In this video I will show you how to build an AI tool on WordPress with Google Gemini totally for free this is the two that we are going to build together in this video the AI powered blog title generator this is my WordPress website and look at this

Awesome tool for example we can give it a topic let’s say digital marketing tips generate title and we have this awesome loading then we get the results in a list and we can copy each title not only that I will show you also how you can build any AI

Tool not only blog title generator Maybe YouTube titles maybe hook generators maybe emails whatever you want if you are ready let’s start step one we want a WordPress website if you have one perfect if not go to local install this free software as I did and

You can run WordPress locally on your PC so here is my WordPress website step two click on plugins and let’s install a new plugin search here for WP code snippet then install and activate this plugin WP code activate perfect you can see now we have code Snippets click on ADD and use

Snippet and then add custom code name it anything you want for example AI tool anything and now go to the link in the description you’ll find this free snippet just copy and paste here then select PHP snippet and that’s it click on Save go back to code

Snippets and you will see the AI tool snippet here simply activate and we are done now WordPress is connected with Gemini but let’s open again the snippet you will see on the top we have set API key this API key here you need to get one from Google Gemini it’s free you can

Get one and replace inside this script how simply open a new browser and go to AI studio. here in the Gemini API section click on get an API key and simply go and click on this button get an API key again in the API key section

Click on create API key select any project if you don’t have one just create one click create API key copy it go back to our snippet paste here and update perfect now our code snippet is connected with Gemini next step is to build the tool page so go here to Pages

Click on add a new page for our tool and let’s name it for example AI blog title generator and simply add here an HTML or custom HTML block again in the description go to the second link and copy this snippet now copy it go here paste publish publish let’s open the

Page and here we are we have the AI blog title generator on our WordPress website Let’s test it say digital marketing generate titles and awesome now we have three questions we want to answer number one how we can make this tool more professional maybe something like my tool here the hook

Generator tool where you enter a topic for example and you pick up something from a drop- down and click on generate this awesome design with these animations and then we get the output in this professional structure we have copy we have copy all these buttons these this design and so on the second

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Question is how we can build other tools other than blog generator how we can build almost any tool we want and number three how we can monetize this tool how we can make money on WordPress with these tools let’s start with number one how we can turn this design which is

Nice and we can start with to this professional design here how you can do this simply two words HTML and CSS and did you know that you can learn both in less than one week yes one of the best plays to do that is skill share I found

This awesome course HTML plus CSS for beginners it’s a full path starting from the basics for beginners then fine-tuning the layout getting creative and Publishing your website this will help you build any design you want almost any tool you want if you go here to my website you’ll find all these

Tools with different designs and codes you’ll be able to do this with these skills not only that on skillshare you’ll find my course build and monetize AI tools with WordPress a step by step 11 lectures showing you how I build the hook generator tool and sharing with you

All the codes you see here all the Snippets all the codes all the secrets everything with this course skillshare is one of the largest online learning communities out there with thousands of classes from design illustration painting crafting even marketing and business even programming and development and much much more and

What’s unique and special about skillshare is the learning path section here you can find more than 100 learning path each containing a set of classes that are meant to be together and organized in order so you can go step by step to master a specific skill for me

I’ll be focusing more on productivity skills I have a problem managing all my tasks in my business from my website from YouTube to open source projects to my tools everything and I believe this learning path by Ali abdal is a good fit for me I think you know abdal and he

Published this learning path on skill Shure and I think it will help me get things done with less stress I hope so and what’s really awesome I partnered with Skiller so the first 500 people to use my link in the description will get one month for free go now and get

Started thank you skill for this offer and thank you for supporting my adree videos and supporting my channel the second question is how we can turn this into almost any AI tool we want maybe we want a YouTube title generator maybe we want a hook generator maybe email

Subject line generator and so on to do this let’s first understand how the tool work the tool structure we have the AI tool front end where the user enters a topic and clicks on a button to generate when this happens when the user clicks on generate what’s happening is we

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Connect with the code snippet that we created and this this code snippet is connected with Google Gemini API it’s that simple so from this side from the WordPress snippet to Gemini we are sending a prompt and getting back a response and this response is used to

Build again the UI and and return back the results to the user so again here’s the tool when we click on generate here what’s happening is we are going back we are connecting back to our code snippet let’s see this we are going here to code Snippets this is what’s happening in the

Back and if you edit this again so the UI is connecting with this snippet and this snippet is using this prompt you can see generate five catchy blog titles for a blog post about something this input is the user input so we are creating the prompt and then if you go

Down here inside the script you will see we have this function generate response with Gemini I am passing the prompt and returning back the response and then simply building the UI loading the response here here we have something very important a little bit Advanced but please Focus it’s very important if you

Understand it it will help you a lot to build any tool you want if you go back here you will see I have this Custom Tool this is the main function that executes when you run the tool what’s happening exactly here is I am optimizing the prompt to return a

Json response what is Json let’s go back here to our tool and click on more tools developer tools and when we click on generate you will see this is the call we are sending you can see this is the URL we are sending to our website and if

You want to see the response you will see this is the response adjacent structured response a set of titles you can see titles Title One title two title three so what I did is I buil this script for you in a way that returns Json structured response so you can

Build any AI you want not simply dummy text we have a list that you can access one by one you build to build any UI you want I hope you got this AA it’s very important to return ad Jason structured RIS response from gemini or open AI or

Whatever AI model you are using instead of dummy text as we did a couple of months ago when we build a tool with up AI on WordPress it’s totally different here it’s way more important more advanced and more professional so you can load the titles in this way instead

Of simple dummy text if you understand this idea if you go back here what you are going to do simply is change and play with the prompt this is a very basic prompt not optimized if you watched my prompt engineering course here on my channel you know that we have

A lot of techniques to optimize this prompt but it’s out of scope for now let’s change the tool to make it for example a YouTube title generator what you do is simply change the prompt I will say Here YouTube titles for a video about this topic again update and you

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Can go to your page now and click on edit the page and simply let say here AI YouTube It’s that simple update and let’s now refresh and we have now the AI YouTube title generator let’s say we want a video about Google ads tutorial click on generate titles and

Now the titles now is based on the new prompt that we created so you can change the prompt play with this prompt even you can add more inputs if you want like two or three inputs as I do here on my in my tools we have the input and we

Have the content type so we have multiple inputs and you can then build any tool almost any AI tool you want so the snippet is ready here you just need to copy and paste it’s ready for you to build almost any tool you just need to

Play with the HTML and CSS as I mentioned before just learn them in a couple half hours and you you can build any UI you want that fits your tool and your theme and your website design now before I move to the last question and tell you how you can monetize these

Tools and make money out of these tools on WordPress I want to answer a simple question maybe you are wondering why I should build tools or AI tools on my WordPress website if not to sell it’s one of the best growth hacks ever tools help me reach 1 million visit a month in

Less than one year let me show you this why I buil the hook generator tool if you go back here to my tool section this really interesting and click on the keyword research tool to find keyword ideas to rank on Google and write hook generator and generate keywords you will

See here that hook generator this keyword has search volume of 2,500 with ranking difficulty only 12 so it’s an easy to rank keyword the same foray hook generator you can see all these keywords they are they have some search volume with low ranking difficulty this is why I built this tool

So I can Target these keywords to rank on Google Now how we can monetize and make money out of these tools in simple words you can implement the credit system as I do on my website for example when you use this tool Facebook ads anything generate look at the balance

Now you see so we are using the credit system or in my case the points system where people can buy points to use the tools how to do this simply I explained it step by step in this video it’s free no courses just watch it build income

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