I love this city it’s so vibrant and Alive how was this video this amazing animation is made with AI tools now you can also create this kind of 3D movie without deep knowledge of complex animation software in this video I will share the step-by-step method of making

An animated movie with AI so without further Ado let’s dive in first of all we need a story to make a video if you all already have a story on your mind then it is great but what if you don’t have any story AI will generate the story for us you can use

Chat GPT or any other AI writing tool to generate the story I will use an AI tool called gravity right if you are new to gravity W you can watch this video from the ey button all right after creating an account on gravity right come to the

Flim making tool here you will find three options AI film script writer AI image generation s and movie trailer script select AI film script writer from here now we have to give some information about our video first the genre let’s try with fantasy after that the style I will go with 3D animation

Then duration of the film you have to enter the duration for example I want a 2-minute video so I am entering 120 seconds the next box is about the story line you can add a story line here it’s an optional part you can skip it but I strongly recommend adding a story

Line it will help you to create a better story I am typing two friends save the city from a monster sci-fi fantasy thrill after all is set hit the create content button and here is our script gravity Wright wrote a wonderful script with visual suggestions for us that’s really

Impressive okay our script is ready now we will generate visuals for our video you can use any AI image generator to generate the image before generating the images I will generate the prompts to make it easy and to do that I will gravity WR image prompts generator

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Features you will find it on the AI Flyn making tab open the AI image generator feature on a new tab after coming to this page first enter the genre then the film style after that we have to enter the film script here go back to to the

Script writer page copy the script and then paste it into the prompt generator script box after all is set hit the create content button and you can see our prompt are ready basically it generates prompts for Mid Journey but you can use it on any image generator AI tool today to

Generate images I will use artflow AI because it can generate consistent character images even you can generate multiple consistent characters with artlow we already made a video on artflow if you are new to artflow then watch this video from the eye button okay after creating an account on

Artflow come to the character builder tab before creating the images I will create the characters of our story after coming to this page select karor from here now click on the create character button from here after coming to this page we need to enter the character description on this box enter a detail

Prompt about your character after that you can enter a negative prompt on this box if you already have a character face you can add this from here after all is set hit the generate button now it will take some time to generate the character let’s fast forward this part once the process is

Completed save the character after giving a name here you will find some public characters as the character creation is a timec consuming process I am skipping this part for time-saving purposes instead of creating the characters I will use public characters from here to generate my images all right let’s move

Forward to the image creation page to generate images come to the image Studio from here now click on create image from here this is the artflow AI image Studio let’s see the first prompt the very first prompt has no character copy The Prompt and come back to artflow image

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Studio paste The Prompt in the prompt box now you can enter the negative prompt after that set the art style I will select the 3D cartoon style after all is set hit the generate button now we need to wait sometimes and here it is our images are ready you can see the

Result now download the images on your device okay our first scene image is ready let’s create the second scene this time the scene contains two characters to generate images with multiple characters we need to turn on the director mode after turning on the director mode you will find the control

Net controller we can adjust the size and position of the characters now to add a character click on the plus face/ body from here now select the first character after selecting the first character click on the add character button from here now you will notice another character has been added to the

Director panel and a new character box has also been created under character one click on the add face or body from here and add the second character now adjust the size and positions of the characters after that enter the prompt the gravity right next set the art style and then the generate

Button and here it is our images are ready now download the images on your device now in the same way generate images with all of the prompts and download them on your device all right our images are ready now it’s time to bring life to our image

To do that I will use pabs now pabs is powerful with lip sync and sound effects technology okay after coming to the pabs homepage click here and then upload the first image next set the FPS camera motion and other settings after that enter the first prompt in the prompt

Dox after all is set hit the the generate button it will take some time to generate the video at this moment I will generate a video for the second scene upload the second scene image this scene has dialogue so we have to enable the lip sync for it after coming to this

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Page paste the dialogue text on this box and then set a voice actor after that hit the generate button and our audio is ready you can hear a preview I love this city it’s so vibrant and alive after generating the audio click on attach and continue now select the area of lip sync

And then hit the generate button in this way generate videos with lip sync with all of the images and then download them on your device all right now we have all the video clips now we will assemble all of them with a video editor to do this I

Will use cap cut you can use any video editor after importing all of the video clips on the cap cut video editor insert the video clips in ascending order after that you can add some background music Transitions and effects after all is set hit the export button it may take some

Time and here it is our final video is ready let’s have a look I love this city it’s so vibrant and Alive you never know what dangers lurk in the shadows in this method you can create your own 3D animation movie all right friends I will wrap up our video

Now before that I would love to hear about your experience with creating animation with AI share your thoughts and results in the comment section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching

And until next time happy creating

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