Today I’m going to show you how I get chat GPT free backlinks so basically how I use Ai and leverage chat GPT to get free backlinks how I create dr94 backlinks I’ll give you all the free scps templates and process we’ll cover seven unique AI chat GPT link building

Methods and I’ll show you proof each link building strategy actually works let’s go so one of the best things that chat GPT can actually do is build linkable assets and tools that you can embed in your website to attract more background so for example if you look at

This keyword super difficult to rank for you can see a lot of pages getting back links right here and if we scroll to the first page of Google you can see that this particular page has a free SEO tool and that has attracted 840 unique referring domains to the page right and

You can see that pretty much all of the pages with tools right here have backlinks pointed so how do you build your own tool that can attract lots of backlinks naturally using chat GPT so I actually have this sap right here that guides you through it and I call this

The link building bait calculator method right and what you can actually do is you can go onto chat gbt so you can see right here and you can use a problem like this now you would replace SEO Roi calculator with whatever tool you want to build then you can embed it inside a

WordPress blog and create a custom HTML block and once it’s embedded it’s going to look something like this and then once it’s rank for its keyword it should attract back Lings naturally plus you can promote it to websites via Outreach to get more backl links to it in the

Beginning but basically all you’re doing is creating a linkable asset on your website that’s kind of like a tool that would attract back links to it either through Outreach or through getting back links naturally now here’s the process step by step so first of all you would do keyword research around calculators

In your Niche so let’s say for example you’re in the finance Niche right so you could put finance and calculator and find a bunch of relevant calculator keywords right here so for example car finance calculator finance calculator auto finance calculator and you can see how each of these keywords are pretty

Competitive but that is good because that means there’s a lot of links to be built in that space for this particular page then you would scrape the link building prospects for outreach how would you do that so for example you can go to this particular keyword right here

And you would just see who is linking to your competitors so you can see for example this particular page has 3,900 back links and these are all potential websites that you can promote your content to to get back links to it as well like I’ve shown you you can get

Chat cheap to create the calculator using this promp right here and then just embed it on your website like I’ve already shown you and if you want the full sap you can get access to that links in the comments in description and it will guide you

Through it step by step in my free course now on that note you can also create linkable assets on your website using chat GPT because it’s really good with data right so for example if you look at backlinko and you look at some of their most linked pages right here so

You can see how many do follow back links each page has you can see that their case studies and data right here so for example Google CTR stats social media user stats link building case studies Etc are the ones getting the most backlinks so how can you use chat GPT to create your

Own linkable assets you can actually get data from websites like kagle for example which is completely free so for example let’s say you’re creating a linkable asset on your website about YouTube and maybe you create a guide on YouTube ranking fact for example what you can do is take a data set from

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Kaggle or multiple data sets and there are many other places to get data sets from but this is one of the best so for example trending YouTube video statistics right here we can download this and that will download as a zip file and you can see essentially this is

About YouTube trending video statistics so we could use this inside a guide on our website and use chat GPT to actually extract the most useful statistics from this data set organize them turn them into nice images tables Etc and create a linkable asset on our website that ranks

For our keyword and attracts lots of backlinks to it so I’ve uploaded the CSV as you can see directly inside chat chpt and you can see it’s analyzing the data right so it said based on the data set you’ve provided here are some insight and statistical breakdowns that

Can be leveraged to and reach your guide for YouTube statistics right then it’s got engagement metrics Trends over time Etc you can see there’s analyzing the data that we’ve actually uploaded it will just work its magic from there as an example of this working in action you

Can see this particular page collated a lot of relevant statistics about climate change and you can see it attracted multiple do follow backlinks right here you can also ask it to visualize your data like you can see right here and here and it creates multiple charts

Right so like bar charts line charts pie charts Etc and there’s also a bunch of of custom gpts inside the GPT store so for example if you type in like charts you got flow chart genius chart generator chart maker and data visualizer now they did used to have

Plugins within chat gpts but that seems to be phased out and replaced by gpts but either way what you’re essentially doing is taking a custom data set training chat GPT on it building out a linkable asset on your website that you can then use to get backlinks like this

To rank for a relevant data related keyword and attract more backlinks to website now you might say as well okay what sort of keyword should I be going for to attract these sort of back links I would aim for like data or statistics related keywords and then replace chat

GPT with whatever needs you’re in so for example if your nich was chat GPT we go on a keyword like this you can see that most of the pages on the first page of Google have backlinks pointing into them and all they’ve done is basically chop up and design and collate different

Statistics about chat GPT which you can do in any industry and once you’re ranking for keywords like this you get more backl your website plus you can do Outreach and reach out to other websites and promote this particular page now another way to get free backlinks and

This kind of just happens as a byproduct I wouldn’t say it’s like my main link building strategy but what you can see right here is that when you’re creating custom gpts for example like this custom GPT right here which is a keyword research tool number one I’m automating

A lot of the work that I do number two I’m attracting backl to this tool and also to my website naturally as a result and additionally what you can see here is it’s ranking for multiple keywords organically on Google because it’s attracting a lot of backlinks pointing

To it right now this was not the intention when I built this tool I just wanted to automate stuff and then create helpful tools that would for example save people Time by automating keyword research and saving people money Etc but what you can actually see is that we’re

Getting a lot of backlinks here from real websites so for example there’s an AI for which is a d74 backlink and gets over a million traffic is actually linked with a back link to this particular page and these back links are coming in every single day so for

Example what are the best gpts for SEO we got this backlink pointed to our gbt in fact on this page we actually got three links poed to our gbts and our website by creating these custom gpts that are just found organically the other thing is that open AI will be be

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Paying creators of gpts for creating them so you get the backlinks as a byproduct you’ll eventually be able to make money as a GPT Creator directly from open AI but additionally these tools can also send traffic to your website and to your funnels using this process because for

Example you can see this conversation starters and you’ll see at the end of each response it sends people directly to my funnels along with a UTM so that we can track where the traffic came from now if you’re wondering how to implement this step by step what I’ve actually

Done is create this step-by-step process but essentially what you do is go to explore and create custom gpts inside GPT then you’re going to find profitable keywords now how do you know what a profitable keyword is well you want to find something that’s related to your

Tool you can run for on Google so you can get more traffic and more back links as a result right now as I said the back links you actually get are byproducts because actually what this is doing in the first place is creating something useful for people who are going to find

It number two it’s going to generate more traffic directly from the GPT and number three it’s going to help you automate a lot of processes in your own business for example like keyword research for me that save lots of time so how can you do this step by step well

For example you would go onto a tool like adress or whatever your favorite tool is and you can put it in Ai and then tool and then in the middle you just replace this with whatever needs you’re in so let’s say for example you’re in the productivity space right

You can go onto keyword explore inside HRI type in productivity tools and straight off the bat you can see the AI productivity tools is very low competition and easy to rank for and you could easily create a custom GPT that ranks for that keyword generates more direct traffic which is going to

Diversify your traffic anyway especially for those of you who got hit by the Google core update and grow your business as a result and then all you would do on the page is just optimize the title The by line the conversation starters Etc to rank for that keyword now what you also

See is that it’s got a link to my website right here and my social media profiles right so if anyone wants to click on them for example on my LinkedIn profile it will send traffic directly there so how do you do that what you can do is if you go to

Settings build a profile and then you can add a link to your website LinkedIn GitHub and Twitter as well really easy and simple to do now if you want the full step-by-step tutorial on exactly how to do that along with example of my custom gpts and how I built them

You’ll be able to get access at the end of this video now what you can actually automate with chat GPT as well is writing the Outreach email funnels now previously this was one of the most timec consuming parts of actually building a link building campaign so for

Example when I wrote this guest blog a while back on writing an hour Gmail like this for example to ask for a backlink from other websites would take absolutely ages but now you can actually use a custom GPT like this one just to automate now what you can also do is you

Can find relevant podcasts that you can get backlinks from so you can just click on find me some relevant podcasts I can get a backlink from You’ put like SEO for example or marketing or whatever Niche you’re in and then you can see that as a result of

Getting featured on that podcast we actually got backlinks in the links and resources section so you can use a tool like this obviously edit it before you send anything out and then it’ll recommend a bunch of SEO related podcast so you could potentially apply to you

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Not you might only land like one out of 10 of those but you can see how it quickly automates a research for you so that you can find the best podcasts to reach out to and ask to be featured on so this custom GPT is good for outreach

But also for finding relevant podcast you can be featured on to get more backlink CSI another way to get backlink is actually talk about AI in your Niche right so you can see this particular fors article it mentions different entrepreneurs who are using chat GPT inside their working day

So for example how people are using it for hire it or for turning a book into video scripts and that’s actually how I got this dr94 backlink right here because I’m talking about relevant case studies in my industry little side note there if you’re in the SEO Niche

Wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to get your websites wiped out but any sort of other industry should be okay now method number six so if you look at this interview how to get free dr90 SEO backlinks with Chris P we actually talk through some of the best ways to leverage chat

GPT for PR now if you’re going to use this method obviously you need to edit your content before you send it to the journalist make sure it doesn’t feel and look like chat gbt but if you hashtag for example Journal requests PR request Harrow and Industry specific hashtags on

Twitter you’ll find a lot of journalists who are looking to feature people like you on their website then if you use a manual aim process like the one I talked through yesterday on how to humanize AI SEO content you can use chat GPT to create a very human feeling interesting

And unique response using PR in a way that actually helps you to SEC secure more PR backlinks via Twitter and if you need more details on that feel free to check out the video tutorial inside thatp so thanks so much for watching we’ve covered six different ways to

Build free back links with chat GPT I’ve shown you proof that every method works I’ve shown you how we get free d94 back links using chat GPT using aiso case studies method you can access all the free SS templates and processes that I’ve talked today I’ve given you proof

That each one works along with six unique chat GPT link building methods so if you want to get free access to that along with all the saps and step-by-step processes I’m going to include that inside my free SEO course links in the comments in description you can get

Instant access to that what I would say about all of this process is actually what you’re doing is just using chat GPT to create very linkable assets and actually take your content to another level so that you can get more backlinks to your website so for example building calculators or arranging data in

Interesting ways or just creating free useful tools using custom gbts that actually get backlinks naturally as a result so what I’m going to do is put that inside my free chat GPT SEO C it’s going to be in the SEO link building section I’ve called the April

2024 and you can get free instant access to that inside the comments description that is published now and if you want to book in a free SEO strategy session about how to get more lease traffic and sales using SEO feel free to book that in we’ll give you a custom tailored SEO

Domination plan or answer any questions that you have you’ll discover the secrets of SEO link building you learn how to outrank your competitors and the best strategies for your website to attract high quality back links thanks so much for watching appreciate it as always bye-bye

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