The best way to make money is by selling any product but what if you are unable to produce any product don’t have enough money to stock products or are unable to access the market still you can sell products and make some real money after the rise of AI making money online is

Easier than you think now you can build your own online AI business with the help of AI you just have to choose the right product and the right place to sell the product in this video I am going to share a new method of making money with AI so without further Ado

Let’s dive in Etsy is one of the best marketplaces to sell your product even if you don’t need to sell physical products you can make huge money by selling your digital designs but there is a catch if you want to make some real money you have to

Choose a niche that has huge demand but low competition I will suggest finding a trendy Niche don’t worry I will share a trendy product and process to find a trendy Niche look at this product every product has over a th000 reviews that means this product has been sold in

Large numbers and the product is called jigsaw puzzles now the question is how can we create jigsaw puzzles I am coming back to it before that let me be clear on one thing if you create a random jigsaw puzzle design like this one you won’t get any sales now the question is

How can you select a design that is actually selling a fantastic method for identifying winning designs is to to examine competitor products on Etsy with a particular focus on the bestselling items take a look at this puzzle it’s labeled as a best seller as are these the bestseller tag strongly indicates

That the product is performing exceptionally well to confirm you can open the listing and look for recent reviews additionally observing that over 16 people have this product in their cart further solidifies the indication that there is significant interest in these designs another strategy to identify winning designs is to focus on

Products with a substantial number of reviews they don’t necessarily have to be best sellers but consistent and recent reviews are key indicators of a product’s popularity if you notice a product accumulating multiple reviews on the same day it’s a strong signal that it’s selling exceptionally well in this

Way select some designs and create a list all right our design idea is ready now what’s next will we upload the same design the answer is not at all then we would face legal issues and Etsy might block us from their platform instead of copying others designs we will take

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Inspiration from them for example I select this design now I will create a design like this one but how the answer is using AI after selecting a bestseller or winning design take a screenshot or download the full design image now we will create a similar design and you do

It in various methods for example example using the mid Journey describe app to generate prompts for generating similar images another method is using chat GPT and do to do this with chat GPT you need chat GPT plus which is paid but if you don’t have the paid version and don’t

Want to buy there is also a free method I will discuss it later okay now let’s move forward first log into your chat GPT account after coming to chat GPT click on the attachment icon and up upload the design after uploading the image simply type can you please

Generate images for me like this one and here it is chat GPT generates an image for us you may notice that the image is pretty much similar but Dolly generates images in a 1:1 aspect ratio we need an image or design in a 3:2 ratio to do that simply give the command

Generate the image in 3 to2 aspect ratio now doly will start creating images for us and here is our image our design is ready simply download the design on your device all right that was the paid method now let’s talk about the free method to generate a design with the

Free method I will use a free image generator tool called cart to find the cart image generator open your browser and search for cart AI after getting the search result click on the first link this is the cart interface to start creating designs we have to create an

Account account click on the login button from here now you can create an account with your email account or can continue with Google discord or Facebook account I will go with Google after creating the account click on the generate button from here to access the image generator page here you can see

Some of my previous generation this time instead of images we will generate prompts with a reference image to do this come to the left tool panel and find the describe tool after selecting the sub cribe tool click here to upload the reference image now upload the screenshot image of the Etsy bestseller

Product after uploading the image hit the generate button you can see that CR generated two image prompts for us now we can easily generate images with this prompt before that I will suggest selecting a perfect checkpoint model to do this click on the switch button from

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Here now you will find a vast number of checkpoint models to generate images in various Styles this time I am selecting a random one after selecting the checkpoint Model come to the basic setting here you can set the image quantity CR allows you to create four

Images at a time then select image mode I will set the ultra high quality after that set the image size or aspect ratio I will select four colon 3 next in the advanced setting you can set the negative prompt VA sampling method seeds and others I am skipping it this time

All right now select a prompt from here and then hit the send button from here CC will take some time to generate the images let first forward this part and here are our images it generates four images for us but honestly the result is not up to the

Mark don’t worry we need to find the best checkpoint model to fix this issue click on the switch button from here and then find a checkpoint model which could be the best one this time I am selecting a realistic model after selecting the model generate images once again with the prompt this

Time it generates better images than the first one in this way generate images with different checkpoints try this method until you get the best image after generating several times I found this one I think it will be best for me okay our design is ready but still now

There is a problem the resolution of AI generated images is low and marketplaces don’t approve low resolution designs to solve this issue we have to upscale the design or make a vector file you can upscale the image with cart if you want to upscale your image up to 2K then

Select the creative upscale option from here and if you want to generate images up to 4K then select the upscale option from here I will go with upscale after coming to this page hit the generate button from here and here it is our image is ready now to download the image click on

The image image and then hit the download button I will preview the image and its size this is a perfect size to use in the marketplace okay our design is ready now let’s proceed to the final steps of manufacturing and Publishing the product if you’ve been curious about how to

Transform the design into an actual puzzle the solution lies in using printify here’s a simple guide start by signing up for a free printify account once registered you gain access to various products if you search for puzzles you’ll find the specific items we need right here select the puzzle you want to

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Sell at this stage upload the enhanced design we’ve generated and ensure it fits correctly choose the sizes you want to offer whether one two or all options these will be displayed as a drop- down menu click on preview at the top to see the final product representation once satisfied click save

Product to proceed to the last step on this page you have the opportunity to fine-tune your product information including images title description and pricing if you would like to further improve the title and description you can upload a screenshot of the design from Etsy onto chat GPT and ask chat GPT

To write the title and description for you based on the reference of similar listings from Etsy now for the pricing I recommend checking competitors for pricing insights adjust the retail price which is the amount you’ll sell the product for and the profit will automatically be calculated now we have to link your Etsy

Store it’s a straightforward process navigate to connect store printify seamlessly integrates with various platforms like Etsy Shopify and even Tik Tok but for now let’s focus on Etsy click on connect to Etsy log into your Etsy store and you’ll be good to go once everything is set click on publish and

Just like that your puzzle is listed on Etsy remember you can always revisit your ETS Store to edit product information add tags or include more images when an order is placed it seamlessly transfers to printify let’s say someone buys your puzzle for $30 printify handles the printing and shipping for

$15 you’ve just earned a $15 profit all without worrying about inventory printing or shipping in this way you can enter your own business world without any investment with the help of AI all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear

About your experience of creating puzzle designs with AI share your thoughts and results in the comment section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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