Today I’m going to show you how to get free backlinks with chat GPT and how I get free dr76 back blinks for free using chat chpt you can see the traffic for my website right here is going all the way to the Moon right now now if we actually

Check the referring domains versus yanic traffic you can see they pretty much match up perfectly right there when it comes to link building so today I’m going to review some of the best ways to get backlinks for free using chat gbt similar ways you can automate to similar

AO link building methods that working for me right now including some workflows that I’ve never shown before so let’s get straight into it so if we look through my back Ling profile right here what you can see is the back bling we got link front the Dr and then the

Page that we get in the back bling too now I’m going to focus on homeage back links today because I want to show you this link building method that essentially Powers up your whole website right so you can see for example we’ve got a free d71 back link right there

Pointing to my website a free are 70 back link pointing right there to my website and what you’ll notice as well is that the anitech says Goldie agency in each of them and that’s because what we’re actually doing right here is using PR via chat gbt to get back links and

Let me show you exactly how this works step by step so if you want to get free PR using chat GPT to your website that one of the best ways to do this is actually to go on to Twitter and then you can hasht PR request right and there

Are a bunch of similar hashtags which you can see right here so for example joural request is another one and what this is essentially going to do is to help you find journalists looking for quotes from people like you and these are coming in like all the time as you

Can see right there was one 21 hours ago one 1 hour ago One 7 hours ago and essentially you can use Twitter as a free platform to connect directly with journalists looking to feature websites like you so that you can get backlinks like this right and unlike a lot of paid

Platforms for example like helper has moved to connectively and you actually have to pay for most of your PES unless you only want to do 10 pitches a month then you have to pay for connectively now which is forly known as Helper and this is a free way to reach

Journalists who are looking for backlinks from people like you and then you can reach out to them and respond to them right so for example you can either DM them via Twitter or you can get the email in the bio right and you can see for example with this particular post

These are like massive massive newspapers that are looking for Featured responses from people like you so for example for Metro 365,000 followers that’s a huge newspaper in the good old United Kingdom AKA ultimate Kingdom and so if you want to get backlink like this all you need to do is check every day

For Relevant people looking for PR requests and journal requests and then just match yourself to the most relevant ones the more you can match yourself to the most relevant ones the more likely you are to get featured so for example if you look at all of these

Quotes right here so for example like here’s what Julian Goldie owning owner of Goldie agency advis in this back link right here which is a dr54 we just reached out to the journalist we actually did it on Helper but again you can use Twitter for this instead and then you get

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Featured you get your back Link in you liveing the dream by the way just to save you a bit of time here don’t use grock AI to do this right so you can see for example I’ve asked Gro AI give me a list a journalist who looking for quotes

From website owners but actually just makes up a load of rubbish and then it says please not he’s a fictional journalists Che that one me that was a good investment of my time the disrespect now let’s say you found a tweet that you actually want to respond

To right so for example like this one what we can do and ideally the sooner you find this the better because if you can do it in 24 hours you got a much better chance of getting featured otherwise you’re going to join a m of

People who cost it on to it late and don’t respond quickly enough so what you can actually you do is you can say write an email response to this and then just paste in the response right here now there’s a lot more to this because if you actually scroll down to my

Customized chap gbt instructions and this way I always recommend this I’ve actually got a humanizing prompt inside the how would you like chat GPT to respond section and additionally I’ve got some information about me which means whenever I get a response from chat gbt it’s going to feel a lot more

Humanlike and it’s going to be a lot more engaging your average chat GPT response so what it’s done is it’s given the email subject line right here it’s customized the email so that it actually mentions the first name in the line and in the first sentence it’s actually made my response very very

Personalized to the original tweet that we’re responding to right so this is all about female Business Leaders in our first sentence we’ve said I hope this email finds you well and briming with stories of ow right it’s short it’s concise it’s straight to the point even mentions a publication inside there you

Can use this for connectively or turle or or whatever website you’re trying to respond to but basically with this process you have something that’s easy to read easy to copy and paste very custom tailored and personalized to the person you’re responding to and again in mentions Who I Am the

Context my name some bullet points they could copy and paste and some information about me now obviously this person was looking for females to respond so I don’t really fit the bill right here but that’s essentially how you can use the process and that’s basically how you can automate this and

Then you just rinse and repeat it and play the numbers game so that you send enough responses to get enough backlinks back just like you can see right here across our backlink profile we’ve got tons of back links over the last few months using this method and most of

These backlinks will build with chat GPT respon responses the good thing is now you have a lot more customization over chat GPT which means that you’re going to get better responses and more backlinks as a result now what I’ve actually done is broken this down into a

Stepbystep sap as you can see right here so here’s how it works step by step so first of all you’re going to check for tweets with these hashtags as you can see ideally you go to the latest section because the quicker you can respond to these journalists the more backing you

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They get then you would just find relevant tweets related to your aim to respond within 24 hours now you might have to go a bit broader than you used to with normal sort of Link B and Outreach simply because that way you can get more responses and the more

Responses you send the more backing you going to get now when it comes to the actual chat GPT promp the first thing you want to do is make sure that you customize chat GPT right so in the what would you like chat GPT to know about your business section you insert the

Relevant information about you I can’t Rite that for you I’m afraid then you would also have this humanizing prompt right here under the how would you like chat GPT to respon section as you can see that’s what works for me here and also here and then you might say well

How many pictures do I need to send I would say play the numbers game and try and maximize the amount of responses you send as long as they’re relevant to your website and your Niche and your profile also if you want to maximize the amount of backlinks you actually get from PR I

Would highly recommend that you have social media profiles set up just like you can see right here on my Twitter profile the more followers he have from real people the more tweets you do the more engagement you getting your tweets Etc that’s all going to help because

It’s good social proof to say you’re real person the people like can get interacting with and therefore you’re more likely to get backlinks when journalists actually research you and that’s essentially how we get back Lings like this now this would also work for connectively for Twitter whatever sort

Of platform you’re using but it’s basically the same method the other thing that I would note here is that the more human your responses feel and the more personalized they are the more that’s going to convert into back blings because for journalist this obviously they don’t want to be seen to be like

Just copying and pasting chat FL into their articles right and so when you’re doing this process with the humanizing prompts I’ve just shown you inside the custom instructions that will help you a lot because typically what a lot of these journalists would is number one read through the content and make sure that

It feels human and number two they may be using AI content detectors because they’re very wary of people just copying and basing from chat Che and so that is basically the whole work step by step as he can see now you might say at this point are the back blings really free

Well is the thing the back blings themselves are free cuz you’re not paying journalists to get featured on them the requests on Twitter are completely free because you just sign up and then you search doesn’t cost anything for a Twitter account and chat GPT itself is free if you’re using chat

GPT 3.5 then you would just paste in these prompts manually not in your custom instructions but honestly if you’re watching this channel I would highly recommend that you get chat GPT plus because it’s going to help you lot and that is how we get these fre Dr 71

Backlinks like I’ve talked about right here in fact we even got this backlink right here which is a Dr 84 and gets 36,000 traffic so the process works it’s completely free you can automate it with chat GPT and you just have to rinse and repeat it until you get the backing in

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Now you can also use quoted and connectively as well these are more like PID platforms but if you want to maximize the number of responses and PR opportunities that you get for link building this is one of the best ways to do so thanks so much

For watching one thing I want to say before we leave here is that actually these back links are not my favorite link building method simply because I much prer Outreach to get back links especially at scale and because it can be automated a lot better right so if

You look at some of my most recent back links for example like this one right here which is a dr80 with 62,500 traffic right right there you can see that the back blink is a lot more relevant plus it’s powering up a individual page which means that we’re

More likely to rank it additionally when you’re doing Outreach versus PR you have a lot more control over the backlink now if you’re wondering okay how much control do you get well for our link building agency and we work with hundreds of clients at this point we

Have a 50 point checklist and because our reach allows us to actually stepbystep filter the back links and get the most relevant ones in place the quality of the back blings tends to be much higher simply because we have more control whereas if you look at some

Of the Harrow back blinks we got a lot of these PR back blinks we don’t get much control over the anchor text many of them are no followed as you can see right here and they’re all Point into our homepage so we don’t get much customization over where the backlinks

Go to what ankitects we use where they get placed on the page Etc so I actually think that Outreach feels a lot more natural and if you do want to get back bling Point into your website you can actually order on our client portal right here you just put in how many

Backlinks you want you can insert the link and the architext if you want to and if you plug in the code 10 off right here you will save 10% on your backlinks order and then we just handle this from there and if you do want to book in the

Free NL strategy session instead to get a customized game plan you can book that in right here uh links in the comments and description again and we can basically show you a link building game plan look at your competitors and figure out okay where are they where are you

What’s the Gap in between and how many backings you need to achieve that so what I’m going to do is I will take thep from today in case you want to emulate it I’m going to plug it inside my free chat GPT SEO course as you can see it’s

Going to be inside the link building section so the SEO link building section and that will be called joural request as you can see and if you want all of these link building tutorial strategies templates S&S along with video tutorials pretty amazing you can get the free sap

Right there and that is available Link in the in description so thanks much for watching appreciate as always bye-bye

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