In today’s tutorial we are going to see how to create a thriller film like this in 1805 reuse Leonardo gifted with a unique mind power wrote of a samurai superhero battling a zombie in South Nigeria unbeknownst to him his tales materialized globally with the help of

PAB and towards the end I’m going to give you a special tip which will help you to create a cinematic film like this make sure you stick to me to l and for now let’s begin with the tutorial step one creating the story so uh today I’m going to create a story

With the help of GPT 3.5 here what I usually do is I give my story line within three to five sentences and then I asked J to make it divided into five six or 10 things with dialog and image promp for the story and then go to the

Send message option chat GB will will divide your story lines into five different scenes and along with it you can see I have got the dialogues and I have also got the prompts now let us move forward to the second part second part is creating the voice over for your

Story since I am going to use some dialogues I’m going to use two three different voices so for my story I need two voices so for this I’m going to use 11 labs .io I’ll be leaving the link in the description here you have two options one is speech to speech you can

Either record your own audio and alternatively you can go to this text to speech option well for this video tutorial I’m going to use text to speech option only if you want to learn more about speech to speech please feel free to give me a comment so that I can

Create a separate video on this copy the first dialogue and here I’ll simply paste my dialogue now you can go to this voice Library option in order to choose one suitable voice from here and just go and add it to voice lab go to this drop

Down we get all those voice which you have cloned or you have added and I’m going to use this dev’s voice once it is suitable you can go for farther settings but I prefer to stay in default mode go to this generate button in order to

Generate the voice over you can go to this bottom right hand side download button and download it in your laptop so like this one by one you will have to create a voice over for all these dialogues as per your story line now let us move over to the third part now for

Creating the video we are going to use paika now previously pika’s interface was different recently paika has changed this interface and they are coming up with a wonderful browser based software where we can easily create videos out of our words but for now it is on its

Launch mode or beta mode I am already there in vo waiting list so once my account is approved I will be making another video on this newest features but for now to access this we will have to go to this Discord option once you go to this Discord option if you have

Already a name or a Discord account then you can directly get into the invite link and get into the Discord account otherwise you’ll have to give a name then continue now it will be directing me and my mail ID and password has to be given and I’ll have to claim the account

Well for this reason I have already got an account so I will be state you will once you create the account this will be the dashboard where you’ll get in and here you have different rooms right you can select any of the rooms so here the

First thing is you have to go to this message box click forward slash then a couple of options will appear now you can go to this create prompt option in order to give a prompt now for giving a prompt let’s suppose I want the Samarai

According to my story line so for this I will give exactly the same prompt here now I have given a step standard prompt here okay a samurai superhero is walking towards the camera if this much only I give I don’t add anything and enter now here in this yellow brownish box you

Will get your video so this is the video they have generated well I am not very happy with this video because the face is kind of blurred and so I need to re like refine The Prompt for this there are two options either you go to this Shuffle

Option where you get your prompt ready and here you can modify it so I will be adding a couple of more lines here here I have added a couple of things one is Cinematic picture 3D style next is negative prompt so you give hyphen next here you will have to add the negative

Prompts FPS that is frames per second here we can add a value between 8 to 24 so the more value will be it’ll be smoother decide if that is causing Distortion in your video then you should be keeping it 12 otherwise at this moment I’m keep keeping it 24 now

Guidance scale guidance scale basically gives an idea about following the prompt which I’m giving now guidance scale also varies from 8 to 24 but I prefer to give it 16 somewhat in between now camera movement make sure if you want object to come forward then you’ll have to add

Walking forward these words here and in camera movement you’ll have to go for zoom out and if you want your subject to go away from camera then you’ll have to give zoom in here and here you’ll have to give walking away or walking backwards okay so these are the two

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Combinations you have to remember motion again motion has 0 to three values so I prefer to keep it one motion indicates how much your scene team objects will move and C is a random number you can give any random number and then go submit so we will have to wait but at

The same time I would request you to go for this Shuffle option two three times so that you get the same prompts to three results see here our videos are ready you can very well see these are their Styles have changed so if you like

Any of these you can go ahead and go to this download button in order to download these videos meanwhile we will see another way of generating video we are going to Deep dive into paika 1.0 version which is a browser based version and I’m going to show you step by step

Every single aspect of paika 1.0 and at the end of this video we will end up creating a full flooded film like this so if you’re excited let’s begin step one go to p. and login with your Gmail or email account right now they are taking a little time to approve your

Account access so just wait for their mail I have got the access within 4 days once you get through and log to pikaart this is the kind of dashboard now first thing which we are going to create is text to video okay so you will

Be getting a small bar text bar you can give a text there so I have given a simple prompt a female Indian soldier is walking in jangle and then closeup view okay and now I am going to select my spec ratio since this is uh YouTube spec

Ratio I will check I will go for 16 is to 9 that is wide screen ratio now here is the frame rate the more the frame rate will be smoother will be the transition smoother will be the effect visual effect therefore I would always

Prefer you to keep it near about 24 so I will do it in the highest R now next is camera roll I want to give it a zoom out effect and left pan effect okay and the motion I would like to go for one only you can increase it the

More would be the motion there will be more changes in the background right the background will be moving more okay so this is one I’ll keep it in one next I you can give some negative prompts like I have given no extra person no extra limbs no extra heads you can add

Anything like this and you can give a seed number now why seed number is important because by SE number algorithm understands what kind of an outcome You’re Expecting and accordingly it will be giving you the output so it can be any random number I’m keeping it 1 2 3 4

It does not matter what number it is but until and unless you change this number algorithm will continue delivering the same output which they have given in the previous same SE number okay now consistency 21 is okay with me it is up to 25 how much consistent you want the

Outcome with the text prompt which has been provided so it can vary till 20 5 till 25 this rent so I’m keeping it 21 It Is by default that’s okay and once this is done just click on this bottom right hand side yellow start button and

Just wait for a while your video will be generated in no time so this is the outcome you can see it is pretty nice since I have given Indians so they have given a Tika kind of a thing it’s quite relistic I would say okay now few more things which we can

Do the first thing is expanding the seconds of duration now this video is only 4 seconds long now if you want to add four more seconds then go to this add four seconds this option and without changing anything just go for regenerating it it will generate a new

Video now we will have to just wait for a while until the video is getting generated so this is now 7 Seconds long but you can see the quality has been deteriorated so therefore we need to go to this upscale option now okay this is another option where after extending the

Distortion which happens in the clip that can be mended by upscale option so after upscaling this is the final result from that video you can distinctly see the difference right there’s no Distortion as such so once you’re ready you like the video you can go ahead to

The top right hand side corner of the display box and you can download the video next part is image to video so here you can see we can add an image so let me take one image from here this image I have seen that without giving any command here pabb by default

Animates the images very nicely frame rate 24 frame rate should be there and here I’m giving pan right and zoom out okay both the effects and motion I’m keeping it two instead of one you will see the difference now now right so I have given no extra person and blooding

Motion these two things I don’t want and then again I will go to this start button this is the outcome okay so this is very nice without upscaling this was after upscaling next feature is video to video so again we will go to this attachment option and we will take one

Video so I’m taking this Elon mask’s video now I I want to show you two things okay one is without giving any description how PAB is uh creating so let us see that other things will remain same let me see how the PAB is generating the default one okay well

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Unfortunately this is what PAB has generated without any command now let me show you one more thing I will give a command here now I have given in 3D Pixel style highly detailed 8K cinematic and just I will go for generating okay after giving a prompt this is what Pika

Lab has generated so I feel if you give an instruction in paika along with the video as far as video to video is concerned then the outcome is vividly different do let me know guys in the comment section that how your video to video turned out to be and I really

Eagerly look forward for your commment and with that let us move forward to the next part explore modify region option for modify region we will you have to get one video or image well I am taking this video now for the time being and go to modify dig now this box will appear

You’ll have to select the part which you want to change okay I want to change this part okay and then what change you want that you have to give I have given Rainbow Bright Sky highly detailed eight cake cinematic and then go to this start button and this is the final

Result next part of modify reading reg we are taking one image or one video and now I will go to modify region I want her to wear a glass okay so I will just cover her eyes wearing glasses and let us see how the video turns out to be and

This is the final result now let us go to expand region okay I will take another image or video okay now I will go to expand canvas I will go one is to one this ratio you have different ratios but if you stretch it too much unnecessary elements will be

Cluttering so um if it is 9 is to 16 try to uh make it 1 is to one first then go for 16 is to9 if you want to okay go to this option no extra person no bloody motion so I have given a prompt add most realistic visuals 8K Ultra HD and

Cinematic and then let us see what is instored for us and this result we have got so if you like it then go to this download option okay so these are few things now second is if you want to go for further edit go to this edit option

Okay if you go to this edit option further you can edit so this is how you can reprompt and if you go to retry simply it will create another version of the video so these are the few options by which by using which I have created

Created a small film now as far as my experience is concerned uh in creating this film I have majorly used image to video option with prompt or without prompt the way I have shown you and this is the final Outcome the year is 20s 56 Earth cities gleam with technological wonders humans Revel in their advancements unaware that their AI Creations Harbor a hidden Intelligence on Mars dormant robots powered by human-made AI receive an unknown signal activating their directive to conquer Earth the Martian robots descend on Earth unleashing chaos

And destruction amidst the chaos a group of female human robot Warriors led by Captain Lyra Rises to defend Humanity their battles echo through ruined cities as the Relentless machines Advance Captain Lyra uncovers a chilling truth buried within the ai’s archives the war was triggered by a misinterpreted command from Earth’s AI systems it

Wasn’t a deliberate attack but a catastrophic misunderstanding fueled by flawed Programming and for image to video let us move to Leonardo Ai and create the images for the same again you’ll have to create a login with your Gmail or email account here and then straightforward go to email generation option here you will have to just paste the prompt from here

You will have to choose one style I always prefer to go for dream shaper so I’m going to do do go for two options and here by this drop down you can choose your respect ratio I have chosen 16 is to9 and that’s pretty much it you

Can simply go and generate now this is they have generated if you like this then you can simply download it you can also go for some different upscaling I have created a couple of images these prompts you will be getting in the description once this is done then come

Back to pickle app okay now we will give a different prompt we will go to forward slash and now we will go for this animate option okay now we will go to this upload option and we will be uploading the image which we have downloaded if you click outside then

This prompt box will open then further you can give the prompt which I have just shown you now just press enter so see this is how the video has turned out to be it’s pretty good if you want to again change some part of it then you

Can simply change from here and then again further submit I’m not going to do that that at this moment once you’re ready you can go for this download option so these are the two ways to animate any video SC from picle App efficiently for lip syn we are going to

Use D so for this I will simply go to this create video option but at this moment I’m going to this edit video option because I have already uploaded this image now next is go to this upload audio option and upload the audio you can upload the image from this upload

Section and just select the image and open and that way the image will be uploaded then you need to just select it and it will come here if you want to create the audio right from here you can just paste the text and select the audio

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Artist from here and then simply go to create option so we will go to generate video option you can change the name if you want and let go you will be getting one credit for free so you can create two videos for free so once it will be

Done so you can play like this and if you if you’re satisfied then just go ahead and download it like this you can create the LI sync for your videos go to pexa and type zombie you can get similar sort of zombies video you go to this videos option and you get different

Zombie videos here you can simply download before we move to the next part let me show you one small thing look at this channels these are all created out of such videos only these are all harder channels and you can see the views 8 lakh 1.1

Million and this is only four weeks ago uploaded so all these videos which are based on horor images or horror movies or horror videos are very new yet having millions of views now let us take one of the such examples and check how much do these channels may earn and after this I

Have checked in Social blade in such channels they are getting 3.94 4 millions of views in last 30 days and having a great earning monthly as well as yearly so you can Jolly well understand if you are creating videos with the simple AI tools how much one

Channel can earn you and wait these videos are not only published in one channel these are simultaneously published in so many channels and these are only the same content but in different Regional languages so I’m going to show you all these tips and tricks make sure you stick to me till

The end and for now let’s begin with the next part now let us take all these together to create the final project for this I’m going to use filora 12 you may use any other software click on it and um this dashboard will open here go to

Media and upload all your your images and videos and go open first you need to go to audio section and here you will have to drag and drop the main audio so I will simply drag and drop it in the audio section so my first clip is going

To be this we will have to take the zombies video here and we will have to double click go to this video option AI tools option and keep the cha key on and remove the background now one by one we will have to bring the clips transition in between so go to

This transition option there are so many transition you may choose as per your requirement okay another thing is effects now if you go to effects option in your story you can give nice effects like this double click make sure effects are placed on a separate timeline so

That you can have a better adjustment so that you can reduce or increase opacity and other adjustments can be done you can use more than one effects as well if you feel like you can go to this audio option and here you you get different sound effects okay so you may choose any

From here like you have this harded sound effects here simply drag and drop those sound effects from here if there is any sound effect you can drag and drop it here okay and then double click and you can reduce or increase the volume you can give a subtle feding and

Fed out if you want to once all these are done you can go to this export button you can change the name select the directory keep the higher resolution selected and Export the final project this is how easily you can create an amazing project and this is the final Result in 1805 recluse Leonardo gifted with a unique mind power wrote of a samurai superhero battling a zombie in South Nigeria unbeknown to him his tales materialized globally I’ll weave a tale that defies time itself your Journey Begins now my samurai superhero strength isn’t just in muscle but in one’s Spirit the samurai

Crafted from Leonardo’s words trained in Barren lands mirroring the storyteller’s resolve as Leonardo penned the hero confronted the zombie an embodiment of a Witch’s Curse in a climactic flash fiction met reality the samurai triumphed dispelling Darkness Leonardo’s stories transcended echoing across distant lands a powerful zombie born of

Dark magic threatens to plunge this world into chaos a testament to his extraordinary gift words that shaped a hero and saved the world woven within the desolate landscape of South Nigeria’s forgotten Terrain it Wills dark power but my spirit is unyielding if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit ww. wacp where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting an arly bird offer as well at this moment so guys if you like this

Video please please please do subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet and please consider to give me a like one small request please do share my content with your friends and family so that I can thrive in every single day to create new videos like this for you all thank

You so very much for staying here with me I’ll come back with some fun tutorial next week till then stay safe and stay Legendary

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