Look at this video this is just a simple quiz video now look at this channel they have gained huge success by uploading this kind of quiz shorts and the most important part is these kinds of videos are monetizable that means you can make some real money by creating this kind of

Quiz video you may think it’s a timeconsuming and laborious task in this case you are wrong with the help of AI you can make up to 100 quiz shorts in just 10 minutes sounds and amazing then without further Ado let’s dive in to create Quiz videos first we need

The quiz and the correct answer you can use our beloved chat gpt’s help to generate the quizzes and answers after logging in with your chat GPT account ask for some quizzes and their answers here you have to play around with the prompts don’t worry I will provide the

Prompt guide for example I am entering a prompt I am a teacher that teaches general knowledge to my students I would like to prepare a set of 15 questions in a tabular format with two incorrect answers and a correct one mix the answers to be anywhere between a b and c

You should not repeat the correct answer in the same column to the next row after that I entered some instructions about the content if you want to use my prompt go to the video description and join our Discord server after joining the Discord server come to the prompt Guide channel

Here you will find the prompt simply open it and copy The Prompt and paste it on chat GPT once you hit the send button chat GPT will start creating the quizzes and here it is GPT generates 15 quizzes for us now if you want to generate quizzes on different topics

Just change column 2 for example I want to generate quizzes about World War II so I am typing question about World War II and here it is you can see this time chat GPT generates quizzes about World War II all right our quizzes are ready now let’s create the actual quiz video

And to do that I will canva before going there you need a canva pro account to generate Quiz videos in bulk mode if you don’t have a canva pro account you can enjoy a 30-day free trial all right after coming to the canva homepage click on video from here you will find some

Video templates now if you want to make full video for YouTube then select the video from here I already made a video on it you can watch it from the eye button okay as today I will make shorts video so I will go with the mobile video

After creating the video page if you search for quiz on this template search box you will find a vast number of quiz templates but there is a catch many users can use the same templates so it could be an issue of reused or repeated content to avoid this I will start from

SC scratch first of all we have to add a background to add a background come to the element Tab and search for riddle background now come to the video tab you will find a vast number of riddle video backgrounds select one of them from here and then adjust the size and position

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After entering the background we have to add the quiz question after coming to chat GPT copy the first quiz question and then come back to canva click on the text Tab and add a text box on the page replace the text with the quiz set the

Positions of the text at the top of the page now customize the text size font color and background effects to make it visible and catchy all right our question text is ready now it’s time to create the answer text first I will add a number before every question come to

The element Tab and then select the shape now add a circle to your video customize the color and then place it before the question now add a text box and replace it with a after that place the number in the middle of the circle adjust the size and

Color to make it perfect after the number we have to enter the answer before entering the answer I will add a rectangular share as the answer box after entering a shape adjust the size and positions after that make a copy of the number text then go back to chat GPT

And copy the first answer paste the answer here now adjust the size and position of the text at this stage a very important thing you have to keep in mind adjust the size according to the largest answers of all the quizzes otherwise you could face problems okay after completing the first

Answer select all of the elements in group then make a copy of the group adjust the position of the newly created group just bottom of the first answers it will used as the second answer simply replace the word a with b and then replace the first answer answer with the

Second answer from chat GPT in this same way create the third answer after completing the answer editing I will add a timer to our video come to the element Tab and then search for a 5-second timer on the video tab you will find a vast number of timers select one of them

And set the position on here now we need to remove the background of this video to do that click on the edit button from here and then select remove background and you you can see that the background of the image has been removed okay now the most important part of the video to

Make a pro level quiz video we have to play around with the timer and now I will set the timing for every element simply select the question and click on the 3 do menu and then select show timing from here I want the question will appear after 0.5 seconds of the

Start of the video adjust the timing from here give proper time to adjust the timing then the first answer will appear after 0.5 seconds of the question in this way I will make a 0.5 second gap between the answers after all the answers appear the timer will start and

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Remain only for 5 seconds first I will reduce the duration to 5 seconds and then set the timing when all the answers are appeared after that adjust the ending point of all of the questions according to the timer ending keep the finishing time as same as the timer all

Right our question answer and timer setting is completed now we have to add a new option for the correct answer to do that first I will add a new shape after adding a new shape adjust the size and position I will set the color of the

Answer box to Green next add a new text box and replace the text with the correct answer of the first question after that select the box and text to make a group okay now we have to adjust the timing set the starting point of the correct answer after the end of

The timer all right our timing editing is completed now I will add some animation to all the elements select an element and then click on animation from here now try some animation and then set animation for all of the elements now it’s looking good but something is missing the sound effects

Let’s add some sound effects first when the first answer appears I will add a cork sound come to the element Tab and search for cork then come to the audio tab you will find a vast number of Quirk sound effects listen to some of them and

Then add the perfect one now set the positions of the sound effects at the exact starting point of the first answer after that copy it and set the position for the second answer in this way create another copy for the third one next for the timer I will add egg

Timer sound effects search for the egg timer on the audio search bar and find the best sound effect after adding sound effects adjust the duration according to the video at the last we have to add a sound effect for the correct answer for the correct answer I will add a logo

Accessed sound effect after finding the perfect one adjust the duration according to the correct answer all right our editing is completed and our first quiz is ready you may ask only one video takes a huge time how do we create so many videos don’t worry I am coming

There now make a copy of this video for security purposes in case we lose anything we can recover it after making a copy delete visual elements except the background don’t worry we will bring them back after deleting the elements click on the share button and then download the video after downloading the background

Video press the control+ Z button from your keyboard to undo the actions and you can see our elements are back now upload the downloaded background video video on canva and add it to the canvas replace the existing background with the new one after that delete the sound

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Effects because we don’t need it anymore as our new background has the sound all right our first quiz video is completed now I will create as many Quiz videos as we want to do that we will use the bulk create apps come to the apps tab from

Here and then find the bulk create apps after coming to this page click on enter data manually now we have to enter our data before for that click on clear data from here and then go back to chat GPT copy the whole table and then come back

To canva Simply click on the text block and paste the table data you can see our quizzes are on this page hit the done button we are almost done we have to just connect the data before that ungroup all the text blocks after that select one text block

For example I am selecting the first answer now click on the three dot menu and then select connect data you will find the data you entered some time ago we have to select the associated one in my case it’s a in this way connect to Associated data for all of the answers

Questions and correct answers after all is set click on the continue button from here you will see a preview here if all is right click on generate pages and here it is canva generates 15 pages for us all of our questions are now already as a video now you can

Download all of them as a single video but wait I am going to share another trick all of our pages are 10 seconds long if you download only five pages our video duration will be 50 seconds it’s a perfect duration for a shorts video the question is how is that possible to that

Click on the share button from here and then select download on this page you will find an option called select page click on the drop- down menu select only Pages 1 to five and then hit the download button after downloading the first video again download Pages 6 to 10 and the

Third time download Pages 11 to 15 and now our three videos have been saved on our device I will play all of them together let’s have a look in this method you can create unlimited quiz short videos with jgpt and canva all all right friends I will wrap up our

Video now before that I would love to hear about your experience of creating quiz short videos with AI share your thoughts and results in the comment section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank

You so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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