AI generated virtual influencers are hugely popular on the internet some of them are making over $10,000 in a month this is old news you may have seen many online tutorials on how to make an AI influencer but while making the influencer you may have faced many

Challenges and may be unable to build a highquality influencer in this video I will share a new method of making a virtual influencer and a new way to make some real money so without further Ado let’s Dive In this is deid and you are watching AI lockup to make our new influencer today

I will use Focus AI with the Juggernaut XL model now you may tell what’s new here we all know about focus and how to use it on Google collab I agree with you even I made a video on how to use focus on Google collab but there is a problem

During the image generation Focus stop working on Google collab very often many of my subscribers ask me to solve this issue and guess what I found a new way to use Focus Which is far better than the previous method not only that but in this video I will dive deeper to

Generate a highquality influencer and at the end of this video I will share the method of making money with your influencer from the very first day so watch the video till the end to run the focus AI today I will use kaggle collab and nog roo you will find the focus

Collab notebook Link in the description once you click on the link your interface will be like this one now click on the copy my edit button from here after coming to this page click on the register button if you don’t have an account on kaggle yet now create an

Account with your Google or email account after that you have to enter a username after entering the username click on agree with kaggle terms and conditions all right our account is ready now we have to run the notebook to do this first we have to start the

Runtime click on the the start icon from here once the connection is ready click on the first cell run button from here but there is a problem here you can notice it’s showing an error to solve this error we have to do two things first if you are first time in kaggle

You have to verify your phone number from here after verifying your number find the internet option you may find the internet is turned off simply turn on it after that restart the runtime and hit the first cell run button it will take some time to complete the process you

May see some errors in the last don’t worry it will work once it completed we need to run the the second one means run the web UI to run the second cell we need in Ro token to get inro token open a new tab on your browser and search

Forro after coming to the RO homepage click on sign up for free and then create an account with your Google or email account after creating an account your interface will will be like this one now simply click on your off token from here you will get an grock token

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Just copy the token and come back to kaggle paste the token here and then run the cell once it is completed you will find a link like this one click on it and here it is our focus aai with Juggernaut XL model is ready to use all

Right let’s have a look at the interface at the top is the preview panel here you will find the generated images after that this is the prompt box where we have to enter the prompt at the bottom you will find two check boxes input image and Advance let’s click on

The advance check boox you will notice some advanced settings on the right side first in the settings tab first of all the preset as I want to make a realistic model I will go with a realistic preset then you will find image quality performance select quality from here to

Get better results after that the aspect ratio you can generate images in every possible aspect ratio then number of images output format and the negative prompt here you can enter what you don’t want in your image and in the end you will find the seed after that in the

Style tab you can select the image style there are more than 200 Styles available here you can select from here all right next in the model tab you you can select base model refine model and Laura as we ran it on kaggle and we didn’t insert any checkpoint Laura or refine model so

We can’t change it now but if you want to add you can do it okay in the last the advaned tab you can set the guidance scale and image sharpness scale here and in the end you will find the developer debug mode it is an advanced option we

Will talk about it later all right let’s generate some images come to the prompt box and then enter the prompt for example I am entering 25 years old beautiful Latin lady shoulder length pink and black hair blue eyes big smile hyperd detailed photography portrait after entering the prompt hit the

Generate button from here now the AI will start generating the images you will able to show the process it will take some time to generate our images here you can see the images Focus generates two images for us and the quality of the images is incredible

Rible now you have to select one image as your model to download any image on your device click on the download icon from here all right our model image is ready now we have to create more images with the same face but doing various activities and do this I will use the

Face swap technology come to the input image option and then to the image prompt tab after coming to the image prompt tab scroll down and turn on the advance option it will provide you with more control in generating images all right now just drag and drop one of

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The images in an image box after that select the face swap option from here now we will give prompt about our enironment after all is set hit the generate button and here it is our images are ready let’s have a look although it generates images with a

Similar face to our model but the quality of the image is very bad we need to improve it don’t worry we can do it easily with Focus to do do that come to the Imp paint and out paint Tab and then drag and drop the image you want to

Refine after inserting the image on the Imp paint and out paint come to the advanced setting tab turn on the developer debug mode after that come to the control Tab and enable the mixing image prompt and in paint option now we have to paint the reference image face

Carefully simply paint the face area although I am painting all over the face and hair you can paint only on the face area after compl deling the painting scroll down and click on the method drop- down menu select the improved details face hands eyes Etc from here after that in paint additional prompt

You can select from these additional quick prompts or add your own all right after all is set hit the generate button and after waiting some time I got this result look at the face quality of the image now it’s really really impressive what about your thoughts let me know in the comments section

If you are enjoying the video and found it helpful don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to the Channel all right let’s talk about another interesting feature if you want to generate images in a particular pose maximum time it’s not possible with the

Prompts but you can do it with Focus for example I want to generate images like this one you have to upload this image on the image prompt image box after uploading the image select the pyan option from here then come to the in paint Tab and remove the in paint image

After that you can customize the prompt and then hit the generate button and here is the result you can see that the pose is like the second image but the face is the same as the first image isn’t it a great feature now if you want

To improve the face quality you can use the previous and paint method like me okay now another question is it possible to insert or Draw any elements to any image the answer is yes for for example I want to draw a necklace on her neck

Come to the in paint or out paint tab again remove the existing image and drop one of the refine images this time we have to turn off the mixing image prompt and in paint option now draw an area where you want to paint something after that enter the description here after

All is set hit the generate button and here is the result that’s really impressive you can manipulate your model images and make them more attractive in this way you can generate unlimited images for your AI influencer model without spending a single Buck now let’s talk about how you can turn your AI

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Influencer into a money-making machine you may find various videos to make money with AI influencers on YouTube they are talking about various methods and all of them are timec consuming methods however today I will share a platform where you can start your money-making Journey from the very first

Day I am talking about fan view it’s an AI subscription-based social platform the best alternative to only fans I already discussed this platform in one of my previous videos if you didn’t watch the video watch the video from the eye button let’s have a quick recap go

To the description box and click on the fan view link after coming to the fan view homepage click on the sign up button from here now create an account with your Google or email account after creating the account click on become a creator from here next click on start

Earning now enter your country of residency after that you have to verify your identity with kyc verification once you’ve completed verification you can set up your page and set your subscription rate the minimum rate is $4 monthly that means if anyone subscribes to your profile then you will be paid $4

There is only one tip to increase your income with fan view increase the interaction with the audience now the question is how much time do you have to spend on fan view to increase interaction with fans the answer is just a few minutes because fan view has an AI

Feature you can create an AI version of yourself to message with your fans around the clock saving you time and improving your connection with your fans Not only that but you can also train fan view voice AI to reply to fans with voice notes that sound just like you

Completely automated look at here once I click on any of the influencers it will automatically send a message to my inbox box now if I send another message it will reply immediately this reply is not from the actual person but is generated by AI that means you don’t need to spend

So much time to interact with your fans like un only fans so what you are waiting for let’s start a money-making Journey with fan View and an AI influencer all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear about your experience with

Creating fan view influencers with AI share your thoughts and results in the comments section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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