results with seo and this is the most powerful way to get results with search engine optimization next up link building myth number two is that seo is a one-time activity the truth is that you really need to be

Consistent every single month with seo it doesn’t really stop it’s like any other marketing channel if you were publishing on youtube you wouldn’t just publish a few videos throw them out there and then forget about it and you know set it and forget it the truth

Is you have to be consistent and patient when it comes to seo you have to put those actions into place every single month so you know seo is never a one-time activity and the thing is as well that if it was easy everyone would do it and that’s not the case

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This is like almost any other marketing channel you know ever the algorithms always reward consistency if you look at youtube if you look at facebook ads if you look at any other marketing channel even linkedin for example you have to be consistent with publishing content with promoting new content

With engaging your audience and if you don’t do that you won’t see results it’s exactly the same with search engine optimization if you’re building backlinks if you’re creating quality content every month you will eventually see results and it takes time for google to recognize and reward that sort of action but this

Is good because first of all you’ll keep improving every month second you’ll keep learning more as you go along and third this isn’t easy it’s not easy to be consistent in fact most people give up so this is a competitive advantage because if you keep going with seo if

You’re consistent with it the chances are most of your competitors won’t be and eventually you’re out rank them seo myth number three is that seo is too hard it’s just too damn difficult for your business to do especially if you’re a one-man band or you have a small team

Maybe you’re a small business you don’t have many resources and therefore seo isn’t something that you should go after well the truth is the complete opposite okay seo is actually pretty damn easy it’s pretty much the same formula every single time when it comes to ranking your website on google

You just need to keep publishing high quality content that targets the right keywords and also building authoritative credible backlinks to your website and if you do those two things you’ll get 80 results with 20 of the work and sure there’s 200 ranking factors when it comes to google

Right there’s a lot of things you could waste your time and distract yourself with if you don’t have the resources if you don’t have the team in place then just focus on quality content targeting keywords build some backlinks and you will see really good results with seo it’s the same formula or pieces

Like i say i’ve worked with hundreds of clients at my link building agency and we tend to find even across different industries even across all those businesses being unique seo is the same formula each time you just follow the process you repeat the system you’re consistent with it you put in the

Action and you see results and if you don’t believe me check out some of the case studies you know where we’ve taken websites from like zero it’s over 150 000 visitors per month that wasn’t rocket science i’m definitely not a genius it just requires consistent action over

Time you know when our clients are publishing high quality content when they get incredible links for example some of our clients get links from like it’s just a matter of time before you see results before google rewards you for doing those sort of things now link building myth number four is that

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Content is king that content is all that really matters when it comes to seo and if you publish the best content if you publish mind-blowingly amazing content you’re gonna rank number one at google truth is that’s not actually the case and this is kind of controversial because

You know at one point a lot of websites were just publishing five thousand seven thousand words write huge essays to try and rank their competitors and that worked for a little bit but nowadays google’s algorithm knows that the longest content isn’t necessarily the best just because you write a ton of words because

You’ve you know spent hours and hours writing a piece of content doesn’t mean it should necessarily rank the truth is that google really doesn’t care about content length it cares about its users it cares about answering their problems and providing the best search engine experience for the people that come to

So if you can do that if you can answer a user’s problem concisely if you can answer it quickly then chances are you’re going to outrank the people who are writing crazy amounts of content i mean for example right if someone’s just looking for the best cat food

For their kitten they don’t want like a 12 000 word article on the best products they just want to see a quick list a quick product table they can click on and find the best product for them and that’s really what writing content is about it’s about answering the user’s problem quickly concisely

Getting straight to the point and providing a good experience along the way now here’s a few other reasons why content isn’t king so if you’re targeting the wrong keywords if you’re going after the wrong keywords you won’t rank if you go after keywords that nobody’s typing in on google you won’t rank

If you go after keywords that nobody’s clicking on then chances are you won’t rank and also if you’re not building backlinks to your content no matter how damn good it is you’re not gonna rank on google you’re just wasting your time because if you don’t build backlinks your competitors

Will and because that’s such an important ranking factor boom it’s over they’re going to outrank you so make sure that yeah you do publish amazing content but they’re also focusing on the other elements of seo like i’ve mentioned before and it’s just a simple easy formula that you can follow and

Repeat every single time and my final myth busted for seo is that seo agencies cannot guarantee your results when it comes to seo no one can call up google pick up the blower and say hey you know i’ve got this new client google would you mind just ranking them number

One on google please because you know they seem like top blokes and because we have some inside contacts we can rank you number one it’s not going to happen you can’t rank no one can guarantee you number one rankings there’s just too many factors outside of our control

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And anyone who does is kind of misleading you it’s probably lying to you now the biggest issue that i see is a lot of clients especially small businesses they want guaranteed results they have limited resources limited budget they don’t want to spend too much on seo and therefore

When they sign up with an agency they say can you guarantee me the number one spot on google and if you can’t guarantee it i’m not signing up with you now the problem is that any reputable trustworthy incredible seo agency won’t guarantee your rankings won’t say i can rank you number one

For sure it’s just not possible i mean this is why my link building agency we will speak to clients before we get them signed up before we take them on because maybe so because maybe seo isn’t the right strategy for them maybe seo will not work for them because it’s too competitive

Or maybe the client just isn’t the right fit whatever the case is as an agency we never guarantee that in one spot it’s just not possible i wish it was genuinely because that would help me a lot in business and i wish i could guarantee that spot but just not possible

Takes time it takes consistency it takes patience with seo and sometimes you just have to roll the dice you have to do everything that you can control be stoic about things and anything outside you control like competition like google algorithm updates come along and you just do the best you

Can so you can optimize every single thing but some factors are outside of your controls the same with youtube you know um for me it’s the same with like youtube or any other marketing channel you do the best you can this fact is outside your control

And then you see what happens you just roll the dice you do everything you need to and then you leave it at that so thanks for watching guys that’s my top five seo myths debunked you now know what’s wrong information how to overcome that what the challenges

Of it are and what you can do about these myths to make sure that you actually get better results of seo and this will save you a lot of time along the way a lot of resources and hopefully get you better results with seo too so thanks for watching by

The way i do run a link building agency that’s at i’ll leave the link in the description below and if you want to book in a 30-minute consultation where we’ll give you a try tested and proven link building strategy that’s designed to increase your rankings it’s

Worked for hundreds of clients of ours then make sure you book in a free call that’s at takes 10 seconds and we’ll be happy to help you thanks for watching


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