Ever stumbled upon a cartoon version of a real video and wondered how it’s done well you’re not alone YouTube is packed with tutorials on transforming videos into cartoons but we’re going to take it a step further imagine you want to cartoonize a real video but with a particular face or figure and

Environment yes now you can do that like this one sound interesting let’s dive into the deep this is deid and you are watching AI lockup to create a cartoon version of any video with a particular face today I will use an AI tool called Domo AI I

Will put the link in the description box this tool works on Discord you need a Discord account to run this tool all right after coming to this page click on join our Discord or get started for free it will redirect you to this page simply click on accept invite from here

After that you have to enter some data and agree with the server rules okay after joining the Domo AI Discord server your interface will be like this basically this is the Domo AI server guide on the about us page you will find a brief description and key features of

Domo AI on the basic command page you will find detailed information about how to use Domo AI next in the subscription plan you will find the pricing of Domo AI I will talk about it later next in the get started Channel you will find all the details about Domo AI the The

Prompt guide and the generation channel list with FAQ and other important Channel links first of all we have to join one of the generate or video generate channels on the channel tab you will find a total of four generate channels and 12 video generate channels if you want to generate any mature

Content join this channel let’s join one of the channels from here all right after joining one of the generate or video generate channels come to the text box and type slash now you will find the apps of Domo AI every app has a different work I already made a video on

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These apps you can watch it from the eye button if you didn’t watch it already let’s have a quick recap first with the anime tool you can generate videos from any image just upload the image and hit the enter button after getting the reply select the video intensity and duration

And then hit the start button and our result is ready next with the/ Gen tool you can generate images from the text prompt after that with the slre tool you can turn any cartoon or anime image into a realistic image after uploading the images enter the prompt and hit the

Enter button and our realistic images are ready next with the/ video app you can convert any realistic video into a cartoon video upload the video set the model and duration and then hit the start button and your video is ready all right now if you have used Domo AI

Already you will find a new app or option called called move today I will talk about this new feature once select the tool you will find a video uploader and an image uploader box in the video box we have to upload the reference video and in the image box we have to

Upload the targeted image for example I want to convert this video into an anime video with this image okay first upload the video and then upload the image after uploading the video and image describe the scene in The Prompt box if you can describe well about the

Scene you will get a better result after all is set hit the enter button once you hit the enter button Domo AI will reply immediately now we have to customize the settings first set the anime style there are three anime Styles available here detail anime style 2.0 Japanese anime

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Style and flat color anime style this time I will go with detail anime style 2.0 after the style setting come to the output duration setting here you will find four options 3 second 5C 10c and 20 second the longer video will take a longer time to generate and

The 20 second version is only for the pro user as I have a pro subscription I will go with the 20 second long video after all is set hit the start button as I have selected the longer video I have to wait around 20 minutes to get the

Output result let’s first forward this part and see you after 20 minutes and our wait is is over Domo AI generates the videos for us let’s have a look click on the output result link to see the result what a great output you can see the video it keeps the motion like the

Reference video but the environment and the characters are exactly like our targeted image that’s really really amazing what is your thought let me know in the comments section if you are enjoying the video hit the like button and subscribe to the Channel all right now to download the video on your device

Click on the three dot menu and then hit the download button from here and in case you didn’t like the video hit the regenerate button from here after that set the anime style model in video duration and then hit the start button after a few times later you will get your regenerated video

Okay now I will do an experiment with Domo AI let’s see what if we enter a realistic image and then select the anime style model what will be the result I will use the same video and this image after uploading the image enter the text prompt in the next step

Set the anime style and then set the video duration I will go with 10-second video this time for time-saving purposes and our video is ready let’s have a look look honestly speaking the result is just amazing you can see that domoi turns our image perfectly into Japanese

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Style anime but you can easily recognize the character it keeps the same outfit and a very similar kind of face that means now you can turn any real video with a reference to a real image into an anime style video that feature is mind-blowing not only that Domo AI is a

True gold mine for Ane lovers with this tool you can do so many things I made a detailed video on it earlier if you want to know all the features of Domo AI my suggestion is to watch the previous Domo AI tutorial video you will find the

Video in the description box all right now let’s see how much you need to pay to use Domo AI they have three plans first in the basic plan you have to pay $9.99 per month and you will get 500 credits in the standard plan you will get unlimited Generations in relaxed

Mode in 1,200 credits for fast mode you have to pay only $19.99 cents per month in the Pro Plan you will get 3,000 credits for fast mode with unlimited relaxed mode generations with some extra features I think it’s a reasonable price all right friends I

Will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear about your experience of converting video into anime with AI share your thoughts and results in the comments section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like

This one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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